2020 ScreenCraft Stage Play Contest Semifinalists

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Listed below are the Semifinalists of the 2020 ScreenCraft Stage Play Contest. These exceptional screenplays were selected from almost 1,000 submissions. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far and thanks to all for submitting!

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Here are the Semifinalists:

A Beautiful Day – 20 Years Later Colette Keen
A Muslim in the Midst Anand Rao
A Remarkable Hut Near Coropuna Paul Major
A Storm Came Up Kristy Meanor
A Very Great Mischief Harriet O’Neill
A Visitor’s Pass on The Virgin Mary Jacqueline Pereda
Acre of Bones Gene Hobbs
Adverse Effects Taylor Gruenloh
All the Dying Voices Reginald Edmund
An Ocean In My Soul Charise Sowells
Another Round J. Adam Russell
Arcade Madeline Mahrer
Are You Sure? Experiences of a Gay Foster Youth Zachary Clein
As She Fades Isaac Bañuelos
Big Dry Run Briana Cox
Billie: This Ain’t No Billie Jean King Story Billie King
Birds of East Africa Wendy Dann
Birthday Club Phil Olson
Blood Boundary Vicki Mooney
Body and Blood Shannon TL Kearns
Bondage Star Finch
Bottom Lip (moral waiver) Douglas Gearhart
Castles in the Air Jamie Ramsburg
Circles of Hell Joseph Tamborello
Collegeburg, USA: The True Story of a

Town in Crisis in the Advent of a Racist Regime, or Privileged, or Supreme

(We Are Going to Have This Conversation)

Kerri Kochanski
Confidential Informant Charlie Lyons
Dandelions Tina Fakhrid-Deen
Dead Lawyers George Larkin
Departure Simran Bal
Desert Oasis Garden Club Gabino Cabanilla
Doubt That the Stars Are Fire Preston Fox
Drinking In the Park Dan Ross
Eleanor Crane Alex MacDonald
Euthanasia – Almost a Musical Gail Parent & Stacy Sherman
Everything is Fine Alex Brightman
Fairville Steve Apostolina
Flying Bird’s Diary – A Play in Three Acts Melissa Tantaquidgeon Zobel
Follow The Bear Cole Friedman
Gone Lynne Sherbondy
Gym Rats Howard Harband
Hawk and Wallace Hannah Chapman
Heirlooms Yolanda Wilkinson
Hot Tragic Dead Thing Ashley Rose Wellman
How We Bleed Mario Valdivieso
I Know It Is The Moon Kirsten Benjamin
Insurgentes  Jonathan Cook
Is Not That Strange? Brian White
July Don’t Cry Adam Beshara
Kangaroo  M Gott
Kudzu 2012 Tracy Baxter
Les Museums Manning Jordan
Levi Clears Out Ronald Gephart
Life of the Party Mirek Gosney
Lifeline Robert Axelrod
Midnight Waltzes  Leslie Liautaud
Moondog’s Progress Dan Flanigan
My 4 Bodies Patricia Fox
Near-Death Experiences Kuros Charney
Night Moths on the Wing Kimberly Kalaja
Off Track James Comtois
One Good Tree Robert Barnett
Orson at the Boar’s-Head  Robert Montgomery 
Orson Welles and the Mercury Theatre

On The Air in The War of the Worlds by HG Wells

Steven Boltz & Amy Hollow
Ouija Laura Danilov
Palisade Peaches Jacob Combs
Paris Syndrome Ross Buran
Pearl Sonhara Eastman
Processing Narineh Tahmasebian
Projector Vernon Paul
Purple Sins Pierce McDonough
Red Ink Steven Morris
Red Tar Morgan Smalley
Restitution Ryan Locke
Saudades Fernando Segall
Schooled Lisa Lewis
Sefarad in America David Saffan
Sequence Arun Lakra
She’s Dead! Matthew Lucas
SNUC Mike DiSalvo
Someone With Nerve Noah Keeling
Stuck Ellen Doyle
The Blues in Your Whites Niv Elbaz
The Convict and The Kids Peter Ritt
The Devil’s Pact Simon Bowler
The Dinner Lawrence Bergman
The Enemy of the State Simon Bowler
The Fall Susan Ferrara
The Fat Sergeant Douglas Gearhart
The Gods Robert Bowman
The Great Comic Book War of 1954 Noah Wilson
The Havana Orthodoxy Vita Morales
The High Cost of Heating Craig Thornton
The Humanist Kuros Charney
The Inferno Chris Sherman
The Mark Jillian Leff
The Messy Antigone Project Tim Errickson
The Night Climber Joshua Rebell
The Obstacles Gabriel Choi
The One-Fifth Lisa Lewis
The Ordeal of Water  Stephanie Walker
The Other Way Around  Nathan Ross Freeman
The Smuggler  Ronan Noone 
The Tragedy of Tiberius Gracchus Stephen Bonino
The Train is Coming and There’s Nothing We Can Do to Stop It Varun Bhuchar
The Turkey Farm Chris Wellard
The Victims Kyle C. Mumford
The Western Male Enzo Gattuccio
The Window Andre Fuad – Degas
Tires of a Dream Nicholas Gutierrez
Tracy Jones Stephen Kaplan
Tulips From Theodore Georgia Merdinger
Umbra Kathryn Evans
Unfinished Business Susan and Doug Decatur
Unnatural David Tichauer
Warmth in the Palace of Ice and Snow Joshua Brewer
Wedding Secrets Joe Starzyk
Where the Lovelight Gleams Kyle McCloskey
Who Are We? Lynn Esta Goldman
Wicked Smaht Kevin Scott Chess

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