Jeffrey Caine to Pen Hannibal Miniseries for History Channel

by ScreenCraft Staff on December 2, 2013

Earlier today, media sources announced that screenwriter Jeffrey Caine will write the script for a new Hannibal miniseries. History Channel is developing the show, with Halle Berry serving as executive producer.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the series "will tell the story of the greatest generals in antiquity -- Hannibal Barca and his archrival Scipio Africanus -- who went head-to-head in the Second Punic War."

Deadline reported that the series will begin in Carthage, 264 BC, at the beginning of Hannibal's life in North Africa, then takes viewers through the Second Punic War between Carthage and Rome. The show explores the relationship between Hannibal and his archrival Africanus. "Despite their fiercely opposed allegiances, the two are brought together and grow to respect each other as brothers," reports Variety.

"Hannibal was not only the greatest African general to ever live, he may have been the greatest general, period,” said Berry to Deadline. “His story is an intricate and captivating ride, and I’m thrilled to get this project off the ground with our partners at History.”

Caine is an Oscar and BAFTA-nominated writer who was born in London, England.  In 2004, he won Best Script for Inside I'm Dancing at the Irish Film and Television Awards. He is known for scripting Goldeneye, The Constant Gardner and Rory O'Shea Was Here. In addition, he's written numerous episodes for television shows, including Bodyguards, The Chief and An Unsuitable Job for a Woman.

In other television news, American screenwriters who found their heyday scripting older shows like The Mary Tyler Moore Show are now rejuvenating their careers for Chinese television. E! Entertainment co-founder Larry Namer, who is also the CEO of Chinese production company Metan, has created Metan Wen Zhi Ku (“Writing Mastermind”), a collective that aims to bring the talent and style of unemployed scriptwriters to China. Check out the ScreenCraft article.

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