Announcing the 2019 ScreenCraft Comedy Screenplay Contest Quarterfinalists

by ScreenCraft on May 29, 2019

Listed below are the quarterfinalists for the screenplay and concept categories of the 2019 ScreenCraft Comedy Screenplay Contest, selected from nearly 1,000 submissions. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far, and thanks to everyone who submitted. The jury this year includes a producer from Bradley Cooper & Todd Phillip's Joint Effort, executives from Ben Stiller's Red Hour Films and Adam Sandler's Happy Madison Productions, and a literary coordinator from Artists First Management.

The winner of the concept category will receive an exclusive developmental mentoring prize package with Joseph Garner of Joint Effort.

Stay tuned for the upcoming announcements of the semifinalists, finalists, and grand prize winner here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages within the next few weeks!

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Here are the quarterfinalists

Screenplay Category

432 Park Avenue Tal Almog
A Bloody Affair Scott Jeschke
A Carol Rebekah Hughes
Agent Thumb Alison Parker & Rodriguez Fruitbat
Alexa Pops Up Rylan Rafferty
All Art Is Quite Useless Jeff Racho
All The Way Happy Melinda Hicks
Altar Ego Alexandra Keister
Ambush in Courtroom D Michael de Silva
American Ugly Richard Hoffman
At the Hip Rakel Joyce & Ryan Geffert
Balkan-ish Ani Jarrett
Bandwidth Brothers Zach Pappas
Basement Dax de la Monta
Battle of the Exes Matthew Hoch
Beverly West Isn't dead Craig Donnelly
BFF Breakup Celene Paramo
Blue Comedy Vincent Accettola
Born Again Daniel Schooling
Breaking the Law Heather MacArthur & Kerry Anderson
Buddy Price Eric LaValle
Buddy Wanders and the Bad Yogis Dan  Zailskas
Bun in the Coven Sara Lohman
Cactus Maria Edible
Center Stage Christine Feldman
Charley New Wave Gregory Hall
Charlie Goes to Peru Eljohn Macaranas
Chassie Loves Satan KK Wootton
Christmas Ape Dylan Cheely
Christmas Dinner Kristin Goodman
Christopher & Classroom 12 Steve Holinsworth
Club Loser Max Sartor
Cold Feat Trent Tackbary
Cooking4Luv Tony Bracy
Cool Extremities Max Roux & Nicholas Laskin
Corso Eli Proud & Daniel Torres
Covfefe David Gero & Tahir Jon
Cyborn Mark Renshaw
D.U.M. Steve Duncan
Dad Joke Max Ash & Rob Tanchum
Darryn the Bold and The Sword of Boldness Justin Best
Death Tax Alan Adler
Derby Queen Wendy Moulton Tate
Downward Dawg! R.H. Austin
Earlybirds Charlie Schulman
Easy as Pie John Wood
Eleven Thirty-Five Motown Maurice
Ellen Flood Kevin Burke
Esther Annette Siegal
Evil Little Crush Patricia Kalbrener
Expiration Date Joann Buckley Collins & Eric Olson
Fag Hags Simon Corfield
Fake It 'Til Ya Make It Alexander Carver
Family of Sons Andrew Templeton
Felix's Bar Mitzvah Sammy Sultan
Finding Cumberbatch Ivan Tsang
Fire and Dice: Legend of the Lost Game Tom Patrick
First Date Tom Baljak
Fitter Families Caitlin Scherer
Flipped Jacob Rice
Florida Woman... Stephen Fouasnon
For One Night Only Peter Schmidt
Frank & Stein Danny Baram
Freefall Denise Meyers
FUJH Margaret Colligan
Funeral of a Lifetime Sarah Newton
Getting Back to Jane Robin Streichler
Ghost Dad vincent venturella
Gina Complicated Bruce Stirling
Glorious Mack Vern Lien
Going Home John Wojturski
Graduate Assassin Barry Ambrose & Armand Kachigian
Grand Theft Rental Beatrice Lovett
Grave Heather Ellingwood
Gray Squad Guilherme Viegas
Gunmetal Rose Daniel Hart Donoghue
Happy Funland Devon Armstrong
Harry & Mary Escape New York Patrick Jones & Jessica Jones
Helicopter Dad Joel & Valerie Reeves
Hercules Down and Out Kim Robillard
Here Comes the Fraud Joe Dzikiewicz
Heroman Timucin Leflef
Hey Hudson Varun Raman & Tom Hancock
Holy Fool Kenneth Butler
HOLY SH!T Christian J. Hearn
Homesick Michelle Harper
Honour Richard Sloggett
Hope Street Amisha Patel & Ali Zahiri
Hugh Jackman Stole My Husband Maisie Culver
I Gotta Be Me: The Musical! Rich Figel
Industrial Musical Carolyn Cameron
Invasion of the Movie Snatchers Daniel Shinners & LeeAnn Patrick
It Had To Be You April Hartmann
Italy in August Andrew Stone
Jason and the Silent Knight Eric Sandefur
Juicy Hotdogs Aaron Kozak
Just a Hitch Kate Powis
Just Shoot The Fucking Deer Robert Lowe
JYOTI Jared Goodman
Kernel Panic Eric Wong
Killing Nate Jonatan Bokman
King Me Brian McWilliams & Jayme Petrille
L.A. Lies Jon Paley
L.A. Wildlife K.W. Morgenlander
La Peregrina by Starlight Jake S. Weisman
Lisa Stephen Woodworth
Little, But Fierce Melanie Case-Martin
Losing Streak Laura Messer Jackson
Love Sick Sherrill Schmidt
Love's Faire Game Robert Tolz
Low-Level Clone Lisa Petersen
Manapult John Taylor
Mastur Class Sydney Shea Barker
Mavericks Bulent Ozdemir
Max's Journey Jerome Dean
Minor Irritations Sam Peter Jackson
Minyan Adam Ansell
Model Home Barbara Sundstrom
Morning in America Christian McDonald
Mother of the Bride Tyler Kempf & Lauren McCarthy
Murph Leanna Adams
My Next Ex Rene Eram
Namaste! Brent Benoit
Nomads Brent Hartinger
None That I Know Of Patricia Jones
Not My Emergency Matthew Conlin
Now I'm Dating Chicks Stacy Keane
Nutcrackers Chrissy Lessey
Old People Michael Richey
Old Scratch Tyler Moore
One Man's Trash Kylie Rolincik
One Night At Coachella Coral D'Alessandro
One Summer Night at the Royal Athenian Margaret MacDonald
Over It Joy Goodwin
Party of the Year Benny Diaz III
Penelope's War Sunny & Marc Ellis
Perfect copy Chris Webb
Possessive Ervin Anderson
Postpartum Brie Mitchell
Princess Royale Karel Ebergen & Jonathan Rechter
Proudly Made in Buffalo Erick Pausz
Punctured Shari Grewal
Queen + Country Varun Raman & Tom Hancock
Queen of All Nicholas Carleton
Raw Data Gareth Wronski
Remakers of the Lost Ark Jonathan Meltzer
Rendezvous Victor Rocha
Rent A Puppy Joshua Koske & Greg Gould
Robot Love Coach Julie Bliss Umbreit
Rock & Roll Heaven Leah Baxter
Rodeo Clown School Stan Williamson
Role Play Barbie Ross
Ron Runs For Mayor Roy Rhodes
Roomies Gareth Wronski
Sadie Slay Rosario Pellerito
Saigon Special Kyle Little
Saving America Michael Lederer
Searching for Santa Linda  Sherbert
Senior Moment Robert Mangrum
Senseless Confidential Marty Beaudet
Seven Seas Luying Zhang
Shakespeare & Marlowe Chris ONeill
She can fly too Ushmey Chakraborty
She's Got Cojones Esther Geller
Shooper Carolyn Lovie Davis
Singletown Alex Klein
Small Dictator Complex Bree Wyrd
Somewhere South Dakota Theresa Giese
Sons of Italy Dennis Loonan & Ann Paly Loonan
Space Junk Michele Remsen
Space Suckers Rebecca Arnold & Derick Otto
Spy Off Odin Ozdil
Stalkers In Love Lloyd Evans
Starting Over Curt McCray
Stone Cold Crazy Mother Tucker Katterina Powers
Str8 to the Altar Devin Lotfi
Suicide at Area 51 Jac Roberts
Superstorm: A Love Story Tom Bragg
Sweet Old Man Andrew Mescher
Terror Town Matt Morgan
The Bad Driver Russell Smith
The Bayside Boyz Zachary Swickey
The Bijou Chronicles Demetra Pittman
The Blood Grinder Dave Conte, Nick Schwartz & Matt Braunsdorf
The Cemetery Plots Donahue Silvis
The Chemistry of Joy Monique Patterson
The Curse Of The Cum Rag Matt Clemons
The Ex Factor Gary Sharp
The Franchise James Grayford
The Frat Boyz Spencer Pesce
The Further Adventures of Jimmy Lynch Robert Rossetti
The G.O.A.T. Sid Patwa
The Garfield Guy Jeff Longsworth
The Good News Desk Judith Coppinger & Megan Day
The Gospel of What Went Wrong Jason Garrison
The Hive Margaret MacDonald
The Lakeosaurus Steve Holinsworth
The Lift Richard  Mallett
The Love Spell Wendy Urrico
The Monster of Perfect, California Paul Sheridan
The Oughthousers Ari Krause
The Real Thing Matthew Papadopoulos
The Reality of Dirk Fathom James Sweeney
The RomCom Rafael Diez
The Sherwood Forest Christian Wolf
The Steven of Planet Earth David Sajadi
The Super Surprising Saga of Serena Andrew Rick Rosenberg & Jeremy Dobrish
The Wedding Toaster Elisabeth Tyler
There Goes Patrick Martin Thuernau
This Is the Year Jerome Velinsky
Throw Back Thursday Lisa Nardini & Gina Nardini
Till Debt Do Us Part Mirana Comstock & Elizabeth Joyce
Tilt Pearse Lehane
Tinderella Jane Henning
Together Again Owain Paciuszko
Toy Box Steve Holinsworth
Trade Show Rich Orstad
Tragically Famous Lisa J Cristoforo
Tres Banditos Thomas Leupp
Turf Wars Kelsey Ross
Turn in Poachers Christopher Anderson
Turnover Matthew Borlik
Tuxedo Terrace Carmine Bicchetti
Twisted Hearts Dave Vaughan
Two Legs for Bubba Jeremy Filiatrault
UFO Phil Eric Huffman
Under Miss Management Jean-Paul Churchward
Under The Jello Mold Jennie Fahn
Undercover Down Under Georgina Love
Unvali-Dated Joe Borg
Upbeat Jessica Keaveney & Pam Przybylski
Vampires For Beginners Boris Coll
Victoria's Dirty Secret Heather MacArthur & Kerry Anderson
Wanna Be Spies Terence Murphy
Warrior Pose Jessica Jolly
We Love Celebrities Tom Slevin
When Loved Ones Are Near Aurora George
When the Joke Tells You Peter Gazdag
White Lie Wedding Whitney Powell
White Wedding Lina Khan
Wistful Thinking Ohad Ira Amram
Xarno the Space Boy Gets Payback Alex Schor
Yes, And... Christine Sneed
You Look Rested Ted Ryan & Christopher Sloan
Yule Logs & Snow Balls Don Ammon
Zandari Esmeralda J. Kendall

Concept Category:

A Brooklyn Christmas Carol William Suarez
An Undeleted Life Rich Eckardt
Betting on a Wedding Laurie Turner
Bingo Cop Jessica Joens
botox fiction yoann kimfoko
Coho Hotel Karla Jacobs
Comic Collateral Jay  Stamatis
D.I.Y. David Sokol
Do As I Say Jenny Chang
Don Senator Alex Beattie
Don't Let Me Down Nick Boocock
Exile on Vain Street Tom  McKenna
Freight Dogs W. Colin McKay
Happily Deader After Mark Solomon
How To Be Paki Vedesh Nath
JavaGinas Denisha Read
King of the Spiders Matthew White
Mourning After Pitch Kathleen Caprario-Ulrich
Murder for Dummies Kristofer Seppälä
Pocho Marco Patino
Pox: A Dirty Love Story J.J. Bitters
Rebuilding Year Sheila Boyd & Debra Boynes
Saint Nick'Lost Tina Field Howe
Space Suckers Rebecca Arnold & Derick Otto
Super Villain Troy Graham
Surprise Party Ryan Case
The Fake Heroes: Volume I Ali Yildirim
The Horror! Ben Bushell
The One Brooke Fenton
They Knew too Much Eric Seale
Three Unwishes Troy Graham
Upon My Soul, A Wicked Lie Debby Huvaere
Wedding Day Anonymous
Win Streak Chaco Daniel

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