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Fall 2021 ScreenCraft Film Fund Semifinalists

by ScreenCraft on August 4, 2021

Listed below are the Semifinalists of the Fall 2021 ScreenCraft Film Fund. These exceptional screenplays were selected from almost 1,000 submissions. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far and thanks to all for submitting!

Stay tuned for the Finalist announcement on August 25th here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages! And if you’d like to receive a notification when this contest re-opens for entries, you can subscribe for updates via Coverfly here.

Here are the Semifinalists:

26 Seconds Kelly Galindo
50 Years Of Shuyao Chen
76Days Joe Wein
A Cotton Moon Zack Hosseini
A Family Reunion Xavier Burgin, Thomas Wright
A La Mode Tatiana Aarons
A Taste of Chlorine Alvaro Congosto
A White Heron Savannah Magruder
AGG Shaina Ghuraya
All Are Sleeping On The Hill Ryan Wagner
All the Things We Could Not Carry Leah Welch
All You Hear Is Noise Ned Castle
Assimilated Christopher Guerrero
Athenia's Last Voyage Thomas Sanger
Baby Girl Summer Agnew
Baobab Universe Marina Martins & Melissa Malzkuhn
Be Safe Annelise Tompkins
Beacon Isara Krieger
Being Ali Abd Al Kader Habak
Bertie The Brilliant  Gabriela Garcia Medina & Josh Sankar
Black Butterflies Tamara S. Hall
Black Opera Miranda Plant
Bluebird Day Amanda Freas & Gordon Freas
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Eve Van Dyke
Cairn Anna Vecellio
Carbon Claire McClanahan
Carpe Diem JJ Condon
Carrion Yvonne Zhang
Charlie's Freedom Carol Younghusband
Chopin Vincent Lin
Chopin The Series Alex Balassa, Victoria Orvañanos & Marisol Mijares
Chorus Daniel Egbert
Chronicles of a Wandering Saint Tomas Gomez Bustillo
Class of 2000 Leanna Adams & Rachel Cross
Cuate Trae Briers
Death and Life OJ Hansen
Desde adentro (From the Inside) Javier Colon
Dino Hart Liz Mayes
Don't Die Before 25 Kaleigh Bourk
Don't Forget to Laugh Brittany Alsot
Driving The Green Book Saro Varjabedian
Dystopia Petra Costa
El Segundo Zain Aslam
Escaping by The Sea Fady Jeanbart
Exposure Michelle Aldridge
Faerie Katie Plattner
Fainting Spells Clea DeCrane
Finding Daylight  Bettina Moss
First Jahmela Yarbrough
First Gens Nahreen Tarzi
Fractal Andrea Millard
From Black Thomas Marchese
Hear of the Trepid Sadie Rogers
High School Prophets or How to Start a Religion While Riding on the School Bus Ryan Webb
Homegoing Carlton Daniel
Homeowner Dream Builders Tamra Teig
Homesick Jim Vendiola
Housewife Josh Kight & Maria Miller
How to See It Carla Mooney
I'm Not Home Eliot Charof
In God We Rust Christian Lybrook
Infinite Voyage: The Wrath of Con Loren Dunn & Matthew DeCapua
JFK8 Marianne Verrone
Jubilee Jerome Pikwane
Just Kids Alessandro Riconda
Ladylove Vanessa Leigh
Land of Gold Nardeep Khurmi
Lick Monique Hazeur
Life of Tai: The Diaries of Tai Atlas Henry Simpson-Gray
Lilith Mari Bastos
Lion of Zion Mike Musikanto
Locating Liberty Crystal Kelley
Love: A War Story Muneeb Hassan
Luka Tyler Dwiggins
Married At Fourteen Terry Borst & Lisa Lucas
Mom and me Indira Somani
Move Me No Mountain Debbi Richards
My Eyes Tsu Shan Chambers
Nyctophobia Koji Steven Sakai
On The Line Oliver Pearn
Our Son Bill Oliver & Peter Nickowitz
Out By Sundown Jerome Watson
Outrunners Ken Hegan
Picket Charlie  Michael Graf
Respectfully C.A. Barrow
Rzezbiarz [The Sculptor] Catherine Deptuch
Serpentine Pink Megan Breen
Sioux County (changed from Righteous Animals) Joe Hubers
Sky City Haya Adad Warda
Sonata Jill Von Dae
Soweto Mazin Almusharaf
Space Cadet Jacob Anderson
Spoonie Jordan Macken
Stay Shawn Kathryn Kane
Strip Emily Everhard
Strong For So Long Maria Katre Osler
Sunset by Sunrise Lindsay Stidham
Sunshine Policy Angela Koh
Tattoo Mike: The Story of the Illustrated Man Ethan Hill
Terminally Chill Kirsten Michelle Cills
Test Drive Bassem Tahhan
The African Painted Dog Mike Veale
The Awakening of Andrew Peterson Anasia Obioha
The Clock Eric Miles
The Devil Makes Three Stu Silverman
The Difference Between Us Imran Siddiquee
The Dropout Tyrrell Shaffner & Meryl Branch-McTiernan
The Face In The Reeds Robin Russin
The Farm Rafal Sokolowski
The Funeral Brenna Otts
The Garden Guy Nattiv
The House Myles Ross
The Last Drop Adam Joel
The Liberator  Patrick Fritz
The Love Spell Jane Stiles
The Plutonians Tim Delaney
The Social Virus Lara Genovese
The Space Heather María Ács
The Virgin of Highland Park Sonia Sebastian, Deborah McNulty & Miguel Alcantud
The WASP Kali Bailey
The Water Bureau Rafeh Mahmud & Rouvan Silogix
The Wind Howls Carlos J Matos
The Woman in the Cabinet Craig Webster & Matt Iverson
Three Extra Ordinary Women Sheena Wiley
Trust Jennifer Levinson
Two Dash One One Rosie Angelo
Unforced Errors, "No Saints"  Jane Gardner
Unheard Voices: A Mothers Quest for Freedom Tosha Mills
Unmuted Milena Warns
Untitled We Are Okay Adaptation Karina Ansley
Urban Ed Wade Wofford
Voices from Isolation Sonita Gale
Voilà Mark Pomerville
We Are Each Other's Morgan Lariah
Westward Brendan Hall
What Doesn't Float Shauna Fitzgerald
When Life Gives You Lemons Rafeh Mahmud
Who Do You Protect? Carter Stoddard
Who is Sheila S? Cathleen Trigg-Jones
Who's Annie? Sophia Peer
Wok Hei Joel Salaysay

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