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2021 ScreenCraft Drama Competition Quarterfinalists

by ScreenCraft on September 8, 2021

Listed below are the Quarterfinalists of the 2021 ScreenCraft Drama Competition. These exceptional screenplays were selected from almost 2,100 submissions. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far and thanks to all for submitting!

Stay tuned for the Semifinalist announcement on October 6th here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages! And if you’d like to receive a notification when this contest re-opens for entries, you can subscribe for updates via Coverfly here.

Here are the Quarterfinalists:

(A Song For) Imogene Erika Edwards
21st Century (Digital Grrrl) Matt Perez
773-Roll-Call TJ Ali
8:32 Brendan Ethredge
901 Phillip Charles
A Calling Roger VanOstrand
A Code of Love Jacki Delecki
A Labour of Love Olga Holtz
A Modern Ashoka Ramin Khosravi
A Mother's Gambit Andrew Judge
A Place To Call Home Luke Fuller
A Queen Erased Georgia Waters
A Real Man Magda Pazdej
A Story for Old Lovers Ela Thier
A Summer Stay Alex Murawski
A Ways Out Colin Moore
Acids Amelia Phillips
admitted Nikki Taguilas-Morales
Aether James McCarron
After Greensboro Deborah Goodwin
Agenda Gregory Gulley
Ahoy for Joy Keith Reilly
All Apologies Amanda Douglas
All that Glitters Susan Marks
Always Jessie Holder Tourtellotte
American Butterfly Oliver Silver
American Fallout Harry Kakatsakis
American Falls Ross Allaire
American Infamy  Takeo Hori
American Virtuosa Lillie Gardner
Amin's Rooster smita mukherjee
An Unexpected Guest Tatiana Blackington James
And Justice For All Carlos Perez
And She Was Matthew Casado
Andi And I Frank Hill
Answers Scott Tinkham
Apex Sam King
Apples Rodolfo Salas
Area Champ Kelechi Okoro
Argos Ellen Shanley
Astray Faizan Kareem
Aunt Mei CY Costa
Baby, Don't Hurt Me Jack Griffin
Back Fires Alex Blumberg
Backwash City Ian Berry
Beautiful Things Samantha Brewers
Behold Tom Cavanaugh
Beneath the Fold Neil Kirby
Berliners Jack Ebstein
Best Friend Christopher Sullivan
Best Place in the World Marco Calvani
Better Judgement Mark Marino
Between Vanessa Agnelli
Between Heartbeats Taylor Levert
Beware the Vultures Daniel Bracey
Biddy Belinda Benko Dickey & Karen Hood
Big Sisters Sander Gusinow
Birdcage Alistair Chekaoui
Bitch Joy Frelinghuysen
Black & White  Roland Millien
Black Dollar Sharif Duncan
Black Iris Dakota Blue Richards
Black Mane Peter Kalmbach
Black Sheep Adam Seidel
Black Side Ozz Borges & Jeremiah Starling
Blackbird Robin Zamora
Blackfriar Chris Bolton
Blackout Wesley MacInnes
Blind Pig Matthew Riopelle
Blood and Dreams - "Complicit" Suzanne Griffin
Blood and The Rye Rajiv Shah
Blood Queens Ronald Glass
Blue Comedy Vincent Accettola
Blue Dream Lee Peterkin 
Blue Skies and Tailwinds Izzy Kearney
Blue Watch Andrew Judge
Books & Omens J M Finn
Breakpoint Georgia Peeples
Brink Greg Kousoulis
Broad Daylight Douglas Cushnie
Bronte Sydney Bradley
Buffalo Nation Alexander Major
Cacique David Ramirez
Caleb Michael Ouellette
Camp Amerika  Donna McNeely Burke
Can We Go Home Now? Jonathon Charatsis
Can You See Me Now Brittany Chase
Canary Charles Rutter
Captain Kidd Brian Arterburn
Casket Girl John Darbonne
Cathy and Steve Megan Mallow
Cavalier Sydney Painter
Cherries Maggy Torres-Rodriguez
Chocolate Monster Cookie, Bottomless Popcorn & Help Me I'm In Trouble Richard Karpala
Claire Akerman Finds God Christa Butler
Come As You Are Alexander Rudolph
Confluence Joel Dahl
Cosmos Garden brian gonka
Cry: A Story of Three Marys  Kevin Irvine
CTRL+ALT+DEL Amir Ohebsion & Arash Homampour
Dark Canyon Karen Franz
Daughter of Ra Saroya Whatley
Dawn Chorus CJ Jones
Dead Inside Zach Butler
Dealership Ryan Hessel
Death Is a Funny Thing Jack Kelly
Death on the Camino Real Paul Harney
Death's Hidden Love Ernestina Juarez
Declaration of Conscience Beth Milstein
Dilation Mike Sheriff
Disintegration Sebastian Watson
Distance and Silence Ben Parsons
Do No Harm Chris Hartwell
Dogface Beanie Barnes
Don't Say a Word Grace Merriman
Down the lane Johanna Moreau
DRMR Than Luu 
Eight Mysterious Qualities of the Ocean Chy Chi
El Negro Que Tango Ian Jackson
Elsie Fernanda Cardoso
Escaping Freedom Conrad Pratt
Everything Has Changed Sufian Abulohom
Excellence - Ducks on a Pond Shannon Parker
Faint of Heart Jeremy Palmer
Fanfiction Carrick Moore Gerety
Fates Megan McKiernan
Fiana Rebecca Gintz, Joshua Gintz
Fields of Grace Jill A. Hargrave
Five Days Four Nights  Fran Dorf
Flaming Cold Jordan Gustafson
Flew'd Out  Tai French
Flight Plans Keith Rivers
Flowerfield Mukilan Thangamani
Fly Into The Wind Alvin Lau
Fly Into Tomorrow Kyle T. Cowan
Four Floors in Raqqa Laila Ujayli & Zaina Ujayli
Fräulein Ruth Lindsay Grossman
From Afar Andrew Guerrero
From Little Acorns Grow Laura Kosann
From the Anxious Mind of Tova Greenfield Rebecca Glazer Greene
Frontiers Jarod Backens
Gateway Jonathan Pham
Gemini Earl Garner
Generationals Suhashini Krishnan
Genetic Kate McLaughlin
Genghis Khan Shyaam Karra
Gigantica Duane Smith & Stefane Barbeau
Gladiatrix Jon Medici
Gloomtown Lyndal Simpson
Going to Meet the Devil Adel Morales
Gone Hollywood Sara Hallowell
Good Books for Bad Children Elizabeth Solan
Green H-3 Jeff Droubay
Greenwood Nathan Patton
Ground Beneath Her Feet Maria-Elena Doyle
Habsburg Alexandra Shields
Hammon Andrew Van Slyke
Haneen Stephen Potts
Happy Hour Cynthia Mersten
Harmony Ridge Michael Trainor
Harvester Dan Fiore
Head Over Hill Gideon Shmorak
Heart of Fire Rich Orstad, Christopher Saunders
Here To Stay Sara Robin & Shirley Miller
Hungry Boryana Petkova
I Am Grace Brook Simmons
I am the Dragon King Michael Choi
I Can't Resist Your Tides Isaiah Boozer
I'd Laugh More But I'm Dead... I Think Kerry Joo
I'll Fly Away Wendy Dann
I'm Okay, We're Okay Adrienne Lovette & John Rice
I'm Ready to Go Anywhere Lynn McKee
Iconoclast Gannon Kenney
If Only the Sea Could Talk Susan Boggio
Improv Genet Hughes
In The Face Of Courage Roopashree Jeevaji & Girija Jethwani 
In The March Sky Nathan Lawson
Incarnation Clara Ritger
Incurable Joseph Whaley
Infusion Kathy Kafer
Injustice Luis Lassen
Insurrection Simon Bowler
Interregnum Ben Frew
Into the Silk Jaclyn Parker
Japanese for Baseball Ray Keller
Jaw Crusher Santiago Fernandez-Concha
Jesse Michael Lee Barlin
Jook-sing Lola Szczotarska
Juliet Is Fine Rachel Mariam
Just Never Leave Dillon Tucker
Karelia Hannah Eakin
Kimly Sarah Scott
Kiwi Eric Rich
Knight Exchange Steven Snell
Knock On Wood George Kellis
Knowing Eric Matt Koplik
Kosher Nostra Gracie Marcellus
L'uomo Diamante Samuel LaPointe
La Sirene Nathalie Dortonne
Land Of The Free Timothy Bathurst
Land of the Living Alex Lischak
Le Bon Temps Eileen Dennehy
Leaving Vienna Anna Synenko
Left in Pieces Rebecca Glazer Greene
Legend Daniel Weaver
Let's Go Crazy Cory Krueckeberg 
Liberte Lisa Weiss
Libo to Hero Desmond Ngai
Life On The Curb Ty Strange
Literally Too Mad To Die C. Raymond Martin
Little Girl Blue Maceo Greenberg
Long Haul Brady Greer Huffman
Long Live John Africa! Sean Slater
Long Lost Magdalena Drahovska
Long Run to Hotel California Ashley Dacek
Long Way Home Jamaal Pittman
Lotus Land Liam Allen-McGoran
Love in Reserve Eric Mansfield
Love is a Battlefield Gail Brice
Lucas and Lila Patricia Stack
Lucid Christina Burlison
Luminosity Peter Lee
Lumpia Sandwich Tanya Leigh Rodgers
Lysistrata Cell  Lisa Scott
Maddie Adeline Madeline Mad Shauna O'Meara
Magic Camp Liam Fitzgerald
Make a Wish Jory Spadea
Marcia Moore Robert Brown
Maria Isabella Silvalessa  Hunter Ridgway
Mayfly Christopher Brennan
Meg and the Wonderous World of Bible Drill Unnamed
Melanin Mark St. Cyr
Memories From Today (Kyoukara no Omoide) Moses Pan
Mendel's Mutations KD McEwing
Mental Latasha Mercer
Mercy Todd Cahoon
Mercy Road Maria Doctor
Metal Mother Casimir Nozkowski & Alexander Trimpe
Milkweed Inn Taylor Zaccario
Million Acre Home Zachary Earnest
Million Dollar Beach Alexander Ambrecht
Mind the Gap Hannah Westall
Mirella G.S. Fields
Miriam Jen Badasci, Christopher Allan Poe
Mister C Terry Connell
Mixed Spirits 12a June 5, 2021 Howard Kaplan
Modernization Feyza Safoglu
Mooncell Leah Foster & Scott Aaronson
Moonrise Rebekah Mueller
Moscow Fall Nickolas Daniel
Mother Ashley Hiller
Mother Country Danielle Hassanali
Mrs. Satan: The True Story of the First Woman to run for President of the United States Kim Thomson
Muck Nick Benjamin & Mike Downing
Murder on Tranquil Row Wayne Middleton
Music City Nathan Fleetwood
Mustang Gordon Phipps
Nanshoku  Antony Redman & Steph Song
National Hero John Vasiliades
Nature of the Beast Aaron Kozak
Nellie Bly Takes on the World Brittany Bookbinder
Never Kissed a Girl James Gonzo
Never Say Goodbye Denise Widman
Never Stop Running Melissa Caudle
New Americans Jamey Mills
Nice Restaurant Dorothy Nguyen
Night Light Calee Clarke
No Good Deed Heather Farlinger
No Score Ride F.B. Peña
Occam's Razor Santiago Claver
Occupational Ziyad Saadi
Oh La La! Grant Stuart
Olivia Jenny Fumarolo
On Consignment Orges Bakalli
One Year Brent Rouleau
One-Woman Show AS Patrick
Only the Forgotten Robert Israel
Only When It Rains Jason Ruscio
Otis N' the Dough Boyz Alexander Etseyatse
Paper Cuts Ryan McDonough
Paradise Sachin Augustine
Park Kidz Quamé Hamlin
Participation Trophy James Stolze
Perdido Eduardo Maytorena
Perrito Johanna Moreau
Photon Quixote Drew Ragland
Pigpen Maud Ferrari
Pili & Me Zachary Swickey
Polydactyly  Joni Rodgers
Portland Michael Weinreb
PostScript Nelson Downend
Precious Cargo Justin Radley & Col. Laura J. Radley
Proper Villains Chris Bolton
Prophet Katie Gault
Pulling Seedlings Eris Qian
Punic Michael Giles
Purify My Heart Kate Hackett
Pustka Edel Dmytro Oksamyt
Queen of San Francisco Jeremy Fassler
Rainbow Junction Shannon Wells
Rapprochement Jerry Orihuela
Red Dawn Kathryn Loveless
Regimented Hannah Cargill
Release Stacie Shellner
Remedios Janit Baldwin
Ripple Road William Leiren
Rising Samantha Schell
Roaches Cameron Porette
Runaway Trayne Jon Cvack
Saints and Sinners Brit Cowan
Salt Holly Sereni
Salvage Katerina Bakolias
Sandwiched Mary-beth Hart
Sans Titre, Paris Brittany Falardeau
Scoundrel Erin Leafe
Second Generation Frank Smith
Secrets Kill Matthew Widman & Annie Ward
Seeing Samsi Jonny Zwick
Sew Ann Lowe Nicole Newman
Simmer Jennifer Thym
Six Shooter James Weicker
Snake Oil Danny Katz
Snow in July Heather Barbieri & Sera Barbieri
So Much Good Keith Reynolds
Soldier Spy Andrew Judge
Something Borrowed Melissa Skirboll
Son This Is She Dominic Leyton
Sonny Daize Sonata Scott Uzarski
Sons of Treason Sheila Rinear
Sophie the Preacher Derrick LeMont
Sorry Brittany Pratt
Spirit In The Dark Daniel Lopez Kaufman
Spoken For Micki Colker-Pearlman
St. Louis Superman Jon Alston, Ronald McCants
Standing Up Louie Aronowitz
Star of Siam Eda Benjakul & Marisa Marchitelli
Still Here Jamie Silberhartz
Still September AJ Moss
Still Waters Jessie Holder Tourtellotte & Dan Gallun
Stotan Jonathan Dillon
Stroke of Genius Moriel Randolph
Student Body Kimberly Benjamin
Sub Rosa Anne Alexander-Sieder
Such Times As These Elliott Ohannes
Sun Woman, Moon Man Lyndal Simpson
Sunrise Meets Sunset Aram Atkinson
Sunset Babylon Trevor Mak
Sunshine Shifts Rebecca Davis
Taino David Ciccarelli
Taking Inventory Michael Caggiano
Talons Brent Rouleau
Ten Days in a Madhouse Shawn Hainsworth
Ten Dollar House Rick Kinnebrew
Terribly Good With Words Malcolm Owens
Testimony Aaron Williams
Teton Reckoning Debi Yazbeck
Texas Killer Whale Jacob Berman
The 84 Sonja Perryman
The Abduction Club Sarah Soderquist & Kallie Tenney
The Academy Brit Cowan
The Alice Solution Emily Redinbo
The Allure of the Forbidden Chuck Driskell
THE Aloofness Factor Hal Harris
The Art and Craft of Flirting Meg DeMarsh
The Art of Anxiety Alfredo Enriquez
The Art of Speed Reading Neal Mayer
The Artists Greg Schwartz
The Astounding Adventures of Empress and Sage Jonathan Lill
The Backyard Nicolas Cannizzo
The Banner Ernestina Juarez
The Bear Megan Spatz
The Beautiful Brown Sisters Dena Acolatse
The Belvedere Jungle Robert Kelly McAllister
The Big Hiccup Ryan Clagg
The Book of Sarah Roger Walker
The Cause-"There's Something About Christabel"  Robert Fajardo
The Century Builders Kelly Lynch
The Coliseum David Myers
The Collection Carolina Brettler
The Come Up Albie Cullen
The Company You Keep Gina DeAngelis
The Confidence Men Dawn Garcia
The Custom of the Sea Karen McDermott
The Desert Shrine V. R. Marianne Zahn
The Disobedient Colonel  Mehdi Khosravi
The Easy Way Damian Hussey
The Expatriates Katherine Street
The Failed Prince Rajiv Shah, Soham Mehta
The Fastest Thing in the Valley Nicole Ramberg
The Forbidden Bond Ashley P Jones
The Glass Shark Nicholas Dwyer
The Golden Hour Danish Renzu 
The Greatest Trick the Devil Ever Pulled Joseph Haddock
The Happiest Person is the One Without History Alana Branch
The Hardest Hit Sam Juergens
The Harper Boys Shyaam Karra
The Hate Machine David Rodgers
The Homeless Amelie Leclerc
The Hustle Linda Shayne
The Industrialist Vikas Bandhu
The Invisible Boy Arun Narayanan
The Itch Jeremy Bradford
The Kindly Ones. Angela Gulner
The King Vs. Jupiter Wise Ryan Gallant & Scott Parsons
The Last Black Man on Earth Joel Harold & Joseph Harold
The Last CEO F.B. Peña
The Last Gate Pilot "One in a Million" Mark Dudley & Jeffrey Lilly
The Last Night of the Affair David Rodgers
The Last Set at the Vanguard Diana Cobbold
The Last Supper Zachary Ashman
The Legend Eric Han
The Lost Sons Renate Grassmugg
The Macedonian Trapeze Artist Lyle Deixler
The Man Doctrine Christopher Prince
The Midnight Tour Chris Bolton
The Mixteco Kid Miguel Orozco
The Moor Thomas Thonson
The Mother Road Caitlin Baer
The Near Distance  R.J. Matthew
The Nut Farm Warren Clarke
The One Eric Alejandro Reis
The Pact Richard Williams
The Passage of Sun Aaron Braxton
The Pearls Tyler Geditz
The Persevered Virtuoso Andrew Wu
The Queen Of Caspary Laura Solow
The Quiet Kind Justin Geldzahler
The Redemptionist Christina Arango Dowling
The Rhodora Stephanie Dawson & Maria Matteoli
The Secret Life of Isabella Ramsay Beverley Cook
The Severing Ash Lazer
The Smallest Ways James Greenall & Liam Papadachi
The Sometimes Love Sam Samore
The Son: Joshua ben Joseph Cheryl Boyles
The Sound That Seduced The World Julius Barbosa
The Suburbs Isabel Almeida
The Sugar Skulls Derek Mendelsberg
The Sweaty Torah Briana London
The Swim Lesson David Miranda Hardy
The Terror Within Lynn Elliot
The Troubles Tom Kavanaugh
The Unwanted Ian Brown
The Vet karan talwar
The Vilna Chronicles Ira Fuchs
The Vineyard Tyler Morris
The Violin Rebecca Glazer Greene
The Wardrobe Peter Noel
The Web Rachel Salaman
The Wheel Vincent Raisa
The White Wolves Raul Walder
The Witiwig Maria Wilson
The Wolf You Feed Tony Prescott
The Woodpecker Denise Widman
The Wrong Body Lola Petitbon
Theodora: Actress, Empress, Whore, Spy, Saint  Amanda Miller
They Seem Nice Nathan Weinreich 
Third Man Michael Ouzas
Ties That Bind Donna Gooden
Tiller Yancey Wang
Tingle Monsters Alexandra Serio
To Be Honest Belinda Hunt
To Shackle the Devil Angela Townsend
Toxic Eulogy Joe Blank
Trail Gone Cold Brian Molongoski
Transference Narain Rai
Turkey Derry Felton
Twisted Limbs Michael Heral
United We Stand Tom Savage
Unnatural Bedfellows Miriam Animashaun
Unspoken Lives Jenny Hwang
Until Then... Joshlyn Racherbaumer
Upside Down Emily Cooper
Ushering Shana Hardy
Veiled Allegiances Amy Lee
Vet Mystro Clark
Vicious Depraved Glamorous  Stephen Rutkowski
Visceral Fatherland Lele Park
Volant Caitlin Turnage
Walk Away Jimmy A. Richalee
Wanderland Blake Williams
Water is Thicker than Blood Jeff Westmont & Matt Goodman
Weeping Street Jillian Tsai
Western Approaches Andrew Judge
Westward Sunrise Rob Carieri
What Money Can Buy Zachary Swickey
Wheelchair Andrew McLinden
When Broken Glass Floats Chanrithy Him
When the Ferris Wheel Stops Mimi Lam
When the River Runs Dry Ella Cannon
When Wendy Grew Up Jenna St. John
Whirlwind Monika Moreno-Lapp
Who killed my parents Michael Mavromichalis
Whyoming Kelvin C. Bias
Wide Open Spaces Rodman Hooker
Wild Territory Tiffany Albright
Wildfire Lauren Hussey
Wings Mitchell Condon
Without Walls Michelle Holt
Worlds Apart Thomas Gaunt
Wounded Dennis Chrisman
Wrestl(h)er Susan Maddocks
X; or The Ascension of Gold Mountain Alexander Chard
X/Wind Richard Pohl
Yardbirds Are Bums Patrick Falconi
Yemma Nicole Ballivian
Yomi Mitchell Lazar
You are the Reason Nick Hadley
Your Darkness Is Shining Erin Granat
Your Love Nikita Kagantsev
Zipporah's Destiny Arquila Todd

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