Announcing the Fall 2019 ScreenCraft Film Fund Second Round Qualifiers

by ScreenCraft on November 20, 2019

The following projects have been shortlisted for the next round of consideration for the Fall 2019 ScreenCraft Film Fund backed by BondIt. Selected from nearly a thousand applications, the projects in contention are listed below.

Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far! And let's give a warm round of congratulations to them via Facebook here. And on Twitter here.

Stay tuned for the upcoming announcements on our Twitter and Facebook pages within the next few weeks!

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Here are the second round qualifiers:

A Beautiful Day J. Logan Alexander
A Benign Conspiracy Denise Hazelwood
A Crown for Queenie Tiffany Lin
A Little Darkness Bret MacDonald
A Socialist Love Story Jake Hirsch
America's Family Anike Tourse
Americanized Erica Eng
Amina Derrick Speight
Arresting God Satinder Kaur
Astronomica Matthew Wollin
AVA Mat Sheldon
Back to Lyla Guillermo Noriega
Bass Reeves, U.S. Marshall Sam Bass
Bea at Rehab Kerry O'Neill
Becoming Bethany Edgoose
Benny Golson: Looking Beyond The Horizon Jason Franklin
Better Than Us Tara Amber & Talya Mar
Blank Bernardo Duran
Bloomers Elliot Frances Flynn
Blue Comedy Vincent Accettola
Bonnie & Ives Hope Phillips & Maya Russell-Baines
Breath of Yi Heying Chen
Broker Fernando  Perez
Brown Bagger Alison Barton & Bonnie Dennison
Bury Me in Armor Travis  Leland
Cages Megan Raney Aarons & Colin K. Gray
Canary Dominique Remy
Canner Gaby Wilson
Catalina Alex Z. Avila
Catharsis: A Journey Through Anger Deborah Valcin
Central Services Christine Herde
Chaperone Zoe Eisenberg
Clara Sola Nathalie Álvarez Mesén & Maria Camila Arias
Clothesline Agazi Desta
Coming Attractions Toby Canto Jr.
Conscience Brandon Kelley
Contentment Gabrielle Makower
Cricket Song Evelyne Tollman-Werzowa
Crippled Zak Seidman
Cyphers Mine Cole Smith
Damned If You Do Liz Renner
Daughter Corey Deshon
Dead Jesus Richard Santoro
DisPlaceMent Jessica Makinson
Doll Krystyna Łoboda
Doppleganger Mark Dispenza
Dragon Fruit Ryan Lopez
Duty Free Sian-Pierre Regis
El Barrio Cassidy Harrison
Everything and Nothing Denise Meyers
Everything's Fine Cameron Gibson
February Heather Spiegel
Finding Betty Jean Adam
Forever, Even Longer Andres Perez-Duarte
Foster Victoria Rivera
Ganymede Run Shaun McLaughlin
Gathering Silence Peier  Shen
Genesis Seth Cunningham
Girl Afraid Christopher Guerrero
Gramercy Park Toni Ann Johnson
Guts Caitlin Stow
Hanging  By A Thread Craig T. Williams
High Watch Sam Holst
Higher Ground Ella Berman & Lola Frears
Holy Kate Summer Spiro
Homecoming Sean Collom
I Am Here Jordy Sank
I Did Pedro  Patricio
I love daybreak - Bedrettin Comert's Legacy Kemal Comert
I Was a Paid Propagandist Joe Tripician
It Chooses You Jordan Galland
Izabela's Violin Jessica Silvetti
Izzie and Yuo-Chen On A Date in Autumn Matt Ocks
James Adam Jones
Jelly Bean Samantha Shannon
Jen, 28 Jessica Sharples
Jo's Hand Jill Van Epps
Just Potential Piyali Syam & Vick Krishna
Kaneko's Owl Julian Pham & Joshua Williams
King of the Ashes Cerra Jiana Mendez Ixtapa
La Jaguarina Karolyn Szot
Last Trip To India Joshua Young
Lection David Axe
Let's Play House Beau Jamieson
Light Bringers Damiana Acuna
Lily Rajiv Rao
Little Genes Matthew Clingempeel & Skye Emerson
Lord Have Herschel Michael Wohl
Louella Erin Cantelo
Love's Duty Joy Cheriel  Brown
Madame X Kris Krainock
Maeve in the Dark Kasia Kaczmarek & Felix Garriock
Mari & Roni Aamira Martinez
Maria Khalea Robinson
Martha Sarah Smith
Melaleuca Chaz Beaudette & Josh Benoit
Miraculous Breast Chelsea McMullan & Douglas Nayler
Miss-Behavior Pilot Dominique Nieves
Missguidance Cynthia Bastidas
Mission Hannah-Florence Macgregor
Molly Bling Bling Juefang Zhang
Monstrous Adam Spring
Moon Manor Erin Granat
Muscle Memory Saladin  White II
My Little Angel, Jaylene Brandon Clarke
My Name Is Kevin Ramlal
Nana Blues Noemie Nakai
Narcissus Grace Gao
Never Met Michael Pantozzi
New In Jersey - "The Block Party" Jeff Ryan
Nice to Meet Me Alina Soler & Louie Salazar
No Room at the Jim Crow Inn Christina Cottles
Nuestro Camino (Our Way) Jorel Balabala
Old Dog Cezil Reed & Lydelle Jackson
One Marshal's Badge Princella Smith
One Size Fits Men Katie Sadler
Our dad, Danielle Sarah King
Our Islam Sophie Schrago
Out of My Comfort Zone Ivy Vale & Rick Reil
Out of Sequins Timothy Weinheimer
Oven Bake Oliver Taylor & Dillon Mapletoft
Oversight Cameron Schwartz
Pandora's Voodoo Natasha Paris
Paradise Home R.  Amezcua & Daniel Aranzubia
Parishad Peter Haig
Pink & Blue Nike Uche Kadri
PiNKHEARTS Levi Buchanan & Jess Crayons
Plain Jane Keely Wise
Plastic in the Woods Jade Govero
Precious Cargo Ningran Chen
Providence Tatjana Marjanovic
Pure Natalie Harris
Ratas Jing Ai Ng
Receiver Cavan Campbell & Luke Higginson
Remedial Laurie Gardiner
Rubber and Glue Cat Dale
Salt Sisters Heidi Burkey
Sardines Lauren Sick
Saying Goodbye to a Street in Bronzeville Orlando Pinder
Schism: Renewal Malcolm Taylor
Se Menea Eliud Lamboy
Shashmortion Ana Nogueira
Silence and Strings Heather Morrow
Simulacrum Noah Kim & Adrian Lausell
Sisters Sarah Nolen
Solidarity Dustin Brown
Something Cosmic Dayna Hanson
Soul Man Kyle Taubken
South Bay Daniel Shaykevich
Spy v. Spia Erin Carere & Carlo Carere
Standards and Deviants Daniel Wolff
Stardust Manahar Kumar
Stefanie Tara Parian
Stockholm Syndrome Robin Johnson
Sungura Lydia Matata
Syrtis Sean Skelton
Taipei Suicide Story Kevin Wang
Teller's Camp Jared Zabel
The Arena Maria Sigrist & Russell Whitfield
The Art of Taneal Katie Stegeman
The Beast of America Julia Jones
The Best Fruit Teju Prasad
The Black Swan of Russian Ballet Anna Adamskaya
The Change Will  Conlon
The Chocolate Kandinsky Suzanne  Griffin
The Cow of Queens Kate Marks
The Dennis Boys Stephen Schaffer
The Destroyer Jeffrey Henderson
The Devil Welcomes You Christine Yuan
The Far Acre Garret Walsh
The Fate of Human Beings Heather Cassano
The French Director Joshua M. Sparks
The Girl on the Skytrain Montgomery Burt
The Last Night of the TwiKnight Shaun McLaughlin
The Last Set at the Vanguard Diana Cobbold
The Laundromat Bo Shim
The Medicine Line Todd McCauley
The Neutral Zone Angi Bell
The New Deal LaQuin Alexander
The Ocean Duck Huda Razzak
The Paisley Witch Trial Julia Campanelli
The Patch Connor Evelich & Paige Wollesnak
The Red Rose Girls Kate Emery
The River Heather Pilder Olson
The Rock Within Roma Sur
The School Gregory Levy
The Students! Christopher Duarte
The Swimming Lesson Ronald Dolphus
The Thaw Sarah Wisner
The Things We Do to Our Reflections Aidan Dick & Izzi Rojas
The Van Laura Seixas
The Videographer Alex Familian
The View From Here Aileen Michelle
The Yellow Wallpaper Kevin Pontuti
This is GWAR Scott Barber
Three - Way - Mirror Kevin John Mc Corry
Three Trembling Cities, Season 2 Arthur Vincie
Tiffany Lipstick Casey O'Brien
To My Dear Brother Muneeb Hassan
Tommies Brian  Fairbairn & Karl  Eccleston
Transmigrate Gabriel Bush
Tree Russell Warren
Turning Blue dana white
U Up? Baptiste Charles
Under My Skin David  O'Donnell
Unicorn Boy Joe Tripician
unMASKing HOPE Eric Christiansen
Until the Last One Falls Gabe Berry
Untitled Boat Film Alessandra Lacorazza & Justine  LaViolette
Volunteer Gary McElkerney
Wall Erin Cantelo
Wet Dreams Will  Conlon
Whisper Back Sonja Kelly
White Mountain Tebogo Malebogo
Who Wants To Live In A World? Pamela Perry
Wilder Jessie Holder Tourtellotte & Dan Gallun
Win a Trip to Browntown! George Tramountanas
Wiped Alicher Adill
WISHs; Or What I Should Have Said Leslie Ann Sheppard
Wissam: an Iraqi story Taif Alkhudary & Mend Mariwany
Wood Demons Chadwick Harman
Wreck Kaitlin Fontana
Wyldlands Elizabeth Carlyon
You Are My Sunshine Jack Holloway & Debbie Holloway
You Matter My Son Genevieve Howell

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