2022 ScreenCraft Animation Competition Semifinalists

by ScreenCraft on October 5, 2022

Listed below are the Semifinalists of the 2022 ScreenCraft Animation Competition. These exceptional scripts were selected from almost 1,400 submissions. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far!

Stay tuned for the Finalist announcement on November 2nd on our blog and on our Twitter and Facebook pages! And if you’d like to receive a notification when this contest re-opens for entries, you can subscribe for updates via Coverfly here.

Here are the Semifinalists:

"Demons in DC" Ryan Manns, Jocelyn Manns
A SAFE SPACE Anthony Garcon Ari Miller
Anomaly Daniel Parra
Anthroposcene Hannah Harmison
Atomic Mercenary Corgi Xavier Burgin
AUTO EROTIC CAT Carson Weatherby
Beavertown Peri Lapidus
Best of Both Worlds Scott Peterman, Cat Davis
Black Cherry Hurricane Lucas Bermudez
Blaster Knute Horwitz, Ted Jonas
Blinky Allan Roberts
Blob Summer Benowitz
Blue Mountain Mysteries - Pilot Cooper Boss
By Light Alone Linda Niccol
Chikamatsu Endgame Federico Sanna
Coins Anthony Gaudioso, Erik Cardona
Cryptozoology Rick Mitchell, Matt Quinn
CUTTER'S LEDGE Frederick Strype
DINAH Brandon Feldman, Ben Agron
Espina Lys Perez
First Lady Lu Delia
Flutter Carlton Welch
Galaxy Asunder Stephen Ragon
Genius High Nadia Osman
Grave Affairs Daniel McNaught
Grim Gus Henry Greenberg
Heirheads Kayla Baken
Historopolis Aisha Rupasingha
Home Is Where The Pet Is Vix Lyttle
Johnny Thunder: LEGO Adventurer Bryan Firks
King of the Monsters Jim Gourley
Krissy and Ron VS. Neighborhood Catherine Tatem
Lincoln & Jefferson Michael Mullin
Little Tommy's Dance Zachary Jones
Machination Keith McDuffee
Mark of the Beast Alex Fountain
Mata Mapi Line Abrahamian
Monster on Mars Ginger Marin
My Nai Nai the Spy Shay Fan
Oscar & The Wish Thief Loreta Blair
Outlet Jared White
Pulling Out All The Stops Till Olshausen
Roadkill Rangers, "Pilot" ANDREW GELMAN
Silk Christian Klink
Single Monster Justin Michael Terry, Ryan Marsico
Skeleton's Crew Dave Urlakis
Skpow! Stephen Notley, Dwayne Martineau
SOL Jonny Kurzman
Something Magical (Working Title, Kids Just Wanna Have Fun)        Katherine Dudley
Step-monster Andrew Goldmeier
Strike Team Elfa Matthew Rodgers
SUPERMOM Roxanne Beck
The (Mostly) Marvelous Murray Christian Kaps
The Best Super Hero Gabriel Perez
The City Under Glass (Pilot) RA Peterson
The Craftsman Harron Atkins
The Last Human Maria Vainer
The Mantle TK Kelly
The Monster Wrangler Lukas Ridge
The Montclairs Justin Thomas , Lucas Mills, Jonny Svarzbein
The Tower Vito Ferraro
The Vegetarian Zombie Jake Lynch
The World, the Realm, and the Rift Angela M. Sanchez
There's a Frog on Mars (It's True!) Shaun Radecki
TwIG-Root and the Dinosaurs Peter McClelland
Wheel Of Life Alex Spresser, Patrick Hotaling
With a Little Luck Laura Becker
You Don't Even Say Cuckoo! Shaun Radecki
Zenith Uncharted Martha Duzett

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