2015 Winter Short Film Production Fund Semifinalists Announced!

by Ken Miyamoto on January 21, 2016

The following projects have been shortlisted as semifinalists to be recipients of the ScreenCraft Short Film Production Fund backed by Bondit. Culled from more than 600 submissions, the scripts in contention are listed below. Stay tuned for the upcoming announcement of the fund recipients, on here, our Facebook and Twitter pages, and via @Bondit_film.

Read about the Fund's first recipient, Natasja Maria Fourie, and congratulations to all of the semifinalists!

583 by Russ Meyer

911 by Dani Bailes

10262028 by Jason Wasley

Across by Laura Sweeney

Ady and Al by Harry Akopyan

A Gift From God by Barry Ward

A Horse Called Oz by Paul Young

Angel of Brooklyn by Lanie Zipoy

Angelina: 10 by Tim Hewitt

Aunty/Mommy by Angela Page

Bare by Rachel Noll

Blackbird by Lee Ann Hoover & Henrick A. Meyer

Blue Motel by Ted Campbell

Bonne Nuit by Zoey Kortz

Boom Bang! by Kevin Huskey & Jeffrey Peterson

Breathe by Tor Kristoffersen

Burn This City by Adam LeGrand Hobbs & Sean Patrick Burke

Butterfly by Anthony Nero

Cadillac City by Frederick Keeve

Can You Hear Me? by Sean Healy

Captain Nemo by Mike Sorce

Caramel by Alexander J. Dane

Call in the Bear by Tannaz Hazemi

Circles by Geoffrey Young Haney

Class A Episode I: Coming Up “The Tale of a Schoolyard Drug Empire” by Simon Schneider

Close Call by Benneth Peason

Codi by Karen Bracamontes & Francisco Madrigal

Complicit by Andrew L. Schwartz

Convergence by Todd Zing

Crank by Matthew Himlin

Cricket by Ohad Ira Amram

Crooked Laeves Grew on Trees by Kiril Shmidov

Cúl an Tí (The Back of the House) by Emma Pyne

Daddy’s Girl by Kameron Lunon

Dancing on Bones by Luke Mordue

Dark Dignity by Cassandra Nicholson

Darkness by Alexander Birrell

Death and the Widow by Gregory Fishwick

Decide by Shaunic Napier & Jeanna Overstreet

Divorce Party by Lauren Manes

Don’t Be Afraid by Ryan Folmsbee

Doppelgangers by J.R. Jarrod

Down Jersey by Joseph J. Greenberg

Drop It by Adam J. Hardy

Emily, Forever by Claudia Fucigna

Emily’s Special Day by Pawel Grajnert

Encounters by Agelita Tsougou

Etched on Me by Jenn Crowell

FEE by Guen Murroni

Finger on the Button by Mark Matthews

Fish Sleep with Opened Eyes by Costanza Bongiorni

Forged by Daniel Beals & Zak White

Forgotten by Joselito Seldera

Garlic in the Glue by Tannaz Hazemi

Geisha Noir by Carlton L. Allen

Goldblooded by Sam Kozel

Guardian by Peer Gopfrich

Hail Mary Country by Tannaz Hazemi

Half Sour Pickles by Gabe Munitz-Alessio

Happy Endings by Bob Brunson, Michael Musa & Brian David Pope

High Strangeness by Zan Gillies

Hit Me by Antonello Velez

Holiday Motel by Scott McCullough

Holy Water by Ben Watts

Home for a Pallbearer by Frankie Hogan

Homestay by Jason Gray

Hum by Stefano Nurra

I Hate Everything by Jesus Garcia & Alessandra Albanese

I Will Be Your Messenger by M.A. Bruen

I’m Okay by Amanda Scott & Veronica Slattery

Inked in Blood by Paul Corricelli

Interference by Robin Rose Singer

Islamophobia-Coexistence by Mohammad Jastaniah

Jasper by Ian Cooley

Jonesy by Michael Dillon

Joy Ride by Niav Conty

Juke by Michael Taber & Zachary Allard

Just Kill Charlie by Rob Pilkington

Karlton Heights by Jacolby Percy

Killer Party by Greg Karber & Amin Osman

Land Where the Shadows Fall by Will Welles

Last Night in Rozzie by Ryan McDonough

Learn That Too by Raul Martin Romero

Leni Leni by Alistair Audsley

Leroy’s Dream by Diarra McCormick

Lifter by Tom Botchii & Sam Kozel

Lilith by Brittany Ann Klesic

Love Child by Ben Moroski

Lullabye by Jamie Oon

Lunacy by Travis Opgenorth

Luster by Mason Douglass

Macabre Christmas by Helmann Wilhelm

Magic Bullet by Amanda Lovejoy Street

Maria by Brendan Maghran

McMurphy by Charles Dillon Ward

Meat Wagon by Jeff Speed

Minstrel Boy by Colin Scott

Moment of Clarity by Dane Jordan

Mother Knows Best by Shane Perez

My Big Brother’s Not At Home by Mikko Makela

Nano by Mike Manning & Tom Anderson

Neon, Idaho by Drake Shannon & Chris Pinkalla

Nine Seconds by Shaun Peter Cunningham

Norman Pinski Come Home by Aaron Jack Rudelson

Northbound by Mark Allen

North Star by P.J. Palmer

Not Black Enough by Bryce Marrero

Obviously by Assia Fratz

Office Shooter by Chris Lopata

Oh, Christ by Eric Maira

Old Biddies by Karen Nielsen

On a Typical Friday Night by Micah Cohen

Order 101 by Karen Hope

Out From Her Lips by Blu Fox

Overpass by Stef Smith

Pair of Aces by Olivia Wukasch

Promise of You by G. Leo Maselli

Public Pool by Nicole Teeny

Radius by Charles Hall

Raising Daisy by Derek Roche

Ruby’s Balloon by Billy Minshull-Gardner & Nicole Melrose

Remains of the Day by Patrick Thies

Reprint by Stephen Isles

Retribution by Michael W. Reid

Salt In Your Lap by Aren Zolninger

Sea Change by Miriam Weiner & Katie Sammis

Shoo Shoo by Anne Sobel & Adam Sobel

Shovel by Mark Lyons

Single & Borderline Desperate by Fawn Stone

Slayer by Justin Staggs

Snowplow by Mia Niebruegge & Christopher Greenslate

Solitary by Shawn Flanagan

Stalled by Allison Herrera

The Really Really Good Pickup Artist by Stephen M. Levinson

Sugarbabies by Ari Dassa

Swipe Right by Kendall Goldberg

The 7 Suicides John Tried (Before Getting Serious) by Matthew N. Gudernatch

The Best Cut by Brendan Beachman

The City by Guillermo Dorado

The Grim Story of Maus, Byrd, And When the Thing Got Wurst by Thaddeus Awotunde

The Interview by Ande Case

The Legacy by Eva Acharya

The Letter Reader by Sibusiso Khuzwayo

The Lunch Date by Stephen Balsley

The Mask That Smiles by Joseph Betros

The Meadow by Lee Cipolla

The Message by Shane McCabe

The Mountain by Samuel Harwood

The Navigator’s Apprentice by Alan Barkley

The Next Chapter by Hao-Hung Chia

The Other Room by Karin Maxey

The Rage by Nora Tennessen

The Recycling Man by Carlo Ballauri & Giovanni Gualdoni

The Santa-Con by  Keyvon Pierre

The Son by Alice Seabright & Sam Baron

The Spinning Man by Jordan Rosenbloom & Ben Eisen

The Tinwife by Travis Neufeld

The White Picket Fence by Anthony Walker

The Queen by Blair Wright

Think Fast by Jan Stanton

This Is Serious by Ged Murray

Those Left Behind by Marque Franklin-Williams

Tick by Erik H. Bernard

Tidelands by Anne Lower

Time by Michael Glenn

Trumpet by Benjamin Cleary

Turn on Desire by Lauren Hoekstra

Uninvited by Christopher Grant

United (We Fall) by Matthew Marder

Universus by Kristoffer Bubeck

Unlisted by Stephen Gill

Vernal, Utah by Benjamin Thevenin & Ed McCulloch

Violated by Nitara Lee Osbourne

Virtually President by Dan Hart

Voice Over by Rachel Borgo & Kendall Goldberg

We Bleed Red by Yuval Yefet & Sachar

We Had Nothing Better to Do by Tiffany Stubbert

When Pigs Fly by Andrew Wood

Whistle Blower by Kelly L. King

White & Black by Dania Bdeir

Who.Am.Me? by Isaac Buono & Michael Oliveros

Wig Shop by Kat Coiro & Jessica Neuman

Wingz by Allison Tate

Word for Word by Michael Callahan

Yarn! by Dan Witherall

Zed by Tavis Putnam

Zoo by Annemarie Lawless


The Short Film Production Fund's 2016 First Quarter is now open for entries now through March 31st, 2016!


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