2022 ScreenCraft TV Pilot Script Competition Semifinalists

by ScreenCraft on December 10, 2021

Listed below are the Semifinalists of the 2022 ScreenCraft TV Pilot Script Competition. These exceptional screenplays were selected from almost 3,900 submissions. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far and thanks to all for submitting!

Stay tuned for the Finalist announcement on January 12th here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages! And if you’d like to receive a notification when this contest re-opens for entries, you can subscribe for updates via Coverfly here.

Here are the Semifinalists:

"Betsy and the Emperor" Staton Rabin
(in)Tolerance Travis Seppala
@BrockHumblebrag George Snape, Tom Snape
7 Generations Ela Thier
A Cartel Benjamin Lewis
A Day in Eternity Kai Hugessen
A Lady of the Round Table Val Phillips
ABDUCTION Tabitha Phillips
Ace of Spades Marie Veverka
ALEXANDRIA Diego Sacramento
American Polyglot Olivia Senghor
Angry Driving School Mike Johnston
Apocalypse Later J.W. Hendricks, Madison Crews
Après-Ski Rakel Joyce, Ryan Geffert
Arts, Crafts, Time & Space Michael Beddoes
At The Displeasure Of The President Brian Cohen
Atlantis Attacks Hayden Black
Bastards Jonathan Hess
Battle of the Realms Callum Jones
Be Me Adam Dick
Before I Break Philippine Michel
Belly Up Emme Harris
Beware the Vultures Daniel Bracey
Bitshy Danielle Langlois
Black Cat Kayla Rosenberg
Black Kids Cherise Nicole, Chris Kelley
Black Sheep Maria Toce
BLIND PIG Matthew Riopelle
Blondie Sean Steinberg
Blood Revival Doug Knox
Blubber Matt Laughery
Bodies:End of the World S.M. Tolhurst
Boneman Seth Gilbert, Julieta Gilbert
BROKEN ANGELS Valerie A. Brotski
Bubbe Knows Best Hannah Rae Dillon
Callbacks Bryce Marrero
Camp Psychopathways Danny Galvin, Brad Pike
Carnies Mike Knox
Casa Blanca Bradley Combest
Chablis Pilot: Let's See That Smile Dayna Hanson
Chronic Laurel Brady
Cult-E-Sac Jeff Topolski
Curio Alison Weaverdyck
Cursed Lands Lore V. Olivera
Cutting the Cord Harsh Voruganti
Dale Farm Dorie Chevlen
Davy | Chapter One: The Liar of the West Jason Catron
Dead Medicine Justin Weiss
Death is Normal Unnamed
Demented Tristan Mercado
Detroit-ism Griffin Bland Jr
Dirty Work James Bean
Don't Smile Alex Dvorak
DOWNSTATE Erin Murphy West
Eat The Rich Blake Edwards
El Otro Lado Jianna Maarten Saada
Elizabeth, Unlikely Elizabeth Fraser
Eradicate Ken Condet
Excellence - "Ducks on a Pond" Shannon Parker
Eyes of Fate Catherine Wright
Fanfic Mary Anna Fraser
FERGUSON Jonhenri Alston
Firecrackers Jane Harrison
Flawless: A Feminist Fairytale Deborah Rayne, Catherine Eaton
Foul Lines Joe Swafford, Rudy Devine
Genesee Rachael Wotherspoon
Gigantica duane smith, stefane barbeau
Gloomtown Lyndal Simpson
Goal-Oriented Gustavo Melo
Goode Luck Charlotte Tressler
Great Danes Becky Prosky
Grow Up Mandy Celine, Brian Firenzi
HARD TIME Whitney Rice
Hell-Bent Luke Fujimoto Jensen
Hellfire Merritt Mecham
Henchman Vanessa Leigh, Aaron W. Bennett
Henchmonsters Dave Urlakis
Hexagon Grant Boman Harvey
HILA Jan Pearson
Hole in the Sky Pilot Episode john cooney
Honeybee Aaron Schaubhut
I-CON-IC Daisy Hobbs
Indelible Jennifer Quintenz
Ipswich Fish Jan Soolman
Jonesy, the Sitcom Caledonia Hanson
KGB-2084 Andrey Grafov
Kill the Night Alexander Ambrecht
Knight Exchange Steven Snell
Korean American Witches Society Jennifer Kim
Lake Town Ethan Homen
Lie Low Corrie Shatto
LONE STAR Albert Cook
Loser Alex Klein
Lucy Oli Beale
Man Behind The Curtain CHRISTOPHER WEBB
McAllen Michael Chludzinski
Men's Magazine Saj Pothiawala
Merciless Corinna Jill
Midnight Climax Jackie Schneider
Ministry of Marley Nancy Sanchez
Missing in Put-In-Bay Nick Hawks
Morley and Leslie Thomas OConnor
Most Likely To Be Selina Kaye
Mourning Glory Katie Frorer
Murder-in-Marsh Elisabeth Hayward
My Girl Kyle Allison Masloske
Nathan & Robin Brian McDevitt Jr.
Near Death Owen Hornstein, James Roe, Andrew Bryan
New Beginnings Dylan Stringer
No Going Back Teresa Newman
No Place Like Home Lance Williams
Obedience Steven Snell
Ode To Psyche Alex Morf
On The Way Out Ryan Schocket
One Eyed Pirate Lil Mike Anderson
Other Man's Land Moises Amsel
Pack Rats Carter Paterson
Packet Loss Anthony Khayat
Pandemos Mark Caughey
Peasants Kristina Grosspietsch
Photon Quixote Drew Ragland
Playing Fair Nick Lundquist
Playing Tag William VanApeldoorn
Poppy Nepa Khatun
Prodigal Daughters Grace Kim
Proles Sawyer Williams
Queer and Southern God Shawn-Caulin Young, Missy Prusinski
Revelations (Pilot) Johnny Gilligan
Riftworld E. R. Roberts
Road Work Ahead Eric Wilson
Rottenburgerfield Myles Hewette
Ruination Dawson Doupé , Ryder Doupé , Todd Tapper  
Saving Ruth S.M. Tolhurst
School Spirit Doug Simpson
Series: "The Angles" / Pilot: "The Maze With No Center"   Pascui Rivas
Sex Sells Chad Oliver
Shadowlink Alana Grace
Shangri-La Quinn Hopkins
Sick & Tired Nelson Downend
Sin List Hattie Soykan
Soldiers & Bandits Eduardo Soto-Falcon
Spirit In The Dark Daniel Lopez Kaufman
Stardust Caravan Aeria Lee
State of Nature Heidi Sawitzke
Stay Up Late Jenna Lafferty
Surface Tension (pilot) Shane Walsh-Smith
Swish Kevin Jokipii
Technically Legal Danny Blake
Texts From Your Ex Amanda Kohr
The Big One Dru Johnston
The Bolsheviks Laurence Gingold
The Church of Todd Deron Sedy
The Coming (Pilot) Seth Panitch
The Dragoman Noah Arjomand
The End Of The World As You Know It Megan Bacharach
The Fairy Knight - Pilot Sam Tracton
The Great American Years Edward Kiniry-Ostro
The Inside Man - Pilot Melanie Ho
The Mad Mysteries of Mary & Marsha Kurtis Theorin
The Maharaja Amar Rehal
The New Kid Stuart Jackson
The Palace David Oliver Avruch
The Surfacing Terry Coffey
The Thousand Deaths of the Cranefly Nicholas Biggs
The Victors Zan Gillies
The Witiwig Maria Wilson
Tin Soldiers Briana Chatters
Tofana Amanda Blanchard
Trapped in Dreamland Luke Fujimoto Jensen
Trash Dane Collier
Treasured Island Tina Berardi
Troupe Caroline Russell
Tupperware Party Marguerite Spellman
TWEAK Taryn Procsal
Two Blinks to the Left Dee Mick
unpopular Andrew Kimler
Vauxhall Amanda Nettboy
Wasteland Rand Soares
Welcome To Oakland Laura Spaeth
White Gold Benjamin Del Vecchio
Wise Guy Nicholas Parker
Wolf's Head Samuel Anderson
XS Daniel Hogan

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