Announcing The 2014 Pilot Launch Winners!

by ScreenCraft on November 21, 2014

We are excited to announce the winners and finalists of the 2014 ScreenCraft Pilot Launch TV Script Contest! Culled from over 1,300 submissions, Frankenstein's Monsters by T.J. Mino has been selected as the winner in the drama category, while Adults by Brandon Rizzuto is the top comedy winner.

The inventive and conflict-ridden Frankenstein's Monsters centers on a descendant of Mary Shelley who hunts down supernatural foes under the guise of a reality show while searching for his wife who disappeared while pregnant long ago.

Adults is a fun episodic comedy that takes us into the lives of six recent college grads trying to figure out if being real adults, with real adult problems, means that they have to give up having fun.

The runner-up (drama) is Evolved by Raed Assar and the runner-up (comedy) is Ark City Jazz by Boaz Dror.

The ambitious, high-concept Evolved takes place in a world long terrorized by genetically altered humans and centers on an unproven commander who captures the ultimate weapon to use against them but then begins to question his loyalty to the corrupt world he vowed to protect.

Also high-concept, the riotous and utterly unique Ark City Jazz centers on the animal denizens of Noah's Ark after the flood--specifically Willeford Horne, a leopard-spotted rhino detective who wrestles with being the last of his kind while exploring the surprisingly seedy underbelly of the floating ecosystem.

The winners will receive cash prizes and introductions to top agents, managers and producers in Los Angeles.

These winning TV pilots are exceptional screenplays written by exceptional writers.  Additionally, we'd like to acknowledge all top ten finalists listed below:


1. Frankenstein's Monsters by T.J. Mino

2. Evolved by Raed Assar

3. Charles Dickens's Ghost Club by Mark Robertson

4. After The Merge by Derek Asaff

5. Sub Rosa by Cindy Appel

6. Soul Collector by Holli Herrle-Castillo and Julio Castillo

7. Savage by Stephanie Bousley

8. Mr. Basketball by Kaleb Tuttle

9. Case of Darkness by Stephen Hoover

10. Dark Eyes by John Casu



1. Adults by Brandon Rizutto

2. Ark City Jazz by Boaz Dror

3. 3 Moms by Kris Wellman

4. Alastor Blackburn: Hell Detective by James L. York

5. Clyde by Jason Skorski

6. Life Is Too Short To Be Fat by David Koutsouridis

7. Schooled by Jeff Bower & Matt Stabile

8. Shifting Gears by Steve Marovitch

9. The A of J by Jacob Larch & Alan J. Mockler

10. The Wake-Up Show by Jerome Halligan


Congratulations to these talented writers, and thank you to everyone who submitted.  And thank you to our featured industry judges, Jen Grisanti (consultant), Ben Simpson (HBO) and Ari Lubet (3Arts Entertainment), and our notes partner ScriptChix.




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