$30k in grant funding available! Open to a wide range of projects and formats. Winners have screened at Cannes, Sundance, & SXSW.

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With $30,000 in grant funds available, this unique grant program is designed to help fund your vision. 

We consider a range of projects, from treatments to standalone screenplays, to fully-packaged projects seeking finishing funds and will choose 1 - 4 projects to fund. Grant amounts will vary depending on the scale and merit of each project.

ScreenCraft will offer production grants to talented creators for narrative features, short films, TV pilot series scripts, and documentaries that display originality, vision & exceptional potential.

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Finalists will receive a free copy of Showbiz Budgeting 10! Easily budget, track, and report expenses. Showbiz Budgeting 10 software powers flexible and actualized finance for modern productions of any type and scale.


Daniel perry

Literary Agent, Buchwald
Daniel is a Film & TV Literary Agent at Buchwald, representing prolific, iconic, and award-winning writers, directors, producers, and multi-hyphenates. Buchwald was launched in 1977, and is an industry leader in representation.

MJ grogan

Director of Development, ACE Content
MJ is the Director of Development at Ace Content. ACE Content develops and produces premium original content for studios, distributors, media networks and brands including feature film, episodic television, such as THE WAY I SEE IT.

Sarah Marie Flores

Creative Executive, Anarchists United
Sarah Marie Flores (she/her) holds an MFA degree from UCLA’s Producers Program. Sarah worked for over a decade in film exhibition and publicity, and film-based non-profits like The Roxie Theater, and Frameline Film Festival in the Bay Area. Sarah now serves as Creative Executive at Anarchists United, the latest creative venture of Lilly Wachowski, a newly found company focused on Artistry, Diversity and Equity in Film and Television.

Julia Stier

Development Executive, Cold Iron Pictures
Julia Stier is the Development Executive for Cold Iron Pictures. This award-winning indie production company is best known for producing the Daniels’ SWISS ARMY MAN, Spirit Award-winner THE DIARY OF A TEENAGE GIRL, James Gunn’s SUPER, and most recently JAZZY – a follow-up to Spirit Award-nominee THE UNKNOWN COUNTRY – alongside Oscar-nominee Lily Gladstone and the Duplass Brothers. She is an alumnus of The University of Southern California.

Nelson Cole

Manager and Producer, Energy Entertainment
Nelson Cole is a literary manager whose clients have projects with Wondaland, Llewellen, Silkmass, Sugar 23, Chronology, August Point, and more. Nelson began his career at Energy Entertainment, a management and production company founded by Brooklyn Weaver, the producer of RUN ALL NIGHT with Liam Neeson, and OUT OF THE FURNACE with Christian Bale and Woody Harrelson. Brooklyn's past clients included Brad Ingelsby (MARE OF EASTOWN), Rob Liefield (DEADPOOL) and Mickey Fisher (REVERIE and EXTANT).


Grand Prize

Between 1 and 4 projects will be selected, depending on the quality of applicants as determined by our jury, for grants up to $30,000 in funds.

Winners will also have the opportunity to work with the Writer Development Team for creative development and personalized guidance for the projects needs.

ScreenCraft has a proven track record for helping writers generate career changing success.
Grants up to $30,000
Accepted into the ScreenCraft Writer Development Program
An exclusive invitation to a Finalist+ workshop to position yourself and your writing to the industry
Guaranteed Meeting with an Industry Professional

Runner-Up Prizes


Guaranteed Meeting with an Industry Professional

A copy of Showbiz Budgeting 10 software

An exclusive invitation to a Finalist+ workshop to position yourself and your writing to the industry

Final Deadline in 7 days

Previous Success Stories

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Nuhash Humayun

Signed with Agents and Managers

"When my horror film MOSHARI won the SXSW Grand Jury [Award], I was suddenly thrust into a lot of attention. Agents, managers, general meetings. As a Bangladeshi filmmaker and an outsider, I was honestly overwhelmed. ScreenCraft was so supportive in that journey, ever since I became a Film Fund finalist. [A ScreenCraft Writer Development Executive] and I sat down multiple times. He connected me to some amazing reps as well. We made pros/cons lists, brainstormed strategies - it was just super cool to have a neutral perspective. Made this journey much easier."

Evelyn Lorena

Signed with a literary manager

"Originally, I was super drawn to the film fund since our short film needed some additional finishing funds, but the more I looked into ScreenCraft, I really became drawn to the community and networking opportunities. I feel truly grateful to be part of this network of artists and development personnel - it was not disappointing. I feel very seen, heard and supported, not just in this current endeavor but in my future ones. [They] truly care about the artist and their futures. The team at Screencraft felt so helpful in vetting and helping me craft a process that would ensure my goals and needs were met. I really feel I can carry that knowledge into any meeting or situation I meet in the industry. I’m really grateful for that. "

Sarah Deakins

Attached a Producer to her project

"I had placed in a couple competitions and nothing had come of it, and I started looking for ones that had readers from the industry that I was excited about and ones where the prize was actually useful to me, ie: mentorship, feedback, advice for where I was at specifically. I entered the ScreenCraft Drama Competition first, and made the semifinals. Worked on the script more, entered in the ScreenCraft Feature Competition the following year and was a finalist and a runner up. I knew the script was getting better with each rewrite, but I didn’t know what to do to get it into the right hands. The Feature Competition was a great help because I had one on one consultations with [ScreenCraft], who had me put together lists of production companies, agents and actors I wanted to work with on this film specifically. He encouraged me to do an extensive lookbook in order to prove that I had the vision to direct this film as well, and guided me on that book to completion. When, through other means, I was able to attract producers to the script, it was the lookbook that convinced them I could also direct, and should be the one to do so. If you are willing to do your own work, with someone to guide you and offer thoughts and advice along the way, ScreenCraft really helps, as they invest in people who invest in themselves. They won’t do it for you. But they’ll guide you as you move forward so you don’t feel lost and alone in the journey."

Kiara C. Jones

Film world premiered at 2022 SXSW Festival

"Screenwriting can be a long dark journey, ScreenCraft has been a source of light providing inspiration, helping me to set new goals and providing much-needed monetary support through their grant program. ScreenCraft promoted my project and helped me to share my work with agencies, technicians, and film supporters to broaden my network of collaborators. "

Nardeep Khurmi

Signed w/ Chervine Naamani at Rain Management

"Screencraft has always been such a supporter of film, and indie film in particular, so the chance to apply to the film fund was a no-brainer. We were in a position where our film, Land of Gold, was financed and needed some help getting over the finish line, and we really felt that Screencraft would respond to it. ScreenCraft has been so instrumental in helping me navigate this big career moment. We received funds to help finish Land of Gold, but more importantly, I received really lovely career consultation. So many doors have been opened, and with ScreenCraft’s support, I've had meetings with representation that really responded to my work. Folks that actually understood what I am trying to do, which is, unfortunately, a rarity in this business. It's all been so positive, and the process lead me to Rain and Chervine Naamani, who I'm excited to have just signed with."

Eve Van Dyke

Signed with a Literary Manager

"I honestly didn’t know much about Screencraft. Frankly, I’m always leery of “online contests.” I have to say now that I’ve worked with Screencraft it’s been a wonderful experience. Screencraft was helpful when it came to deciding representation. [They] very patiently listened to me weighing various opportunities, and sometimes, when you’re figuring out this kind of thing, all you really need is someone to listen. "

Nick Taussig

Documentary to be released in the UK by Bohemia Media and represented for international sales by Reservoir Docs

"My advice to emerging screenwriters is that the key is to ensure that if you do write something deeply personal, you think of the audience also. It’s very easy for such work to come off as either emotional catharsis or self-indulgence, so it’s about harnessing your unique and heartfelt experience into something that will nevertheless resonate with audiences. ‘Why would someone else, who does not know me, want to sit through this?’ Keep on asking this question as you write."

Tommy Wright

Signed with a literary manager at Bauman Management

"As writers it’s always challenging to distinguish yourself from others. I think ScreenCraft does an excellent job of encouraging and identifying unique talent and can put them in very advantageous situations which in turn breeds success."

Fredrick Leach

Project picked up for distribution by UrbanflixTV.

"The biggest obstacle to reaching my screenwriting goals was getting to/through the gatekeepers. As writers, we’re great at practicing the craft, but getting your work out there can often prove to be the harder part. Learning to advocate for yourself and persevere through the “no’s” is really hard. I was interested in the ScreenCraft Film Fund to earn finishing funds, and though we didn’t win, making it to be a finalist was a nice talking point to help legitimize what we had. My first feature film is currently playing in festivals and is set to debut exclusively on UrbanflixTV this fall. I’ve got another feature in development that I’m looking forward to getting started on in the next year. "

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This optional add-on prize category will identify two winners to learn, workshop, and strengthen their project with guidance from an industry mentor. Horror competition mentors are Greg Newman (Exec. VP at Dark Sky Films/ Queensbury Films) and Jim Klock (actor, writer, producer, and head of Terror Films). Each mentor will select one writer/writer team that includes this unique add-on benefit with their entry.

Dark Sky Films works with emerging talent as well as established veterans to develop, produce and finance feature films and episodic television projects. The company produced Netflix's THE GIRL ON THE THIRD FLOOR, the writing and directing debut of Queensbury partner Travis Stevens.

Actor and filmmaker Jim Klock is the head of Terror Films. Most recently, Jim produced the feature film ALREADY GONE alongside Keanu Reeves, starring Sean William Scott and directed by Chris Kenneally, and released theatrically in September 2019. He also directed the Amazon exclusive horror film, SLAYED.

Only projects submitted to the ScreenCraft Horror Competition AND that select this add-on are eligible for consideration in this category. Additionally, all projects that place in the Top 10 of the competition will automatically be considered.

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ScreenCraft Interviews Short Film Fund Recipient Natasja Maria Fourie

ScreenCraft Interviews Short Film Fund Recipient Natasja Maria Fourie

January 12 | by Ken Miyamoto

Last year, ScreenCraft launched our inaugural short screenplay competition and we were stunned by the sheer quantity and quality of submissions received. It made us want to...

Selection Criteria
Additional Legal
  • Please submit with:
    • A Script or Treatment —  this doesn’t have to be a completed screenplay if you’re applying for a documentary or if your film is already in production. It can be a treatment, a PDF with links to footage, or any other pitch document that shows the project’s potential. 
    • A Cover Letter —  A letter that expresses your vision for your project. Help the judges get a sense of your creative vision and professional experience. Let us know if you’ve begun production and what you’d be able to use the funding for. We recommend 1-2 pages in length.
  • Accepted formats for Film Fund include Narrative (Features, Series, Shorts), Documentaries (Features, Series, Shorts), and Unscripted (Features, Series)
    • For Narrative format submissions, screenplays must be submitted in industry-standard formatting as a PDF file, along with a Cover Letter. Because different formats are accepted, scripts and submissions may be any page count. However, any submission longer than 120 pages will incur a $1 per page overage fee for each page over 120.
    • For Documentaries, instead of a screenplay, a treatment about the project will be accepted, which can include links to video footage (YouTube, Vimeo, etc), along with the Cover Letter.
    • For Unscripted format submissions, please submit a treatment about the project and highlight any exclusive access to intellectual property or a public figure.  Links to video footage can be included, along with the Cover Letter.
  • Optionally, you can include a PDF document that includes any other information. This can be anything from a full series bible to a line-item budget, to links to footage or a sizzle reel. We recommend only including information that gives a better sense of the specific project, but please include anything that will help our judges understand the creators and the project.
  • When reviewing your submission we will consider your primary document (which varies depending on your project format) and your cover letter. Additional optional materials, will be reviewed as needed.
  • Grant amounts shall vary in size up to a maximum of $30,000 (USD). Should multiple projects be selected as a Grant recipient, the jury will decide on the distribution of funds from the total grant pool based on the merit of each project. Grant amount will be determined by the jury consisting of executives from ScreenCraft. Any grant funds disbursed may be subject to conditions predicated upon the Recipient's fulfillment of specified requirements, whereupon disbursements shall be made in distinctly outlined installments. 
  • Applications are accepted via electronic submission only.
  • There is no limit to the number of projects you may submit.
  • Applications must be received on or before the deadlines and application fee payment must be made in full at time of the submission.
  • All application fees are non-refundable
  • All submitted material must be original, and all rights must be wholly owned by the writer(s).
  • Material must be submitted by the author or owner of the material. Material written by writing teams must be submitted by one of the writers, with consent of the other(s). All writers must be credited on the title page.
  • Substitutions of either corrected pages or new drafts of the entered material will be allowed for a limited time with a $6 reentry fee through Coverfly. Please proofread your work carefully before submitting.
  • In the event a juror, partner organization, mentor, or prize partner is no longer able to serve in their specified capacity, ScreenCraft will make its best effort to secure a replacement. ScreenCraft is not responsible for the failed delivery of any prize package by a juror, sponsor, or partner organization.
  • Contact info may be included on the cover page of the screenplay, however it is not required.
  • ScreenCraft reserves the right to change deadline and announcement dates at any time.
  • ScreenCraft reserves the right to amend these rules at any time.
  • Grant funding is conditional upon selected recipient going into production on selected project within twelve (12) months of when the grant was awarded.
  1. All writers at least 18 years of age are eligible.
  2. All persons from anywhere in the world are eligible; however the material submitted must be in English (occasional dialogue in other languages is acceptable, if subtitle translation is provided).
  3. All material submitted to other competitions or contests are eligible for this contest.
  4. Projects must be owned and submitted by the writer or owner.
  5. There are no requirements as to when the material was written.
  6. Scripted material should be submitted in standard screenplay format, font, spacing and margin.
  7. We have no preferences regarding title page content. Title and name of writer would suffice.
  8. Adaptations are ineligible unless the underlying rights are owned by the writer or director or the work is in the public domain.
  9. All material must be submitted electronically as a PDF. Broken files or non-PDF files may be accepted, but if the file cannot be read ScreenCraft will not judge the submission.
  10. Prize winners may be required to sign an affidavit of eligibility and proper tax documentation before prizes are released.
  11. By entering the competition, user acknowledges their eligibility for the competition. ScreenCraft will verify all eligibility requirements at the finalist stage of the competition and before distributing any prizes.
  12. ScreenCraft reserves the right to amend these rules at any time.

The winners will be chosen based on the following criteria

  • Concept
  • Overall Impression
  • Originality
  • Professional Presentation
  • Viability

Criteria for Winners and Finalists:

  1. The winners and top finalists may be contacted by interested industry representatives, such as managers, agents or producers. 
  2. Entrants may be required to submit further information to assist in the judges’ verification of eligibility. 
  3. Any entrant may be deemed ineligible as a Finalist or Winner at the sole discretion of ScreenCraft. 
  4. Finalists may be required to sign and return within seven (7) business days of receipt a notarized Affidavit of Eligibility and a Release and Indemnification and proof of valid passport and any other documents that ScreenCraft or any other partner may require before receiving prize payment. Failure to respond to the initial notification within ten (10) days or return of notification will result in disqualification. 
  5. We reserve the right to amend these rules at any time.
  1. COPYRIGHT AND OWNERSHIP: ScreenCraft or any other partner, employee or agent associated with this contest claims no ownership nor first right of option to any original screenplay submitted to this contest. All ownership and rights to the scripts submitted to this contest remains with the original rights holders until and unless other agreements are made.
  2. PUBLICITY: Except where prohibited by law, participation in the contest constitutes each entrant’s consent to ScreenCraft and its agents’ and contest sponsor’s use of entrants’ names, likenesses, photographs, and/or personal information for promotional purposes in any media, worldwide, without further payment or consideration. All uses of a entrants’ information are in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
  3. REFUND POLICY: All entries are non-refundable.
  4. SITE TERMS OF SERVICE. By entering this competition, the user agrees to all ScreenCraft Terms of Service in addition to these rules and eligibility criteria.
  5. DATA MANAGEMENT AND PRIVACY. Entries for this competition are managed on the submission platform Coverfly, and ScreenCraft (a d/b/a of Red Ampersand, Inc) uses other data management tools, including but not limited to, Google Services and Amazon Web Services, to securely manage your data. ScreenCraft is not accountable for any data hacks (internal or external) or user errors that may release scripts or writer data unintentionally.
  6. ENTRY CONDITIONS AND RELEASE: BY ENTERING THE CONTEST YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU HAVE READ AND AGREE TO THESE CONDITIONS. You agree to release and hold harmless ScreenCraft,, its subsidiary, parent and affiliated companies, Prize contributors, judges, screenplay readers, Sponsors, and any other organizations responsible for administering, advertising or promoting the Contest, and every one of their respective members, directors, employees, agents and representatives (collectively, the “Released Parties”) past and present from and against any and all claims, expenses, and liability, including but not limited to damages and negligence to property and persons, including but not limited to invasion of privacy, defamation, slander, libel, violation of right of publicity, copyright, infringement of trademark or other intellectual property rights relating to a participant’s Entry, participation in the Contest and/or acceptance or use or misuse of Prize; provided however, that such release will not apply to any commercial exploitation of the script by a Released Party in violation of your rights under applicable copyright law; and (c) indemnify, defend and hold harmless the and its Sponsor, agents and employees from and against any and all claims, expenses, and liabilities (including reasonable attorneys fees) relating to an entrant’s participation in the Contest and/or entrant’s use or misuse of Prize. Employees of ScreenCraft and their immediate families are ineligible to participate in this contest. Any such submission will be immediately disqualified. ENTRY TO THIS CONTEST IS VOID WHERE PROHIBITED or restricted by any Federal, State or Local law. Voided entries will be refunded. Recipients’ eligibility will be verified before the grant is awarded and the winner may be required to sign an affidavit of eligibility. By entering the contest, you authorize us to use any trusted third-party online and cloud-based services and databases for hosting, managing and/or transmitting your submission file(s).


The Haunting of Hill House
The Shining
Lovecraft Country
Get Out
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ScreenCraft judges are able to give constructive feedback that is beyond the quality of feedback we have had before. They definitely know your script before giving guidance. We really appreciate the written review!
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