Storytelling Master John Yorke Will Be at 2019 ScreenCraft Writers Summit!

by ScreenCraft on February 26, 2019

Now is your chance to learn from the man himself, in person! John Yorke will be joining us in Atlanta at the ScreenCraft Writers Summit from April 5 - 8, 2019. He'll be flying over from "across the pond" to teach us about the craft of screenwriting with these two wonderful courses:

Class 1 - Craft Intensive:  Story Structure

Find out why all successful stories share an underlying structure – and how to apply the principles to your own scripts for TV, film and stage. John Yorke has been teaching story development and working with some of the industry's top writers and producers for nearly two decades.

Class 2 - Craft Intensive: What Novelists Can Learn from Screenwriting

Celebrated author, producer and screenwriter John Yorke digs into the crossover between writing novels and screenplay formats and how each can elevate the other. Are you a screenwriter adapting a book, or are you a novelist looking to learn about screenwriting? This is the class for you!

See the full 2019 ScreenCraft Writers Summit schedule here.


ScreenCraft and John Yorke recently came together to create a course through ScreenCraft Academy that can help anyone shape stories that work. John's philosophy is straightforward – "There's a reason all stories are the same shape – that structure is an intrinsic expression of the human mind and is the product of physics and chemistry and biology. Our courses are designed to help you recognize and understand that structure and its essential elements – and apply them to your work."

John Yorke is former Controller of BBC Drama Production and Head of Channel Four Drama. He has shaped stories that have attracted some of the biggest audiences for drama in UK TV history. He has overseen some of the UK’s most enduring and popular shows, from Shameless and Life On Mars to the iconic soap EastEnders alongside internationally acclaimed dramas including the critically acclaimed Bodies and Golden Globe-winning series Wolf Hall.

John has worked with a vast array of talent over 30 years of his career so far, making him uniquely positioned to watch, learn and analyze the work of the finest writers in screen drama. His approach to constructing stories is based on the premise that all stories share a unifying shape. Whereas previous teachers of story have concentrated on “how” stories work, John looks at “why” – because they reflect the way we make sense of the world.

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