2022 ScreenCraft Comedy Competition Semifinalists

by ScreenCraft on June 29, 2022

Listed below are the Semifinalists of the 2022 ScreenCraft Comedy Competition. These exceptional screenplays were selected from almost 2,000 submissions. Congratulations to these writers!

Stay tuned for the Finalist announcement on July 27th on our blog and on our Twitter and Facebook pages! And if you’d like to receive a notification when this contest re-opens for entries, you can subscribe for updates via Coverfly here.

Here are the Semifinalists:

...And Questioning Owen Boardman
1-800-BAD-GUYS Steven Fisher
17 Deep in The Buffalo Josh Breitfeller
2nd Horse Steven Tobiasz
Archibald Capital David Drandorff
Arthur & Lancelot Victoria Zeutzius
Asha from Earth Sunny Karnan
Atlantis Attacks Hayden Black
B.Z.P.D. Brian Ernst
Be Bold! Ruby Mainieri
Best Life Ever Tina Gandhi, Sarah Weale
Beth vs. Bensonville Ryan Luong
Black Mormon Eric Stroud, Rory Kulz
Blue Comedy Vincent Accettola
BRODUCERS Teri Fruichantie, Noah Applebaum
Butterfly High! Matt Stephens
Celebrity Chef Anthony Petito, Joe Petito
Chameleon Ariane Hahusseau
Chaos Becomes Us Rachel Rios
Charlie's Pub Keith Macri
Crips Brian Koukol
Cuffing Season Jon Bershad
Dad Tokes Anthony Rea III
Dearly Beloved Max Pepose
Death Death Marissa Ruben
Devil Woman Chelsea Rivera
Dick 2.0 Henry Sarwer-Foner, Noel Baker
Drive Away Zach Grossman, Sasha Grossman
Fat Jesus Kyle Leland
FMK David jacks
For The Boys Michael Lackos
Forever Love Sean Reidy
Friendmance Olivia Haller
Glory Glory Ethan Judelson
Go Darts Tim Corrao
Gurus Isaac Flattau
Gus Klowndaemon: Children's Entertainer Graham Johnson
Hillbilly Bath Lauren Kleeman
Holy Hell Nora Alameddin
Hopped Narineh Tahmasebian
HUMBUG Chris Colpitts
Hypnotic Sam Peter Jackson
I'm Not Okay, I Promise Sam Mazany
Jenkins and Watts: Paranormal Attorneys At Law Michael Brennan
Kiki's Kingdom M.M. Kagan
Love or Money Sean Bocardo
MARIA, PI Debra Treviño
Materni-tease Christopher Backs
Monster Cops Matt Harry
Mr. Shaky-Choky Danny Galvin, Brad Pike
Murder Marina Zeyne Guzeldereli
My Ex's Guardian Angel Alexia Verbeke
My Nigga Camille Cruz
NANNIES Simone Norman
No Such Thing Chad Oliver
Off Color Tapan Sharma
Old Patrol Kevin Jordan
Outside the Garden Benjamin Lewis
P's in a Pod Alex Pires
Phoebe Saves the Day! "Phoebix, Arizona" (Pilot) Mike O'Neill
Pineapples in the Winter Kelly Buchanan
Publicity Wayne Wiggins
Punk Bitch Taylor Berger
Reaper, Inc. Kristen Angonese
Scout's Honor Helene Griffin
Silver Spoon Lucy Porter
Squire Colin MacLeod
Standby Patrick Tierney
SWIRL Jamaul Phillips
TAPPED Sarah Martellaro
The Announcer Jacob Chattman
The Break up Brigade Avery Koenig
The College A Cappella Sad Boy Confidence Show     Colin Petersdorf
The Dangerous Derangements of Doc Halloween Nick Hurwitch
The Documents! Johnny Cruz
The First Michael Michael Buonocore
The Making of Backwards Faces Chris Aresco
The Man Who Knew Poe Steve McGrath
The Trib (Pilot) Dan Glaun
The Very Last Ponderosa Zebidiah Millett
Three Husbands, Please! Mack Ogden
Time And Space Steven Prowse
Titters Erica Rose, Ali Clayton
TUD Cole Fremed
Twenty5 Shalice Coutu
Uneducated Octavia Clahar
UniCorps Thomas Bell
Upward Dog May Wilkerson
Useless Bay Nathaniel Moher
Vacationland Natalie Rand
Welcome To Thystle Mike Carreon
Yesterday's News Chris Rose, Neil Garguilo
Young Grandma Annie MacKinnon
Your Dad's Girlfriend Rachel Napoleon
Youth and Asa Jordan Schiff
ZOO-MANS! Jeremy Wadzinski

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