Announcing the 2017 ScreenCraft Comedy Screenplay Contest Quarter-Finalists

by Cameron Cubbison on June 15, 2017

We’re excited to feature the scripts listed below that comprise the quarter-finalists of the 2017 ScreenCraft Comedy Screenplay Contest, culled from over 1,100 submissions--by far our biggest season ever! Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far, and thank you to everyone who submitted. Stay tuned for the semifinalists announcement on July 7th.

12 Steps Justin Hughes
50 Ways Sallie Allen
99 Glasses of Chardonnay Tracy Charlton
A Dog Show Warren Fischer
A Florida Man Jamie Bearse
A Goy And A Girl Christopher Eastwood
A Little Zing Called Love Marilyn Pederson
A State of Affairs Jerico Lenk
A Tiny Problem Tate Hanyok
Acid Spitting Baby Seals Chris Desmond
Adam & Eve David Kushner
Adam and Eve Kate Kelsen
Adult Material Katrina Day
Afterlife Hotel Frank Monti
Alice & Charlie Travis Lemke
All Else Fails Abigail Sparrow
Altar Me Tony Gapastione
America's Most Wasted Sam Skillz
American Hero Mikhael Bassilli
An Ocean Apart Laura (LL) Young
Another Beginning Carmen Nielsen
Anything For Money Jonathan Young
Asshole Poltergeist Aaron Barrocas
Authentic Kate Jaimet
Baby BUMP Tate Hanyok
Backdraft Ty Gordon
Bad Romance Chad Wellinger
Bear Necessity James Gould-Bourn
Beasts Undiscovered Jeremy Dehn
Beaver, Las Vegas Elise D'Haene
Bedbugs Jose Prendes
Best Served Cold Mary Krell-Oishi
Big Boys Dean Edelson
Big Turkey Bruce Griffiths
Bingo King Jason Skorski
Bricks of Glory Alison Parker
Broken Head Clare Sladden
Burying The Lead Stacey Davis
But Where Did You Last Put It? Andy Harrison
Cape Angel Blues Carl Clark
Catch 4:20 Bruce Butler
Chapter 4: I Blame The Beatles Stephanie Lavner
Cheat on Me Reeve Segal
Chicago Shuffle Dennis Capps
Clambaked Jay Huling
Cockblock Justin Boyd
College Bound Ray Cecire
Conquistadoro Peter Mann
Coping with Zombism Ian Van Den Hurk
Cracking The Whip Nicole Fairbrother
Crossed Swords Alex Shifman
Dead Air Jonathan McCandless
Dead Grandma Zach Vest
Dead Man's Hand Ronald Ecker
Dead, But Whatever Boris Coll
Desert Blume Mark Brown
Dick Driben Runs for Mayor Daniel Glick
DILF Ryan Dingus
Dizzy Izzy Rizwanul Haq
Don't Kill Me I'm Happy Tobias Hussey
Double Bogey Tom Radovich
Driver's Training Kathleen Reaume
Dying for It Julia Bergeron
East Side Girl Max Segal
Electric Man David Barras
Elf Help Matt Kriger
End of the Line Rani DeMuth
Engage & Destroy Paul Winchell
Escort Boot Camp Gary Sharp
Even Steven Kirby McDonough
Ex Addicts Casimir Nozkowski
F.O.R.C. (Former Olympian Re-Creation Camp) Jared Mazzaschi
Fairy Sugar Daddy Zac Kish
Father Figure Michael Kalesniko
Field Day Chelsea Bozzo
Finding Isabelle Kali Gagnon
Finding Mario Kimon Koufogiannis
Fixed Jolene Jahnke
Flaccid Jonathan Phillips
Floyd The Ninja Jason Skorski
For the Love Of... Dawn LeFever
For What It's Worth Charlotte Cameron
Forever and Never Dante Orange
Fort 20 Derek Kent
Fortune's Fool William Green
Fuck You, John Zac Kish
Full Moon Party Mitchell Gray
Full Society Reboot Tim Snook
Funnel Head Susie Shannon
Getting Lucky Richard McEwen
Ghost Bros. Bill Poore
Goodnight Girls Marilyn Pederson
Grandma Dee and the Lost Continent Mark Perlick
Grass Monkeys Matt Wildash
Grilled Mia Dingle
Group Therapy Matthew Kelly
Gunmetal Rose Daniel Hart Donoghue
H is for Happiness Lisa Hoppe
Hacks Stephanie Westendorf
Happy Endings Senior Living Robin Fusco
Hello Love James Tapp
Henchman Andrew Wood
Heterophobia Steve Miranda
High School VS. College Nic Harvey
Honeymoon in Hell Adam Libarkin
I'm Having An Affair With My Wife! Jen Finelli
If You Only Knew Anja Wykes
In a Band. In a Van. Darrel Herbert
In Love & On The Run Jimmy Grace
In the Hole Nathan Hudson
In Three Erin Carere
Incident on I-15 Ben Shupe
Inferenal Tom Wholey
Intelligent Life Bruce Luchsinger
Invasion of the Movie Snatchers Daniel Shinners
Isabelle's Starting to Happen Paul Haddad
It Takes One to Love One Rodney Wilson
Izzy Screwd Rebecca Taylor
Jack, the Stripper, and the Mormon D. Max Hamblin
Jamestown Robbie Robertson
Jeb! Daniel Rivera
Jefferson, Franklin & Larry John Martins III
Just Act Cool Gary Whorley
Just An Ordinary Guy Riley Madincea
just plain folk eliot sand
Karaoke Brothers Lee Matsumoto
kick bACK RC Atchisson
Killing It Honora Talbott
Kin Folk Darren Heffner
La Montaña (The Mountain) Phil O'Sullivan
Lackey Zac Kish
Last Christmas Kate Erickson
Let's Have a Threesome Pyung Kim
Life On Mars Jason Alvarado
Like a Thief in the Night Kyle D'Odorico
Little Gumshoe and the Naptime Blues John Bradley
Liv and Let Brenda Jessica Kinnevan
Longshot Jason Skorski
Love & Parsecs Joe Gonzales
Love Crush Hamilton Mitchell
Lucky Break Eric Landau
Mad Kat's Reign of Terror Ash Willeby
Mad Love Patrick Murphy
Madame Butterfly's Mad Jaunt Barry Leach
Maggie Rocks Guy Polin
Mall Stars Erica Fagan
Man Paul Alexander & Paul Mendelson
Man of Action Esther Geller
Mary, Mary Wendy Grube
Matelot and the Mob De-ann Black
Matt and Ben Bury a Body Dan Van
Max the Ax Patricia Meyer
MegaCon M Hatter
Michael Wants To Marry Jennifer Bieser
Millions and Millions Alex Shifman
Miss Jesus Tim Schildberger
Missile Envy Kurt Smith
Mortis Tom Radovich
Moses of the Bulrushes Steve Warren
Mr. Jacobs Versus the Demonic Party Clowns from the Great Beyond Jeff Folschinsky
Mr. Sabotage Ray Keller
Mrs. Bond Kristi Hall
Mystery Man Erik Howard
Necropolis Dennis James Clarke
Not My Emergency Matthew Conlin
Not So Super Cooper Knight
Nudie Mag Kevin Dembinsky
Office Pool Eric Monsky
Old People Michael Richey
Once More Before I Die Helen Wentland
Pageant Dad Liam Healy
Papryka Natalie Sanchez
Party Lines Kathy Rodman
Phil. Marissa Lessman
Photo Shop Girls Trent Meunier
Pie Fight Richard McEwen
Plan B Paige Gresty
Podunk Jared Mason
Polyamory for Dummies Travis Lemke
Poser Susan Boyer
POTUS Daniel Russell
Powderpuff Chelsea Watkins
Prank Wars Chris Erb
Pretty Much Fucked Eric Wong
Quality Time Mike Costaris
Rack it Up! Thomas Yungerberg
Rasta Ho-Tep Peter Fraser
Rebound Warren Glover
Red Dirt Blues David Wilson
Redirklus Kevin Shorter
Rematched Jared Knight
Revenge Therapy Craig Holland
Roadtrippers Rebecca de Fargues
Rocket Hudson Curtis Lofgren
Roll With It Kate Erickson
Roscoe Gianpaolo Santarelli
Rusty Trombone Frank Pasquine
Sam Rockwell Can't Die Amy Huckabay
Satan Comes to Town or It's a Helluva Life Michael Chase Walker
Scapegoat Nan Schmid
Scattering Jake Erica Tachoir
Scouting for Eden Ian Gilbertson
Second Chances Mark Arnett
Second Wind Briana Hansen
Sex, Drugs, & Bible Study Rachel Ewing
Sex, Drugs, and Murder at the Ellis Family Breakfast Jamboree Joel David Bolton
Shanghai Vaudeville Alex Shifman
Shit Happens Dane McCauley
SLAMMIN' Brandon Martin
Sleepover Jonathan Davenport
Southern Bud William Craig Pugh
Spitting Image Troy Smith
Spooky Kind of Love Alicia Lomas-Gross
Spoon Fed Scott LaFortune
Stand Fast Ron Brawer & Tom Wirtshafter
Star Witness: The Trial of Kimberly Rose Ashley Hargrove
Starr Brawl Gerrard Hartland
Starring Kip Donovan Alex Williams
Stay-cation Giovanni Porta
Streakers Brian Gannon
Stuffed Mark Keavney
Sugar Pill RC Atchisson
Super High Maintenance Leo Jenicek
Superfan Chris Smith
Surviving the Band Vincenzo Lucciola
Sweet Old Man Andrew Mescher
Sweet Sorrow Kurt Smith
Swipe Left for Love Daniel Axelrod
Tarkington House Meg Kelly
Test of Strength Danny Baram
That's My Time Christopher Rubeo
The Accidental Feminist Blayr Austin
The Advance Team Paul Carson
The Adventures of the Velvet Cat Bob Canning
The Afterlife of Erotica Evans Harvey Yazijian
The Alibi Nicole Serrat
The Barely Legal, Incredibly Hot, Psychotic Girlfriend of the Guy Next Door Michael Kenney
The Battling Bozoni Steve Drews
The Benny Factor Mark Pressman
The Bigfoot Hunters Matt Hausmann
THE BONING Hamilton Mitchell
The Book Tour Aaron Kennedy
The Bridge Grant Hughes
The Comfort Zone Xaque Gruber
The Compton Thrill Ride Martin Bartlett
The Court of Dionysus Samuel Spitale
The Creature Squad Chris Smith
The Deal Breaker Stacie Shellner
The Essential Rhett & Luther Desirée Proctor
The Ex Factor Gary Sharp
The Explorers' League of Exploration Chad Rhiness
The Facts In The Case of L. Lovelace Andrew Mescher
The Finger Boim Hwang
The Golden Nose Eduardo Torallas
The Good, The Bad and The Undead Joe Villanti
The Heist Before Christmas Derik Wingo
The Hippo in the Room Tom Bridger
The Hipster Tracey Conrad
The Hire Bryan Koo & Zach Tomlinson
The Instagram Murders John OBrien
The Last Blast Carrie Wachob
The Last Ugly Man Peter Alexander
The Letter Carrier Christy Rust
The Lovesong of Bryce Woods Garrett Haden
The Made Santa Anthony Palmiotto
The Married Guy Experience Steve Goodman
The Memphis Mafia Jason Williams
The Not Ready for Prime Time Family Richard Willett
The Perfect Petty Crime Brett Elliott
The Ploy Stan Himes
The Queen of Dairy Vanessa Pegram
The Quest (AKA: The Chronicles of Kate and Amy) Toria Sheffield
The Republic of Jack Jeffrey Kerr
The Resurrection Man Blake Hawk
The Romantics Steven D'Ambrose
The Route of All Evil Paul Marx
The Second Coming David Morgan-Brown
The Second Husband Project Laura Sweeney Julie Brimberg Rothschild
The Semester Chris Carrington
The Sharpest Knife Julian Barnett
The Slammer Tara Cocco
The Speed Walker Greyson Ferguson
The Stalker Cycle Joe Borg
The Teacher and the Bail Jumper Ted Gurich
The Transfer Lori Ochsner
The Triple Engagement Robert Troccolo
The Trophy Wife Kevin Cutts
The Truth Isn't Pretty Patricia Forrester
The Vagina Whisperer Bill Foley
The Vandals Russell Boswell
These Old Bones Nathan Oliver
This Time Rosario Pellerito
Throw Back Thursday Lisa Nardini
Till Death Noah Martin
Touch The Fire Kevin Karp
Tres Banditos Thomas Leupp
Two Weeks On Pete Monaghan
Un-American Daniel Kloberdanz
Underemployed Adam Santa Maria
Unlove Conquers All Dane McCauley
Unmaking Love Evan Laughlin
Venus In Transit Carole Chanler
Viva NashVegas Jacki Moss
We Happy Losers Elizabeth Eccher
Welcome to Comictopia Michael Chase Walker
Welcome to the Family Matt Firman
What a Wedding Jeremy Black
What the Halo? Kevin Hackenberg
When Monsters Ruled Lena Cigleris
When Pigs Fly Andrew Wood
White Sheets Julius Ritter
Wild Arms Nguyen Nguyen
Xtracted Crafty St. James
Yes We Can! Marc & Nancy Ellis
You Only Live Once Haris Orkin
You'll Make Lots of Friends That Way Andrea O'Malley
Your Heaven, My Hell Charlie Herrmann
Zombie Kush Kyle Little


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