"Writers Write."

by ScreenCraft on January 28, 2013

“Writers Write.”


This is the mantra that Billy Crystal’s character tells his writing class in Throw Momma From The Train. It’s a deceptively simple saying with real wisdom behind it.


Writing isn’t just a craft, it’s also a job, and you have to treat it like a job. If you aren’t putting in your hours, you’re not going to get anywhere. Writing is like running a marathon: you have to prepare, you have to start, and you have to stay in it for the long haul.


Writers that don’t write are more common than those that do. They talk endlessly about what they are going to write without ever actually writing anything, out of fear, laziness, a lack of available time, or any number of reasons.


It’s easy to look at the mammoth undertaking that is writing a script and get paralyzed. But it’s helpful to remember that a script is simply a collection of scenes grouped together into a narrative progression. By that logic, writing one scene at a time is all that you need to do. Every new scene…even if you rewrite the pants off it or throw it out entirely…gets you closer to your goal.


Like with anything else, you get better at writing the more that you do it. It can even get easier. The more time you spend writing, the more comfortable you’ll get with the image of being a writer, and it’ll be easier to keep going back to it. Muscle memory will set in.


Don’t let yourself get stuck. Write something, anything, as often as you can. Because writers write.

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