Congratulations to these ScreenCraft writers! 

Every year dozens of talented writers find Hollywood career moment via ScreenCraft’s educational programs, writing competitions, fellowships and events. Want to see your name on this list? See our upcoming deadlines for writing competitions here. Check out our list of recent success stories here:

Nancy Duff

Congratulations to 2016 ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship Winner, Nancy Duff, on signing with a Literary Manager at Cartel Entertainment. She won with her feature, DEAD DROP.


Sid Patwa

Congratulations to ScreenCraft Fellowship Finalist, Sid Patwa, on signing with Literary Managers at The Gotham Group. He placed in the 2018 finals with his feature, THE G.O.A.T.

“Getting noticed and breaking into Hollywood without the traditional path; MFA, writing or industry experience, nepotism, etc, was a daunting journey full of rejection, insecurity, and doubt. I believe I achieved this major milestone because I relentlessly continued to challenge myself, create, network, dream, and propel my way in.

It is no overstatement to say that Tom Dever at Coverfly served as an essential sherpa during this sometimes seemingly-impossible journey. He provided a continuous sounding board for advice, guidance, contacts, and perspective throughout the last year and more. I am eternally grateful.”

Daniel Woburn

Congratulations to 2019 Action Adventure Finalist, Daniel Woburn, on optioning his feature spec to Precious Pictures after working with the ScreenCraft team. Daniel placed with his project THE HOTEL BARBERS.

“The biggest obstacle for me at the start was fear; I worked up the courage to write a script in 2013 that was actually atrocious because I was young and didn’t understand anything about the rules, formatting or structure of screenwriting. When it was ripped apart by two Blacklist readers I gave up for six years because of the fear of not being any good – until I realized that my ideas weren’t going to go away and  I just had to put the work in to understand the rules of the craft. Only after I knew that could I even consider trying to be any good!

Coverfly is a priceless resource, and led me to The Script Lab and Screencraft websites, where blog posts broke down facets of screenwriting that I didn’t realize I needed to understand for help with my writing. Once I had a script worth sending out to competitions and for feedback, I couldn’t wait to post it on Coverfly and loved the challenge of raising my score to make it onto the Red List.

After placing in the Top 10 of the 2019 Action & Adventure Screenplay Contest, Tom at Coverfly reached out to me directly to offer help and advice for a plan going forward. It was after having another of my scripts discovered on Coverfly that I was approached about optioning my screenplay, and were it not for hosting on Coverfly and applying for coverage through great (and fast!) sites like WeScreenplay, my script may never have been found by the right people.

Don’t judge your own progress by the successes of writers around you! Especially if you’re on social media. As a great up-and-coming writer named Laura Kirwan-Ashman once told me, everybody’s journey into the industry is different. Focus on your work; on writing, rewriting and improving the scripts that you want to see in the world, stay positive about your talent and the rest will come!”

Matt Hirschorn

Congratulations to the 2013 ScreenCraft Comedy Winner, Matthew Hirschhorn, on signing with a Literary Manager at Zero Gravity. Matthew won with his feature THE THALLUS OF MARCHANTIA.

“On the most basic level, ScreenCraft was a great early resource for me to just get better at writing – From reading articles about the craft to the notes service, which I used a few times and got really helpful feedback. Career-wise, after I won the comedy contest in 2013, ScreenCraft set me up with calls with agents and managers who offered to send me out on staffing meetings if I was willing to move to LA. At the time, I was producing for the NYU Tisch directors and there was already talk of a future production company, which I really wanted to be a part of and I chose to stay in New York. Looking back,I try to not be too hard on myself, but my writing career probably would have been better served if I took advantage of the help that ScreenCraft was offering at the time.”

Rich Orstad

Congratulations to 2020 Public Domain + True Story Feature Winner, Rich Orstad, on signing a paid option on his feature, ENDURANCE, with Noble Story Company. Rich won the competition with the same script.

“I only started screenwriting ten years ago, and the only goal was to get the story that I started in High School Creative Writing Class finally out of my head and complete my first screenplay. When I finally did, another one formed, then another. Ten years, fifteen completed projects, and countless rewrites later, my writing goals are crystal clear: create emotionally impactful stories and hopefully share them with others.

My first obstacle was trusting in my stories enough to share them with others and get notes to improve. When I first started writing, I found the outlining and creating process came easily. But the hardest part was rewriting, revising, editing, and sometimes starting over on stories that just didn’t hit emotionally enough. But you can’t rewrite in a vacuum, and I didn’t really start sharing scripts to get notes until after the first few years, and it was that process which really accelerated the qualities of future first drafts, helping me to trust in my writing more. It was a positive / rewarding loop. So, finding a like-minded community of writers who want to help your craft and your stories improve is really important.

ScreenCraft has been so helpful along the way. I started entering competitions only six years ago and the genre-specific nature of ScreenCraft’s competitions were a perfect fit. The feedback I received from readers there were excellent and helped pinpoint issues that could be improved. And after being a finalist in several ScreenCraft Family Competitions, the team at ScreenCraft introduced me to several producers who expressed interest in them. ScreenCraft has been very helpful along this journey.

After winning the ScreenCraft True Story Competition in September, the team from Noble Story Co found me through Coverfly and just optioned ENDURANCE, the true story of Master Sergeant Cedric King. who survived an IED in Afghanistan in July 2012, witnessed the Boston Marathon bombings in 2013 while taking his first steps on prosthetics, and then committed his life to bringing hope to wounded veterans by completing the Boston Marathon less than one year later. I’m very excited to partner with Noble Story Co and look forward to helping them get it sold in 2021.

Just. Keep. Writing! And rewriting. I started entering specific competitions six years ago to validate if I was on the right path and to challenge myself to reach higher levels. After being a finalist several years in a row up to this year, I just thought that was as high as I could get. And then I won TWICE in 2020 for two different scripts…AND sold my first option. In 2020, of all times! So, I’d urge everyone to keep at it. Don’t give up. Write on!

Find a writer’s group of like-minded folks where you all want to help one another. I have been part of The Left Door, a private collective of professional writers, for over seven years and it’s elevated everything. Always keep trying to learn and always be open to notes. You don’t have to accept them, but you should be open to them.”

Asabi Lee and Paul Hart-Wilden

Congratulations to ScreenCraft Horror Screenplay Contest Grand Prize Winner Winner, Asabi Lee and Paul Hart-Wilden, on signing with a literary manager at Story Driven. They won with their horror feature HAUNTING AT 1600.

Moira O’Neill

Congratulations to 2020 ScreenCraft Pilot Runner-Up, Moira O’Neill, on signing with a Literary Manager at 3 Arts Entertainment. Moira placed with half hour comedy pilot, FAKE FRIENDS.

“I’m from Los Angeles, and grew up with two parents who were screenwriting partners. I watched my parents get jobs together and get fired together, look for work together and be unemployed together, almost sell a script together, and then not sell that script together. I didn’t understand as a kid what could possibly keep them going on this rollercoaster of heartbreak. It felt volatile and cruel, considering the other person in their partnership couldn’t pick up whatever slack was being led to dangle by this taunting industry of sorrow (I was a really dramatic child btw). I realized then, to my great dismay, that I also wanted to be a writer. I had denied that internal phone call for a long time, given all of this. But now I suppose I understand what kept my parents going all those years writing- if you don’t do it, that phone just keeps ringing and ringing and it’s very annoying. My goal with writing starting out was simply to get some peace and quiet.

ScreenCraft has been a wonderful resource for me. I felt when I was first starting out that the most important thing to have was representation. If I had that, I would finally be able to relax (ha) and then I’d get some writing done (ha ha). At a certain point, I remembered I just wanted to write, and that’s what I did. One of the projects I wrote ended up receiving second place in Coverfly’s pilot writing competition, and Tom Dever and everyone at Screencraft has treated me like I received first place ever since. They just believed in my work. They’ve stopped at nothing to get me represented at a company that aligns with my goals. The positive reinforcement of having them on my side, plus the endless action around building a larger network of support for me is something I could never have given myself on my own, as much as I’d tried.

I’m working as a Creative Executive on a couple of shows (one is at Fremantle, and one is being produced by Brad Falchuk) and I’ve completed two script since quarantine, and starting a third today (I swear!) but mostly I’m looking forward to starting my new relationship at 3 Arts and feeling supported. Whenever I’m focused on “how will I ever get noticed,” I’m not writing. Screencraft helped me get noticed, so I’m looking forward to keeping my attention on the writing part.

Advice to aspiring writers… I feel like the correct answer is just “write.” And I agree with it. But I think I would add “and be soft with yourself when you aren’t.” If for no other reason, do the second part because it makes your writing better.”

Gabe Cruz

After winning the 2019 ScreenCraft Pilot Competition, Gabe Cruz signed with literary managers at 3 Arts Entertainment after ScreenCraft introduced them. He won with his half hour pilot THE KING IS DEAD.

“Winning the Screencraft Pilot Launch Comedy Competition really jumpstarted my journey. Almost like the flip of a switch, I went from total outsider to multiple managers requesting meetings with me, which was critical for someone with minimal to no connections like myself. Thanks to Screencraft’s own Tom Dever, I never felt like I was navigating this new world on my own; I always felt like I had someone in my corner. I still feel that way. Burning for a chance to get my writing out there, I can only show tremendous gratitude for Screencraft’s dedication and commitment to new writers and helping them develop a promising career and finding representation. They definitely work hard and empathize with newcomers to the industry. I thank Screencraft, and their invaluable efforts.”

Travis Neufeld

Congratulations to 2020 ScreenCraft Horror Competition Pilot Winner, Travis Neufeld, on signing with a Literary Manager at Bellevue Productions. Travis won with his one hour pilot PARAGONE.

“I live in a city called Saskatoon which is in the province of Saskatchewan. It’s right in the middle of Canada. 6 hours or so North of North Dakota. When I started out, my goal was to understand — in an almost mathematical sense — how movies worked. I knew that I wanted to be a writer/director and figured I should start with learning how to craft a story that was meaningful to people.

The biggest obstacle I faced was finding peers to give me critical feedback. I mean, I think you can find value in having anyone read your work, but I was really looking for feedback from peers or readers or working writers. I originally started submitting to competitions just so I could get notes.

ScreenCraft really helped when I was seeking representation. Being new to the industry, it was good to have a team to offer insight on the representation process. Outside of that, I’ve found Screencraft’s Q&A’s very informative and inspirational.

My focus right now is on the pilot for my series Paragone. Now that I have a manager, I can officially say that we have some BIG PLANS for it.”

Xavier Burgin

2018 ScreenCraft Drama Winner, Xavier Burgin, has signed with a Literary Manager at Brillstein Entertainment Partners. He previously signed with an agent at CAA. He won with his feature, ON TIME.

“It’s been an amazing amount of work happening since I won the Screencraft Drama competition in 2018. The accomplishment I’m most proud of is directing Horror Noire, a documentary focusing on the history of black people within the horror genre from the 1900s to today.

I met my agent a year or so ago after winning the Screencraft competition. I’d been on his radar for a good amount of time, but it was a combination of the work I was doing, plus mad love from his assistant that led me to partner with him at CAA. My manager has also been keeping up with me for nearly four years before we decided to work together.

It’s a marathon, not a race. I’ve learned that building your career can be a slow climb. Unless you’re already rich, have rich parents, or rich connections, the industry is entirely different. Hollywood is not a meritocracy. You need talent (of course), but wealth plus connections can often overshadow this. As a writer and/or filmmaker, you need to be ready for this reality and never allow it to stop you from pushing for your projects and vision.”


Monique Peek

Congratulations to 2019 ScreenCraft Fellowship Finalist, Monique Peek, on signing with a Literary Manager at Range Media Group and was hired on a paid developmental project with Storyboard Entertainment. She placed as a Finalist with her pilot AMERICAN JUSTICE.

Lauren Conn

Congratulations to 2020 ScreenCraft Fellowship Winner, Lauren Conn, who has signed with a Literary Manager at Good Fear Content. She won with her one-hour pilot, WHO PUT BELLA IN THE WYCH ELM?

“As someone who works on the development side of the industry, I had heard of numerous ScreenCraft success stories about writers I was reading to potentially staff on multiple of my company’s series. I thought, if I now knew the names and read the samples of these writers who hailed from this contest, then they must be doing something right. My goal was to switch sides, to become the writer being read in consideration to staff. The bride, not the bridesmaid. I was also hoping to obtain representation, which ScreenCraft successfully delivered on.

ScreenCraft is really the gift that keeps on giving. They’re your champions beyond your fellowship week, as well as after getting signed. I still have meetings that couldn’t be squeezed into fellowship week that are still being set up. They don’t just dust their hands clean once the week is over. Once you win, you enter this fold – this strange little found family – that wants nothing more than the bragging rights to your success story. The ‘I told you so!’ middle finger to the world that they were the ones to identify and champion you until the rest of the industry sees their vision. In an industry typically averse to the new kid in town, ScreenCraft welcomes you with arms wide open and a keen strategy for your specific goals.”


Tevin Knight

Congratulations to 2020 ScreenCraft Fellowship Winner, Tevin Knight on signing with literary managers at Kaplan/Perrone Entertainment and literary agents at Gersh. He won with his one hour pilot, SQUAD. 

“Imagine me back in January. A completely unknown writer, my name indistinguishable to anyone in this industry and wondering why I exhausted eight gnawing years of my life to this goal of using my imagination for a living. In an industry thronged with hurdles, I’ve found that the tallest one is simply joining it. I had the ideas and the passion. I just needed the introduction. That’s where ScreenCraft came in. And it’s why everyone looking for their start should apply.

I actually lost this and other competitions many times before finally winning. I know how exhausting it is to fail, and I know how futile it may seem to repeat yourself, but I guarantee you, all that previous failure was worth my current success. I implore that you keep losing, until you finally don’t. It’s worth the stress.” – Tevin Knight

Omar Kamara & Jalmer Caceres

Congratulations to 2020 ScreenCraft Fellowship Top 10 finalists, Omar Kamara & Jalmer Caceres on signing with a Manager at Zero Gravity Management. They placed in the Top 10 with their feature MASS AVE. 

“What we loved about the ScreenCraft Fellowship was their emphasis on fresh voices. We understand that we are still growing as screenwriters and that perhaps we’re a bit raw, but we FELT that we had a voice. We knew that our story of Sierra Leonean immigrants and inter-generational conflicts deserved to be told. So, I guess we were hoping that the ScreenCraft Fellowship would see value in this voice and help us move forward by opening doors and introducing us to people that we had no access to.” – Omar Kamara & Jalmer Caceres

Nicole Ramberg

Congratulations to 2020 ScreenCraft Action Adventure Winner, Nicole Ramberg, on signing with a Literary Manager at Zero Gravity Management. She won with her feature THE GHOST OF LE GRIFFON.

“I was really drawn to ScreenCraft specifically because of the genre specific competitions. So many competitions will categorize your script as either “drama” or “comedy,” and when you have a genre script, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. Needless to say, I was thrilled when I realized that ScreenCraft had an Action & Adventure competition. I entered hoping I’d maybe get some recognition, maybe get some contacts. I never expected to win. And when I did, ScreenCraft seriously opened so many doors for me.

Working with Coverfly has been such an amazing experience for me. It was such a huge help to have the team in my corner. He made sure I was speaking to the right people, and his guidance and insight made the search for reps feel like a manageable task. I’m so thankful for all the support I’ve received and I know that their endorsement helped get my name out there on a large scale.” – Nicole Ramberg

Jennifer Dunn

2020 ScreenCraft Fellowship Finalist, Jennifer Dunn, has signed with a literary manager at Rascality Entertainment after ScreenCraft introduced them. 

“I was thrilled that BIRDSONG was a finalist in both ScreenCraft Pilot Launch and the ScreenCraft Fellowship. It gave me plenty of impetus to keep going and now I have more scripts under my belt and a manager helping me get to the next level. I was introduced to my rep by ScreenCraft after being a finalist in the ScreenCraft Fellowship. I’d received lots of advice from screenwriters a little more established than myself about signing with a manager, so I took that into account when meeting with David. We hit it off, he understood my voice and what I’m trying to accomplish with my scripts, and here we are.” – Jennifer Dunn

Nick Taussig

After winning the Spring 2020 ScreenCraft Film Fund, Nick Taussig’s feature documentary, A Space In Time, will be released in the UK by Bohemia Media in February 2021. The documentary is a candid, intimate and lyrical response to the diagnosis of his two sons, Theo and Oskar, with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a fatal muscle wasting disease and a frank portrait of the family surviving and thriving through the ups and downs of the disease.


Kenyetta Raelynn

After winning the 2019 Screencraft Drama Competition with her feature BORDERLINE, Kenyetta Raelynn worked with the Screencraft team to land paid assignment work. She later signed with literary managers at Circle of Confusion.

“Winning ScreenCraft Drama competition has been a significant moment in my career so far.  The moment I sat down to write “Borderline” in 2018, it started opening doors for me and turned a few heads. Proves that writing one good script can change everything. I have yet to have my biggest turning point.  I do believe that’s still to come.” – Kenyetta Raelynn

Natasha Ngaiza

Winner of the Fall 2018 ScreenCraft Film Fund, “A Mother,” has been accepted into competition at the 2020 Palm Springs International Film Festival. The film was written, directed, and produced by Natasha Ngaiza.

“My parents are from Tanzania and I grew up in London, Manhattan and the Virginia suburbs of Washington DC. I typically write about the experiences that are close to my own- stories about Black women, African immigrant women and mothers.

When I originally entered the ScreenCraft Film Fund, I was hoping it would motivate me to keep writing. Deadlines make a big difference in my ability to push through writer’s block.

But when I won, it gave me a huge boost of confidence and allowed my dream of the film to become a reality. I probably would not have made the film if I hadn’t won the ScreenCraft Film Fund. It’s a psychological film about a Black married mother contemplating an abortion….I wondered if it were too niche for a wider audience! But it has since been accepted to film festivals, including the Palm Springs International Film Fest!

The entire experience of writing, getting funding for a story that was in my head and then being on set, watching dozens of people hustle to bring that story to life is surreal, magical, and incredibly exciting!” – Natasha Ngaiza

Kevin Kai Ming Wang

Fall 2019 ScreenCraft Film Fund winner, “Taipei Suicide Story,” has been selected in competition for the 2020 Cannes Film Festival! After being selected for the ScreenCraft Film Fund, filmmaker Kevin Kai Ming Wang, signed with United Talent Agency.

“For me, it wasn’t about finding my voice, but believing in it. It’s so easy to lose faith in yourself and your ideas in this line of work amidst the criticism, rejections, and influence. I needed to learn to trust myself and find my tribe of people who shared my interests and believed in what I was doing.

With ScreenCraft, it was great to be able to get clear, direct feedback from a skilled reader’s first impression – what’s working and what isn’t, what’s compelling and what isn’t, and their understanding of the story and what elements of it that they really gravitated towards. For me, it was a helpful reminder going into production of what the film was really about.

I’m a naturally competitive person, and I was having a hard time channeling that energy positively and productively, until Jim Cummings of Thunder Road gave me a piece of important advice: he told me I should be competing against my idols and the best version of myself only.

For my most exciting accomplishment, I should say Cannes, but honestly it was showing a rough cut to my Mom and getting her thumbs up.

With Cannes, it was a shock to get accepted – I usually think anything is possible, but it had felt like one of those things that was beyond reach to the point that I almost didn’t bother submitting.

My advice to emerging filmmakers:

Find the stories that keep you up at night – the ones that twist your heart into knots, that you’ll fight your dying breath for. Tell it for the people out there who need it to exist as much as you do, and tell it originally, honestly and truthfully, and I think chances are you’ll have a pretty good film.”

Mithra Alavi

After placing as 2nd place runner up in a ScreenCraft Screenplay Competition and as a finalist in the ScreenCraft Action / Adventure Competition, Mithra Alavi has signed with Cartel, a management and production company.

“The biggest turning point in my career was becoming a runner-up in ScreenCraft. I felt like I immediately had someone cheering for me and since I didn’t yet have representation, it gave me a contact that I could talk through my career goals with. Having that encouragement and that support was a great boost for me.

My advice to new writers: don’t think that the first draft of anything has to be perfect or even good. It might take three drafts, it might take ten, but if it’s a story you love, you will find the right way to tell it.” – Mithra Alavi

Rich Van Tine

ScreenCraft Action & Adventure Screenplay Competition finalist, Rich Van Tine, has optioned his thriller spec STUCK to Steel Springs Pictures, the company of producer Peter Lawson (John Wick, Spotlight, Snowden). Rich previously signed with Housefire Management after ScreenCraft introduced them. Rich was previously a 2017 ScreenCraft Fellowship Semifinalist with his twin detective thriller, UNTIL THE CANDLE BURNS OUT.

“I started out wanting to be a graphic designer, specifically working on VFX for title credit sequences. Very specific, I know haha But I was always good at writing in school and it wasn’t until I took a screenwriting class at Dutchess Community College where I discovered how much I loved to write and telling stories.

I know it sounds cliche, but the only thing that’s really ever stood in my way is myself. Always having a bit of “I’m a fraud” symptoms from time to time. I also had some bouts with depression over the years and if it’s one thing that’ll kick you while you’re down, that’s it. There was a period of probably 6-8 months where I didn’t write a single word and really didn’t like who I saw in the mirror. I think it’s important to those who suffer from depression to know they aren’t aren’t alone. There’s a quote from BATMAN BEGINS that I have hanging on my wall: “Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.”

Script contests/competitions and film festivals were the most important resources. Each script I submitted to a contest pushed me closer and closer to gaining exposure. Putting your work out there is the best tool, and honestly, ScreenCraft helped get mine out there. My feature, STUCK was a Top 5 Finalist in the ScreenCraft Action contest last year and they worked with me to get it out to agents, managers and producers. They were a great asset!

The biggest turning point was when I signed with my manager, Jon at Housefire Management, after ScreenCraft introduced us. He’s been great, working with me on my scripts and really championing me out in the marketplace. Most recently, I optioned my script, STUCK to Steel Springs Pictures, run by producer, Peter Lawson (SPOTLIGHT, JOHN WICK, SNOWDEN). I’ve been working with Peter and his team to fine-tune the script for next steps to get it into production (fingers crossed!).

Advice to new writers: Not to sound cliche again, but just keep writing. Not everything is going to land, but the more you keep writing and pushing forward, the better writer you’ll become. And find honest people to read your stuff, like a mentor or a few close friends who won’t beat around the bush. You want honest feedback, not just someone blowing smoke up your ass. As Damien Chazell wrote in WHIPLASH: “There are no two words more harmful in the entire English language than ‘good job’.

I can’t thank ScreenCraft enough for championing me as a writer. I worked closely with the ScreenCraft team to get STUCK out there for agents and managers to see. They kept pushing the script forward and were super involved in the entire process. It was a great experience and I highly recommend any and all ScreenCraft competitions. Thank you to the whole ScreenCraft team.” – Rich Van Tine

Doug Williams

Doug Williams was the runner-up to the inaugural ScreenCraft Stage Play Competition in 2018 for his play Ship. Doug has since signed with an agent at William Morris Endeavor, whom he met through the competition.
“I swear I’m not just saying this because it’s going on the website, but there is no way I would have found my agent the way I did were it not for ScreenCraft. It was an honor all its own to be named runner-up for their new stage play contest, but the way they went to bat for me and championed my work following the contest was incredible. ScreenCraft got my play in front of some of my writing heroes who were judges for the contest, and just a few months later I’d signed with my agent at WME. Prior to ScreenCraft, I honestly had no idea how to even approach an agent. Their resources and guidance helped me reach the next level and I’m extremely grateful. ” – Doug Williams

Emily Cheever

After participating in the 2017 ScreenCraft Screenwriters Residency Program, Emily went on to write for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow on The CW and recently received her first episode writing credit.

“I grew up in the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains of Northern Virginia which I think helped contribute to my love for adventure and fantasy. It’s really difficult not to get beaten down by the “maybes” of the entertainment industry; people don’t slam the door in your face as much as they leave it open a crack and still never let you in.

I was honored that ScreenCraft recognized the kind of writer I wanted to be and facilitated a great experience for me. It was amazing just to know that I was on the right track.

Getting a job as a Writer’s PA is one of the best ways to get to know a community of working writers as well as giving you a chance to show how passionate you are about writing and craft.
It’s wild that an entry level job (gotten when I was 31!) was such a big moment for me, but I think it goes to show that if you apply yourself and are ready to do the work with gusto, things can happen quickly.

Recently, I wrote a freaking episode of television! It was so fun from start to finish and I wrote it with some profound and wonderful other writers that I wildly respect. It was wild reading the recaps and reviews. About a decade ago I was working as a TV/Film Critic for a website and I did a ton of recaps. I have participated in the full spectrum of nerding out over TV now.

If you’re just beginning or not, read a script EVERY DAY. Read stuff you hate, read stuff you love. It’s the best way to start recognizing patterns in storytelling and also understanding what kind of writer you want to be. Also, connections are just as important as your craft. Most people really hate networking, but it’s a muscle to practice like anything else. Every job I’ve ever had that was worth anything was actually through these connections.

Most importantly, especially now, make sure your community has POC and members of the LGBTQ community. Support them, read their stories, and lift their voices up.” – Emily Cheever

Joanna Pickering

Joanna Pickering placed in the ScreenCraft Cinematic Stage Play Competition, and signed with 3 Arts Entertainment. She was recently awarded a scholarship to adapt her play to screen with support from HBO’s Vice President of talent development assigned as a mentor for the project.

“My play is in development. I am gearing up to start my collaborations with 3 Arts. I am headed to LA end of the year as a Robert Mckee screenwriting fellow. I am also on an intensive directing course granted to me by TV director Rachel Feldman (Blue Bloods). Rachel is a true force. Meryl Streep is backing her latest movie on Lily Ledbetter (equal pay). She’s also one of your past ScreenCraft TV pilot finalists—see, we all love ScreenCraft!” – Joanna Pickering

Lisa Hoppe

After placing in the top 5 of the 2017 ScreenCraft Comedy Competition for her project H IS FOR HAPPINESS, Lisa Hoppe went on to produce the film, which was recently won Special Mention at the Berlin Film Festival.

“Originally from Australia, early in my career, I think what was standing between me and my goals was not being able to define those goals clearly. It took me a while to get real clarity of direction. In the very early stages, when you’re thinking about a project’s creative viability, it is really helpful to know that distinctive characters and tone can be as important as a compelling plot or concept.

Ranking in the top five of a ScreenCraft competition is definitely a moment that propelled me forward by giving me confidence about my script – that it was ready to share. The ScreenCraft team have continued to support me and help me feel I’m part of an inspiring screenwriting community. It was surreal to be in the packed cinemas watching the film I wrote and produced screen as part of the Berlinale 2020 and be there when it won the Jury’s ‘Special Mention Prize’. To know your work has resonated with people on the other side of the world as well as local audiences is really rewarding.

Two things were key for me – 1) embrace uncertainty and 2) don’t wait for an invitation. Just do it.” – Lisa Hoppe

Kelly Beck-Byrnes

After placing as a finalist in the 2017 ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship, Kelly Beck-Byrnes signed at Original Artists and Kings Road Entertainment.

“My advice for any aspiring writer: get lots of feedback before sharing a draft with managers or producers. If someone you respect doesn’t love your script, listen to the feedback and rewrite, rewrite, rewrite. There have been many times I’ve thought I should give up and walk away. But a bigger part of me says, shut up, you whiny moron, and keep writing!” – Kelly Beck-Byrnes

Corey Hill

After placing in the top 10 of the ScreenCraft TV Pilot Competition for his half hour Your Best You, Corey Hill signed with The Jackson Agency.

“Before entering ScreenCraft, I was completely on the ground floor. Though I had some publishing history in other realms of fiction, I was completely starting out as a screenwriter.

I was struggling to find sources for getting pointed, detailed feedback without paying through the roof and to find resources for navigating the somewhat unclear path from ‘I have an idea for a screenplay’ to ‘let’s get this thing made.’

If you opt for their script feedback, you won’t regret it. Having folks inside the industry who actually know what they’re talking about provide structured feedback is invaluable. I submitted revised versions of scripts based on this feedback, and was able to place in the contest due in no small part to this feedback.

The people who run the contest are genuinely interested in the careers of the folks who rise to the top. A lot of times in life someone sends you an email that says ‘hope we can stay in touch’ and it doesn’t mean much — I’ve had the exact opposite experience. No one does anything completely alone. I could not say more about how helpful ScreenCraft has been in moving me towards my screenwriting career goals. After placing in the top ten for the ScreenCraft TV Pilot contest, I received an offer for representation from an agency!” – Corey Hill

Maisie Culver

Congratulations to 2019 ScreenCraft Horror Screenplay Competition Winner, Maisie Culver, who has been staffed as a writer on SyFy’s Day of the Dead. She is repped at Industry Entertainment and Gersh. She won the competition with her feature, Hugh Jacman Stole My Husband.

“Working my way up as a young, female assistant in male-dominated environments was not without its challenges. It took me a long time to get to the point where I was actually confident in my writing abilities. It wasn’t until I finished my 17th sample that I could say, ‘Oh, this one’s fun.’ And the thing standing between me and me feeling like I knew what I was doing was years of practice.

ScreenCraft’s screenwriting competitions helped because they were a nice way to gauge how I was progressing as a writer. Also, I come from a TV comedy background and that means that when people meet me, they expect that I can only do TV comedies. Winning ScreenCraft’s Horror Screenplay Competition has been an extremely useful way for me to show people that I have range.

I became a much better writer when I started trusting my instincts. For years, I was just writing what people were telling me to write because I thought it would sell. I didn’t particularly enjoy writing those samples and if I had to guess, I don’t think people enjoyed reading them. Finally, I decided to write the bonkers projects people were telling me were a waste of time and those bonkers projects ended up being the ones that got me jobs. Strangers have now described my brand as ‘Batshit.’

Now, I’m adapting one of my favorite authors for an hourlong pilot. And I just joined the staff of SyFy’s DAY OF THE DEAD and that has been an absolute blast.

My advice to emerging writers: figure out what your weaknesses are and work on them. Do you struggle with jokes? Write thirty jokes a day. Are you uncomfortable in meetings? Practice with friends. The more well-rounded you are as a writer, the more opportunities will present themselves to you.” – Maisie Culver

Natalie Paige Bentley

ScreenCraft True Story & Public Domain Screenplay Competition finalist, Natalie Paige Bentley, signed with EG Literary & Talent in New York! Natalie is a ScreenCraft finalist with her historical feature, Katharine to Tesla, Faithfully Yours.

“I was in the indie filmmaking world where you’re wearing every hat, from writer, director, producer, actor, to craft service runner. I was scraping dollars, nickels, and dimes together to try and get my stories to any audience that I could find who would read, watch, or listen.

ScreenCraft was a game-changer for me, and I would not have had the year I have had if it were not for them. They have, by far, been the best out of any of the screenwriting competitions, festivals, and communities. My eventual manager gave my spec, Katharine to Tesla, Faithfully Yours a read after it placed in ScreenCraft and rallied behind that story. Most recently, my series, which stemmed from a no budget film I posted to YouTube, is in the beginning stages of development and has talent attachments.

Recently, my project granted the Nikola Tesla Presidential Spirit Award from the Nikola Tesla Science Foundation for the same spec that placed in ScreenCraft.

The best advice I can give for any aspiring writer would be to take risks, don’t be afraid to fail, even if it’s not your best work. Write what you are passionate about instead of writing what you think others will readily accept. Who cares, if certain people don’t gravitate towards it. I believe if it’s a good story, the right people will find you.”

Janine DeMaria

2019 ScreenCraft Fellowship Finalist, Janine DeMaria, signed with Rain Management Group. Janine was a finalist for her one hour pilot FLYING HIGH.

“The hardest thing I encountered when first starting out was getting people to read my work. Even then, getting the right people to read it was also hard. I was treating writing more like a hobby or pipe dream because it seemed so hard to get to the place of being an actual professional writer. The second I fully committed to it, things really started to happen for me.

Entering screenwriting competitions can help you if you enter the right ones. I really like ScreenCraft because of the quality of their judges and the opportunity to receive feedback from them. It’s incredibly helpful and my writing has improved because of it. My manager is always encouraging me to enter my work into competitions because it’s a great selling point to be able to use when landing me assignments and deals – but be sure that the competitions are reputable and respected like ScreenCraft!

Finding the right manager was huge. It’s important to find representation that gets you and your voice instead of just signing with anyone just to have a rep. I love my managers because they get me and my writing. They’re two very strong women that fight for me and are a constant source of encouragement and are honest with me which can be a hard thing to come by in this business.

The single coolest thing that has happened to me is pitching my project to Sam Raimi and having him come on as a producer!

Advice to other writers – just keep writing. This business has very high highs and very low lows. Things can turn on a dime and change for the better or worse so fast so it’s important to just keep churning out material no matter what. If you’ve hit a wall and can’t seem to generate anything new, go back and look at some of your old stuff and fix the problems. Just don’t give up. Don’t let the business and politics of it all get the better of you. Things aren’t always fair but that’s life.

And don’t be a dick. It’s easy to pass on a dick writer and just like, why be a dick? It’s not like we’re curing cancer here – were telling stories and what we do is important but it’s so important to have a sense of humor and not take yourself too seriously.

The great thing about being a writer is that we can do it anywhere, at anytime. We don’t need a camera, a stage, or material to do our job…we create the material. It’s a blessing but it’s also a curse because I’m always thinking I should be writing. It’s like having homework for the rest of your life but when I get into it and hit that stride where everything is flowing, I don’t feel like I should be doing anything else. Those moments are what makes the heartache that this industry can throw at you, all worth it. Strive for that feeling and the only way to get there is to just keep writing! ”

Tom Radovich

2019 ScreenCraft Family-Friendly Screenplay Competition winner and ScreenCraft Fellowship finalist, Tom Radovich, has signed a paid option of his screenplay to a production company shopping the project to major studios. Details of the project are currently under wraps. Tom has signed with a literary manager at Zero Gravity Management

“After becoming a finalist in the ScreenCraft Fellowship, I was interviewed about my work (not just a single script) and where I see my career going. This showed me that ScreenCraft is serious about helping writers who have potential. Even though I wasn’t chosen as a ScreenCraft Fellow, they championed my writing to the right people and I landed an amazing manager at Zero Gravity soon after. So thank you to the entire crew at ScreenCraft.” – Tom Radovich

Jen Bieser

After placing as a finalist in the 2018 ScreenCraft Comedy Competition with her spec script Michael Wants to Marry, Jen Bieser worked with the ScreenCraft team to sign with Ami Manning of Volition Entertainment. She has since been hired for a paid writing assignment with award winning director, Alan Jacobs.

“Entering screenwriting competitions helped me on so many levels. I started to believe in myself and the dream. On a professional level, if a competition has a good reputation, and you make it to the Finalist rounds, you become a compelling writer who has something to bring to the table.

My script got noticed by a producer; he didn’t want my screenplay, but he liked my style. He asked if I’d be interested in writing for his anthology project. This producer now has some exciting buyers at the table.

ScreenCraft introduced me to other finalists with their Finalists Facebook group – it’s excellent fun supporting each other and watching everyone grow. Then there is the ScreenCraft Writer’s Summit; as a finalist, this was a once in a lifetime experience. I had the opportunity to drink margaritas with legendary Steven DeSouza and chat with inspiring David Rabinowitz, who had just won an Oscar. Once you’re a finalist with, you become part of their writer family; they genuinely invest their time in your growth and success.”

Ken Mora

Congratulations to 2019 Cinematic Book Competition winner, Ken Mora who signed with UK-based publisher Markosia, for the publishing and distribution rights of his ScreenCraft-winning graphic novel, Caravaggio: A Light Before The Darkness.

“I’m a veteran of the film festival and screenplay competition circuit and 2019 was the first year I submitted to broader writer’s competitions with my first Graphic Novel. Now that I can concentrate on graphic novels I have three more in my publication pipeline. I was thrilled when I was referred to Harry Markos, whose Markosia imprint is the UK’s largest Indie Graphic Novel publisher. He was keenly enthusiastic, and when I saw the caliber and breadth of his published titles, I was eager to do business with him.” – Ken Mora

His advice to writers: “Keep at it, and never discount the power of even incremental progress. Write, rewrite, and submit your work to the highest caliber competitions. Every writer tends to swing between thinking their work is great, or absolute crap – only a competitive arena with qualified judges will give you an honest sense of your story’s true quality. It’s a great temptation to have too many irons in the fire or to donate your talent to projects by other creators instead of concentrating on your own. Remember, there’s only so much of your precious focus to go around – use it wisely.”

Mike Green & Brien Kelly

ScreenCraft Horror Screenplay Competition finalists Mike Green & Brien Kelly’s debut horror feature OUTBACK has been picked up by LIONSGATE, to be released in June!

“We had been writing our entire lives and produced a few well-regarded shorts, but the project we submitted was our first feature screenplay. After placing with it, we spoke to some representation and got a taste for how that side of the business works. It gave us greater confidence and motivation to get cracking on more projects. Be realistic about where your material sits in the marketplace. It can be expensive so pick wisely which contests you enter. Make sure there’s genuine prizes or industry recognition. That’s where ScreenCraft sets itself apart from other contests. They have top tier industry connections that will get you noticed if your work is good enough.” – Mike & Brien

Watch the trailer for their film here!

Sean Collins-Smith

After placing as the one hour runner up in the 2019 ScreenCraft Pilot Launch TV Script Contest LOST IN THE FLOOD, Sean Collins-Smith signed with manager, Luke Maxwell, at 3 Arts Entertainment after being introduced by the ScreenCraft team.

“I can say, with 100% honesty, that my entire life changed after winning. Before winning, I was in Richmond, Virginia. Next thing I knew, I was taking generals at all these companies I would’ve never dreamed of stepping foot into – Bad Robot, Scott Free, Appian Way. None of that would’ve happened without winning. Now that I’ve signed with 3Arts, I can safely say that wouldn’t have happened without screenwriting contests.” – Sean Collins-Smith

Kevin Bachar

ScreenCraft winner Kevin Bachar has signed with literary manager Matthew Koss of Zero Gravity Management. Kevin won the 2018 Action Screenplay Competition with his feature EDISON’S GHOST.

“After winning, I immediately got meetings at Bad Robot and Donner Productions, which is pretty damn amazing! Winning ScreenCraft’s Action/Thriller genre was amazing and set me on a pretty wild ride that’s led me to gaining a literary manager at Zero Gravity. But the coolest thing was that one of the judges for the contest was Steven De Souza, the writer of DIE HARD. That means he read my work, and thought it was worthy of winning the top spot. Let me write that again – the screenwriter of DIE HARD read my script and liked it!!!! That’s why you enter a contest – Yippy-ki-yay-mother%&*#er!” – Kevin Bachar

Nicole Cohen

After placing as a winner in the ScreenCraft Sci-fi & Fantasy Competition with her feature screenplay ARTEMIS 1, Nicole Cohen signed with Christine Coggins of Heroes & Villains Entertainment.

“This is my first script, so I was brand new! I’d always wanted to write, but hadn’t put myself out there yet. So taking the step to open my work up to contests was a vulnerable one. I was nervous but every round of feedback and round announcement when I progressed was exciting. I’ll never forget the call when I found out I won 2nd place! My kids swarmed me in a hug, they were so proud! I’m glad they saw my try for something new and succeed. After winning, I grew confidence and a thicker skin. I spoke with a producer from my jury who was generous and encouraging, and found my manager whom I adore, as well as the producers who are developing my script into a feature. It is truly a lifelong dream realized. My advice: Do it. Put yourself out there. It is NEVER too late. Share your work, take the feedback, make it better. No one can ever stop you if you just keep going. But if you never start, you’re stopping yourself.

I’d recommend ScreenCraft to anyone to hone their skills, work on receiving feedback, and finding support and connections in the industry. The ScreenCraft staff and judges are amazingly kind, and their website and emails are a great source of education. What a precious resource for screenwriters starting in the industry!” – Nicole Cohen, screenwriter based in Virginia, USA

Annie Nishida

After placing as a finalist in both the ScreenCraft Fellowship and 2018 ScreenCraft Pilot Launch, Annie Nishida signed with manager Derrick Eppich of Empirical Evidence. She was recently staffed on Disney Channel’s GABBY DURAN AND THE UNSITTABLES.

“My career really took off when I became a finalist in ScreenCraft’s Pilot Launch and Fellowship Competitions. The ScreenCraft team is extremely supportive and make it clear that they’re always willing to help with advice, industry introductions, and anything else that an emerging writer would possibly need to succeed. I always recommend their competitions to writers looking to break in.” – Annie Nishida

Anya Meksin

Congratulations to ScreenCraft Fellowship winner Anya Meksin, who was hired to write on Netflix series “In From the Cold” which received a production green light with showrunner Adam Glass!

Georgina Love

Congratulations to ScreenCraft Fellow, Georgina Love, who recently signed with Casarotto Ramsay & Associates, a prestigious UK agency that reps Chiwetel Ejiofor, Neil Gaiman, Steve McQueen among others. Georgina participated in the 2018 ScreenCraft Fellowship week in Los Angeles after winning with her feature screenplay PIG.

“The Australian industry is a tough one to break into and I really struggled to get my work in front of anyone. After gaining notoriety through the ScreenCraft competition, I gained much more confidence in my work. After winning ScreenCraft, I had people championing my work and creating opportunities that had been unattainable before. It led me to write more and be calm and collected in the meetings that came out of it.” – Georgina Love

David Kushner

Congratulations to 2018 ScreenCraft Pilot Launch finalist, David Kushner who just signed with a manager at Zero Gravity. David was named honorable mention for his TV script CONCRETE JUNGLE.
“After placing as a finalist, the ScreenCraft team worked with me and my writing partner and we subsequently signed with a literary manager at Zero Gravity. I would advise any aspiring writers to enter competitions like ScreenCraft with a good track record of helping get writers signed.” – David Kushner

Elie El Choufany

2019 ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship winner, Elie El Choufany, has signed with the Agency for the Performing Arts. Elie previously signed with Think Tank MGMT after ScreenCraft introduced them.

“Before entering the ScreeCraft Screenwriting Fellowship, I was in full preparation mode for the past few years. Everyone talks about developing an impressive body of work and finessing your writing skills before knocking on industry professionals’ doors, and everyone is absolutely right about that. But that’s only one part of the skill set that a screenwriter should be developing.

Between constantly writing screenplays and reading scripts, books, comics, etc… and developing a growing network of support filled with fantastic filmmakers of all sorts, I was also on a different kind of journey trying to find my own inner bat: my identity as a person and as a writer in relation to my community and the film & TV industry. I believe that being a good writer gets the door opened for you, but finding your inner bat gets you the conversation.

For quite a bit of my adult life, placing in a prestigious screenwriting competition such as ScreenCraft’s Screenwriting Fellowship was the goal. During the spectacular whirlwind that is the ScreenCraft fellowship, the ScreenCraft team introduced me to my manager from Think Tank Management, as well as setting the fellows up with meetings with some of the biggest studios and the most influential people in the film and television industry.

This experience has genuinely filled me with so much gratitude and humility, and I am now more driven than ever to keep pushing forward. What hasn’t changed however is my passion for storytelling and my crippling addiction to coffee.

The idea is that this industry is by its very nature a cooperative space. What ScreenCraft does is facilitate the process in which you introduce yourself to the crowd, but what you say and how you go about it comes back to you.” – Elie Choufany

Nabil Chowdhary

Less than one month after winning the grand prize in the 2019 ScreenCraft Sci-fi Screenplay Competition for his project Pod, Nabil Chowdhary was introduced to manager Bash Naran at Writ Large by the ScreenCraft team and signed with him for representation. In December 2019, Nabil was named to BOTH The Hit List and The Black List as one of the best screenplays of the year as voted on by entertainment industry professionals!
“Within hours, I was in touch with Bash at Writ Large. Three weeks later, we are officially working together. I was in constant communication with the ScreenCraft team, seeking advice and looking for guidance on how to navigate this very new situation for me and the couldn’t have been more helpful.” – Nabil Chowdhary

Lee Whitten

Warm congratulations to 2019 ScreenCraft Fellowship Finalist, Lee Whitten, on signing with Halle Mariner at Agency for the Performing Arts (APA). Lee was a finalist with his feature screenplay ALBATROSS GARDENS.

George Snape

2018 ScreenCraft Short Screenplay Runner-Up, George Snape, signed a paid option on his project.
Congratulations to 2018 ScreenCraft Short Screenplay Runner-Up, George Snape, on signing a paid option for his short I Live Alone, Everyone Does with award-winning director, Ben Tricklebank.

Jordan Tandowsky

ScreenCraft Pilot Launch Finalist, Jordan Tandowsky, has signed with literary manager, Lisa Schahet Schuster, of Scenario Entertainment.

“Receiving the positive feedback and advancing in the competition gave me validation and confidence as a writer. After winning, the credibility and exposure opened the doors and allowed me to sign with an amazing manager.” – Jordan Tandowsky

Obiageli Odimegwu

After being selected as one of three winners for the 6th Annual ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship, Obiageli Odimegwu signed with manager Adesuwa McCalla of MetaMorphic Entertainment.

Zoe Vitale

ScreenCraft Horror Finalist Zoe Vitale has signed with Nicholas Bogner of Affirmative Entertainment after ScreenCraft introduced them.
“I was working on several projects when I could find time outside of my day job in TV, and was starting to feel in need of some external confirmation. After placing as a finalist, I got the confidence boost I was looking for. A member of the ScreenCraft team knew a manager who he thought would like my work and made the introduction. It was that easy. I would tell anyone on the fence about submitting to go for it. ScreenCraft has gone out of their way to give me advice and help me sign with a rep!” – Zoe Vitale

Luke Schreiber & Emily Winter

2018 ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship Finalists, Luke Schreiber & Emily Winter, signed with Mike Sword of Sword Entertainment!
“After placing as ScreenCraft finalists, the encouragement and belief made a huge impact in taking the next step in our careers. They were huge fans of us and our projects. We would always say– we might be crazy but then ScreenCraft is crazy too.”  – Luke & Emily

Lucy Luna

2019 ScreenCraft Fellowship Winner, Lucy Luna, signed with manager Kailey Marsh of Brillstein Entertainment Partners via an introduction by the ScreenCraft team and was subsequently staffed in a Warner Bros TV writers room.
“Before entering the ScreenCraft Fellowship, I was trying to figure out how to navigate the industry, my needs and wants as a writer, and what next step would be the best or smartest thing I could do for my career. Before ScreenCraft I was listening to so many opinions, and I realized I had no real specific direction because all the advice was great but were so different, and were not tailor-made for me. After winning, everything changed. Everything became clear. I knew what I wanted and needed and knew what next steps to take. There are so many contests out there and it can get scary. I get it: I’m afraid to go back and see how much money I spent on competitions that were not worth it. ScreenCraft isn’t one of them. ScreenCraft cares. They are proactive, supportive, and are willing to push hard for you. They have the connections and the passion. They listen. They immediately understood where I wanted to go, and what I needed and they worked with me as if my dream was theirs. They are my guardian angels!” – Lucy Luna

Lisa Hoppe

ScreenCraft Comedy Competition finalist Lisa Hoppe got her movie made! Warm congratulations to Lisa on the world premiere of her feature film “H is for Happiness” at Melbourne International Film Festival! The screenplay was a finalist in ScreenCraft’s 2017 Comedy Screenplay competition. You can watch the movie trailer here.

Ivan Tsang

Ivan Tsang placed as a finalist in the ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship and was the grand prize winner of the 2019 Comedy Screenplay Competition. Subsequently he has signed with literary manager Jermaine Johnson at 3 Arts Entertainment!

Zach Bandler

Congratulations to ScreenCraft semifinalist Zach Bandler on his short film The Lightkeeper premiering on Omeleto, YouTube’s prestigious channel for award-winning short films. You can check out the film here.

Chelsea Grey

After placing as a finalist in the ScreenCraft Pilot Launch competition for her half hour pilot How to Grieve, Chelsea Gray worked closely with the ScreenCraft team, who set multiple meetings with managers before she ultimately signed with EMB Entertainment, with literary manager Eric Borja.
“I can’t say enough good things about the team at ScreenCraft! Since placing as a finalist in the pilot launch contest earlier this year, I’ve had my work sent out to so many people that I wouldn’t have otherwise had the chance to do on my own at this stage in my career. I just signed with a manager this week and am forever grateful for the amount of dedication the ScreenCraft team put into helping me find the right fit! Big thanks to everyone at ScreenCraft for your passion in helping emerging writers!” – Chelsea Gray, screenwriter

Olney Atwell

Olney Atwell was a 2018 ScreenCraft Fellowship Finalist, and subsequently signed a paid option agreement with a film producer, and the screenplay now has a director attached. ScreenCraft played an integral part in securing the option and payment terms. Details of the project are being kept under wraps for the time being. Stay tuned for a public announcement!
“I am so moved by how much the people at ScreenCraft care about their writers. The team has stayed actively involved since I placed in the competition, readily providing help, advice, and mentorship. Securing this paid option for my screenplay is a huge step forward in my career and ScreenCraft was a huge part of it.” – Olney Atwell

Danny Matier

Danny Matier was a finalist in the 2016 ScreenCraft Action & Thriller Screenplay Competition. ScreenCraft connected him with production company, MiLa Media, who purchased and produced his feature screenplay The Unborn in the spring of 2019. It is currently in post-production.
“Tom from ScreenCraft contacted me at the end of last year as a producer contact of theirs was looking to read thrillers / horrors from competition finalists. ScreenCraft connected me with the production company. Within the next couple of weeks – I had sold my horror script and it went into production this year with an exciting new company. To have people like The ScreenCraft team actively getting my work into the hands of the right people is a testament to ScreenCraft wanting writers to succeed. If you’re a thinking of submitting a script into a competition, then ScreenCraft is one I would highly recommend. Not only for how they can change your life as a screenwriter— but because of the people on their team.” – Danny Matier

Amy Huckabay

Amy Huckabay was a 2017 ScreenCraft Comedy Screenplay Contest finalist. ScreenCraft set up meetings with literary managers and Amy signed with a new rep in less than two months. Congrats Amy!
“Having ScreenCraft’s help has been an unbelievable resource for me. They are extremely hands-on and go above and beyond for their contest winners. They put in a lot of personal attention and effort to ensure their writers succeed. They worked to get my screenplay Sam Dean Can’t Die in front of multiple producers and made calls to find me a manager. I had multiple meetings and ended up signing with Eric Borja, a perfect fit for me who really gets my voice.” – Amy Huckabay

Michael Mirabella

Michael Mirabella was the runner-up in ScreenCraft’s 2018 Drama Screenplay Competition and subsequently signed with manager & producer Scott Carr when he read Michael’s winning script Paper Thieves. Now titled Joppatowne, Michael and Scott are developing the project together.
“The effort the ScreenCraft team has put forth in developing my relationships within the industry and carving a path for my career as a writer cannot be understated. The team fostered my script and showed genuine interest in my success– pairing me with manager, Scott Carr, who took interest in my talent and ethic. The ScreenCraft team continues to work closely with me even after all they’ve done to help thus far. If you have a screenplay you feel has a chance at success within the industry, then the ScreenCraft competitions and programs are a great way to test your script and possibly jumpstart your career.” – Michael Mirabella

Molly Miller

Molly Miller signed with managers Rachel Miller and Jesse Harra of Haven Entertainment after placing as a top 3 finalist in the 2018 ScreenCraft Comedy Competition with her feature spec, Eat Dead Bird.

Gabriel Cruz

After winning the half hour category of the 2018 ScreenCraft Pilot Launch TV Script Contest with his script THE KING IS DEAD, Gabriel Cruz worked closely with the ScreenCraft team, taking meetings and drawing interest from several managers before signing with Scott Carr of Scott Carr Management. Congrats Gabe!
“Winning the ScreenCraft Pilot Launch Comedy Competition really jumpstarted my journey. Almost like the flip of a switch, I went from total outsider to multiple managers requesting meetings with me, which was critical for someone with minimal to no connections like myself. Thanks to ScreenCraft, I never felt like I was navigating this new world on my own; I always felt like I had someone in my corner. I still feel that way. Burning for a chance to get my writing out there, I feel tremendous gratitude for ScreenCraft’s dedication.” – Gabe Cruz

KL Hughes

Kaycee Hughes won the 2018 ScreenCraft Pilot Launch TV Script Competition, and through an introduction by the ScreenCraft team, she signed with Abrams Artists Agency!
“Winning ScreenCraft’s Pilot Launch Competition cracked open the floodgates, and within weeks, I had multiple meetings lined up not only with some incredible literary managers and agents but with networks eager to chat about my winning pilot as well. Ultimately, this led to me landing representation with a top-notch agent, a hurdle I had expected to spend years trying to overcome. I am so grateful for their hard work and motivation, and for joyfully championing up-and-coming writers with all the passion and determination of people who truly understand just how vital writers are to this industry. Thank you, ScreenCraft. You have done me an incredible service and kindness.” – KL Hughes

Shiwani Srivastava

2018 ScreenCraft Comedy Runner-Up, Shiwani Srivastava, signed with literary manager Nicholas Bogner of Affirmative Entertainment. ScreenCraft recommended Shiwani’s project Wedding Season and introduced her to Nicholas Bogner.

Christa Rose Avampato

“Thanks to the ScreenCraft team, I got my dream job in film and TV as a Development Manager at Empty Quarter Studios, a TV and film production company in New York City. My book, Emerson Page and Where the Light Enters, was a finalist in the ScreenCraft Cinematic Book Competition this year. I posted about it on social media and a friend of mine saw the post. Once he saw I was a finalist in your competition, it caused him to look more deeply into my work and we began to talk about whether we could work on this project together. These conversations led to something I never expected—a full-time job offer that combines my business experience and creative work, and gives me the chance to develop my own intellectual property as well as scout for the latest and greatest stories that matter. Thank you so much for the visibility you give to writers. It made a huge difference in my life and I’m so grateful!” 

Brock Newell

After winning the 2018 ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship, Brock met with several agents, producers and literary managers in Hollywood. Because of his win at ScreenCraft, he was invited to Coverfly‘s Rep Week program which introduced him to a manager who promptly signed him.

Ian Southwood

Ian won the 2018 ScreenCraft Comedy Screenplay Competition and went on to be invited to Coverfly‘s Rep Week program which introduced him to literary manager Adrian Garcia, with whom he signed.

Tate Hanyok

After placing as a finalist in the ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship and a semifinalist in other ScreenCraft competitions, Tate worked closely with the ScreenCraft team before signing with manager Kendrick Tan and Carrie Isgett at Lit Entertainment Group, formerly Madhouse Entertainment.
“As a character actor I was used to adapting to various tones and worlds, so when it came to writing I truly didn’t know what kind of writer I was. I hadn’t found “my voice,” and so many types of stories interested me as a writer. So I started using ScreenCraft as my own personal development program by utilizing each contest as a self-imposed deadline to explore writing in different genres and formats, simply as a learning experience. I was submitting early drafts to the contests for the feedback, and to get a gage of how far I had to go. It’s easy to work in a bubble, but the subjective opinions of the readers became a fantastic tool. Watching my scores increase with each submission was a great source of encouragement, and motivation! Eventually I wrote a script that was reflective of what I now consider to be “my voice.” It spoke to Tom in particular, and he contacted me to say that ScreenCraft would like to help connect me with a manager. I was floored. I hadn’t won a contest but I had consistently been submitting a growing body of work. Soon we were sitting down and brainstorming who to put on the wish list for representation! Tom was so incredibly knowledgeable, a talented filmmaker himself, who was acting like my guidance counselor helping me apply to and choose the right college. This was such an exciting time and he was so incredibly attentive. I kept thinking, “how lucky am I!?” Here I was just do’n my thing, in my bubble, and this fellow artist I have so much respect for, is helping ME get to this very important step that can be so hard to access on your own. Sometimes it does take a village. I’m so very grateful that ScreenCraft has been an essential part of mine.” – Tate Hanyok

Xavier Burgin

Xavier won the 2018 ScreenCraft Drama Screenplay Competition and has since taken meetings at Blumhouse, Netflix and with independent producers who are interested in his script. Additionally, Xavier was hired to direct a documentary feature Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror which premiered on Shudder on February 7th, 2019. He is repped by manager Hannah Ozer at Kaplan/Perrone.

Davia Carter

Davia Carter won the 2018 ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship and just weeks later she was hired as a staffed writer on USA’s TV show QUEEN OF THE SOUTH! 

Jeffrey Field

Jeffrey Field won the 2015 ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship and has recently signed with Writ Large Management. Congrats Jeffrey!

Dante Russo

After winning the ScreenCraft Short Screenplay Competition and subsequently the ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship, Dante Russo went on to get hired as a script coordinator and then a writer on ABC’s A Million Little Things! Congratulations Dante! We can’t wait to see your career develop.

Cat Dale

Cat won the 2017 ScreenCraft Pilot Launch TV Script Competition and subsequently was hired by a producer for an open writing assignment! The producer discovered Cat via our partnership with Coverfly.


Matthew Ryan

After winning the 2017 ScreenCraft Action & Thriller Screenplay Contest, Matthew received many requests from industry professionals. “Thanks to ScreenCraft, I made contact with a producer who got my screenplay into the right hands. I now have an attachment agreement in place for it with a hugely talented director/producer and we’re currently developing the script towards production.” – Matthew Ryan


Joshua Bartolome

ScreenCraft Horror Contest Finalist Joshua Bartolome has signed a shopping agreement with producer Shannon Pierce of 4th Dimension for his project The Crossing, via an introduction by the ScreenCraft team. 4th Dimension is a literary management and production company expanding into original content. Congrats to Josh!


Erica Tachoir

Erica Tachoir signed with a literary manager at MXN Entertainment through an introduction by ScreenCraft. Erica’s screenplay “Scattering Jake” placed as a semi-finalist in three ScreenCraft competitions, including the 2017 ScreenCraft Screenwriters Residency Program, the 2017 ScreenCraft Drama Screenplay Competition, and the 2018 ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship.


Peyton McDavitt

Screenwriter Peyton McDavitt, runner-up winner of the 2017 ScreenCraft Horror Screenplay Contest, just signed with manager Sydney Blanke at Fourth Wall Management an entertainment management company that represents actors, writers, directors, and filmmakers across all media. Congrats Peyton!


Rhonda Baraka

Television writer-director Rhonda Baraka signed with her manager at Heroes and Villains after meeting her manager at the 2018 #ScreenCraft Writers Summit in Atlanta. The ScreenCraft Writers Summit brings together emerging writers and industry professionals so that relationships like this can be made. Congrats to Rhonda!


Ryan W. Smith

ScreenCraft Fellowship winner Ryan W. Smith went on to co-write a film that just sold to Netflix for a reported $30 million at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival!

Colin Dalvit & Andrew Lahmann

Colin Dalvit & Andrew Lahmann won the ScreenCraft Action & Thriller Screenplay Contest in 2016, and they were recently discovered via Coverfly and signed by literary manager Josh Dove at Intellectual Property Group who discovered and read their script The Timbermen. Intellectual Property Group is the literary management company behind such clients as Oscar-winner Paul Haggis (Crash and Million Dollar Baby) and Dennis Lehane (writer of cinematically adapted novels including Mystic River, Shutter Island and Gone Baby Gone).

Ellen Winburn

ScreenCraft’s 2017 Family-Friendly Screenplay Contest semifinalist Ellen Winburn signed a paid shopping agreement with HG5 Entertainment for her feature The Least of These through an introduction made by Coverfly. Inspired by the true experiences of her son, The Least of These follows a teenager with cerebral palsy who dreams of having a girlfriend and forms an unlikely friendship with a troubled girl with a difficult home life.

Nick Watson

Nick was a ScreenCraft Pilot Launch semifinalist in 2014, and subsequently signed with literary agent by Manal Hammad at Abrams Artists Agency. He has since written for Hasbro Studios’ “Littlest Pet Shop: A World of Our Own,” and most recently on Season 2 of TBS’ animated comedy series “Final Space.”

John Griffin 

After winning a full scholarship to ScreenCraft’s Screenwriters Residency Program in The Bahamas in 2015, John Griffin went on to sell his spec screenplay ‘Crater’ to Fox Studios! And he’s now represented by WME agency!
Homecoming’s Kyle Patrick Alvarez has been tapped to direct John’s film Crater for Disney Plus.

Anna Klassen

Anna Klassen was the winner of the 2017 ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship and subsequently signed with her manager at Plattform and with an agent at WME, her screenplay was recently voted onto 2017’s The Black List! Also, she was just hired by a Netflix to write a feature film adaptation of a classic book!

Jeff Bower

Jeff’s spec script “Halycon Falls” won the ScreenCraft Pilot Launch TV Script Contest. He is now represented by Abrams Artists. ScreenCraft introduced him to manager Alex Creasia at Pathfinder Entertainment, who signed him as a client.

T.A. Snyder

Recipient of the ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship, TA Snyder subsequently signed with literary management company Echo Lake where he has film and TV projects in active development! His pilot “Dead Men” was recently acquired by Endgame Entertainment!

Mark Stasenko

Winner of the 2015 ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship, Mark signed with multiple agents at United Talent Agency and a manager at 3 Arts Entertainment whom he was introduced to by ScreenCraft staff.  Now he has projects in active development and he’s currently being considered by major networks and studios. In the fall of 2017 he sold a TV pilot to a studio and he got hired as a staff screenwriter on the Peabody Award-winning Netflix series American Vandal for their upcoming second season!

Amanda Parham

Recipient of the 2014 ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship, Amanda subsequently signed with a manager at Anonymous Content and an agent at Paradigm Talent Agency! Her TV pilot is in development with top producers (TBA).

Robert Haffey

Recipient of the ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship, Rob subsequently signed with an agent at ICM Partners!

Alex Greenfield & Ben Powell

The writing team winners of the 3rd annual ScreenCraft Horror Screenplay Contest signed with a literary manager at Zero Gravity Management! They’ve been hired to write a franchise sequel (TBA)!

Aaron Steven

After winning 2nd place in the 2014 ScreenCraft Action/Thriller Screenplay Contest, Aaron signed with a manager at Kaplan/Perrone where he has 2 film scripts in active development!

Katiedid Langrock 

Winner of ScreenCraft’s Comedy Screenplay Contest, Katiedid was hired to write a Netflix Original Series!

Daniel Hanna

Runner-up winner of the 2013 ScreenCraft Comedy Screenplay Contest, Dan signed with a manager at Kaplan/Perrone! And most recently he signed with an agent at The Gersh Agency. He has projects in active development at various production companies.

Rowan Wheeler

Our 2015 Pilot Launch TV Script Contest winner Rowan Wheeler has recently signed at United Talent Agency, one of Hollywood’s top agency’s with clients including Johnny Depp, William Petersen, Joan Cusack, Jennifer Jason Leigh and many more actors, writers and directors!

Jared Frieder

Jared’s screenplay “Three Months” won the 2014 ScreenCraft Comedy Script Contest grand prize, and almost exactly one month later he was selected as the Comedy category winner for the Austin Screenplay Competition! Jared has projects in active development with his manager and agent.

Peter McCoubrey

Peter’s screenplay “The Grey Matter” was a Top Ten Finalist in the 2015 ScreenCraft Horror Script Contest, leading him to sign with a literary manager at 3Arts Entertainment! 

Sarah Hopkins

After winning ScreenCraft’s 2015 Action-Thriller Screenplay Contest, Sarah had a call with literary manager Jeff Portnoy at Bellevue Productions, and after 6 months of development conversations about her project, Jeff offered to represent her. Congrats to Sarah for signing with with a great manager at Bellevue Productions!

Samuel Laskey

Samuel’s spec script “The Fake” was announced as the 2016 ScreenCraft Comedy Screenplay Contest Winner. Samuel and the script are now represented by Circle of Confusion, one of the premier management and production companies in Hollywood.

Dani Bailes

ScreenCraft winner Dani Bailes signed with Echo Lake Entertainment, the management company behind such notable Hollywood clients as Mark Hamill, Dakota Fanning and Naomi Scott! Dani was the winner of ScreenCraft’s 2015 Short Film Production Fund along with her producing partner Alexis Korycinski.

David Aslan

David’s spec script “Not a Chance in Hell” was announced as the 2016 ScreenCraft Comedy Screenplay Contest Runner-Up. David and the script are now represented by Circle of Confusion, one of the premier management and production companies in Hollywood.

Alexis Korycinski

ScreenCraft winner Alexis Korycinski signed with CAA (Creative Artists Agency)! Alexis was the winner of the 2015 ScreenCraft Short Film Production Fund along with her writing partner Dani Bailes!

Lindsay Golder

Lindsay Golder is a 2014 ScreenCraft Comedy Contest finalist, a 2nd Annual ScreenCraft Fellowship finalist, a 2014 ScreenCraft Pilot Launch Contest semifinalist, and a 2015 Pilot Launch winner for her web series pilot Celebration. She is now represented by manager Jamie Wager at Capital Creations, represented at CAA, and currently staffed on the hit Fox sitcom The Mick. Recently, she penned an editorial for Entertainment Weekly:

Patrick Biesemans

Patrick Biesemans optioned his screenplay The Beautiful Country to Orb Media Group and is attached to direct after he won ScreenCraft’s 2016 China-Hollywood Screenwriting Fellowship.

Evan McNamara

Evan McNamara placed as a top 5 finalist in ScreenCraft’s 2017 Sci-Fi Screenplay Contest and then signed with manager Stephan Dubreuil of Woolf+Lapin, an international agency that represents talents in fields of motion picture, television, and digital.

Michael Thai

Michael Ty was the winner of ScreenCraft’s 2017 Orb Media China-Hollywood Screenwriting Fellowship and signed with a manager at Bellevue Productions!

Chris Osborn 

Chris Osborn won a $10,000 grant from the ScreenCraft Film Fund for his short film True Blue which he wrote, produced and directed. It went on to be accepted to numerous festivals around the world (including New Orleans, Maryland and Atlantic City) and won the Audience Award at Indie Memphis Film Festival in 2017!

Nancy Duff 

Screenwriter Nancy Duff won the ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship and subsequently was selected for the Meryl Streep-backed Writers Lab for Women, as well as the Universal Pictures Global Talent Development & Inclusion program! We look forward to seeing what this woman does next!