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ScreenCraft Writers Summit Moves to Chicago in 2020!

by ScreenCraft on August 15, 2019

August 16, 2019

For two years, ScreenCraft has been proud to host our Writers Summit in the beautiful city of Atlanta, Georgia, in partnership with the Atlanta Film Festival, and prior to that in Nashville with the Nashville Film Festival.

As our conference grows in attendance and success stories, year after year, our primary mission remains: to advance the craft of writing for film and television, provide opportunities for career advancement and foster creative community.

Art thrives in a world of freedom, compassion and respect. While we are committed to the partnerships we have built in Atlanta, and to the creative community in Georgia and beyond, recent decisions from the state’s political leaders, specifically the "heartbeat" bill, have created an environment that is difficult to navigate and contrary to the values of many Georgians, and to many entertainment industry professionals. For this reason, we will be moving the 2020 ScreenCraft Writers Summit to a different state. After much consideration, the creative and welcoming environment of the city of Chicago emerged as the ideal location for the 2020 ScreenCraft Writers Summit

We look forward to working with our partners in Chicago to create opportunities for career advancement in the film and television industry, and beyond, and we hope that different circumstances will enable collaboration with our great Georgia partners in years to come.

Join us in Chicago!

Emily Dell
Executive Director, ScreenCraft Writers Summit



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