2019 ScreenCraft Cinematic Short Story Competition Quarterfinalists Announced

by ScreenCraft on January 8, 2020

Listed below are the quarterfinalists of the 2019 ScreenCraft Cinematic Short Story Competition, selected from roughly 1,200 submissions. We’re excited to be exploring these excellent stories and to have received a slate of compelling works.

This year's jury is comprised of editors from The Kenyon Review, The Hudson Review, Tin House Books, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and Granta Magazine, as well as an O. Henry Award-winning novelist and short story writer.

Stay tuned for the upcoming announcement of the semifinalists, finalists and winners here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages within the next few weeks!

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Here are the quarterfinalists:

1984 DC Diamondopolous
...and through the woods Gerald Bartell
12.25.82 Chris Haddox
A Black-White-Red Memory Roselio Hernandez
A Brief History of Algorithmic Life: Introduction Christopher Hooton
A Christmas Caroline Laura Jenski
A Different Life S.T. Ranscht
A Father's Handiwork Roberta Gates
A Good, Moral Man Erica Ruhe
A Homecoming Kenneth Nordstrom
A Mother's Last Request R.C. Goodwin
A Mother's Revenge and Mercy Olivia Schmidt
A Seat at the Window Herb Jordan
A Second Chance Angela Goulene
A Striking Famly Resemblance Charlotte Lewis
A Twinkle in Time Rick M.Clausen
A.K.A. Gerald Ryan
African Seasons Cynthia Helen Beecher
After Tiffany's Paul Regensburg
All Saints' Day Jordan Hill
Alterd Plans Constance Bullard
Amadillo One Duncan Putney
And Justice For All... James Falcone
Ange en Boîte (Boxed Angel) Steve Vasquez
Appearances Mike Tuohy
Arms, Legs, Heartbeats Noelia Veras
At the Furrow's End Tom Hutton
Balloon Boy Tom Catalano
Benny the Fish Boxer James Hannan
Bernard, His Wife, and the River Jesper Andreasson
Better Late Paul A. Mendelson
Between the Darkness and the Dawn Paula Cappa
Between the Rows Paul Skenazy
Beyond their time Tristan Marajh
Bigfoot and the Trouble with Squirrels Emily Ballain
Blessed Are The Hungry Victor Fernando Ocampo
Blood & Rust P.D. Platt
Bloodrush Maisy Osbon
Buried Alive Vin Morreale, Jr.
C-Elegans Juliet Warren
Candy and Sorrow Wayne Christensen
Catalina Charles Duffie
Chalky White Gregory Hall
Chasing Life Stacy Baldwin
Christmas in Shadowrun, 1968 Laura M. Johnson
Cinematic Short Story Angelo DeCandia
Clean Conscience Cemetery Alex Grey
Cold Storage Terence Cady
Colma Jennifer Dickinson
Come to Daddy Rachele Bowman
Countdown Jamie Liu
Dark Swans And Painted Faces John Schalestock
Dead Men Don't Pay Cory Williams
Death Broker Lisa Pais
Delta Dionne Irving
Demons Tracy Schumer
Dinner for Two Randall Fowler
Don't Go To Heaven Alone Antony Buonomo
Doppelganger Dogs D. Jane Hall
Down by the Bay Rebecca Amiss
Dream On, Dancing Queen Chloe Laube
Dream Warriors: Team Spirit D.C. Lozar
Dried Figs or Dates Siawosh K. Eskandari
El Ciego AJ Olsen
Elbistan Hardy Griffin
Enlightenment Will Pei
Erasmus Book One:  First of May Julie Ann Slaby
Fairy Tales Jian Huang
Family Entertainment Sam Vary
Fantasy Cabinet Mike Tuohy
Fat Tails Daniel Degnan
Fetch Jennifer Hudson
Finding David Stevie Turner
Florence Nightingale and the Deer Jeanne Lutz
Florida Lives Dionne Irving
Frankie Ronquillo's Leg George McFall
Freeze-Dried Love Catherine O'Sullivan Shorr
Friendly Fire Vance Cariaga
From Your Jerry kevin  sterne
Full Disclosure Tina Tazekand
Giving Up Vinoda Revannasiddaiah
Good Girls Don't LInda R Thornburg
Grace's Mask Carol Dines
Grandpa's Trunk Wayne Page
Gray Cat Meghen Kurtzig
GY1005364 Chloe Grinstead
Hail Chaser Aukai Arkus
Haunted Ingrid St. John
Hearing From Leroy Gene Mora
Hell City: Final Stop Joanne Carlton
Hell Slowly Creeps Raquel Levitt
Hitchhiker Charlotte Wyatt
Homecoming Roger Mannon
Homecoming Victorio Korjhan
How to Fold Towels Danielle Lee
I Knew You Then Kelly Kirwan
Imaginary Children Janet Stilson
Immersion Caroline Mansour
In The Periphery Erica Ruhe
Infrastructure Miriam Kuznets
Interpreter Jennifer Andrea
Into the Dustlight Lisa Pais
It Takes a Big Man Donald Ackermann
Jinx Colder The Edge of Space Juliet Nicholls
Keeping Your Head Suzy Stewart Dubot
Killer Anthony Howcroft
Lady Luck Jennifer Dickinson
Late Night Christmas W. Colin McKay
Le Jazz Hot Dana Oliver
Life with Angie DC Diamondopolous
Like a Rolling Stone Madeline Hertz
Like Me Henry Mason
Looking For Hemingway Tim Cooney
Lost Faith Jon Miller
Love To Say Goodbye Charles Jamison
Malta Charles Duffie
MAYA Gillian Royes
Maybe Someday Maryann Miller
Melvin the Elf Becca Dupuis
Mercy John Salvage
Midnight Jennifer Howe
Miracle Toothbrushes Tom Di Roma
Mirage Pamela Donison
Misfits Karen Bacellar
Miss May Eileen Shields
Missing in Rehoboth James Gallahan
Mother of a Hanged Girl Chad Broughman
mother of Pearl Laura Sciortino
Motion steven schlozman
Movies Scott Lipanovich
Murder/Suicide Marsha Scarbrough
Mustafa and the Hunchback Mike H. Mizrahi
My Afternoon at Ebbets Field Manuel Fernandez
My Deal With The You Know Who Lawrence Martin
Nameless Michelle Mellon
Near Miss Carol Dines
Necessary Evil Neil Flinchbaugh
Nests Trish Jaggers
NIMBY Hale Garrison
No Bend in the River Gerald Ryan
Nothing but a Dog Rachele Bowman
Nothing To See Here Arthur Doweyko
Number 12 rue Sainte-Catherine Roberta Gates
Nussia Michele Berger
Oakland Mothers, Oakland Wives Corey Quinlan Taylor
On Holy Ground Gordon Neufeld
Once a Cellist Will Pei
One Day They Landed Jennifer Dickinson
One of Us Andy Lewis
One Star Timothy OLeary
One Week More Madeline Hertz
Other People's Wives Anthony Howcroft
Outcasts Ren Bettencourt
Paddy's Tonsorial Emporium Ronald Milburn
Passing Thais Miller
Pink Baby Erin MacNair
Post Script Irene Squire
Professor Pepper's Ghost Jon Miller
Proxy Steven Kay
Puppet Boy Michael McCoy
Puppet Man Oliver Harrison
Puzzles James Tichenor
Queen of the Night Darren Joaquim Silva
Refuge Caroline Bock
Rewind Steven Kay
Ring Around The Dilly Charles Jamison
River Kings Penn Javdan
Rock Star at La Scala DC Diamondopolous
Rufus Carl B Clark
S.H.E. Michael Mullin
Samsara Michael Allen
Sanguine J. R. Burnett
Sargasso Sea Carol Dines
Seis Dedos, Six Toes Amarilys Rassler
Self Made Stuart Forrest
Shards Adrienne Dellwo
Sharks Susan Shepherd
Sick Robot D.C. Lozar
Skin Deep Erin Kelly
Snapshot: Khe Sanh Len Forgues
Some Cold War Blues Dan Flanigan
South of Smoke Alan Adler
Spaceman Mike Spry
Sparring Partner George McFall
Spice on Hot Steel Dana Paxson
Stainless Steel Ride Darren Joaquim Silva
Starstruck Ken Wetherington
Still Life With Cabin Linde Liu
Strange Fire Joel Burcat
Teenage Trouble Jennifer Dickinson
Tendrils Ben Howling
The 100-Year-Old Sheriff Timothy  OLeary
The Afterlife Steph Beckner
The Aftermath James Osborne
The Arabian Night Shift Jorge Saralegui
The Art of Listening Paul A. Mendelson
The Best Laid Plans Roger  Guffey
The Bloodwood Room Julie Fison
The Caretaker(s) Jonathan Christian
The Case of the Web of Death Thomas Perrin
The Cave Tricia Sankey
The Cherry Pipe Taylor Sezen
The Child Electric Christopher Rosales
The Elephant in the Room Ryan Lobo
The Exchange Toye Eskridge
The Flatlands Edward Therese
The Fog Thomas Barnes
The Gatekeeper Nuno Travesso
The Golden Arowana Will Pei
The Good Samaritan Philip Arnold
The Homecoming Randall Fowler
The Intruder Eileen Shields
The Key Man Sven Safarow
The King's Men Vigilantes Anthony Howcroft
The Lizard Bride Carolanne Sacry
The Macedonian Trapeze Artist Lyle Deixler
The Makeover Miriam Kuznets
The Man Who Played Pinochle with Dogs Tom Hutton
The Memory Thief Nuno Travesso
The Misery Man Helen Wentland
The Museum of Lost Things Dennis Pahl
The Narrows John Jodzio
The Night Student Franziska Raspa
The Offer Bradford Tatum
The Old and Rare Books of Elijah King James  Chesky
The Past Makes Its Own Rules Peter Gregg Slater
The Pastor, The Prince, and The Princess Sumurye Awani
The Pastoralist Mike Sheriff
The Pettifoggerys Alan Adler
The Phantom Forger Rich DiSilvio
The Purification Timothy OLeary
The Pursuit of Esperanza Alane Obeso
The Rapture Eimi Ramirez
The Reckoning Julie Ann Slaby
The Revivalists Ken Wetherington
The Sandman Kelsie Calderon
The Shadow King D.C. Lozar
The Stolen Heart Jack Mulcahy
The Story of Phillip Westover Cheryl Murphy
The Strangers Jennifer Dickinson
The Survivor's Guide to Winter Hiking Bryan Farrow
The Things That Came Through With the Baby TJ Berry
The Third Obituary of Anton Popov Jessica Walker
The World Eater Pim Manasakul
Them Vin Morreale, Jr.
Theories of Simultaneous Love and Loss Charles Duffie
This is not how it ends Anthony Howcroft
This Is the Work of One Hundred Best Citizens Julie Ann Slaby
Three Things I'll Never Do Before I Die Christine Daigle
Time and Place Drew Westcott
To The Nines Elena Perez
Tokyo Violet Merlin Goldman
Too Much Experience Mike Tuohy
Tough Girl Russell Bonasso
True Dead Lauren  Everdell
Turnquist's Woods Dale Swanson
Two Graves Zoe Kalo
Unplugged Kristal Johnson
Up That Hill Toni Ann Johnson
We Were at the Edge of a Gorge G. L.  Osborne
Weeping Willows Daniel Tierney
West to Freedom Joel Moore
What Love Does Vijay Fitzgerald
What Moves the Dead Travis Kennedy
What Strange Light the Setting Sun Porter Huddleston
When Foxes Die Electric Paola Ferrante
When Free Men Shall Stand Michelle Grace Maiellaro
Where in the World Dillon Horner
Windows to the Soul David Blumkin
Within Arm's Reach yacine kouhen
Without being impolite Iris May
Witnesses Jim Arnold
Wound Justin Wilson
You Have Reached Hannah Joyner
You'll Forget Me, Too Silvija Padjen
Your Mandala Michelle Flye
Zarina Aamina  Ahmad

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