Orb Media Group China-Hollywood Screenwriting Fellowship Quarter-Finalists Announced

by ScreenCraft on March 7, 2017

Today we announce the quarter-finalists for the inaugural Orb Media China-Hollywood Screenwriting Fellowship.  These writers comprise approximately the top 20% of applicants. The semi-finalists, finalists and recipients will be selected and announced within the next several weeks, coinciding with the Beijing Film Festival in April. The chosen winners will receive a mentorship program that includes roundtrip travel to Beijing and Shanghai, including a press conference and VIP mentorship dinner at the Shanghai International Film Festival in June.

As announced by Screen Daily in January, the program aims to finance and develop up to four projects for production and distribution within the US and China each year. Winners will each be offered a WGA-scale option fee of up to $13,374 against a purchase price of up to $133,739, depending on the final budget of each film. Each of the top 30 finalists will also be considered for first-look deals with Orb Media Group.

Congratulations to these talented screenwriters!

The following 2017 quarter-finalists have advanced to the second round of consideration for the awards:

English Language Submissions

A.W. "Tony" Scott Parent Management
Alex Shifman Crossed Swords
Alex Shifman Shanghai Vaudeville
Alicia Lomas-Gross Made in China
Amanda Keener Patchwork
Andy Jones The Anklebiter
Anna Ray-Jones Blood Tartan
Billie Bates Made In China
Bradley Stryker The Dragon Run
Brendan Turrill Time Lapse!
Brennig Hayden Red In Tooth And Claw
Brennig Hayden Big Red
Brennig Hayden Bastard
Carlos Arata Supercell
Caryn McCann The China Conspiracy
Chee Hao Hui Rickshaw
Chilli Kippen Knowing Valentine
Chris Howlett FALSE FLAG
Christopher Greenslate Age of the Peacock
Clarence Williams IV Ezen Island
Craig Rosenthal The One
Damon Chua A Match Made in Diamond
Dana Ziyasheva The Dragon Angel
Daniel Hogan The Preserve
Daniel Sheiman Voyeur
David Bornstein Son
David Ludwig Vienna
Dean Edelson Trackers
Dennis Stevens Gunfire Reef
Dicky Chalmers Only Connect
Dorothy Kozak Snoke The Legend Of Dave: Curse Of Khan's Tomb
Dumford King Blue Sky And I
Eric Bergemann American-Born American
Felix Wong One Day, Three Autumns
Finola Waller The Unit
Frank Kelly Surface
Gary Shockley The Fantastical Waterclocks of Cao Jinsong
George Ding Peking Dunk
Glenn Williams Sympathy for the Devil-Jesus Saves Las Vegas
Graham Parke How to Catch A Time Traveler
Graham Parke Debbie The Viking
Graham Parke Infinity Theorem
Gunnar Garrett Jr. Through the Land of Illusion
Hans-Christoph Von Goetz The Tut Conspiracy
Heather Farlinger Hominine (Theta)
Helen Truong The God Genome
Helen Truong Kinetic
Homer Hsieh The Risk Factor
Ivy Lee Everyday People
J. Titus 50 South
James Hickey Mindjack
James Cisneros Winnie
Jamie Wang Body Borrow
Jason Azcar Space Racers
Jean-Tommy Kayembe Phantom Pain
Jeff Wynne The Solar Effect
Jennifer Potts Th Extraordinary World of Cecily Blinkstop
Jim Jackson The Visitors
J. Kevin Cleary Burma Road
John Martins III One China
John Perry Dancoe The Incident
Jonathan Ross Red Boat
Jose Sepulveda The Freedom Fighter Girl
Katharine Yee Final Agent
Keith & David Lynch PARIAH
Kelly Yaksich Escape From Hong Kong
Ken Miyamoto The Purple Heart Battalion
Kendal Whitlock Tea Boy Sue
Kermit Davidson Supercolony
Lai Cheung No Kicks Left Behind
Laura Miller Blue Cave Mountain
Lawrence Chen Cannonball
Lee Matthew Goldberg and Margot Berwin Lacerta
Lelia Alford The Phoenix Pin
Lew Osteen The Adventures Of Lash And The Red Avenger
Lin Qian one day husband
Linda Toussaint Nauti Girls
Lindsay Golder Leftover Guys
Lorinda Donovan Sister Hoods
Marc Rosenberg Dreams of Earth
Mark Daniels Shui Gui: The Water Ghost
Mark Hammond M - Demon Killer
Mark Renie Clones
Mark Collins The Prototype
Mark Weatherbe Blue Dog 7
Mark Mandemaker Watchers
Marlene Shigekawa Hawk Dreamer
Mary Krell-Oishi Feeling Shanghai
Matt Soutendijk Lioness
Matteo Romano Bernardini Cinderella Must Die
Matthew Clingempeel KPop
Matthew Hawksworth The Edge Of The World
Megan Bickel Insight Heights
Meiling Melançon  The Red String: The Dream
Michael Graf The Last Indian War
Michael Quintana White Rabbit
Michael Leung Rendezvous
Michael Thai 10G
Mike Langer Wendigo
Mike Langer Mr. Moon
Milly Sanders The Iron Bride
Mitch Ross and John Taylor Psychodrive
Monte Swann That Which Does Not Kill
Nell Esterhazy Scannon Shanghai Waking
Nick Wallace The Road
Nicole Jones-Dion Alternity
Nicole Quinn It's a Nightmare
Patricia Semler Shrimp Boat Blues
Patrick Biesemans The Beautiful Country
Paul G. O'Connor The Interlude
Raed Assar Tectum
Richard Guimond Metacomet
Richard Dane Scott Once When U Were Mine
Robert Porter Orphans
Robert Tobin Chasing
Robert Skir Savage Seas
Robert Skir The Emperor Of Luna Park
Robert Remy Chameleon
Robert J. Traydon Iridessium 2038
Russ Zitaruk HEL
Ryan Anglin Butterfly Summer
Ryan Toyama Ascension
Samantha Gurash Whispers in the Walls
Sarah Polhaus Tone Dead
Sean Cabiling American Man
Shiv Sudhakar The Curmudgeons
Sid Bodalia White Calm
Stacy Spruill Beijing, Or Bust
Stephen Lance The Secret Lives Of Dresses
Steve Barfield Quest
Su Ching Teh A Song and a Dance
Sylvia Llewellyn Stone Drive
Tara Wilkinson Gold
Terry Lynam Fighting Johnny O'Brian
Thomas Grigg The China Bat
Thomas Downs Little Bird
Tim Plaehn The Panjiayuan Diary
Todd Serlin Disruption
Todd Shuler Dew on Ginkgo Leaves: The Tigress and The General
Tom Freyer Shaolin Wolf-Man
Tom Gong A Place For Drying Fishing Nets
Toy Lei Boxer
Tracey Bradley Red Runners
Victor Ho I Know Kung Fu
Xiaoli Zheng Forbidden Symphony
Zeb Eckles Veiled Horizon

Chinese Language Submissions

Boon Siang Lim 出海记之满剌加
Boon Siang Lim 诡忆
Caryn McCann 中国阴谋
Hui Mien Lu 
Ka Ho Wong 觸瞳
Menghan Xu 梦中人
Owen Guo 旧金山的王木头
Sixing Su 
Tan Je 胜单快乐
Vivid Ping-Yu Wang 久别重逢
Wei He 英雄武松
Wei He 全民老公
Yimel Huang 东京玫瑰
Yin Kgonw 生物人血战 C
Yisong Chen 保卫金参 
Yucheng Sun 凛冬夜

王 汉字大作战 

师  许  永生咒

钟  职业电影

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