2023 ScreenCraft Cinematic Short Story Competition Quarterfinalists

by ScreenCraft on January 18, 2023

Listed below are the Quarterfinalists of the 2023 ScreenCraft Cinematic Short Story Competition. These exceptional projects were selected from almost 800 submissions. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far and thanks to all for submitting!

Stay tuned for the Semifinalist announcement on February 8th on our blog and on our Twitter and Facebook pages! And if you’d like to receive a notification when this contest re-opens for entries, you can subscribe for updates via Coverfly here.

Here are the Quarterfinalists:

"Desperado" Robert McGuill
"Oil Story" John Timm
"Some People" Dionne Irving
"Wild Beasts" Richard de Forest
115 Mohegan Kelsey Wacker
1962: It's Always the Girl's Fault DC Diamondopolous
7734 Ryan Benson
A Flower from Hornick Hill David North
A Hard Night in Hamburg Tom Milani
A Touching Love karin doucette
A Winter's Night at Gramercy Park Ege Gurdeniz
A1d@n Dexter Alvaro
Ad Hitler pete red sky
American Hobbies Stephanie Kallos
Attention Marianne Rogoff
Bella Ariel Slick
Better Than Houdini Stacey DuFord
Beyond Medicine Dustin Grinnell
BlindSided Marguerite Ashton
Both Hope And Breath Riley Tao
Broken Oak - Sequel of Twin Oaks R. C. Frink
Broken Pass Craig Sholl
BROTHERS Daniel Boucher
Cadatown Alejandro Gabriel Leopardi
Camouflage Paula Zaby
Carved Saints Smita mukherjee
City Songs James DeMarse
Coelacanth Liam Semple
Curious Kat Michael Latta
Cynoflax Charulata Sinha
Dead Men Tell No Tales in High School Michelle Blair Wilker
Dead Reckoning Dino Parenti
Death is Hiring Maria Wickens
Death Storm Pame Roscoe
Diehards J Bryan McGeever
Diet R. C. Frink
Diurnal Kim White
Do Turtles Quest? Ryan Benson
Dream On, Dancing Queen Chloe Laube
Duck Roast on the 38th Parallel Alicia Yang
Dumb Color for a Dinosaur James Woodruff
Dust From the Mouth Michael Austin
Election 2100 Doug Dawson
Emily Spellmaker on All Hallows' Eve Sean Develin
Empire Michael Dutton
Eros and Order Carl Parsons
FINAL DESTINATION INC. Rebecca Williams Spindler
Finn and the Magic Backpack Julie Flynn
Fleissig Robert Warner
Gardeners Son Vijay Fitzgerald
Getting Along Dustin Dunaway
Granny Face Snatcher L. Austen Johnson
Graves: Family Dynasty A Short Story (Series)      Olive Barker
Green Jen Knox
Grow-A-Whale Mimi Manyin
Hanba Island Sloane Smith
Have We Been Here Before? Chung Fan Lam
Hunting Buck Thomas Melville
I Knew You Once Vanessa Branch
I used to be funny Uzomah Ugwu
Ice Chad Broughman
Immersion Room Caroline Mansour
Impala Timothy OLeary
In Cherry Time J.W. Wood
In The Slipstream Josh Taylor
Investment Strategies of the Monkey Man Marcus Berkemeier
Jaz Michael DeStefano
Jeremiah Bryan Demore
Jill TX160 Zita Grant
Joshua Jen Knox
Leaving Life Jennifer Howe
Leith Braggan's Guide Ayinde Ricco
Lilith Candice Holdorf
LITTLE RUNAWAY Margaret Newlin Rice
Love Vigilantes Stephen Brophy
Love, Loss and Lunacy D.M. Ward
Lucinda and the Christmas List Nancy Christie
Mad Dog Moon Josh Taylor
Magdalena Candice Holdorf
Mary Kellie Kreiss
Matel, Alias Mathilde Judith Glass Collins
Mixed Nuptials Jeremiah Murphy
Mrs. Betty Jones: Lady Vigilante Hayley Camille
My Adventure In Golden Oaks James Hannan
My Best Friend's Body Zoe Kerr
Mystery on Icecat, a Worldmaker Story Andri Elia
Night Shift Mike Waterston
Nnenne Candice Holdorf
Nurture Jackie Fenn
Obsession by Cleveland High Sattva Mortensen
Obsidian J. Alexander Greenwood
October Seven Steven Stiefel
Oculus Janet H Swinney
Omega Leanne Phillips
Omega Protocol Lauren Everdell
Out of View Dustin Hendrick
Overnight Pass Kirk Landers
Private Property Eric Ruark
Proof of Concept Chris Bolton
Punk Ain't Undead Ryan Hyatt
Redemption Blues Jennifer Slee
Requiem Beth Girard
Ring Bearer Rachael Toomey
Romancing The Beast Unnamed
Ruin Samsun Knight
Rush Hour 2099 Doug Dawson
Rushford Recapitulation Christopher Rose
Santa Muerte M.E. Hammer
Saturn is for Suckers Part 1 Rob Gilchrist
Sauce Robin Lovelace
Saving Sara Paul Wine
Sentient Being Blues Christopher Rose
Shadowed Seats Marguerite Ashton
She Got What She Deserved John Potter
So Mean YJ Jun
Soar Walker Carnathan
Sorry, Delivery Paula Lennon
Still Waters Eric Mulder
Sylvia Billie Kelpin
Table One Kristi Nimmo
That's Not My Face Melissa Mendelson
The Absence of Light Nina Roselle
The Awakening Steven Darter
The Balmoral File Carl Innes
The Big South Leanne Phillips
The Bite Erin Deason
The Black Fort and Twin Oaks - Oak Plantation R. C. Frink
The Boy and the Monster Matt Sylvester
The Burnt House (or, Colin and Cusatelli) Jared Warner
The Champions Allison Ong
The Dead John Slayton
The Decoy Nicole Crowley
THE EARTH CAKE Katherine Vaz
The Excellent Wife Tia Levings
The Ficus Michelle Blair Wilker
The Final Push Richard Van Anderson
The Glass City Jen Knox
The Hackberry Hassle Kathy (Moonda) Ortiz
The Ifrit P. James Norris
The Last Christmas Song: A Yuletide Adventure Jeff Viens
The Last Station Ian Goh
The Legend of the Ancients Joe Sweeney
The Lost Heifetz Michael Tabor
The Man with No Name Craig Sholl
The Man with the Heavy Face Maria Restivo Glassner
The Odyssey of Myrtle Ambrose Marcus Jones
The Okanagan Sean Fitz-Gerald
The Perfect Man For My Husband Andrew MacDonald
The Polychromatic Balloon Gulliuver Perry
The Princess in the Tower Hashim AlHamar
The Purification Timothy OLeary
The Queen of Lakes L.S. Johnson
The Reckoning Julie Ann Slaby
The Sex Scene Sayara Thurston
The Slender Folk Cecile Garcia
The Sound of the Summer Eileen O'Donoghue
The Storm Katie Li
The Tower Coale Coleman
The Wizard of Worms Alexis Sharp
There's Something about Lucy Julie Ann Slaby
Tomorrow David Kim
Trees Leanne Phillips
Trial of Reality Dacia Weist
Two Riders Josh Taylor
Unidentified Flying Objects Samantha Rogers
Unmade Lives Vikram Kapur
Untitled WIP Philip Elliott
Waking Up Frederick R. Weinstein
Walking After Midnight Michelle Matthews
We All Have One Chung Fan Lam
What Really Happened to Thumper 2-3 Len Forgues
What's Fair is Fair James Gottesman
Where It's Needed Most Phil Giunta
WHERE'S WALDO James Kanady
Whitehorse Sean Fitz-Gerald
Wild Beasts Linda Waltenberger
Wingboy Grace Ng
Wrecking Crew Wes Blalock
Yesterday People Lisa Marie Pais

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