2021 ScreenCraft Cinematic Short Story Competition Semifinalists

by ScreenCraft on January 27, 2021

Listed below are the Semifinalists of the 2021 ScreenCraft Cinematic Short Story Competition. These exceptional short stories were selected from almost 1,500 submissions. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far and thanks to all for submitting!

Stay tuned for the Finalist announcement on February 17th here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages! And if you’d like to receive a notification when this contest re-opens for entries, you can subscribe for updates via Coverfly here.

Here are the Semifinalists:

'Foxtrot in Fulham' Janet H Swinney
"Mrs. Bischoff and the Close Observation of Schrodinger's Cat" David Risk
"Surrender to Win" Richard Butler
1970 DC Diamondopolous
1992 DC Diamondopolous
A Girl Named Polly Kitty Trock
A Lullaby for Night Jason Tostevin
A Meeting at the Mirada Logan Dunn
A Seat at The Window Herb Jordan
A Village in New Hampshire Patrick McCusker
A Well Known Gun Mike Kearby
A Witch's Hopes Neil Flinchbaugh
After the Storms Barrington Smith-Seetachitt
Afterimage Tia Lindstrom
Almost Divorced  Ellen Leary
Anomaly Jennifer Milne
Ants In My Blood  Kevin Berg
Anya Ampora Yazdani
Around Dusk Jason Lerner
Beautiful, Isn’t it? Aristides G Kouvaras
Being Fred Travis Richardson
Bell Eric Roe
Biography Vinny Lopez
Black and White Gerald Elias
Blackbirds Bashayer Almaazmi
Braidwood Bus Caleb John Cushing
Candy and Sorrow Wayne Christensen
Cerberus Is Waiting For Me To Cross Thrugh Edw EmanuEl
Circus Cassie Poormokhtar
City Girl Sian Williams
Cleverstine Field Rachael Maltbie
Coming Up For Air Elliot Cowan
Count Cannibal's Castle Larry Henrikson
Diodati Summer Thomas Ascenzi
Doing Timeline Yusuf DeLorenzo
Doom in a Darker Sky Paul Davis
Dreams of the Faithful Faith Merino
Dried Figs or Dates Siawosh K. Eskandari
Eating, A Life Ronan Ryan
Equity Don Bapst
ESHE: The Fire Breathing Series, Book 1 JD Mason
Everyone’s Gone to the Moon Daniel Tierney
Everything and Nothing Terri Porter
Fathers ad Daughters John Pekich
First Kill Timothy OLeary
Flight Risk Thomas Thonson
Frank Winston Jacob Power
Friday Afternoon T.D. Johnston
Ghillie's Mum Lynda Clark
Glass Connor Dobson
Glass to Metal Bryce Parks
Godammed Space Wolves Sam Wiles
Granite Requires TJ Berry
Guatemala Triptych Bill Pieper
Hole in the Office Mark Mitchell
Hotelin' Sarah M. Chen
HRC Brennan Michaels
I am Bhavani Bindhu Prasad
It Was Their Shore Alexander Mosier
Ivory Miniature Robert C. Frink
Jim Morrison Lives! Randall Sylvan
Kai Jade Hayward
Kitty Doolittle: Stay at Home P.I. Jennifer Milne
Knife Girl Francelia Belton
Lego Me Stephen Kanicki
Leith Braggan's Guide Ayinde Ricco
Liars Charlene Clarke-Todoruk
Lily Nicole Watt
Little Girl In The Golden Tower Josh Taylor
Locum Saleh Karaman
Looking for Rain Matt Wills
Make The Robots Laugh Elena Perez
Memento Mori: Paris 1971 Melissa Mitchell
Moonsong for Bernardo Dick Morgan
Muri Ashley Shelby
Mustapha and the Hunchback Mike H. Mizrahi
Neither Here Nor There Joban Gill
North of Delirium Lynne Sherbondy
Null Girl John Austin
Old Man Baseball Mike Murphey
Old Man Baseball Mike Murphey
On How to Quit Smoking During a Global Pandemic Phil Vengrinovich
One Star Timothy OLeary
Outraced Ravinia Lee
Paying Dues Brennan Michaels
Playing Cards Richard Butler
Popsicle Christa Wojciechowski
Poseidon's Eyes Kary English
Present Taylor Foreman-Niko
Recusant Hamish Ungless
Redemption Elana Lore
Reefer Madness William Craig Pugh
regeneration song Victoria Gong
Remnants of My Father Shonell Bacon
Ribs William Craig Pugh
Robot vs Dad Mario Dhingsa
Rorschachs in the Snow Julie Eakin
Saving Jaequan Rebecca Greene
Shall We Dance? Rick Niece
She's Still Waiting Stéphanie Joalland
Shell Barrington Smith-Seetachitt
Simulacrums Lee Matthew Goldberg
Skeets Unbound  Gary Bolick
Small Wonder Matthew Brady
Smoke Bill Mesce, Jr.
Son of a Saint Brian Birmingham
Splintered Mary Zalmanek
Striking Back Race McKee
Strong Roots Julian Brantley & Alexander Storm
Subtext Richard Butler
Swamp Gifts Gail Webber
Sweet Dreams Are... M. R. Abbink-Gallagher
Sweet Souls Charles Blackburn
Sylvie David Dalessandro
T.L.W. Katherine Martinez DeLeon
The Auctors Jennifer Milne
The Ballerina of Baker Street Patrick McCarthy
The Bends Sofia Drummond-Moore
The Bicycle Tom Sterner
The Boarder Paul Toth
The Boy From Galway Bay Sally Bothroyd
The Bozo Enrico Hallworth
The Caregiver Jim Gourley
The Case of the Bloody Nine of Diamonds Thomas Perrin
The Chicago Kareninas Amanda ReCupido
The Christmas Show Brennan Michaels
The Church Bells James Wood
The Confinement Tia Lindstrom
The Crossroads A R Ashworth
The Devil's Strawberry Pepper Jelly Patrick Harrison
The Didsbury Witch Tess Humphrey
The Donor Banning Lary
The Duck Days of Summer Danny Agan
The Feast of St. Rocco Darlene Cah
The First Space Trashman Kenny Mclachlan
The Highly Unlikely Death of Mort Volfneuk Rob Johnson
The Inner Man John Stubbs
The Legend of Stacker Dan Stacey Powells
The Lion Richard Eschenroeder
The Love of Majoram Stuart Forrest
The Mindsign of Hangar 56 Gregory Lemmons
The Mob and Me Richard Fizdale
The Money Tree: A Christmas Miracle Ben Fordham
The Moon Last Night Eric Mulder
The Mouse Jacqueline D'Acre
The Old and Rare Books of Elijah King James Chesky
The Passions of Voshmgir Farahani Kuros Charney
The Peculiar Predicaments of the Mississippi River Rats Rain Story
The Pursuit Evan Bolick
The Quickening Jennifer Hanno
The Revenant  Elise Forier Edie
The Road to Angeland Kay Olsen
The Second Time Around - A True Story Morgan St James
The Stars That Sing Chris Tullbane
The Thickness of Blood Vance Cariaga
The Truth Joel Burcat
The Voice Speaks Back JH Canedy
This Banquet of Blood Harrison Voss
Too Done Maria Sanchez
Tuscan Shadows A.J. Hamer
Una Vez Kelly Galicia
Unseelie Things Taylor Foreman-Niko
Up at the Lake William Moon
Vicarious Philip Harris
Vicarious Daniel Cooper
Violent Lives Michael Ventimiglia
Westward Dreaming Je'Lesia Jones
What Burns LD Green
What Covers the House is a Roof Matthew Haynes
Wheels for Legs Kenneth James Nelson
Winter Plumage George Benda

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