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About the ScreenCraft Development Program

by ScreenCraft on May 6, 2020

Our ScreenCraft Development Program is a special one-on-one series of consultations that is awarded to winners of ScreenCraft's Screenwriting Competitions. The program builds personalized strategies for writers, bridging the gap from where they are when submitting to getting signed with a literary manager and/or agent, and getting paid writing work or staffed on a TV show. Many writers submitting to ScreenCraft’s competitions are curious about what exactly the Development Program includes and who qualifies for it.

So what does it include?

One on One Consultation regarding portfolio and career goals
Writers come from all sorts of backgrounds and experiences and, understandably have different aspirations for their writing career. Whether you want to sign with a rep, get staffed on a TV show, produce your own work, or simply improve your craft, the ScreenCraft team will review your current portfolio and background to determine a viable roadmap to put you on the path towards achieving your goals.

Personalized plan of action for which companies, producers, and reps to target
Finding the right fit for your writing or projects can be daunting and confusing. The ScreenCraft team and its network of 100s of agents, managers, executives, producers, and directors, can advise who would be the best fit for you and your work as well as providing the best way to get your work to them.

Sharing your work
Additionally, ScreenCraft is constantly connecting with their existing industry contacts as well as forging new ones to keep tabs on what agencies, studios, producers, and reps are looking for. If you or your projects fit what our contacts are requesting, ScreenCraft will share your work.

Meetings tailored to you
For select writers, ScreenCraft provides a one on one meeting with a respected literary manager and/or executive at a major studio. For writers based in or willing to travel to Los Angeles, these meetings will be done in person and, in the case of the executive, on the studio lot. For those are unable to join in person, the consulting can be done over phone or video chat.

Additional Notes & Coverage
ScreenCraft will also provide free written feedback on the latest drafts of projects in your portfolio to continue developing your material.

Who Qualifies?
All grand prize and category winners of our writing competitions qualify for the ScreenCraft Development Program, as well as select finalists based on a variety of factors including writing background, portfolio, and viable interest from the industry. If you have placed as a finalist in a ScreenCraft competition and believe you would benefit from the program, please contact us to see how we can help:

Success Stories 

Past ScreenCraft winners have been hired by producers, optioned or sold their projects to studios such as Netflix, Lionsgate and Universal Pictures,  and signed with top representatives at CAA, WME, 3 Arts Entertainment, United Talent Agency, Anonymous Content, Paradigm Talent Agency, Untitled, ICM, Bellevue Productions, Lit Entertainment, Writ Large and many others. See more ScreenCraft success stories here.


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