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Sundance Interview: Screenwriter-Director Sydney Freeland

by John on January 19, 2014

Sydney Freeland set her film, Drunkdown's Finest, on the Navajo reservation where she grew up.  Choosing personal material has proved successful for this young filmmaker.  With more than 25 short films to her credit, she finally had a chance to develop her feature film with an invitation to the Sundance Labs.  Robert Redford himself signed on to her project as executive producer - something he hasn't done since 2004's Motorycle Diaries. When the lab programs finished, Sydney Freeland spent two additional years developing the script and raising money for production. Freeland returned to her native New Mexico for the film's production.

We met with Sydney on the balcony of the Sundance Film Festival's media center, overlooking Main St. in Park City.  Check out the videos below (and many more on the ScreenCraft YouTube Channel):




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