2017 ScreenCraft Drama Screenplay Contest Finalists Announced

By December 22, 2017 No Comments

The following exceptional screenplays have been selected as the finalists of the inaugural ScreenCraft Drama Screenplay Contest:

Artesia Emily Tomson
Land That We Love Julian Awoonor Renner
Little Africa Curtis Adair
Second Childhood Clifton Koons II
Someday, Ohio Anna Hozian
Stan's Killing Himself Billy Kirland
The Boat Robert Wooldridge Jr.
The Heart of a Tiger SreyRam Kuy
The Lotus Eaters Tatjana Soli
The Man in the Jungle Shruti Swaminathan

Congratulations to these extraordinary writers, and to the semifinalists and quarter-finalists who made this first season so impressive and memorable. The winners will be selected from this list and announced on December 27th!