2024 ScreenCraft Stage Play Competition Winners

by ScreenCraft on March 6, 2024

Listed below are the Winners of the 2024 ScreenCraft Stage Play Competition. These exceptional stage plays were selected from almost 600 submissions. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all for submitting!

Grand Prize Winner

This God Damn House by Matthew McLachlan

After getting a 24-hour eviction notice from the bank, two brothers help their mother pack up their childhood home in Central Florida. Problem is, their mother is a hoarder and the house is an indoor trash heap. As their 24-hour deadline closes in, the brothers dig through the filth and garbage with memories, past trauma, and unspoken hurt rising to the surface as their mother’s inability to let go and tell the truth threatens to drive them away.


Home of Truth: A Ghost Town Play by RJ Walker

In 1930’s America, spiritualist leader Marie Ogden tells her followers that a great calamity will befall the world and convinces her followers to form a commune in the Utah Desert where they will never die, until someone does die and Marie struggles to keep the cult together.

Lucy Powis Mentorship Prize Winner

The Dictator's Dentist by Sonya Hayden

In this darkly absurdist dramedy, charismatic dentist Hugo Schmidt struggles to make ends meet in early 1930s Germany, but when offered a job on rising politician Adolf Hitler’s medical team, his morals begin taking a back seat to his ambitions and ultimately he must face his complicity in the crimes of the Nazi regime.

Amy Wagner Mentorship Prize Winner

Oy Vey Y'all by Erica McGee

Ester, a northern Jewish woman New York and Lynn Louise, a southern Christian woman meet at a retirement community where their differences cause friction until they realize common ground but when their children strike up a romance, prejudice threatens to tear their lives apart.

Honorable Mentions

The Unfinished Story of Otto Frank by Candace Hilligoss

Truth is... by Hank Rion

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