by ScreenCraft on October 13, 2015

Listed below are the semifinalists of the inaugural ScreenCraft Sci-Fi Screenplay Contest, representing the top eight percent of submissions received.

Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far, and thanks to everyone who submitted. View the quarter-finalists here, and stay tuned for the upcoming announcement of the winners here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages!

Ardent by Joseph S. Ramunni

Area 51 by Dylan Brann

Are You Dreaming? by Phil Singleton

Black Ice Below by Peter Fraser

Blind Spot by Graham Parke

Building Time by Brian James Crewe (story by Brian James Crewe and Hugh Aodh O’Brien)

Chaos by Kevin P. Taft

Chennai 2040 by Vishnu Sekar

Crater by Luke Pimentel

Digitalia by Brian Dyko

E-Den by Laura Villandre

Elle by Kaitlin Puccio

Eurydice # 5 by Christopher Runyon

Evitable by Jack Matosian

Fix by Nathan Wilcoxen & Amy Greischar

Gaia by Autumn Laskey

Gaze Towards Infinity by Phillip E. Hardy (story by Zane W. Levitt and Phillip E. Hardy)

Genesis Rising by Helena Derett

Golden Years by Timothy O’Rawe

Guardian by Kevin M. Keller

Harold The Peaceful by Sebastian van Hoek

Heavy Gravity by Mike Davidson

Heroman by Timucin Leflef

Homestead by Viet Huynh

Into The Darkness by Will Saunders

Ironbound by Pete Cafaro

Keeper Of The Chair by Fil Marchese

Keeping Time by Nathan Zoebl

Live, From The Milky Way by Joe Borriello

Maria 3.0 by Blake Andrew

Mars Project by Nancy Duff

Megalopolis by Moutaz Jad

Mind Mirror by Matt Eskandari & Mike Hultquist

No Man’s Land by Michelle Davidson & Jeffrey R. Field

Oliver Clark & The Future Unknown by Nick Shepherd & Toni Wynne

Pin0cchi0 by Justin Calen Chenn

Rectify by Tom Garfinkel

Red Rock by Scott Hamilton and Peter J. Hamilton

Residual by The Brothers Lynch

Rise Of The Phoenix by Ann Marie Williams

Shadow People by Fernando Ortiz

Shadow Skies by Jason LaShea

Silence by Dylan S. Phillips

Simuverse by Mike Normandia

Sirius by PJ Hart

Space Racer by Erik H. Bernard & Lyndon Tait

Starry Starry Night by Robin Jensen

Surface by Frank Edward Kelly

Synchronicity by Justin Staggs

Terra Alpha One by Neil Chase

The Assimilation by Chris Wiltz

The Bureaucrat by Conor Long

The Domain by Michael Raymond

The Girl Who Fell Through Time by Kevin A. Reynolds

The Göd Machine by Michael Craft

The Pursuit by Alex Hunt

The Revolt of the Whales by Michael Rhodes

The Sky Thieves by Joey Ernand

The Space Wolf by Harv Zimmel

The Wind Riders by Amanda Boggs & Michael W. Denison

Timmy The Robot Slayer by Mike Boss

Timmy Tilson by Peter Zizzo

Transcarlet by James Ross

Vector by Matt MacDonald

Zebra Victor One by Adam Bradley

Zoe Jones: Spectral Drifter by April Rouveyrol


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