ScreenCraft’s screenwriting contests are dedicated to discovering talented screenwriters and connecting them with producers, agents and managers. Our contests uniquely tailor the prize package and jury for each contest (eliminating potential genre bias) by specializing in screenplay competitions by genre.

Short Screenplay Contest

Open for Applications Now

Short Screenplay Contest

January 19 – April 6

Comedy Script Contest

COMEDY Screenplay Contest
January 28 – April 11

Screenwriters Residency Program

Screenwriters Residency Program
March 3 – July 22

Horror Script  Contest

Horror Screenplay Contest
March 17 – July 1

Family Friendly Script Contest

SCI-FI Screenplay Contest
May 8 – August 18

Pilot Launch TV Script Contest

June 1 – August 31

Action & Thriller Script Contest

July 15 – October 15

ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship

October 1 – December 10

Family Friendly Script Contest

FAMILY Screenplay Contest
November 4 – December 30


Featured Articles

“Cameron, thanks for the notes. I have been absorbing them…your notes really do get to the heart of things.”

-Robert R. | Screenwriter in Alabama
“Many thanks for that feedback. It’s incredibly encouraging to read words like that and leaves me with a lot of ideas on how to improve.”
-Thomas G. | Screenwriter in ...
“Cameron, thank you for the notes. They are extremely detailed and INCREDIBLY helpful. And they give me a hope that I needed. I look forward to taking what you have ...
“The notes I got from ScreenCraft were supremely well-organized and very specific. They helped make my script better and optimized it for the current market. And their turnaround time was ...
“I just wanted to say thank you! I got the most helpful notes from Mike at Warner Bros. His notes were way above and beyond any other coverage ...
“I greatly appreciate your notes on the script. They are the most precise and useful notes I have ever gotten on any script I’ve written. If I proceed no further ...

Our screenwriting competitions have secured managers and agents for screenwriters around the world.  Are you looking for the best screenplay contests to connect you with Hollywood executives? We’re committed to championing our winners’ screenplays through much more than email blasts.  We hand-pick the managers, agents and producers that are the right fit for our winning screenwriters and foster meaningful relationships with entertainment industry executives.  Our script contests have discovered rising TV scripts and feature film spec scripts from around the world.  Are you writing a script that will win you a cash prize and introductions to top Hollywood executives who are looking for good screenplays?

By specializing by genre, we eliminate any bias that other major screenwriting competitions may have. Our screenplay contests are considered the best in the industry.  We uniquely tailor the prizes, jury and readers to the specific genre (comedy, horror, action, family, short, and TV).  And we keep our entry fees lower than almost any other contest.

We also provide destination screenwriting residencies and our annual ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship.  We look forward to reading your script!  Click on an of our screenplay contests above.  And mark your calendar so you don’t miss a competition deadline!