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30 Facebook Pages All Screenwriters Should "Like"

by ScreenCraft Staff - updated on July 11, 2016

If you're a screenwriter or interested in following the conversation surrounding the filmmaking industry, then social media is your oyster. From film festival deadlines and script contests to movie news and inspirational quotes to keep you writing, there are many Facebook pages with helpful posts to follow. Here are the top 30 pages that all screenwriters should "like" on Facebook, in no particular order:

  • No Film School -- Multiple posts each day that center around DIY filmmaking. Find tutorials, camera equipment reviews and more resources for making your own films.
  • BlueCat Screenplay Competition -- Every entry for the competition receives analysis. The Facebook account is updated every day with important date reminders, writing tips, news and bits of inspiration.
  • Austin Film Festival -- A great film festival and one of the best screenwriting conferences and competitions in the industry.
  • The Script Lab -- Like for posts every couple days that give advice, news and quotes specific to screenwriting.
  • CELTX -- Celtx is the world's first all in one pre-production system. Like their Facebook page for links to many different media sources with articles and posts about film production, such as The Script Lab, The New York Times and Indiewire.
  • Writers Guild of America, East  and West "Like" for information and reminders about WGAE events at their NYC headquarters, as well as other writing competitions, awards, and news.  Also, the WGAW's Facebook page has great resources, but it seems to be updated less frequently lately.
  • ScriptChix -- With a combined 20 years in the business, Sandra Leviton and Mirada Sajdak update with screenwriting, TV, and filmmaking advice, career guidance, and educational networking events.
  • Film Independent -- Join a community of independent filmmakers and fans on this page, which is updated about twice a day with fresh content and relevant independent moviemaking articles.
  • MovieBytes -- This is one of the best resources for researching and reviewing screenwriting contests.
  • Film School Rejects -- This page is less screenwriting focused, but you will find unique posts and a little bit of everything on the web relating to movies, such as reviews, news, trailers, advice and podcasts.
  • American Film Institute -- The institute offers graduate programs in producing, screenwriting and other areas of film. "Like" their page to follow the AFI Awards and dive into filmmaking history with fun facts and black and white photos.
  • Film Courage with David Branin and Karen Worden -- "Like" for stories, experiences and wisdom from the independent film world. Find interviews, advice and stories from directors, distributors and other indie crusaders.
  • Academy Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting -- The page encourages comments and discussion, so drop by to join the conversation surrounding scriptwriting.
  • Writer's Digest -- "Like" for posts about the company's products, services and experiences. The page posts info all kinds of writing (novels, web and screen) and they have Author Hangouts, product sales and more.
  • The Tracking Board -- Get multiple daily notices of the latest spec scripts, script sales, job postings and news
  • Sundance Film Festival -- An excellent page for all things Sundance and to follow the progression of the competition, as well as fun lists and blog posts about movie watching.
  • Total Film -- Find actor Q&As, fun lists and other pieces from the magazine, complete with colorful celebrity photos.
  • International Screenwriters Association -- A consistent resource for news, events, classes and contests for screenwriters all over the world.
  • Bitter Script Reader -- Find links to post on the Bitter Script Reader website, which has a host of advice and lessons from a Hollywood script reader.
  • Great American Pitch Fest -- "Like" for panel/event information and writing-centric articles and resources from the #1 U.S. Pitchfest
  • Jen Grisanti -- Daily thoughts and updates from Jen, who personally guides writers and helps them break into the industry through her consulting firm, Jen Grisanti Consultancy, Inc.
  • The PAGE International Screenwriting Awards -- Get bits of inspiration to keep you writing, as well as updates about deadlines for the highly acclaimed screenwriting contest.
  • Baseline StudioSystems -- A comprehensive Film and TV research database, Baseline updates its Facebook page numerous times per day with film celebrity tidbits and photos.
  • ScriptMag -- Find links to the best articles and thought-provoking pieces about crafting a story.
  • Writers Store -- A respected authority on screenwriting and filmmaking, the WritersStore updates their Facebook page with contest information, news, as well as screenwriting program comparisons and sales.
  • Final Draft -- Keep informed and up-to-date about screenwriting news, industry trends, and special product offers.
  • ScreenwritingU -- Great inspirational quotes and resources for screenwriters.
  • Good in a Room -- Stephanie Palmer's page is one of the best resources for learning the art of pitching and the intricacies of "the business."
  • The Happy Writers -- The Happy Writers is a script consulting service consisting of active industry professionals that help you create a solid, marketable screenplay.
  • Read.Watch.Write  -- RWW is a consultancy with regular Twitter and Facebook posts with helpful content for screenwriters.
  • Hollywood Journal -- This website is dedicated to "the soul of the biz" and has a long list of contributors and daily and anecdotes quotes for inspiration.
  • Screen Craft -- Of course, we have to add our own Facebook account to the list as well, but we're sure you're already following.

Who did we miss or accidentally snub??  Let us know in the comments (or on Facebook) and we'll update the list.  (Thanks for the recommendations so far! We'll continue to consider adding great Facebook Pages to this list.)   Don't miss our popular post:


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