Announcing The 4th Annual ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship Quarter-Finalists

by ScreenCraft on March 20, 2017

The scripts listed below comprise the quarter-finalists of the 4th annual ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship, culled from over 2,000 applications. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far, and thank you to everyone who applied.


12:34 by Tobi Lee Sigona

40 West VTOL by Walter Bauer

402 Months by Kieran Mangan

8-Bit Melody by Danny Pellegrino

9 Circles by J. Figueiredo

A Film By Vera Vaughn by Zeke Farrow

A Labour of Love by Olga Holtz

A Rose To Georgia by Nadira Pankey

A Woman Dies by Andrea Jaag

A.K. by Adam Fiske

Absent Ties by Barrett Bryan and Jenna Anderson

Ad Astra Per Aspera by Scott A. Vancil

Adam & Eve by David Michael Kushner

Afterlife by Z.R. Denis

Alletoria by Teigan Isobel

Amaranthine by Megan Janet Turner

Amber by Johnny Sánchez

Artemis by Sommer Rusinski

Arverni by Mitchell Shinderman

Assemblance Of Truth by Ariel Sobel

At Last by A.W. Scott

Backlot Rebels by Cody Jack Wonnacott

Bad Religion by Tametra Thomas

Bad Timing by Ginia Desmond

Baggage by Ryan Elkins

Bang It Out by Greg Diller

Bastard by Brennig Hayden

Beasts And Children by Bryan Ott

Beatrice Creek by Eric Litra

Bedeviled by Chris Canning

Bent Not Broken by Jamaal X

Beyond The Gap by Zach Waggoner

Beyond The Painted Line by Theresa Tierney and Eileen Tierney

Big Red by Brennig Hayden

Billy & Ray by Mike Bencivenga

Bird Of Prey by Thivanka R. Perera

Black Ice Below by Peter Fraser

Black Leopard by Thivanka R. Perera

Black Star by Eric Anthony Glover

Blackland Salvage by Cullen Metcalf-Kelly by Ruben Bush III

Blackwater Park by Daniel R. Green

Blend by Maria Giron

Blessée by Bob Canning

Blessing Our Furies by Mark Wagner

Blind Blood by Michael Marco

Blind Dog Travels by Katherine J. Yee

Blood Along The Road by Bobby Marino

Blood On The Keys by Adam Patrick Jones

Blood West by John-Paul Panelli

Blood’s Child by Steven Bogart

Bloody Williamson by Sara Caldwell and James Ballowe

Bluebeard by Chelsea Russo

Boots N’ Yago by Syd Stewart

Breadwinner by Aydrea Walden

Brights by Edward Klau

Bull Comb Blues by David Warnock

Burner by Bob Canning

Burning Brigade by David M. Kushner

Carrickowl by Gareth Ledbetter

Charity Falls by Rob Poquez

Chasing Stanley by Carolyn Carpenter & Doug Shaner

Chocolate Potato by Neil O’Neil

Choosing Flight by Jason Urban

Christopher Dean by Ron Stewart

Church Basements by Charlie Herrmann

Clambaked! by Jay Huling

Cole & Mika by Young-Sun Kim

Comic Book Kings by Amanda Keener

Coyote Warrior by Roberta Rovner Pieczenik

Cranes by Michael Eun Choi

Crewell Brittania by George Basiev

Crimson Blue by Fernando Alcivar

Crossed Swords by Alex Shifman

Cur by C.J. Williamson

D-Days by Tamika R. Guishard

D(a)emons by Denise M. Kulawik

Damar by Edessa Tailo

Dark Minds by Christian Vincent

Darlings by Aaron Yeung

Daughter Of Meroe by J.E. Sims

Dead Men Tell No Tales by Lindsey Dodge Gudritz

Dead Winter Run by Jake Hart (story by Mike Brown, Jake Hart & Raven Solomon)

Dean The Drummer by Tannaz Hazemi

Decimator by Steven Snell

Deepest, Darkest, Or How Not To Lie by Paras S. Borgohain

Defiance, Ohio by Sarah Stunt

Democracy’s Prisoner by Gary Wells

Dirty Back Road by Matt Clemons

Disruption by Todd Serlin

Divine Providence by Ann Tomoko Rosen

Don’t Throw Stones by Allison Buckmelter & Nicolas Buckmelter

Down At The Balinese by Matthew Minson

Drawing Dead by Sydney Haven

Dreamgirl ’87 by Young-Sun Kim

Driving Her by Dawn Burgess

Dru Hill Rising by Mark Landry (story by Emile Hirsch & Ace Norton and Mark Landry)

Due West by Jake Richardson

Dusty by Michael Caleb Tasker

Duty, Honor, Country by Michael Malloy

Dyer Straits by Beth Dyer and Rick Dyer

Dying For Respect by Mason Howard

Eastern Son by Y.S. Kim

´Élan by Gregory Levy

Electric Feel by Frank Anthony Polito

Electric Sheep by Tessa Valtierra

Eli And The Kitten by Sam Baron

Elsewhere by Matt Cochran

Empire Of Dirt by Jonathan Anderson

End Of The Line by Rani DeMuth

Enemyway by P.K. Meyer

Epic Fail by Thomas Morris

Escape by Janel King

Estrella by Diego B. Ibarrola

Eunice by Keith Planit

Exilium by Robert Remy

Eye Of The Hawk by Stephen Gibbons

Fable by Stephanie Barnes

Face Of Glass by Michael Raymond

False Face Society by Myriam Nafte

Famous Amos by Albert Jamae

Far From Home by Victoria Ellis Nye

Father Krampus by Jason Pawlett

Feast Of The Innocents by Sanjay Nagar

Fervor by Nina Vukovik and Benjamin Talsik

Fight Night At Golgotha by Jim Lopezzo

Fin Chaser by Maria Cozzi

Finding Albie Finch by Nick Oceano

Finding Distance by Jodi Levitan (story by Daniel Levitan and Jodi Levitan)

First Shadow by Justin Mercier and Sean Brown

FMOZ by Steve Ireland (story by Steve Ireland & Sean Hogan)

Followers by Tim Marshall

Forever And Never by Danté Orange

Fortunate Son by Lucas Sachs

Freedom Unchained by Peter Lundell

Frigid by Andrew Mescher

From Black To Red by Jordan Kelvin

Fugue State by Ty Leisher

Gam3r H3av3n by P.J. Winners

Gettysburg Undressed by Nancy Boyd

Ghost Boy by Craig L. Crawford

Gingerbread by Grant Laine

Giving Up The Ghost by Jessica DiGiacinto

Glitches by Kelly Beck Byrnes

Golden by Armand de Saint-Salvy

Golden by K.R. Worthen

Golden India by Lovinder Gill

Golden Shores by Ellen Haun and Julian Wolff

Gone Cold by Birgit Jaeckel

Gone To Ground by Phil Peel

Goners by Geoffrey Uhl

Good Egg by Nicole Gomez Fisher

Good Guy With A Gun by Tyler McMahon

Grand Guignol by Alex Schor

Grandma Dee And The Lost Continent by Mark Perlick

Green Carded by Kathy S. Yamamoto

Greenbacks by Elliot Diviney and David Murphy

Growing Up Gangster by Kay Landon (based on the book by Gregory Marshall)

Guerrilla by Jake TMT Sheets

Guns And Grace by Odin Ozdil

Gus by Tiffany Laufer and Susannah Beck

Gwen by Johnny Harkin & Ethan Scott

Half Angels by Déjà Cresencia Bernhardt

Hammer Of God by David Michael Kushner

Have No Shame by Delia Colvin

Her Father’s Affair by C. Nichole Eubanks

Hern County by Walker Kalan

Hey, Hey Johnny! by Nick Citton

Hidden by Jon Smith

Hooked by Timothy M. Benson

Hopeful Soul by Robert Axelrod

Horses On Mars by Eric Law Anderson

House Of The White Bee by Jane Therese

Hunters by Carrie Wachob

I’m Looking Through You by Bryan Johnson

In Dependency by M.D. Snider

In Her Sight by Anthony Orkin

In The Shade by Ian Masters

Incident On I-15 by Ben Shupe

Indian Summer by Shekhar Bassi & Shalinder Bassi

Infiltrated by Connor Paquin

Inked In Blood by Paul Corricelli

Insight (Hell On Earth) by Joseph Murkijanian

Intentional Infliction Of Emotional Distress by R.F. Ehrenreich

Iron Maidens by John Smith

Iziock by J.M. Levine

Jacaranda by Ryan W. Smith

Jack And The Revengers by Evan Matthews

Jackalope by Steven Lankenau

Jackson by Fiona Mehrabany

Jade by Micah Light

Joey Is A Punk by Chris Eisenberg

Joseph by Ian Davies

Jump Start by Josh Katz & Josh Thorud

Jungleland by Mondo Ghulam

Just Jane by Carl Huebner

Just Phil Collins by Kimble West (story by Kimble West & Andy Newton)

Kaitens by Richard Guimond

Keep Her Close by Kelly Clisham

kick bACK by RC Atchisson

Kidicide by Kelly Jean Karam

Kildare by Brook Simmons

King George by Dave Paterson

Klifford by Khaled Ridgeway and Dan Ochwat

Kukhuree by Rodney Wilson

Last Request by Kevin Scott

Lavender by Purnesh Konathala

Lavender Green by Ryan Gangemi

Lay Down And Die by JP Farr

Lazy Eye by Larissa Merriman

Leeward by Marty Morrison

Letters by John Long & Jeremy N. Cox

Liberte by Lisa Weiss

License To Steal by Marco Santiago, Jr.

Like A Virgin by Leigh Morfoot and Jason Morfoot

Lilith The Vampire by Jose Padilha

Line Of Descent by Cherilyn Lytle

Lines Unseen by Kevin Foong

Little Con Lili by Gabriela Garcia Medina

Look! by Greg Baldwin

Lorenzo’s Passion by Kathi Twomey Wahed

Love Rat by Yvonne Meyer

Mad Bad Bastard by Max Furlonger

Magic Research Society by Amanda Keener

Marble Palace by Kirk Ah Tye

Mark Of Cain by Jamie Bircoll

Martyr by Scott Pittock

Maze by Katherine Waskul

Melting Pot by Mark Finguerra

Military Affairs by Elizabeth Pfeiffer

Mincemeat Manor by Shira Zimbeck

Mind Jumper by Anthony Vignier

Mine by Scott Parisien

Minyan by Adam Ansell

Miss Diagnosis by Derek Dubois

Miss Mayberry’s Wardrobe by W.E. Cahill

Mister 314 by Robin Jensen

Mister Wolf by Robert Porter

Model American by Nathan Adolfson

Momsong by Yvonne Meyer

Money Storm by Dwight Popadince and Khristine Connors

Moon’s Wake by Andrew Main

Moonstone Shadow Wolf by Ryan Dellaquila

Moral Treatment by Manon de Reeper

Morningside by Elio Bernardo-Ruiz

Mr. Moon by Mike Langer

Mr. Nick And The Dark by Antony Buonomo

Muddy Water by Jess Neuhauser

My Imaginary Best Friend Forever by David Muchnik and Jonathan Skurnik

My Time With Pigeons by Lee August

Ned by Megan Rico

Nixie by Dexter Goad & Jim McQuaid

No Way Out by Andrew Mescher

Not My Emergency by Matthew Conlin

October Thursday by Steve Miranda

Office Pool by Eric Monsky

One World by Bradley Stryker

Onward by Jeremy Sobel and Gil Ben-Herut

Ordinary Girl by Larissa Merriman

Orphans by Robert Porter

Out Of Body Experience by Mark Hooker

Out Of Mind by Alice Seabright

Out Of Nowhere by Izzy Vaughan & Vic Vaughan

Out Of Time by Michael J. Klassen

Oval by Giacomo Cimini

P.O. Box 1142 by Lillian Wang

P.Q. by Paul Shiban

Pageant Dad by Liam Healy

Pain And The Siege Mercenary by Jeremy Colvin

Panic And Run by Carley Smale

Patchwork by Amanda Keener

Pentagram by Tom Omokaro

Perdido by Eduardo Maytorena III

Perfectly Broken by Tiziana Giammarino

Perimortem by Yuval Bymel

Pierced By Rain by Nicholas Lauer

Pill Shopper by Logan Rees

Place Of The Dead by Sam Talley

Plausible by Shelli Wright

Play by Adam Henry Garcia

Pledge Sunday by Laura Heim Weiss

Podunk by Jared Jay Mason

Ponytail by Daniel Murray

Precious Little Snowflakes by Toby Schwartz

Pride & President by John Pisano-Thomsen

Princely by Rachel Sweeney

Punch List by Peter Gelfan

Queensferry Rules by Jamie Sadler

Quinn The Eskimo by Susan Brunig

Radish by Michael Marco

Rare Elements by Kristalyn Simler

Raymond Tillman by Edward Varnie

Red Christmas by M. Scott Johnston

Red Clay Road by Steve Holbert

Remains by Jeremy J. Fisette

Represent! by Todd Serlin

Residual by The Brothers Lynch

Return Of The Salesman by Clay Fusco

Reverb by Nick Leitzke

Revolutionary by Tom Grey

Revolutionary Suicide by Kacem Khalife

Revolver by Edward Klau

Rihla: A Journey by Min-Wei Lee

Ripple by Heather Faris

Robert/Rachel by Christopher Binder

Samhain by Philip McCusker

Santa Monica Bay by Tom Sykes

Sarah & Emma by Kelly M. Warburton

Saturn Returns by Alicia Eastes

Saving Bobby Kapinski by Bill Hanan

Saving Lexie Lee Kennedy by Michael D. Morra

Scott by A. Moore

Second Act by Kevin Mcgue

Sedger Mor by Catherine Wright

Séverin by Maggy Torres-Rodriguez

Shadowboxing by Darryl Anka

Shorthand by Melissa Dalley

Silas by Scott Parisien

Single by Ivana Shein

Sinjar by Daniel Smith

Sinking by Jeff Thomas

Sister Suzy by Mahesh Nair

Skies Of Fire by Wys Duncan

Smelling Roses by Michael Fox

Snow by Dagmar Blommaert

Socks, A Tale Of Two Mates by Jonathan Gagnon

Soon by Melissa Richlen

Soulless by Kevin Gendreau

Source by Tracey Bradley

Sparrow Farm by Gemma Addy

SPICE (The Variety of Life) by Laura B. Londagin

Spilt Milk by Whitney Simonsen

Spirit Lead by Maggie Calton

Spirited by Ken Hurt

Still Life by Jerry Mathes II

Stricture by Marni Sullivan

Strings Of Hope by Eva Merz

Student Body by Michael Sajewski Jr.

Suicide Partner Wanted by Matthew Temple & Daniel Weingart

Sweet Child O’ Mine by Adrienne Thorne

Sweet Old Man by Andrew Mescher

Sweet Relief by Danielle Kugler

Sync by Jeffrey S. Murzynski

Syvertsen’s Complex by Marni Sullivan

Take The Wheel by Amy Gailey

Takeover In Alaska by Matt Gilbert

Taking The King by Nelson Adrian Blish

Tall Tales From PauPau’s Log Cabin by Romaner Strong

Taminex by Anya Meksin and William Gerrard

Teacher by Adam Dick

Telemachus ‘76 by K.C. Wilson

Terlingua by Emmett McKinley

Testament by Kerry Douglas Dye

Thank You, Please by Carole Keeney Harrington

That’s My Time by Chris Rubeo (story by Chris Rubeo & Adam Herschman)

The ‘Terp by Tom Austin

The 49th Day by Craig Peters

The Abductions Of Dorothy by Paul E. Clinco

The Academy by Nadia Selvaggi

The Adventures Of Lucian Blow by Nicola Fletcher

The Appeal by Yoav Potash

The Apple Of My Eye by Vani Shadowolf Pappolla

The Assistant by Alex Rehberg

The Ballad Of R’Lyeh by Jason Ragosta

The Bargain by David Morrow

The Boxer by Kevin De La Rosa

The Boy Who Shot the Sheriff by Nancy Bartley

The Bushwacker by Lauri Donahue

The Call Of Cthulhu by Adam Baker

The Capybara by Benjamin Mark Adams

The Chair by Richard Long

The City Of Artists by Eurydice Da Silva

The Cold Wet Dark by Matthew Burris

The Confection Connection by Suraj Das

The Controller by John Perry Dancoe

The Countdown by Daniel Weingart

The Courtesan’s Artifice by Adlinna Liang & Caro Dosé

The Coyote King by Nicholas Jacobson-Larson & Dalton Leeb

The Cruelest Month by Sarah Venezio

The Dark Nowhere by Clay Fusco

The Dealy Yo by Alain Alfaro

The Declaration by Josh Bradley

The Devil, A Rebel, A Fool by Clay Fusco

The Dumbest Generation by Leslie Lyshkov

The Duplicate by Victor Orel

The Essential Rhett & Luther by Desirée Proctor & Erica Harrell

The Executioner’s Daughter by Kristen Roche

The Fairy King by Steven Snell

The Final Women by Micah Delhauer

The Fury Of Dawn by Joshua Drake

The Future Says Die! by Ian McWethy

The G.O.A.T. by Sid Grey

The German Quote by Ari Dassa

The Ghost Soldier by Ben Sztajnkrycer

The Harvest by Déjà Leazer

The Hills Only Have Eyes For You by David J. Stieve

The Hotel Room by Jeffrey van Davis

The House Of Eternal Return by James Longmire

The Incident by John Perry Dancoe

The Iron Bride by Milly Sanders

The Iron Horse Of Lucy Steele by Paul E. Zeidman

The Jackalope by Patrick Wilder

The Killing of King Mustang by Robert Dorian

The King Of Noble Hearts by Pau Dalmases Paredes & Ferran Mendoza Soler

The Last Bookstore by Brooke Purdy and Colette Freedman

The Last Eighth by Matthew Temple & Daniel Weingart

The Last Great Space Adventure by Jon Derk

The Last Indian War by Michael Graf

The Last Taxman by Jacob Kamhis

The Lean by Pearse Lehane

The Legend of Yakatutch by Sean Francis Ellis

The Lie Within by Aurélien Lainé

The Linen Bands by Jeffrey van Davis

The Long Way Home by Ashley Fester

The Longest Strip Of Beach by John Pinney

The Magic Of Being by Krista Fergusson

The Magnificent Kate Morgan by Thomas W. Hodgkinson

The Margin Of Pride by Heidi Weitzer

The Milk Route by Michael Begg

The Misfits by Moez Solis

The Mobile by Patrick Lewis

The Moonbeam Fisherman by John Dummer

The Moral Animal by Daniel Hogan

The Narrow Path To Heaven by Amy Monaghan

The Nightline Attic by Denis Memedoski

The Phoenix by Pierre Dawalibi

The Polish Medallion by Siovonne Smith

The Protea by Anne Todd

The Republic Of Bensonville by Kent Probst

The Restless by Andrew Gould

The Returners by Sara Chen

The Ride by Dean Loxton

The Righteous Man by Andrew Mescher

The Risk Factor by Homer Hsieh

The Speaker by Tin Gill

The Tailor From Taegu And Mrs. Abernethy by Ruby Akin

The Temptations Of Staying by Lisa Romagnoli

The Tennis Court Oath by Marcus L. Herzberg

The Third Secret by Robert Dorian

The Timbermen by Colin Dalvit & Andrew Lahmann (story by Andrew Lahmann & Colin Dalvit & Ben Eisner)

The Today King by Timothy Burnham

The Whipping Father by Andrew Mescher

The White House by Mike Stern

The Wind by Garth Meyer

Thembi by Tom Glasson

They Might Be Kennedys by Ted Collins

This Ends Tonight by Logan J. Thoreau

Through The Land Of Illusion by Gunnar E Garrett Jr.

Time Zero by Carlo Carere and Erin Muir

Title IX by Lucy Jane Bledsoe

Together Apart by Christopher Sullivan

Transcend Love by Sandra O’Connell

Triangle by Andrew Main

Trip by Lee Matsumoto

Tunnel Rat by Joel David Santner

Turkey Tale by Jamie A. Koogler

Uber Encounter by KT Parker

Unbalanced Hearts by Erika J. Sovey

Unsinkable by Paul Sellars

Unsolicited by Laudis Noel

Unspoken Lives by Jenny Hwang

Until The Candle Burns Out by Rich Van Tine

Up & Up by J. Glenn Cook

Verite by Luke Jackson

Verona Noir by Kieran Cashin

Vienna by David Ludwig and Mark Sonnenblick

Vilna by Matt Huston

Virgin Killers by Tannaz Hazemi

Viva La Vida by Lisa Hoppe

Voyage by Amit Gottlieb

Walking Point by Diann Beck

War-Torn by Michael J. Daniels

Wartime Revelations by Carlo Bordone

We Come In Peace by Michael B. Snow

Western Approaches by Andrew Judge

What Is Life by Rory Matthew Waltzer

When I Grow Up by Elizabeth R. Rossi

When Night Falls by Jamie Benyon

When Pigs Fly by Andrew Wood

Wild Arms by Nguyen Nguyen

Wild Falls by Jerry D. Mathes II

Wilders by Shannon Litt

Winnie by Mads Feldballe and Kim Blidorf (story by Mads Feldballe, Kim Blidorf and Allan Holmberg)

Winter Solstice by John Perry Dancoe

Wish by Laura Dembowski

With All Deliberate Speed by Marcus L. Herzberg

With These Eyes by Evan Ari Kelman

Yes, I’m Your Angel by Michael Leung

Yesterday Is Another World by Kimiko Wojtena

You Really Got A Hold On Me by M.R. Campbell

Young Man Dead by Surinder Singh

Zebra Victor One by Adam Bradley

Zoe by Stephen Driffin


116 Elm by Steven Arciniega

14 Words by Anna Klassen

2150 by Jose Portillo

Adjunked by Maria Stafford

Aeternum by Heidi Nyburg

Against the Odds by Tammy Kearly

Agency by Adrew Hartman and Jonathan Steinfield

Amarna by Daniel Gentile

America Rise, America Fall by Giovanni Taveras

American Jesus by Monis Rose

Anarchy by Zach Stratton

Annabelle Moore by Damion L. Smith

ARC by Bryan Schilling

Arms of Morpheus by John Christopher Thomas

Arranged by Zubaira Ahmed

Atlanta 9-1-1 by B. R. Stanley

Bad Call by Charles Phillips

Bad Debt by Rob Putnam

Bad Witch by Molly Miller

Baptizing London by Kirt Bozeman

Barcade by Devin Conte, Travis Conte, and Andrew Guay

Beacons of Hope by Eudie Pak

Before Mars by Shruti Saran

Before the End by Lyndsey Honour

Below The Fold by Eudie Pak

Birdsong by P. William Nixon

Bits and Pieces by Collin Blair

Bleaklow by J. T. Child

Bleeder by Aidan Largey

Broomstick Cowboys by Mike Revenaugh

Buscón by Jeffrey S. Storms

Canal Street by Allen Gutterman

Capitol by Randall Whitlow

Care Factor by Catherine McClintock

Chaplin: A Comedian Sees the World by Ian Masters

Chase by Adam Hussein

Classified by Elizabeth Stamp

Co-Working by Tom Slater

Compass: Northern Shore by S. A. Gustavson

Count Your Teeth by Gareth Berger

Creator Code by Michael Raymond

Crux by Andrew Sims

Dark Horse by David Jenkins Howell

DC-3 by Ken Harvey

Deadline by Andrew Domingues Frade

Disrupted by Arielle Diaz

Duke Tango by Reed Kowit

Echoes of Bonnieville by Simon Schneider

End of Days by Sonja Verpoort

Excaliburs by Jerome Gilden

Fade by Alexis Siegel

Fake Rehab by Daniel Wiengart

Faking the Funk by Sid Grey

Feels Like Fame by Stephanie Stivers

Feral by Bryan Kett

Fifth Down by Brian Allen

First Family by Cameron A. Mitchell

First Light by Terrence J. Bennett

Flypaper -- Twisted Tales of Fate by Brian Sullivan

Focus by Heidi Nyburg

For a Crown by Leo Burton

Franklins by Christopher Scott McClure

Game Life by Odin Ozdil

Gilt by Andrew Crook

God, Complex by Sam Alford & Ben Cody

Good People by Jared Eimicke

Grandeur of Delusion by Bo Shim

Green & Grey by Tamika Guishard

Green House by Rob Putnam

Growing Up Gangster by Gregory Marshall

Haunted by Tim Goodwin & Pearce Hoskinson

Head of the Snake by Daphne Lamm

Hell in Heels by Sarah Marsh

Highgate by J. Elizabeth Martin

History/Herstory by Jeff York

Holy Unexpected by Samantha Levenshus

Home, Free by Alex Willemin and Alina Willemin

Houston's Finest by Kimmy Tran

In 5 by Spencer Pesce

Invitation to the Game: From the Casebook of Dr Arthur Conan Doyle by Petra Winters

IVF'D by Kate Torgovnick May

iWarrior by Mathew Ewart

Killjoy by Terrence J. Bennett

Killona by Zack Harding

Kimchi Cowboy by Tony Cammarata

King of Queens by Dale Peter Winton

Landers End by Jeremy D. Christensen

Lawyer by Graham Thomas Kosakoski

Leading Edge by A. W. Scott

Lee Miller by Riley Madincea

Levee by Jeffrey S. Storms

Leviticus by Christian DeAngelis

Life in 140 Characters or Less by Kelly Anelons

Little Girls by Elton Loud

Little Isis by Belinda Downey & Jeremy Engdahl-Johnson

Looking for Gold by Keith Silcock

Loose Ends by Jason Briker and Anthony Mead

Love -N- The Skies by Toni Staton Harris

Luna Falling by Carl Pettit

M.O.R.A.L.E. by Andrew Wood

Max Stories by Sanjay Nagar

Missing Pieces by Julia Skikavich

Monogamish by Chris Pahlow

Monsters 101 by Brian and Dusty Rhoads

Munich by David Jefferson

Murder, Inc by Gregory Levy

N.T.S.B. Last Flight by Richard Roth

Neiman/Virgil by Raymond Santos

New Orlean by H.M. Shepherd

New York by Nathan Hallauer

Oceanside by Tate Hanyok

Of Music & Men by Kayona Ebony Brown

Offbeat by Brian Barnes & Mathew Merenda

Ok Computer by Neil Pagedar

Old Couple Anniversary by Sterling Tribue

Open Sexuality by Brandon Bentley

Otranto by Jon Smith & Ian Masters

Our Father by Evan Dickerson

Outreach by Tom Sykes

Overpowered by Wendy Pierce

Pacific North Witch by Christan Leonard

Para by Nicole Pouchet

Pariah by Raphael Loucadellis

Pawn's Promotion by Gosha Shapiro

Peeling The Mellon by James Bloom

Peer Leadership by Marc Cruz

Peg by Brad Doyle

Pharmland by Jon Davis

Phenomenal by Gillian Madans

Phoenix by Natasha M. Hall

Phoenix by Sean Sellars

Pink Lava by Sharon Powers

Plight by Michael Barlow

Policy by Kevin James Barry

Poly by Jody Ellis

Powerplay by Margaret Lockyer

Predator by Marisa Hardwicke

Prideland by Dominic DiMaria

Primary Language by Yvonne Hana Yi

Privilege by Stephanie Blackburn

Profound Affinity by Mishki Vaccaro

Punchbags by Steven Snell

Puppet Show by Daphne Lamm

Quarry by Ash Corristine

Racket by Adam Sleper

Roksolana by Oksana Cobb

Ruth & Abby by Samantha K. Shearn & Kathy Yamamoto

Saffa by Roshana Ostowari

Salt Lake PD by Richard Roth

Scabs by Paul Moncrieffe & Shane Mahoney

Second-Gen by Kimmy Tran

Secret and Confidential by Ben Maraniss

Secrets by Tiffini M. Price

Seeking Sasquatch by Ryan Lis

Set Them Free by Mathew Duriez

Shadow of Doubt by Denise Kulawik

Shanghaied by Kevin Castle

Simple Machines by Mathew R. McDermott

Smut by Becky Bradshaw

Southern Territory by Donald Saunderson

Spies Girls by Nir Shelter and Tai Scrivener

Spilled Milk by Rafael Luna Vasquez

St. Claire by Jessica A. Sieff

Steps by Corolyn Carpenter

Stryker by Morgan Duff Tucker

Stud Muffins by Micholas Jacobson-Larson & Dalton Leeb

Suburban Inquisition by Gretchen Yelmini

Taffy by Hank Isaac

Talatrics by Cecilia Copeland

The Ax Man by Ryan Little

The Bard in Time by Christopher Lastrapes

The Bible Belt by Steven Pipps

The Cabal by Frank Perrotto

The Candy House by Andrea McGee

The Circle by C.C. Campbell

The Cloudmaker by Brian Sanders

The Community by Steve Coats-Dennis

The Defenders by Antoine Tardif

The Devil in Evelyn by Tyler Soper & Ben Soper

The Divinity Cycle by Nelson Downend

The Drywater Island by Michael Deigh

The Eleventh Hour by Rebecca Stahl

The Exchange by Juliette Garrigues

The Factory by Jon Davis

The Fun in Funeral by Aaron Steiner

The Gift by Kathleen M. Mitchell

The Haven by Riley Wong

The Hyline by Deja Bernhardt-Leazer

The Lady from the Sea by Jane Hampson

The Land by Steve Coulter

The Last Tsar by Marina Eve

The Lost Boy by Dominique Andree Hinman

The Marionette Unit by Azhur Saleem

The Monarch Guild by Jason Ancona

The Mulligans by Jim Garvey

The Nerve to Say by Justin Stoeckel

The Radicals by Nate Gualtieri

The Recovery by Angela Berliner

The Red Death by Joshua Bartolome

The Ryman by Hugh Moffatt

The Scoundrels Club by Jeff York

The Sensualist by Suzanne Griffin

The Slope by Eudie Pak

The Stay by Erica Warnock

The Young Executioners by Tom Sykes

Thee Bronx by Megan Patricia Doyle

Thin Women by Wendy Giman

Thorn Jack by Libby Mitchell

Thoroughly Mormon Millie by Paul Ditty

Time Will Tell by Daniel Marsden

Trafficking by Bagriella Yacyk

Transatlantic by Ella Eklund & Marlowe Fawcett

Un/Attached by Adi Blotman

Undocumented by Melissa White

Unleashed by Robert Axelrod

Unsettled by Candace Brown

Unsettled by Mike Bramante

Vaudevillain by Mary Rath

Verge by Bryce McLellan

Vicarious by Jason Kubik

Walk the Boards by Tyler Charles Zencka

Wander by Luke Baker

War Shadows by Dragos Berghia

Ways and Means by Christina Masciotti

What Happens in the Middle by Katie Ritz

Whereabouts Unknown by Allen Glover

Willowwood by Christopher Locke


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