2018 ScreenCraft Family Screenplay Competition Quarterfinalists Announced

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Listed below are the quarterfinalists of the 2018 ScreenCraft Family Screenplay competition. These exceptional screenplays were selected from roughly 600 submissions. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far and thanks to all for submitting.

This year’s jury is comprised of development executives and directors from Pure Flix, Hallmark Movie Channel, and Sony’s Affirm Films, manager Jewerl Ross of Silent R Management, and beloved four-quadrant husband and wife screenwriting team The Wibberleys.

Stay tuned for the upcoming announcements of the semifinalists and grand prize winners here and our Twitter and Facebook pages within the next few weeks! And if you’d like to receive a notification when this contest re-opens for entries in 2019, you can subscribe for updates via Coverfly here.

Here are the quarterfinalists:

A Christian Carol Shaun Radecki
A Future Romance John Martins III
A Harrowing Week with Grandma Lisa Doan
A Heart That Forgives 2: The Battle Within Ken Jenkins
A Keepsakes Christmas Rich Orstad
A Moment with Monet Greg Klapheke
A Storybook Christmas Carol Ayer
Agape Brandon Shenk
Androo Kangaroo Daniel Allen
Arizona Sunrise John Martins III
Aroma of Love Andreya Armstrong
Art in Tandem Elizabeth Blackmer
At the Edge of the World Eugene La Haye & Buster La Haye
Badgarth’s Promise Daniel Doyle
Benefit of Time Katie Neuner
Bigfeet James Jennings
Bloom Kevin Murphy
Bunny Love Jessi Rita Hoffman
Camp Hero Joseph Kovler
Campers Vs. Aliens Matthew Baram
Captain C! John Paul Su
Cat and the Trolls Michael Amundsen
Caterpillarland Roxanne Beck
Cherry Glass Bruce Gadel
Christmas in Dreamland Stephen Dexter
Christmas Present Matt Ritchie
Claus Lindsey Gudritz
Court Ordered Christmas Sandy Silverthorne
Cranes Matt Lewis
Crossing Open Ground Ross Mayberry
Daddy-o Roger Stone
Dawn, Her Dad & The Tractor Shelley Thompson
DinoKids Lisa Baile
Doorway to Eden Bryan Kelsey
Dotty Campbell, Monster Hunter Erin Hays
Dragon Flute Julie Bliss Umbreit
Dysfunctional Family Oriented Manuel Salazar
Elfnapped Richard Seidman
Eternal Nelson Roney Walters
Fixer Upper Christmas Gina Cresse
Flea Mary Martinelli
George’s Repair Store Cinthia Procópio
Get Some Chow Jean Estevez
Gospel Truth Heather Denny
Gotham Ghouls Franck Benayoun
Grandpa’s Boot Camp Katie Streicher
Heart of a Mustang Jalynn Venis & Margaret Evans
Heaven is a Gated Community Susan Jackson
Horse Up a Tree Terrance Lynam
House of Fire Peter Gazdag
It’s All in the Kiss Marguerite Conradie
Japanese For Baseball Ray Keller
Journey to Questica Cristina Pippa
Kaiju Rescue Devon McBride-Wilson
Kids Rule Jill Gurr
Land of the Forgotten Souls Shirley Warke
Lankster the Prankster Cherell Williams
Lark At Break Of Day Arising Linda Gray & Mark Beech
Letters to S.A.N.T.A. Sonia Blangiardo & Brandon Goins
Lost Family Found Russell Johnson
Lost Sheep Frederick Jones & Shirlee Wilson
Love Never Sleeps KD Farris
Lower Beings Ervin Anderson
Lunch Lady Land Jordan Dale
Mario’s Story Diane Young
Meant to Be George Escobar
Missileman George Escobar
Mistaken Identity Cherell Williams
Model Home Barbara Sundstrom
Money Talks Jeremy Gurvits
Morningside Elio Bernardo-Ruiz
Mr. Unlucky Tony Nichols
Ms. Dad Nate Gubin
Muscle and Bark Gina DeAngelis
My Mother’s More Neurotic Than Yours Lynda Levy
Ninja Mom Ren Hanami
Nonstop London: A Christmas Journey Susan Jordan
O’Malley’s Critter Control Michael J. McDonough
Oggleswog the Dragon Monique Amado
Once Upon a Queendom Joey Day Hargrove
Once Upon His Shoe Pamela  Kay
Otter Madness Tia Devlin
Over The Rainbow Lucia Tarantino
Peace Kid Philip Suraci, Jr.
Pericles and Ruth John Martins III
Pickett’s Pride Tess Card
Pipsqueak Kathi Wahed
Pixylations Joe Laudati
Pomaika’i Karl Simpson, Jr.
Prince Jim Stramler
Protectors of the Playground Rich Orstad
Pull Marc Messenger
Puppy with a Purpose Candy Fox
Purgatory Creek Chuck Pollycutt
Rearranged Zarna Garg
Rescue Dog Rich Orstad
Runaway Cruise Theodore Soderberg
Safe Thus Far Timothy Kernc
Savannah Wayne Thornley & Paul Ian Johnson
Sea Change Bruce Leaf
Second Place Jake and the Soda Pop Kid Stephen James
Shooting Angels R.W. Hahn
Short Line George Morgan & Tom Bleecker
Sindone Treasure of Turin Barbara Sundstrom
Sleigh Bells and Sea Shells Charles Murov & Will Spodnik
So Completely Gene Golus
Space  Case Robin Brantley & David Brantley
Space Homey William  Maxwell
Stinky Feet and the Menehunes Rich Figel
Stone Cold Crazy Mother Trucker Katterina Powers
Storm Rider Laverne Claddy-Acevedo & Kendra Acevedo
Stumpy Comes Clean Andy Watters
Summer Wine Marina Albert
Super Nerd Linda Smith
Surviving 14 Katie Streicher
Suspended Dreams Chris  Staviski
The Book of Wishes Anna Scotti
The Courageous Life of Jeremy Braxton Emily Maroutian
The Dragon’s Hoard Elizabeth Blackmer
The Dragonologists Alexandria Danya
The Dream Stone Dan Pavlik
The Dreamer of Dreams David Kushner & Joshua Bullock
The Fight Is on Keisha Jackson
The Great Turkey Town Miracle Steve Dini & E. Joren Christensen
The Heart of a Tiger SreyRam Kuy
The In-Between Eric Perchuk & Carly Okyle-Perchuk
The Journey of Jefferson Lee Mark Beech
The Last Wild Indian Heather Ragsdale
The Layout Rachel Weinhaus-Yarkoni
The Legend of the Crown Olivia McCarthy
The Legend of The Five Becky Head
The Light Within Simon Eidorson
The Lonely Hero of Someplace Else Michael Bruno
The Method and His Madness Mimosa Jones Tunney
The Pirate Queen Sarah-Kate Fenelon
The Rainbow Russell Koos
The Redeeming Season Patricia Crawford
The Road to You Amy Walker Molina & Kelli Cloud Barton
The Shepherd’s Guide to Love Mary Huckstep
The Sword Princess Thomas Knight
The Team Keith M. Preston
The Upside-Down Man David Asmussen
This Close Marc Messenger
Time And Space Steven Prowse
Training Taylor April Miller
Trapped George Escobar
True Brit Rosemary Zibart
Trust Your Caddypillar Elan Maier
Tweet Victoria Morris
Ty the Pie Guy: The Movie Ty Freedman
Underwood Theresa Giese
Walk by Faith Ron Beverly
Wanted Duane Piedmont
Where There Be Unicorns Jeremy Bradford
Wiretrap Michael Magnotta
Word Over Word Tonia Davidson

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