ScreenCraft Family-Friendly Script Contest Quarter-Finalists Announced!

by ScreenCraft Staff on March 28, 2014

We are genuinely excited to announce the quarter-finalists of our inaugural ScreenCraft Family-Friendly Script Contest! Congratulations to all who have made it this far, and thanks to everyone who submitted.  Stay tuned for the upcoming announcements of the semi-finalists and grand prize winners!

10 Little Indians by William Gatlin

A Cub's Hope by Darion Richardson

Adopting Grandpa by Annie Wood

A Green Christmas by John Bramley & Eva Kowalski

Alec In Underland by Svilen Kamburov

Alice Griffith and the Keys of Time by Jeffrey Bradley

Alice In Ozzu by William Sikorski Jr. & William Sikorski III

Alien High School by DJ Driscoll

All That Glitters by Michael E. Bierman

A Taste of Freedom by Mike Boss

A Time Out of Rhyme by Patrick Towne, Randal West, Ken Helms & Justin Hill

A Zillion Zaboodles by Phyllis Heltay

Bad Chemistry by David Casci & Jeffrey Hilton

Bears Beware! by Ross Mihalko & Donna Swift

Birds of A Feather by Glenn Ferrara

Bottom Feeder by Douglas C. H. Henry

Boys Night Out by Suzanne Johnson

Camp Lucky by Geoff Wilson

Catching Claus by Kevin Murphy & Joseph Murphy

Center Rink by Ellin Stein

Claws, Paws and a Blue McCaw by Theresa Giese

Conjuror Woods by Joseph Paul Forbes

Cooper's Confession by Cliff Zimowski

Crossings by Fred Perry

Dai The Voice by Alison Down

Danny and the Highwayman by Campbell Graham

Danturu The Lost Birds by Lorena Escalante

Darby Petty and the Lost Treasure by DC Sayre

Dogbiskit: The Fastest Mutt in History by Christopher Sansone

Dreamworld by Brent Hartinger

Drosselbart by Effie Bathen

Duckwood: The Legend of Spruce Lee by Joe Cosner

Eleven Days by Jaginder Singh

Elf Storage by Jeff Burdick

Ellis Academy by Cassandra Marie

Finding Distance by Daniel Levitan and Jodi Levitan

Fintan Fedora and the Mythical Brazilian Chocoplum by Amy Amani

Free Inside! by Sarah Brockmann

Future School by David Ullendorff

Galapagos by Amanda Parham

Gone West by Brenda Newmann

Grugalu by Natalia Maeda & Pedro Aguilera

Heart of a Family by Sharon Duncan

Heroman by Timucin Leflef

Horseplay by Danielle Silvie Gershberg

It's Your Bedtime, Mr. President by Stephen Kogon

Junior Lifeguards by Andrew Freiburghouse & John Pullman

Just Phil by Shawn Hazelett

Kai by Karl A. Simpson Jr.

Kid Comedy by John V. Madormo

Kringle Vs. Kringle by Terence Brody

Little Red Cells by Ronald L. Ecker

Lone Tree by Lowell R. Dawson

Mac Friday by Michelle Bergamo and Michele Giannusa

Maestro! Maestro! by Frederick Calvert

Magic Hour by Bo Yeon Kim

Matzo Ball Mob by Nadia Anatolia Selvaggi

Max and the Happy Prince by Kimberly Kaplan

Max's Fantastic Adventure: The Well of Lost Souls by Jonathan Bucari and Matt K. Firpo & David Shapiro

Medal of Honor by Martin Blinder

Megan and the Menehune by Marc Hertz

Miracle: Anna's Hummingbird by Guershon Moreno

Miss Bee's Tomato Club by Molly Hall

Moby by Brian Rauch

Monkey River by Laurie Weltz and Jay C. Key

Monster Hunters by Neil Chase

Moonless by Thomas Grigg

Mush by Warren H. Brooks

North Pole Central by the Nardini Sisters

One Hit Wonder by Bruce Rose

Out of the Wetlands by Bruce Golde

Owney by Wayne Johnson

P.I. Pup by Beth Rohach

Pixletown by Joe Tarantino & Marija Dail

Pop Up Kids by Lois June Wickstrom and Jean Lorrah

Princess Reborn by Lee Tidball

Project Sweet Life by Brent Hartinger

Raining Cats by Deb Havener

Remy by James Grayford

Riders of the Haute Couture by Bradd Hopkins

Rise of the Phoenix by Ann Marie Williams

River Dreams by Michael Raymond

Santa's School For Santas by Ben Gillman

Santa's Squad Vs. Team Leprechaun by Lance Wayne

Sasquatch Sanctuary by Seth Newton

Saves The Day by Jeffrey Stoltzfus

Search For Dad by James M. De Vince

Seeing Eye Dad by Robert Caudillo

Serena's Thunder by Jean Hunter

Shakespeare Unplugged by Erin Donovan

Shelf Life by Leslie R. Henderson

Shrink to Fit by Mark Lunsford, Brad Rivers, Brent Rivers & Esther Luttrell

Slumber by Becky Head

Spirit of Kells by Livia Brode

Staycation by Sundae Jahant-Osborn

Super Charlie, Sleepwalking Hero by Pat Carey

The Angry Angel by Laurie Stevens

The Ball Boy by Thomas Doyle

The Bird's Nest by Arleen Birks

The Bride Can't Decide by Laura Lewis-Barr

The Bully and the Beast by Jenny Taylor-Whitehorn

The Cat That Saved The (Hollywood) Stars by Philip C. Sedgwick

The Circle of Olympians...Return To Power by Sonya Haramis, M.Ed and Joanna Paxinou

The Concert by Steven Prowse

The Crocketville Kid by Phil Yuhas

The Fearless Foursome & The Danville Treasure by Kranti Pally

The Fifth Beetle by Abe Frank

The Flowered Bracelet by Alexander Kalinkin

The Gift by Jacqueline Escolme 

The Girl From Mars by Christina Pamies

The Ice-skating Phantom of Hickory Creek by Charles A. Gregory

The Invisible Kid and Dr. Poof's Magic Soap by Terry Baltz and Wayne Baltz

The Janitor by Pat Carey

The June Drawer by Carol Shank

The Little Giant by Mike Boss

The Magic and Maria by Suzanna Royse

The Menace of Winchester: A Christmas Fable by Tim Gaddy

The Money Tree by Shiva Ramanathan

The Monster Hunter's Handbook by Ryan Brannan Doyle

The Mootants by Derek Taylor Kent

The Mysterious Wonderful by A. Wayne Carter 

The Odd Ms. Bodkins and the Big Crunch by David Casci and Jeffrey Hilton

The Panjiayuan Diary by Tim Plaehn

The Paper Castle by Stephen Unger and Joshua Patterson

The Peach Pirates of Beech Grove by Frances Babb

The Peculiar Predicaments of Mississippi River Rats by Rain Story

The Queen Pharaoh AKA Hatshepsut by Rebekah Elizabeth Stevens

The Rose Tree by Angela Berliner

The Sandstones by Rhonda M. Hall

The Secret Lives of Teddy Bears by David Eyman

The Secret of Boomer Lake by Peter Alan Schnell

The Squawker by Craig Peters

The Warrior and the Beast by Erik H. Bernard & Lyndon Tait

The White Lie Christmas by Jason Park

Time Rupture by Jay Chapin

Tough Cookies by M.J. Anderson and Richard Rossner

Turkey Day by Michael Lee Barlin

Two Peese in a Pad by Tom Christopher

What IF by Paul Mendelson

Wild Angel by Rick Ferreira and the Good Guys

Wild Tribe by G.J. Huffman

Year of the Snake by Kathryn Kyker

Zephyr by David Heinrich


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