Pilot Launch Quarter-Finalists Announced!

by ScreenCraft on October 13, 2014

Listed below are the quarter-finalists of the 2014 ScreenCraft Pilot Launch competition. These scripts were selected from over 1,000 submissions. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far and thanks to all for submitting.  Stay tuned for the semi-finalists announcement here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages!


30 Days by Lorenzo Colonna

Ætheria by Heather Imani

After The Merge by Derek Asaff

American Descent by Andrew Landis & Julia Swift

Anomalies by Sabrina C. Nouadir

Apocalypse by Melissa Dearr

A State of Maine by Paul Young

Atlantis by Ashley Avis

Becoming Jack by Amanda Olson

Bleeding Waters by Simon Wall

Blood For Oil by Noah P. Moskin

Bogota by Daniel Biagi

Boystown Beat by Marshall Thornton

Breeders by Carol Cumming

Case of Darkness by Stephen Hoover

Charles Dickens's Ghost Club by Mark Robertson

Citadel by Andrew Hallisey

Colwich by Diana Davis

Corrupt Bastards by Ryan Kabacinski

Crashing Eden by Charles Disney (based on the novel by Michael Sussman)

Crawfish by Paul Barakat

Crazytown by Xaque Gruber

Credence by Michael Easton

Creed by Maged Ghoraba & Hany Ghoraba

Dark Eyes by John Casu

Dead Letters by Rosario Pellerito & Manuel Valdivi

Deliverance by Matthew Carter

Demon Hunters by Jason Melby

Diana's Coven by Craig Berger

Die, Maniacs, Die! by Eric Joel La Fuente & Corey Schuber

Dodge & Burn by John Ward

Dolan by Wayne C. Rogers

Escape/Artist by Alan R. Baxter

Eternal by Kristin Kirby

Evidence of Anomie by Tom Naughton

Evolved by Raed Assar

Expiration Date by Wes Meilandt (story by Wes Meilandt, Nathan Bayne and Tim Black)

Family Values by Malcolm Carter

Flashbacks by Arthur Tiersky

Frankenstein's Monsters by T.J. Mino

Fraud by Brandon DeRoos

From Here To There by Jenn Kashiwa

From The Shadows by KB Shaw

Genus by Matthew Wayt

Halloran House by Phillip E. Hardy

Hellbound by Bernard Zeiger

Heroes by Caliann Lum

Hood by Alexander Galant

Hotel California by Carrie Wachob

Igniting Idaho by Robert Novotny

Incarnate by Claire Elaine Newman

Internal Affairs by B. Maddox

Jane by Robert E. Dillon

Just Some Girl by Louise Geraghty

Keep The Faith by Kevin Ray

Killing Abby by Amy Lambert

Killing Me Softly by Robert Christian Frostholm

Legal Ease by Jim Morris

Lion's Den by Amy Lambert

Liquid Adrenaline by Le'a Lehua Toulon Black

Little Fish by Samantha Gonzales

Magellan Green by Jeffrey Hirschfield

Magic Stick by Shane Weisfeld

Millenials by Danny Baram

Mind Over Matter Vicki Peterson

Miskatonic by Tim Shell (based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft)

Morph by William D. Colella

Mr. Basketball by Kaleb Tuttle

Mr. Sandman by Michael Beall

Nottingham by Arissa L. Utemark (created by Shaun Collins)

Occupation by Scott Robert Waldvogel (story by Scott Robert Waldvogel & Matt DeMartini)

Otherkin by Pete Monaghan and Ruth Estelle

Opium Gardens by Joe Henriques

Pandora's Blight by Joe Crouch

Parker Menlo by Matthew Sorvillo

Peculiar Institution by Kendell Klein

Pending Investigations by Matthew Sorvillo

Phoenix by Natasha Hall

Play And Kill At Shadow Hill by Brandon DeRoos

Political Bodies by Miriam Datskovsky & Bryan Keefe

Pop Shot by Kevin Lee Miller

Portalz by Alicia R. Norman

Powder Keg by Brian Loschiavo

Priori Son by Victor Marranca & Vanessa King

Psimon by Travis Seppala

Psycho Killer by Valérie A. Brotski

Public Relations by Kelsey Christine McConnell

Push by Jeremy McCann

Raising Frankenstein by Erin Sneath

Raythu Rising by Brad Carpenter

Reconciling Jimmy by Valerie Peterson

Reed Only by Benjamin Jonah

Remember Me by Sean M. Wathen

Replay by Frank D'Angeli & David Hogan

Report On Ordinary by Victor Marranca

Restraint by Stephen Hoover

Richland by Johnny B. Dunn

Ridge's Lucy by Tim Davis

Rivals by Daphne Lamm

Rivermeade by S.E. McKendrick

Savage by Stephanie Bousley

Savage Detectives by Judith Lutz

Secondhand Smoke by Lizzie Donaldson & Brad Davis

Seeing Sin by Chris Squadrito

Serig by Tzvi Lebetkin

Sexy Beasts by Ron Brassfield

Soul Collector by Holli Herrle-Castillo and Julio Castillo

Stained by Lisa Marie Petersen

Storyville by Joe Gonzales & Bradford N. Smith

Sub Rosa by Cindy Appel

Suicide Souls by Mike Davidson

Survival And Espionage by Matt Stacey

Swagger by George Rothwell

Target Jeremy by Eddie Velez

The Arena by Damond Fudge

The Bible Belt by Steven Pipps

The Blood Of Eland by Adam Ward

The Buzz by Karl Richter

The Cadence by Ryan Toyama

The Dead Belt by Michael J. Yurinko

The Divinity Cycle by Nelson R. Downend

The Fallen by Anthony A. Hart

The Fix by Sagit Maier-Schwartz

The Floor by Ross Blumenfeld

The Four Norsemen And The Girl From Gaul by Tim Davis

The Garellis by Toni Anderson

The Gower Chronicles: Operation Red Star by Rebecca Handley

The Island by Dorothy Kozak Snoke (based on the real life cases of Maria Zimmerman)

The Kentucky Waltz by J.R. Dorsey

The Law Of Power by Garrett Brawith

The Liberty by Travis Oberlander

The Many Lives of David Cramer by David Eyman

The Middle Space by Charlotte Dow

The Psychos by Damien Gautier

The Recovery by Angela Berliner

The Reservoir by Dylan Allen (created by Eddy Vallante and Dylan Allen)

The Ribbon by Dan Southard

The Sea of Tranquility by Augustus Prime

The Seed by Steven Cohen

The Servant by Philip Bache & Alexander Bornstein

The Spy Wears Stilettos by Nancy Duff & Stephanie Greenquist

The Syndicate by Andrew Gilchrist

The Trail by Jordan Minter

The Union by Joseph Cavalier (additional dialogue by Taylor Park)

The Vault by John Lindley

The Wandering by Steven Cohen

Tombstone by Jim Morris

Tomorrowland by Jamie Mayer

Trajectories: Bodies In Space by Matthew Sorvillo

Twisp by Arthur Rains-McNally & Guy Steele

Turn The Page by Fernando Arias & David Sayre

Ultimate Events by William A. Frazier, III

Utopia by Christopher Iannacone

Verbatim by Sydney Mitchel

Vision Speak by Eden Remme Watt

Wasteland by Christian DeAngelis

Wednesday Night Suicide Club by Matthew Schutt

Wendover by Scott Malchus & Jeff Marsick

Wetwork by Tim Shell

Widowmakers by Kirk Weddell

Youngbloods by Scott Malchus & Jeff Marsick


1BR/BA by Laura Beck & Minty Lewis

3 Moms by Kris Wellman

Adults by Brandon Rizzuto

Alastor Blackburn: Hell Detective by James L. York

American Beverage Company by Richard Barito

And...Action by Dan Borengasser

Andy's World by Darren Sherwood

An Honest Day's Work by Jonathan Kuhn

A Of J by Jacob Larch & Alan J Mockler

Applause Break by Jordan Gouveia

Ark City Jazz by Boaz Dror

Auction House Master by Dylan Donahue

Bad Mommy by Anne Marie Scheffler

Bandos by Matthew Rasmussen

Barely Entertainment by Russell Stein

Beverly Hills Charter High School by Paul Thomas

Big Circle by Jason Lester & Severiano Martinez

Big Girl by Rebecca Johnstone

Billy Pulpit by Aaron Walker & Jack Zarin-Rosenfeld

Break A Leg by Noemi Villela Dean & Tres Dean

Buckslips by Evan Dickson

Bungalows by David Pendze

Buzzard's Bay by Jamie Peterson

Carey On by Robert Schuck

Citizen Taxi by Nick Greco

Clyde by Jason Skorski

Cops And Mothmen by Josh Murray and Joshua Bateman

Darwin’s Landing by Brendan McLoughlin & Brad Cohen

Diary Of A Sociopath by Valérie A. Brotski

Divide & Party by Carol Sabik-Jaffe

Divorced By 30 by Sean M. Wathen & Jason Daugherity

Dog Days by John Otteni

Dojo by Kathy Yamamoto

Electile Dysfunction by Brett Weissbeck

Ex-Pats by Jeff Burdick

Follies by Matt Truex

Food & Drink by J. Tom Field

Francisco y Juliana by Joe Gonzales & Bradford N. Smith

Gayfellas by Matthew Feely & Joe Dixon

Genesis by Amir Ohebsion

Gents by Jake Kilroy & Scott Barman

God Collar by Tom Critch

Green by Zak Shaikh

Henry Rosenblum: Awkwardly Traveling Through Time by Jason Mazzotta & Michael McLellan

High School Again by Ryan Clark

Hollywood Plus-One by Brian Strickland

Homoneurotic by Paul Ditty

HOV by Alex Pollakoff

I'm Fat...Deal With It by Kimaya M. Floyd

InsemiNation by Joshua Altman & Jeffrey Leaf

Ivy League Law by Scott L. Semer

Janetourage by Jamie Levey

Janitorium by Joseph Gartrell

Jewlipino by Tess Paras

Life Court by Elden Rhoads

Life Is Too Short To Be Fat by David Koutsouridis

Life Revised by Emily Sullivan

Madams by Lainee Frizzo & John Forrest

Magicland by Jenn Dlugos and Charlie Hatton

Magik Ranch by Barbara Ishida

Making History by Leah Franqui

Me Again by Mike Hadge

Members Only by Bruce Blumberg

Monsterville by Daniel Baram

Mr. Doom by Nick Watson

Ms. Littlefield by David Minaskanian

My Senior Year Sucks Dick by Ian McWethy

Mysteries Of Faith by Matt McHugh

National Champions by Alan Avante

Not For Profit by Amalia McGibbon

Oh Henry by Dennis Joseph

Only Ugly On The Inside by Theresa Drew

Out Of Character by Scott Robert Waldvogel (story by Scott Robert Waldvogel & Matt DeMartini)

Out Of Step by Carol Prunsk

Overdue by Karin Partin Wells

Over It by Phil Wurdeman & Abi Wurdeman

Paranoid People by Joe Tyler Gold & Tammy Caplan

Parker Scott by Kevin Rosen

Paul Noir by Thomas Crosby and Sam Tremayn

Peace by Dane Brannan & Thane Economou

Picked Up by Russell Corey

Polk Pride by Paul McLalin

Public Access by Michael Sokey & Katie Scrivner

Purgatory by Barbara Ribeiro & Jeffrey Payne

Quarter Life Crisis by Derrick Metellus

Rebecca Resets by Amelia Solomon

Rec Center by Darren Lau

Rematched by Derek Asaff & Aviv Rubinstien

Roosters by Justin Servino & Michael Springer

Schooled by Jeff Bower & Matt Stabile

Sconny Crime Lab by Sig Ueland

Shake Señora by Becky Root

She's Out Of My Mind by Robert Pucci

Shifting Gears by Steve Marovitch

Sleep Away by Jonathan Hess

Soliciting by Andrew Gilchrist

Stay Tuned by Ben Gluck

Stubs by Lindsay Golder

Summers And Winter by Alicia Bien

Super Old by Janice Koon

Swoosh! by Sabina Sattar

Talking Points by Jaydn Stepick

Thanks Mom And Dad by Jamie Levey

The Accidental Candidate by Carmella Cardina

The Activists by Darren Love

The Back Page by Josh Rakic

The Department Of Death by Lena Cigleris

The Factory by Matt Coppa

The Millenials by Betsy Morgan & Chris Lagarce

The Parks by Young Sang Lee

The Unfuckables by April Shih

The Wake-Up Show by Jerome Halligan

Two Princes by Mark DeLisle & Christopher Shefstad

Unleashed by Matthew Manson

Washington High by Jeff McLaughlin

We'll Take It From Here by Rob Grant

Wonderland by Lisa Douglass & A. Nicole Kelly

Writing On The Wall by Lisa Super

Year Of The Tiger by Kathleen Chen & Brian Polk

You Bet by Paula Sorge Moynihan


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