Announcing the 2016 Bootleg Universe Contest Winner and Finalists!

by ScreenCraft on December 6, 2016

We're thrilled to announce that Kenlon Clark has been chosen as the grand prize winner of our inaugural Bootleg Universe Contest, in collaboration with Adi Shankar's Bootleg Universe and Buffalo 8 Productions. Kenlon's winning short script will be produced by Hollywood producer Adi Shankar as a short film and distributed for free online for millions of fans to enjoy and share on the Bootleg Universe YouTube channel. The details of the project's subject matter and storyline will remain confidential until the release of the film in early Summer 2017. It's a good one! Subscribe to the Bootleg Universe YouTube channel!

Steven Snell has been chosen as the runner-up for his compelling reinvention of the Jason Voorhees and Friday The 13th mythos, Jason: ManhuntHe will receive a $1,000 cash prize, industry circulation of his writing sample, and a lifetime license to WriterDuet Pro ScreenCraft Edition!

See the below list of the top 50 semi-finalist writers, selected out of more than 500 entrants. All 50 semifinalists will receive a 50% discount code to WriterDuet Pro ScreenCraft Edition ($100 value)!

Against All Odds by Selaine Henriksen

Avon Calling by Hayley Camille

Blade 84: Neon Blood by Chaco Daniel

Boba Fett: Prime Target by Michael Bell & Ryan Clay

Bridget Jones: Diary Of A Hard Day by Oliver Britten & Eric Larsen

Change. Opportunity. Action. by Shaida Chaudhury

Dark Legacy by Anthony Pietromonaco

Dawn of Uber: Batman v. Superman by Marcus Sotelo & Justin Bellow

Deadschool by Kris Kuhn

Deliver To Fort Arkham by Ryan Crepack

Diana by Colin Costello & Brandi Price

Django: Freedom Fighters by Cameron Carpenter

Do No Harm by Adarsh Ramakrishnan

Escape From DC by Geoff Murillo

Final Fight by Steve Kasan

From The Mouth Of Babes by Angelo Campos

Getting The Joke by Adrian Tullberg

Gumshoe by Matt MacDonald

Hannibal Lecter’s Daughter by Angela Berliner

Hard Landing by Ross Denyer

Inconceivable by Steve Feld

Jeanie’s Revenge by Sandy De Lisle

Jonah Hex by T.R. McCauley

Jubilee by Pedro Pires

Kahndaq by Robert Harmon

Lara Croft by Evan Cooper and Brodie Cooper

Limited Editions by Rachel Grow

Little Red Rebirth by Kevin Ma

Lone Bat And Cub by Nathan Cabaniss

Machete Is Born by Mike Palma

Metal Gear Solid: War Economies by Adam Korenman and Sam Khushal

Moon Knight: Chasing Ghosts by Rick Molé

Mr. Gordon by Justin Nosler

Ms. Marvel: No Hero by Munis Rashid

Nextwave by Adam X. Smith

Number One Fan by Ian Bradburn

Silver Bullets by Justin Joyce

Static Shock by Desmond D. Jones

Strange Times by Elana Pisani (story by Toy Lei)

Streets Of Rage by Gerrard Hartland

Sunrise by Keith Higgott

Take ‘Em Or Leave ‘Em by Jordan Riley

Teletubbies by Tim Fasano

Terror On The Shelf by Jonathan James

The Monster Squad: Redemption by Andrew Geimer

The Real Hundred Acre Wood by John Long and Jeremy N. Cox

Waldo by Jesse Kitnick

Welcome To The 4077th by Robert Ropars

Where Are You by Scott Mooney

Willy Wonka & The Fierce Beasts Of Loompaland by Ian Maddox

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