Announcing The 2014 ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship Semifinalists

by ScreenCraft on January 25, 2015

The scripts listed below comprise the semifinalists of the 2014 ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship, culled from over 2,000 submissions. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far, and thank you to everyone who submitted.


About Bates by Jeffrey S. Batoff

Acts of God by W. Reed Moran

Adventures in Babymaking by Jack Messitt

Afterlife, Inc. by Jeff Super

A House of His Own by Benjamin Enos

Angel in the Marble by Jason Pittock

At Your Mother's Gun by Anthony Velgich

A War of My Own by Patrick Gatov

Berlin is for Lovers by Rachel Upshaw

Blood in the Water by Natasja Maria Fourie

Blood Land by Deborah Havener and Neal Havener

Bushido by Arnold Vongsuvanh

Camille's Image by Ari Dassa

Chasing Echoes by Jeffrey A. Marks

Cherry Bombers by Amy Rose Lipsky

Cranes by Michael Eun Choi

Cuckoo by Lisa Jay

Days of Vengeance by Peter Groth

Dietrich Danzig by John Pisano-Thomsen

Disruption by Daniel Valero Fletcher

Dust to Dust by Cate Honzl

Early Plus Infinity by Clark Carroll

Eggs by Averie Storck

Einstein's Dilemma by Leah Waller

Escape From Sudan by Antoine Tardif

Even Stevie by Eafat Newton

Face Value by Gretchen Somerfeld (story by David Baxter and Gretchen Somerfeld)

Fields of Red by Phallina Kuch

Five Fingers for Marseilles by Sean Drummond

Frank's A Heel by Jeff Chanley

Free Inside! by Sarah Brockmann

Ganbaru by Todd Hidemi Maetani

Gauntlet by Nate Ruegger

Get Happy! by Phil Lowe

Gifted by Angelina Karpovich

Grace by Lynda Lemberg & Jeffrey Allen Russell

Grass Monkeys by Matt Wildash

Grilled Cheese Virgin by Steven Arvanites

Guns and Grace by Odin Ozdil

Half Angels by Déjà Cresencia Bernhardt

Heist: A Documentary by Paul Seetachitt

Heron Mason by H. A. Young

Holly & Tyler by Aaron Moss

I Am Suicide Bomber by Joseph Opio

Instruments of Death by Gwenhyver Davies

Iron Border by L.W. Thomas

Ironbound by Pete Cafaro

Jacksonville by Jeffrey R. Field

Just Between Us by Lou Wollin

Just Fucking Kill Me Already by Sundae Jahant-Osborne

Leni by Adam Biddle

Leonardo's Battle by Jonathan Empson

Little Sinner by Katharine J. Yee

Lorelei by David E. Tolchinsky

Losing Touch by Mark J. Stasenko Jr.

Love and Damage by Richard Lyons Conlon

Lucid by Michael Blankier

Lynch by Braden R. Duemmler

Lysistrata Cell by Lisa Scott

Midnight Swing by Deb Havener

Naomi Weinstein - Private Eye by Bob Shayne

No Direction Home by John Damien

No Way Out by Andrew Mescher

Og's Utopia by Sam Mossler

Oil and Water by Alfred Thomas Catalfo & Morgan Webster Dudley

Older Gods by Anne Carmack

Paradox by Elana A. Mugdan

Pendulum by Mark W. Galvin

Phantasmagoria by Jordan Strand

Prince of Madness by Jason Skorski

Rare Goods by Kristalyn Simler

Reality Check by Adi Blotman

River Elbe Flows North by Siddharth Pandey

Rossellini/Bergman by Rocky Palladino

Rubber Tank Squad by David Boito

Sandwalker by David R. Flores

Sardis The Merciful by Christian Thomas

Signs of Being by Tracey Bradley

Sink Swim by Elvis Wilson

Sleepless on Craigslist by Lysandra Petersson

Smoke by K.E. Pragnell

Sold. by Brian T. Arnold

Songbird by Rebecca Williams Spindler

Speak To Me by Gavin Cutter

Stagger Lee by David Weston

State Line by Joe Brener

Stupid Money by Scott Antonucci & Mike Corey

Tagged by Amanda Freechack

The Between Place by Marcus Leighton

The Boys Who Cried Wolf by Kevin P. Taft

The Commune by Tim Schildberger

The Crossing by Jake Disch

The Demon of Hope Street by  Craig Peters

The Devil, A Rebel, a Fool by Clay Fusco

The Devil's Shadow by Neil Chase

The Dragon and the Fairy by Mark Matthews

The 49th Day by  Craig Peters

The Fuck-It List by Lisa Super

The Groom Whisperer by  Stewart Gold & Mark Haapala

The Italian Spy by Pim Hendrix

The Lord of Scorpions by Sebastian Cornet

The Milk Route by Michael Begg

The Minnow by Sean William Kortschot

The Monsters of Mary Shelley by Robert Ian Simpson

The Night Witches by Steven Prowse

The Passenger by David Case

The Pirate Handbook by Adam Slutsky

There Is A Season by  Stuart A. Creque

These Inferior Beings by Owen Nicholls

The Revolt of the Whales by Michael Rhodes

The Riots by Jason Park

The Secret Burning by Garrett Hunter

The Secret Lives of Teddy Bears by David Eyman

The Spotter by Julian A. Renner

The Storyteller's Reputation by John Corry

The Third Bomb by Phillip Parker

The Third Secret by Robert Dorian

The Third Wife by Ash Mayfair

The Whip by Karen Kondazian and Ryan Oksenberg

This Old Man by Nicholas Oktaras

Thy Kingdom Come by Tim Hewitt

To Love Another by Marian Linda Bichara

Tonight You Die by Jesse Vigil

Trials and Tribulations by Dameon D. Pichetrungsi

Turbulence by David Poulshock

Why Me by Scott Osborn

Year of the Caterpillar by Gayla Kraetsch Hartsough


Charles Dickens's Ghost Club by Mark Robertson

CJ Roper, 2nd Grade Dick by Anthony Guidubaldi & Keith Strausbaugh

Creating Reality by Stephanie Bencin

Etherica by Shane O'Connor

Halcyon Falls by Jeff Bower

Hotel California by Carrie Wachob

Killing Abby by Amy Lambert

Kinksters by Mo Shirazi

Kodak Moment by John Cruz Alarid

Leave it to Cleaver by Ashley M. Ryan

Life Is Too Short To Be Fat by David Koutsouridis

Life Revised by Emily Sullivan

Littlefoot by Jarod Hunter Roe

Number 10 by Susie Shannon

Phoenix by Natasha M. Hall

Playing God by Paul R. Puri

Raising Frankenstein by Erin Sneath

Rossum by Tansy Gardam

Savage by Stephanie Bousley

Soul Collector by Holli Herrle-Castillo and Julio Castillo

Stubs by Lindsay Golder

Synchronicity by Neal Wiser

Talking Points by Jaydn Stepick

The Academy by Nick Rheinwald-Jones

The Bible Belt by Steven Pipps

The Embassy by Jonathan Shepard

The Hunter by A.M. Berliner

The Order by Matt O'Reilly

The Outsider by E.B. Rhee

The Recovery by A.M. Berliner

The Weird World of M.R. James by Keith Storrier

Thieves of Hearts by Alex Lane

Third Wheel by Caitlin Durante

The Rejects by Richard Flynn

Trauma by Rob Stith

Tweed by Michael Dean

Wunderland by Christopher DeWan

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