“ScreenCraft is an amazing organization.”

– James V. Hart, award-winning screenwriter of HOOK (directed by Steven Spielberg), DRACULA (directed by Francis Ford Coppola) and CONTACT (directed by Robert Zemeckis)

"ScreenCraft catapulted my career years ahead of even my most optimistic expectations. The contacts and — perhaps even more importantly — the legitimacy the fellowship gave me has helped me land top tier representation and put me in a position to pitch projects to major studios."

- Robert H.

"Winning second place in the Screencraft Horror Competition was a huge boost for our career. The notes we received were smart and insightful, strengthening the script on a fundamental level. On the heels of the contest, we were signed by Andrew Wilson at Zero Gravity Management. The exposure we received led to some great press, meetings with producers and development executives, and pitches on a number of writing assignments."

- Alex. G

"The ScreenCraft Fellowship was a pivotal moment in my career as a writer. John and Cam made every effort to not only connect me with industry members, but to make sure that I received representation. It’s hard to imagine being nearly as confident in the future of my writing without the fellowship. I can’t thank ScreenCraft enough and I encourage any writer seeking reps to apply."

- Mark S.

"I would like to sincerely thank you for these incredibly detailed notes. I am very new to scene but I am dedicated to perfecting the craft. I will be utilizing your services again for continued growth as I was extremely pleased and impressed with the level of detail and professionalism you’ve exhibited."

- Danny A.

“This is a game changer. I was thrilled to see what I viewed as the strengths of my work praised by new eyes, and the specificity of the strategies in which I can improve have me energized to get back to work! Can you please extend a personal thank you to reader ALK?”

- Tristan A.

“First I want to thank you guys so much for recognizing my screenplay in your Action & Thriller contest!!!! Your contest is the first time I've ever checked a list and seen my name there. It is a script I feel very strongly about and the one that I worked the hardest on and for that to produce positive results means the world. I can't express how much of a confidence boost it has given me and as a writer, confidence is extremely important to continuing the grind. So thank you again. It is definitely a milestone moment for me.”

- Leon C.

“Thanks for the quick turnaround on this. The notes are INCREDIBLY helpful and detailed. I'm really impressed with this service. I look forward to using you guys again after some revisions.”

- John D.

“I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude. Thank you for taking the time to read my screenplay and a big thank you for the detailed feedback. Your notes are extremely helpful and gives me an idea of how to proceed with this story. It was truly the most beneficial feedback I have ever received.”

- Andrea M.

“The reader´s feedback and comments were most valuable. He understood my script better and clearer than myself! And finally pointed me out in the best direction to polish my story. Please tell reader "DLIV" that I can´t be thankful enough for that.”

- Manuel B.

“It’s been over a month since I received my critique, and both the quarter and semi-finalists have been selected. I’ve spent the last month or so thinking about the comments from my reviewer. They are, without a doubt, the most thorough, pointed and helpful of any (ANY) that I’ve gotten to this point.”

- Laura L.

“Thanks again and I just want to say one more time how great the feedback has been and how yourself and the team make it that much easier to hand over something you’ve been working on for months and treat it with respect and give excellent critique.”

- Azhur S.

“Fantastic feedback! Thank you very much. This new service is great. It encourages me to keep writing.”

- Nat P.

“Thank you for reviewing my short! You bring up great points, and sparked some ideas that I feel will "thicken" the quality of my story.”

- Ryan M.

“Thanks so much for the detailed script analysis. The reader's critiques, both the positive and constructive, are good ones! I've taken the notes to heart, and I'm using them to make improvements to my script. It's clear that the reader did a thorough job of reading my submission, and I so appreciate that!”

- Darla P.

“I just want to thank you, your team and everyone who was involved making the writers conference a reality in Nashville. I have been in the entertainment industry in front of the camera for 8 years and behind the camera for 4 years. I have seen some success and I have seen how hard it can be to get in front of decision makers at any level. You provided both the opportunity and the atmosphere to connect with industry professionals of wisdom and status whose focus was to teach, listen, and help us on our journey. The staff was fully ready to help in any way they could. The workshops were so full of pertinent, vital information that it was like my brain had a Thanksgiving meal every hour. This was a life changing weekend for me as I signed with a Literary Manager and got a script request from a great producer. What you are doing matters and is helping people whose voices have not yet been heard. Thank you and the entire team!”

- David P.

“Thank you for the awesome feedback!  It was honest, constructive and positive. I can't wait to get back to work on it!”

- Pete F.

“Great feedback. Thorough analysis and excellent breakdown of the story elements. Looks like I have some homework to do, but I look forward to creating a better script. Will definitely use your consulting services again. Thanks.”

- Mark C.

"Thank you so much for the feedback! It's inspiring!  Love these notes. Thank you for helping me improve my craft."

- Steve M.

"Thank you so much!! This is so incredibly helpful- seldom received such clear and constructive notes. Worth every penny! (And between us, much clearer than Nicholls' notes on this!!)"

- Eva M.

"That is without question the best and most concise feedback I've ever gotten for this material. You clearly identified what has been bothering me about it since I wrote it and have already given me a few notes that have gotten me thinking about how to improve it."

- Matthew L.

"THANK YOU for the excellent feedback. It is constructive, precise and focused. This is exactly what I need to continue to perfect this screenplay. And, your positive feedback is so encouraging that there is potential for this screenplay, given the improvements you suggest. I am so GRATEFUL."

- Terry N.

"Thank you so much for my reader feedback. This is exactly the type of constructive criticism that I very much needed! I feel that the reader completely understood what I was aiming for and gave specific examples of what was working and what was problematic. Thank you again!"

- Emily A.

"Hi Cameron, Wow, I’m knocked out by your comments and scores. I’m so glad you enjoyed Punch List. Your suggestions have already got my brain churning with ways to improve the character and script."

- Peter M.

"Thank you for your kind words and notes. I appreciate the support and believe your notes are spot on and very insightful. I have noticed with this particular script what works for one person, doesn't work for another. It's the most polarizing script I've ever written which has made it nearly impossible for me to feel comfortable or confident diving into the next draft. Your critique has helped a great deal as a tie breaker with a few other opinions I've had. So with that in mind, I am going to take a little time to digest all your suggestions and play with a new draft."

– Nicole J. (screenwriter)

"I can't say enough good things about the team at ScreenCraft! Since placing as a finalist in the pilot launch contest earlier this year, I've had my work sent out to so many people that I wouldn't have otherwise had the chance to do on my own at this stage in my career. I just signed with a manager this week and am forever grateful for the amount of dedication the ScreenCraft team put into helping me find the right fit! Big thanks to everyone at ScreenCraft for your passion in helping emerging writers!"

- Chelsea Gray, screenwriter

"Placing 2nd in the Screencraft Action/Thriller Contest directly led to me getting signed with one of the top management companies in Hollywood. I’m going out of a ton of meetings and now have multiple projects in development. I cannot thank John, Cameron, and the rest of the Screencraft team enough. This contest opened the door to my screenwriting future, and I will always be grateful."

- Aaron S.

"For me my professional screenwriting career started with the Screencraft contest. It was a quarter final placement in the family friendly contest for me and what I came out of this with was honest, encouraging, constructive feedback so I knew what I needed to do to improve. A year later and also utilising the Screencraft consultancy services I was a finalist in the annual Fellowship competition. As a direct result of this and alongside a fantastic referral from Screencraft again I signed with a Hollywood lit manager. So for me it all started with the Screencraft contest. It was the first time I’d allowed my writing to be fairly and objectively judged and it allowed me to grow as a writer. I wouldn’t be where I am now without it! I can only recommend any writer looking for a contest that is well judged and can actually help your career to use Screencraft! Thanks again!"

- Thomas G.

"Would you be able to express my sincere thanks to the person who reviewed my script? I am blown away with the detail of the notes, and this contest was a bargain to enter considering the quality of the feedback. If there is a way to pass along my thanks to the reader for their time and valuable input, I’d appreciate it!"

- Jonathan S.

“I can't tell you how pleased I am and how impressed I continue to be with the quality of the feedback. And really, no need for an apology I'm quite stunned you guys can do such comprehensive and insightful feedback in only a week, especially considering how many you must get! These are great notes. Title - absolutely, completely on board with that. And I really kick myself regarding the formatting errors, I read stuff over and over again I think my eyes glaze to the point I just don't see it anymore!  Thank you, and to your awesome readers, for always continuing to be so helpful. Back to work!”

- Tim H.

“You are a great asset to me and the business at large.  Thanks to your enthusiasm and efforts.”

- Marc C.

“Thank you so much for the feedback! I'm always looking for ways to improve my writing and the story. Your feedback is very valuable and I appreciate you taking the time to evaluate my script and give thorough and thoughtful feedback.”

- April S.

“I'd like to thank you and your team for creating this great opportunity for writers. The detailed feedback is fabulous and I am thrilled and heartened that my script has been received so well.”

- Rachel K.

“Once again, the feedback is awesome! I forgot that I purchased feedback for the fellowship entry (a nice surprise). This feedback is just as helpful as the feedback I received from JH last week. I know exactly the kind of revisions I need to make, and that is wonderful. It makes screenwriting all the more fun and challenging.”

- Jon D.

“Just wanted to say a quick thanks for the beautiful posting of the finalists' stories. I'm really grateful for the way Oryx Love was read in a professional manner — fantastic feedback and a thoughtful process of narrowing down the stories, giving many writers recognition — and the stories just look stunning on your website.”

- Jane H.

“Thank you for this valuable critique, Cameron. This is what I needed to elevate this script. Sometimes, you need an extra pair of eyes that know what to look for.”

- Jacob K.

“Thank you for your invaluable development notes and the encouraging words I need to keep going. I know I can't give up on writing, no matter what chaos falls into my universe. You helped validate this feeling with your feedback. I'm working on revising as I plan to enter my screenplay in the ScreenCraft Comedy Competition. I'll also be sending it back to ScreenCraft for more developmental notes.”

- Jae D.

“I love your genre contests which always make me ask myself, 'could I do that?' Thanks for giving aspiring writers, dreamers, a sounding board.  It's means a lot.”

- Alicia B.

“Dear Ken, I have been reading your blog posts for more than a year now, and I want to thank you for helping me hone my craft. I teach screenwriting to members of the High Desert branch of the California Writers Club, and draw heavily from your writing tips in my classes. You are a great writer.”

- Mary D.

“These notes are absolutely on point and entirely elements I hadn’t considered. Thank you and please thank your reader for me. These felt very objective and are succinct and direct.”

- Wes E.

“Your site has definitely inspired me to keep writing. Thank you!”

- Antonia A.

“I was deeply impressed by the sincerity of everyone involved with Screencraft's Nashville Writers Conference. The professionals that were part of the panel discussions and the "Pitchfest" were accessible and informative (The "Failure" Panel was so much fun!). The entire conference, as well Screencraft's written advice in advance of the conference, prepared me to enthusiastically and confidently pitch my screenplay — which I was able to do when we broke into informal settings. Two professionals requested me to send my work to them to read! I feel the entire experience has provided invaluable knowledge to expand my professional contacts and to encourage me to maintain the best attitude while endeavoring in this highly competitive industry.”

- Philip S.

“I was absolutely delighted with the script feedback I received from ScreenCraft. Not only was it astute and identified areas of my script that required attention, it was also encouraging and hinted at ways in which deficiencies could be addressed. Moreover, the project viability scores the reader awards really give you a good idea about how you are doing in a multitude of areas including dialogue, catharsis and commercial appeal.
The feedback I received, on this and subsequent scripts, has done wonders for my confidence as a screenwriter and has really taken my work to a new level. In ScreenCraft I have found script consultants whom I trust and are a joy to work with. I will come back again and again...!”

- Rob P.

"Just wanted to say thank you for sending over these in depth/very helpful notes, regarding my latest project. The insight from the designated reader was exactly along the lines of what I was thinking with my current round of edits, and I'm very grateful for the help and support! Looking forward to additional ways in which my team can work w/ ScreenCraft, as our project progresses!"

- Valerie Rose Y.

"Many thanks for the feedback from your team. It's great to know I'm on the right track and gives me a lot to work on going forward."

- Laudis N.

"Hi Cameron, Just wanted to drop back in and let you know that those words of yours concerning my screenplay still ring in my ears. I’ve spent a lot more time reworking and polishing this thing. I think I’ve got it to a much better place now and you were a big help. I’ve gotten a few of reviews from a few other contests but yours was the most helpful. So Again, thank you. I’ll attach the latest version just in case you have an interest to read it."

- Michael I.

"Big thanks to you guys for reading the script and supplying great analysis. Having a credible source read your material is all kinds of gratifying."

- Jack S.

"Since I started writing about 2 years ago, I've had a system of using ScreenCraft competitions (exclusively) as my own development process. I submit all of my first drafts - not aiming to place- but just to get a gauge for how far away I am from the finish line. I'm glad you have this new development service because I now have a place to send my rewrites:)... or I suppose a new system is in order: development service pass THEN competition pass! This has been a daunting side of the business to tackle and I'm really glad I stumbled upon ScreenCraft."

- Tate H.

"Absolutely amazing feedback!   This was worth the entry fee. Much gratitude."

- Jack N.

"Thank you so much for the feedback! In fact, the main reason I enter ScreenCraft competitions is for the feedback. I’ve always found it so helpful."

- Theresa, screenwriter

"Just wanted to say AGAIN I am blown away by your team and the feedback. I've entered numerous big contests before, (some years later still waiting on feedback), and I have to say I have no idea how your team continues to inspire and help writers grow with so submissions. You and your team are the elite of the elite. I don't care how much prize money other contests and firms put up. In my book if you want to be successful, get known, etc. — Screencraft is that door.

I got my best score ever and seeing it always get better and your team has been worth their weight in gold. I can honestly say I have only improved because of your talented readers and dead on sharp insight. I can't see writing a script without that. Trust is huge and I trust you and your team a million percent. Thank you a million times for being you and helping us!"

- Chris R.

“Thank you so much for these notes. They are incredibly helpful and pointed out a lot of problems that I could feel were there but had trouble identifying. Looking forward to revising using your notes as a guideline!”

- Nick P.

“Just wanted to say AGAIN I am blown away by your team and the feedback. I've entered numerous big contests before, (some years later still waiting on feedback), and I have to say I have no idea how your team continues to inspire and help writers grow with so submissions. You and your team are the elite of the elite. I don't care how much prize money other contests and firms put my book if you want to b successful, get known..Screencraft is that door.

I got my best score ever and seeing it always get better and your team has been worth their weight in gold. I can honestly say I have only improved because of your talented readers and dead on sharp insight. I can't see writing a script without that. Trust is huge and I trust you and your team a million percent. Thank you a million times for being you and helping us!”

- Chris R.

“Sending my gratitude for the incredibly thorough and valuable feedback I received. It both affirms changes I have already since made to the screenplay and inspires me to continue to polish the project. The comments were both thoughtful and insightful. I’m so glad I ordered the feedback with my entry. I will be definitely be recommending this service to my writing-group peers.”

- Jody T.
“Many thanks for the feedback on my screenplay. I really appreciate the comments and will look to them as I continue to refine my script. I am very grateful to receive concise feedback on how I can develop and improve this screenplay.”
- Greg W.

“Cameron, Cameron, Cameron! I have to give you the HUGEST thank you.  Major compliments and kudos. I've worked with so many people on this script and your comments had, not only an impact, but I understood and accepted them. I've been non-stop writing since I got them. I listened to every single thing you said,  and I THINK/HOPE I am closer to what you've suggested. Including down to 96 pages. I may want to send this draft and schedule the follow up after you read. I can't believe I found you. So,  if it's ok, I'd like to keep working with you.  I'm happy to work around your schedule. Thank you again!”

- Nancy G.

“First of all THANK YOU. Wow, your notes and critique are so in depth, awesome, etc.! I'm so humbled and honored you'd take the time to do that for my script. Just amazing.  Again, thank you and ScreenCraft. I'm incredibly blessed on this journey.”

- Sarah H.

“So basically I'm now obsessing over ScreenCraft, lol. Your newsletter is always full of great insights as well!”

- Erin G.

“I am amazed, and a little awed, by the depth of understanding of the story, characters, and their arcs demonstrated by AK.The comments are the best comments I’ve gotten in a long time, and I will incorporate the notes into the next draft.”

- Joseph

“Happy Monday!  I wanted to drop you a quick note before I got buried in work to tell you THANK YOU for coordinating an AMAZING Writer’s Conference!!!!  I received feedback that will certainly add value in developing a novel and screenplay in the future. Also, I appreciate you getting me set up to pitch at  “THE PITCH” at the last minute. As you know,  I had not planned on attending until the day before (rest assured, I will not plan on last minute scheduling as it impacts those who are coordinating the event and my apologies if it caused you extra work).  Although I was cut short with Carey Hayes due to overlapping schedules, he was so kind to offer to sit with me later and run through my pitch. 

I met so many incredible folks and look forward to continue building relationships with them. I drove to Nashville from Orlando.  It gave me time to really reflect on my life and although I have made mistakes, those mistakes are mine and they are as important as my successes because they make me who I am today and I am ok with that. I have lived an incredible journey and today it continues! MAKE it a FABULOUS week and THANK YOU again!! I look forward to the event next year!”

- Kim K.

“I AM SO EXCITED! Thank you so much for this incredible opportunity, truly appreciate the endless support. It's people like you that fuel writers and artists like me. ScreenCraft makes me want to work harder, write better, and challenge myself. Truly, thank you so much.”

- Dante R.

“Thoughtful, insightful notes, as usual. So glad I got this feedback before I finished this draft. Thanks so much.”

- Theresa D.

“I have been developing this screenplay for a little over 2 years. And this is the highest score I have achieved. With your feedback, the feedback of the horror judges (I think last year and maybe the year before), the important reading of articles and books on my craft, I appear to be getting "it". Thank you for the constant support.”

- Taylor A.

"Thank you so much for the wonderful Feedback/Notes for my TV pilot. This is perhaps the best Feedback I've ever received. Please let the reader know how much it has helped me rewrite my pilot. I really appreciate it."

Melissa W.

"Dear Cameron, Please pass along my appreciation to the reader ("KW") of JATR. I know it was KW's job, but it's nice to get constructive feedback that isn't negative or biased (which I have experienced from other consulting services). Additionally, I read your interview in Creative Screenwriting. You and John are doing great things over there. Although I'm still a relatively new and growing screenwriter, it's sources like ScreenCraft that lend optimism to navigating this industry. For that, I thank you."

- Evan M.

"This feedback is excellent! So informative and clear. You must thank whoever did it for me. I will definitely use ScreenCraft in the future. Thank you for the opportunity. I'm sure there have been some excellent submissions! Regards,"

- Joanna B.

"I want to thank the reader, GP, for the attention to detail and the depth provided in his/her notes. Extremely useful."

- Denise K.

"Hi! Thanks so much for the great notes, Cameron! Very valuable and certainly a lot to think about to make the script all it can be. Much appreciated! Cheers,"

- George P.

"Dear Cameron, I found the comments extremely valuable and constructive."

- Amy J.

"The feedback from ScreenCraft was INVALUABLE in, not only pointing out what needed improvement, but what was right!"

- Jason N.