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Here are 92 of our favorite recent emails!

by John on February 11, 2019

We thought it would be fun to share some of the many great emails we've received regarding our Screenplay Contests and Consulting Services!

(This doesn't even include the many positive Facebook comments and tweets!)

In no particular order, here is an updated list of 92 enthusiastic emails we've gotten from happy screenwriters in the past several months:

  1. "ScreenCraft catapulted my career years ahead of even my most optimistic expectations. The contacts and -- perhaps even more importantly -- the legitimacy the fellowship gave me has helped me land top tier representation and put me in a position to pitch projects to major studios." – Robert H.
  1. "Placing 2nd in the Screencraft Action/Thriller Contest directly led to me getting signed with one of the top management companies in Hollywood. I’m going out of a ton of meetings and now have multiple projects in development. I cannot thank John, Cameron, and the rest of the Screencraft team enough. This contest opened the door to my screenwriting future, and I will always be grateful." – Aaron S.
  1. “Absolutely amazing feedback!   This was worth the entry fee. Much gratitude.” – John M.
  1. "Winning second place in the Screencraft Horror Competition was a huge boost for our career. The notes we received were smart and insightful, strengthening the script on a fundamental level. On the heels of the contest, we were signed by Andrew Wilson at Zero Gravity Management. The exposure we received led to some great press, meetings with producers and development executives, and pitches on a number of writing assignments." - Alex. G
  1. "For me my professional screenwriting career started with the Screencraft contest. It was a quarter final placement in the family friendly contest for me and what I came out of this with was honest, encouraging, constructive feedback so I knew what I needed to do to improve. A year later and also utilising the Screencraft consultancy services I was a finalist in the annual Fellowship competition. As a direct result of this and alongside a fantastic referral from Screencraft again I signed with a Hollywood lit manager. So for me it all started with the Screencraft contest. It was the first time I'd allowed my writing to be fairly and objectively judged and it allowed me to grow as a writer. I wouldn't be where I am now without it! I can only recommend any writer looking for a contest that is well judged and can actually help your career to use Screencraft! Thanks again!" - Thomas G.
  1. “Thank you so much for the feedback. In fact, the main reason I enter screen craft competitions is for the discounted feedback. I've always found it so helpful.” - Theresa, screenwriter

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  1. "The ScreenCraft Fellowship was a pivotal moment in my career as a writer. John and Cam made every effort to not only connect me with industry members, but to make sure that I received representation. It's hard to imagine being nearly as confident in the future of my writing without the fellowship. I can't thank ScreenCraft enough and I encourage any writer seeking reps to apply." - Mark S.
  1. “Thank you so much Cameron. This is so helpful! Great critique.” - Kim D.
  1. “Thank you so much for your feedback - very helpful! This was the second submission I have ever done (and the first I have done with feedback provided) so I really appreciate the notes and will begin to revise as suggested. Thanks again!” - Jodi S.
  1. “Thank you Cameron! This is very helpful feedback, and very encouraging. Please pass along my most sincere thanks to the reviewer. I look forward to using his/her comments to improve my script.” - Chris S.
Seriously, thank you to all our ScreenCraft screenwriting community!

Seriously, thank you to our entire ScreenCraft screenwriting community!  Assembling this list has been so gratifying!


  1. “I would like to sincerely thank you for these incredibly detailed notes. I am very new to scene but I am dedicated to perfecting the craft. I will be utilizing your services again for continued growth as I was extremely pleased and impressed with the level of detail and professionalism you’ve exhibited.” – Danny A.
  1. “Would you be able to express my sincere thanks to the person who reviewed my script? I am blown away with the detail of the notes, and this contest was a bargain to enter considering the quality of the feedback. If there is a way to pass along my thanks to the reader for their time and valuable input, I'd appreciate it!” – Jonathan S.
  1. “Wow, Amazing insight. I didn't think it was going to be graded with such detail and the comments are spot on.” – Juan B.
  1. “Thanks so much Cameron - very helpful and insightful feedback,all of it I agree with and will be making the suggested changes/edits to strengthen the script even more. Will recommend your feedback services (and use them myself) in the future. Thanks again.” – Heidi W.
  1. “Thanks for the excellent feedback. It not only provided me with clear suggestions for improving my script, it's motivated me to keep going until it's sold or optioned. Thanks for the morale and script boost!” - Ann A.
We love your Facebook comments too!

We love your Facebook comments too!

  1. “Holy Macaroni! The feedback was incredible. Thank you so very much. You made my day/week/month! Whoever the reviewer was, please tell them that I truly appreciate their feedback.” – Dawn I.
  1. “Thanks for sending me that. I really appreciate. It made my day. I agree with all of the criticism the critic responded to and appreciate wholeheartedly the entire document and the advice within - it is invaluable and pointed and extremely wise. I will endeavour to incorporate every bit of advice into the script for further drafts. Thank you so much!” – Sebastian M.
  1. “Thank you so much for the feedback. If you put that kind of thought and effort into everyone's evaluation, I'm surprised it didn't take longer. I've entered a couple other contests and gotten their feedback, and yours (both this time and in '13) is by FAR the most helpful and useful.” – Jeremy Z.
  1. “Thank you for your thoughtful feedback and email! I appreciate the insightful content that comes out of ScreenCraft. It means a lot to me to find that people are able to connect with this story. I am really excited to be in this contest and hope that this film will have a life beyond the page.” - Danielle B.
  1. “Thank you so very much for the feedback. Definitely worth paying extra. The feedback, was professional, very encouraging and worth while, especially for a first time screenplay competition entrant with no formal study in screenplay writing. Definitely more to come from my pen. Thank you so much again.” – Mike Z.


  1. “Thank you so much. All the feedback your readers have provided has been immensely helpful!” – Johnny C.
  1. “Thank you so much Cameron. These notes are excellent insights and Paul and I will take them to heart as we continue to work on our short!” Jon L.
  1. “Thank you so much for taking the time to read my piece. I really appreciate your thoughtful notes. You pointed out all the issues I hadn't been able to quite put my finger on, which is great. Thank you again… These are the best notes I've gotten in a long time.” – Madeline M.
  1. “Interesting coverage, and good to get another perspective on the script. It's a project I had put aside, but with these notes I think I might come back to it and develop it further with a view to shoot late
  2. this year. Please pass on my thanks to the reader - the pointers were very useful, and I agree with the feedback.” – Mike W.
  1. “I appreciate the time and energy that went into this evaluation. We will definitely use the suggestions to improve this script and the sequel scripts for this series.” – Marti M.
  1. “Thank you so much! Really appreciate this. Every comment I received was dead on.” - Hooman, screenwriter
  1. “Really appreciate this feedback! I know you were very bloody honest and that's a great thing. Thanks.” – Mike B.
  1. “Thank you very much for the valuable feedback! So appreciated. Looking forward to having another go at it ASAP.” – Sandra L.

Great Coverage. The feedback and advice on both screenplays I've submitted have solid, on point and helpful. Often you...

Posted by Arthur Smith on Tuesday, January 22, 2019

  1. “Thank you for the excellent feedback!” – Michael F.
  1. “Yes, I agree. All of these points are extremely valuable and I will use them for my next re-write. Thanks so much for this!” – Jean M.
  1. “Terrific notes. Best in the industry. Sincerely. Your readers point out what I am not yet trained to see. This is my school. Thank you for the education.” – Taylor A.
  1. “I felt these notes were helpful and that the reader actually understood what kind of feedback would be useful for me, so that's rare. These are helpful notes, and I'm so grateful that's the case, it's sometimes a risk that someone's feedback isn't actually something you can work with, or steers you the wrong way.” – Heather F.
  1. “Thank you! In short, this is the best coverage I've received yet, and I think you hit the nail on the head... I agree with every critique. Crossing my fingers for the quarter-finals!” – Ben D.
  1. “Once again, I must compliment your reader(s). They really bring their A-Game. Comedy is such a mercurial genre and one person's humor may not play at all with another. The fact multiple ScreenCraft readers pick out different comedic lines and elements and respond to them is indeed gratifying. (Nothin' worse than cricketts when a joke, or gag falls flat.) So, thank the reader for his/her comments. Much appreciated.”
  1. “Fantastic! Thank you so much!!! I really like feedback I can execute on.” – Kristin H.
  1. “Thank you very much! This is wonderful feedback, and I appreciate your honesty. You bring up great points that I hadn't considered. Thank you!” – John S.
  1. “Thank you guys very much for reviewing our script! Your feedback was very informative and insightful. We will begin the revising process soon.” – John M.
  1. “Excited for further contest announcements. Though, in all honesty, the notes are a blessing enough.” – Gary E.
  1. “Thank you very much for your feedback, it is very valuable for me.” – Martin N.

I love how they compartmentalize the contests. Their feedback is very precise and helpful.

Posted by Julie Redfield Young on Saturday, January 5, 2019

  1. “I appreciate the great feedback.” – Michael H.
  1. “A thousand thanks for the coverage. It is truly the most articulate feedback I believe I have received, carefully considered. Really happy overall with what you've said. Thanks again and I’ll be sending another your way soon.” – Tim H.
  1. “The notes were great as always. Since this was a first draft I think these notes will be a great start to help me bring it up to the level of my other scripts. Thanks!” – Richard R.
  1. “Thanks Cameron! This is great feedback. I appreciate your detailed analysis and suggestions.” – Jess M.
  1. “Thank you so much for your review of my script. Your feedback has been incredibly helpful to me as a screen writer and as a filmmaker.” – Dave B.
  1. “I feel so grateful to have found ScreenCraft and just want to reiterate what a tremendous service you provide to writers. Please thank the reader on my behalf. The analysis is just incredible. The detailed notes and astute observations on the script and even an analysis by page number in some instances was just fantastic. I am very grateful to the reader for their generosity, as this must have taken an incredible amount of time and effort to create. The analysis exceeded my every expectation and will prove to be invaluable to the story. I am very excited to begin incorporating these suggestions into the script.” – Susie S.
  1. “Thanks much for all the good feedback you gave me. It really helped. I think it’s even better now with the additions I made.” – Bob H.
  1. “I am happy with my score and think the judge is right on with the comments. As always your judges really seem to read the work and give it thought.” – Taylor A.
  1. “Thank you very much for the excellent feedback!” – Bonnie R.
  1. Thank you Cameron. We appreciate the opportunity ScreenCraft is giving to writers. We'll keep our fingers crossed when we're not writing.” – Eddie L.
  1. “Thank you so much for the feedback. The notes I get from all the ScreenCraft contests are invaluable. They're always clear, helpful, and most importantly, bring up issues that can be hard to see when you're so invested in something. I feel I know exactly what I need to do now to improve.” – Theresa D.

Requested full feedback for a screenplay that I entered into Screencraft Horror Contest 2018, but unfortunately didn’t...

Posted by Matthew McComish on Thursday, August 9, 2018

  1. “Thank you for your help I can't tell how helpful this is to me!” – Jella D.
  1. “I really appreciate you taking the time to send such a lovely note. It's an honor to consistently do well in the ScreenCraft contests, especially considering the large number of quality scripts you guys get each time. Believe me, I know how lucky I've been. And to be honest, you provide some of the very best coverage out there, so it's worth it to enter just based on the great feedback and suggestions for improvement I get from your readers.” – Neil C.
  1. “Thanks for offering the feedback. It's very helpful. I appreciate this service.” - Jim T.
  1. “Thanks Cameron. The feedback was honest, sincere and informative.” – George R.
  1. “Thank you. This is definitely the most useful feedback / coverage I've had on this script so far. Concise and easy to follow and, ultimately, I think is spot on and will make the script all the better. Thank you very much.” – Sam W.
  1. “Very valuable feedback. Thanks so much.” – Kevin T.
  1. “Thanks for sending the feedback. I had already come to some of these same conclusions. There’s a good deal of re-write to come, and the pointers given will feature heavily in my revisions.” – Rob R.
  1. “Thank you for your script analysis and remarks. I have followed all your advice and am sending you the refreshed version.” - Etienne V.
  1. “Thank you! The feedback was helpful (and encouraging), and making the QF list is certainly exciting.” – Scott T.
  1. “Thanks again for your very prompt response and for taking the time to give me some great advice.” – Faisal T.
  1. “Very encouraging feedback and some good tips to make it better - thanks so much!” – Anne D.
  1. “Love this. Thank you very much for the insights. They're exactly what I need to move forward with this project. I appreciate the your time, expertise, and encouragement!” – Tess P.
  1. “Really appreciate the feedback and enjoyed participating. Thanks so much for passing along the feedback. It has given me a lot to think about!” – Dana W.
  1. “Thank you so much for sending those awesome notes and for your kind words. I'm so grateful that you responded to characters who always felt, to put it nicely, risky. So very grateful.” – Katiedid L.
  1. “Thanks so much for passing along the insightful comments. Truly appreciate it.” – Fred P.

Finding really useful feedback is so important -- and it's not easy. People give their opinions but often they're way...

Posted by Rosemary Zibart on Sunday, December 23, 2018

  1. “Thanks so much for the great, actionable feedback and your kind words — I will definitely incorporate the notes into the next draft. Again, much appreciated — it's my birthday today, so this felt like a present!” – Valerie P.
  1. “I've honestly been to so many of these panels (hosted by the Blacklist and WGA), and I thought the ScreenCraft talk was probably the most engaging I've heard. I think it's going to be a huge hit online. The panelists were interesting, quirky, and cool.” – Amanda G.
  1. “Thanks so much for the feedback. It is definitely helpful and I appreciate the detail you went into. That alone made it worth entering the contest.” – Keith C.
  1. “Thanks for reading my screenplay short and I appreciate your feedback. I also like the Logline/Synopsis you came up with.” – David R.
  1. “Thank you so much for this. Brilliant - and so useful.” – Paul M.
  1. “Thanks. High quality notes for the price.” – Dan H.
  1. “Thank you very much for your review of my short script. That is the most knowledgeable and thorough feedback I've received for a script! 🙂 It was encouraging to hear the things that were done well, but I also really appreciate your insightful comments on how to improve the credibility and emotional impact of the story. Your comments will also enhance my creative process on both my future scripts and films.” – Dan S.
  1. “Thank you so much for the feedback. I can't wait to get cracking on a new draft with all your helpful advice.” – Theresa D.
  1. “Many thanks for that, really helpful and useful feedback, a great service.” – Michael G.
  1. “Thanks for the helpful notes. I just found out that "Conman" is a quarterfinalist in the Scriptapalooza screenplay contest.” – Christopher B.
  1. “Thank you so very much for your readers feedback on [my script]. The insights are spot-on and comprehensible. There is a lot to work with this. Thank you very much, once again.” – Tom C.
  1. “The script notes you've sent through are awesome. We've been meaning to do a new draft for ages but other projects keep getting in the way. When we do sit down to do one, we'll be using these notes. They are spot on and very much appreciated! We're still blown away that we made the top 10. Thanks so much to you and the rest of the judges and organisers. We certainly feel proud - we know you would have received heaps of fantastic entries.” – Stuart C.

Reader 58c1c was incredible. They seemed to get the fact that i didn’t plan on following a generic formula. There are a...

Posted by Daniel Pattison on Wednesday, December 19, 2018

  1. “Thanks a lot for your feedback, I felt the script needs another good rewrite or two, and your advice was really helpful to point me in the right direction.” – Karl S.
  1. “Cameron - thanks very much. There's some great feedback in there. I appreciate the quality of the notes, so often notes can feel rushed and as if the reader didn't get what the script was actually about. Not the case at all here.” – Cian M.
  1. “Thanks so much Cameron. I will begin with the changes and corrections to simplify.   Again thanks for the much needed advice.” – J. Lopez
  1. “Thanks so much for the feedback. This was my first script and I'm actually pretty pleased! The areas of critique matched what I expected but I'm mostly glad to know my technical skills are solid. I feel encouraged! Thank you again!” – Brian G.
  1. “This feedback has certainly enhanced my excitement for the project. I look forward to incorporating the suggested tweaks and making this script as strong as possible.” – Joe G.
  1. “Thank you for your quick and insightful feedback.” – Mark T.
  1. “I appreciate the depth that the reader went into in the evaluation.The few so called 'coverage's' that I have received in the past, have been no longer than 2-3 lines of ambiguous text including a 5 point scoring system broke into 5 categories. I was pleased to discover a bit of 'real time' went into reading my attempt at writing a script, which is very cool!” – Frank H.
  1. “Thank you again for the straightforward and well-written coverage.” – Tim O.
  1. “Thank you very much! That is very honest and exactly what I need to hear. I am so glad and I appreciate the feedback.” – Deborah S.

I love ScreenCraft Competitions. They're one of the best out there. Most definitely worth the time and money. The ScreenCraft Writers Summit is also growing with a strong reputation.

Posted by Jen Bieser on Friday, September 7, 2018

  1. “Will you thank the judge for this? Excellent analysis ... You ScreenCraft guys (including gels!) are fab.” – Nick W.
  1. “I want to add that I received very honest/insightful feed back that I needed. Thank the reader for me. Their comments really were appreciated.” – Bob H.
  1. “First of all, thank you for running an amazing feedback / contest platform! ... great feedback, by the way, excellent reader with an eye both for detail and overall story and great tips for improving the story!” – Irina W.
  1. “Would you please make sure that my email of appreciation and thanks is received by the reader? Thank you for TRULY reading my script, understanding my vision, and working to improve it immensely. I felt you were not only an outstanding reader, you provided mentoring and guidance in your feedback. One profound message you left me with was to look at my portrayal of female characters, to dive into my own beliefs about what makes a strong female character and how I can bring those qualities to life. I can't wait to write my next script with a female protagonist who isn't described as pretty for the sake of it. Your advice on genre, setting the tone, and expectations was another huge area where you provided excellent guidance. All of your feedback helped me to become a better writer and I really appreciate it.” – Rayelle N.
  1. “Please thank my reader for amazing notes and a speedy turnaround! He/she understood my story really well and was able to pin point weak parts with amazing suggestions. This really helps me move forward with my script. Have a great weekend!” – Dom S.
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