2019 ScreenCraft Action & Adventure Screenplay Competition Quarterfinalists Announced

by ScreenCraft on December 4, 2019

Listed below are the quarterfinalists of the 2019 ScreenCraft Action & Adventure Screenplay, selected from over 700 submissions. We’re excited to be exploring this internationally-beloved genre and to have received a slate of compelling screenplays.

This year's jury is comprised of producers and executives at MGM Studios, Bad Robot, Paramount, XYZ Films, and Skydance Media.

Stay tuned for the upcoming announcement of the semifinalists, finalists, and winners here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages within the next few weeks!

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Here are the quarterfinalists:

... a chance of rain Patrick Green & Alan C. Beard
#StopSilver Will Bigham
555 Willamette Dre Aguirre
A Rare Earth James Morgan
A White and Savage Land Alex Rivers
Accidental Superhero Mithra Alavi
Agent Pierce: City on Fire Rocky Jo
AKLA-RA: The Quest for the Capra Crystal Brad Wozny
Amazon Queen Liz Storm
American Blacktop Dave Trainor
And You, Cassius Bridget Buxton
Anti-Hero Mark Fogarty
Auggie and the Big Tree Kerry Ann  Reid
Autorun Dave Bowers & Justin Parker
Avalanche Chris Drzewiecki
Bare Metal Jess Gupta
Between the Lives Victoria Lyttle
Beyond Logic Bridget Bell McMahon
Black Friday Jonathan Dillon
Black Market Chris Lee
Black Tiger Karl Mather
Blackbirds Amber Brown
Blackstone Jack and the Island of the Warshadows Michael Hahn
Blood  Sisters Michael Hardy
Blood Harvest George Nadareishvili
Blue Treasure Ben Ockrent & Stevan Filipovic
Bonding Mark Griffin
Boost Andrew Ferguson
Bristlecone Brandon Bongar
Buccaneers of the Asteroid Belt Jeff Racho
Call Out Nir Shelter
Cash from Chaos Patrick Daly
Chó Jon Shaivitz
Cheap Action Mark Gunnion
Children on The Edge of Forever Roberto Fuertes
Chokepoint Tamra Teig
Christmas Versus Silicon Valley Matthew Conlin
Class Warfare Barry Ambrose & Juan Castro
Cold Storm Bonnie Carini
Cold-Rock County Elliot Seidel
Confessions of a Former Teen Superhero Keith Hartman
Connections Jabir Mohamed
Copycat Ryan Anker
Cul De Sac Alex von Hofmann
Dark Ivory Rohan Everingham
Darklands Paul Sheridan
Darryn the Bold and The Sword of Boldness Justin Best
Daventure Adrian Popa
Demon City Michael Tracy
Devil's Pitch Todd Zing & Irish Rivera
Doom Squad Jackson Murray
Dragon Girl Michael Tracy
Dreadlands Josh Mendoza
Dream City Tyler Jones & Kirby Draper
Eagle Trace Rebecca Shapiro & Shawn DePasquale
EcoFront John McHale
Elektron Javier Juan Lorente
Evening, Master Parsley Michael Colucci
Fair Cash Dawid Aniola
Far Down Below... Christopher Condon
Fence Off Karolyn Szot
Few And Far Between Rachael Beauchamp
Ford Andrew Judge
Freefall Denise Meyers
From Rio With Love Alexia Verbeke
Fruit Boots Michael Moynihan
Geeks James Barnes
Ghosts of Carlisle Jeffrey Davidson
GIRL Patty Papageorgiou-Axford
Girl of the Palio Melissa Birks
Girls Night Out Brian King
Go West! Lindsay Jaeger
Grand Sierra Nicolas Scroggins
Guerrero Juan Bernardo Minerva
Guns and Grace Odin Ozdil
HardHead Madeline Noboa
Hero of the Good Land Logan Shaw
Highlandman George Cagala
Hominine Skatz Baxter
HR - Human Resource Jen Grubbs
Hunt for the Lost Secret of Eden Thomas Zmiarovich
Hurricane Tara Kyle Curry
Hybridize Michael Cahill
In the Footsteps of Thaddeus Thackeray Adam McDaniel
Isomorph Brian King
Jack Milton Michael Tracy
Just Drive Meshal Alsaleem
Kidding and Killing Peter Gazdag
Killtown Adam Marko-Nord
Klefti Means Thief Miranda Filippides
Landscapes of Fear Ulvrik "Wolf" Kraft
Last Desert Gabriel Moura
Late Check Out Neil Battle
Little Red Justin Lewis
Magnet Bill Hanson
Man in the Arena Keon Hedayati
Manta Ray (Invisible) Mitchell Nyberg
Mars Run Mitch Ward
Mescalero Anderson Boyd
Monster Baiters Aaron Strongoni & Deena Adar
Moura Sathish Easwaralingam
My Son, the Spy Michael Soll
Never Going Back Again Chloe Grinstead
Ninja: The Resurrection Robert Yahnke
Ocean Effect (Today is Your Day) Heather Farlinger
On a Dark Matter John McDermott
Once Upon a Crime: Sunset City Angelo Dania
Once Upon a Crime: Motor City Angelo Dania
One Kill Curt McCray & Kent McCray
One Mile East Mohummad Humza Elahi
One Tough Mother James Lakas
Pacific Violent Micah Lockhart
Paradise Strikes Kyler Boudreau
Peacekeepers Alison Hogge
PERFECT Alan C. Beard
Pests Shaun McLaughlin
phase III Stephen Pace
Praetorian Brian King
Pray with a Bullet Julius Galacki
Preimmortals Tara Downs
Preserve Our Souls Christopher Hooton
Read Nicole Feste
Reborn Darko Mitrevski
Red Seven Out   (Formerly Af*ckinstan) Jim Maceda
Redacted David Mitsuoka
Rich Bitches Philip Hall & Erin Fredman
Robert De Niro Is Killing Me Greg Olliver
Robyn Hood Outlaw Princess John Reynolds
Rock & Angel Brian King
Run Travis Seppala
Sacred Animals Martin Matthews
SEAL Catch Tracy Schumer
Seeker One Michael Filonczuk
Sex Bot Gilbert Cuevas & Nicola Buffkin
Shadows Beyond Gregory Mandarano
Siege of Man Sean Park
Silver or Lead Timothy Paul Driscoll
Silver Or Lead Charlie Newton & Kaaren Ochoa
Sirens Ryan Lange & Rory Menteer
Soldiers of Martial Law Alex Tackett
State of Men salim salajee
Streamweavr Kendall Castor-Perry
Subhuman Brian King
Tangent Nick Wildash & Matt Wildash
Terminal Kill Tony Armer
The Alternate Dennis Luu
The Arena Maria Sigrist & Russell Whitfield
The Blue Nile Richard Bailey
The Curse of The Romanovs Staton Rabin
The Devil's Own Day Robert Redford
The Devil's Symphony Scott Hamilton
The Distance Arvid Swedrup
The Dynamiter Mark Miller
The Emerald Triangle Ben Bigelow
The End of the Pier Evan Laughlin
The Eye of Jupiter Michael Soll
The Fifth Prisoner Lynn Esta Goldman
The Fire Captain Marc Messenger
The Floating World Michael Rhodes
The Ghosts of Le Griffon Nicole Ramberg
The Henchman Ian Oliphant
The Hidden Room Marvin Townsend
The Hotel Barbers Daniel Woburn
The Last Swordsman Deven Spencer
The Last Word Matt Taylor
The Longest Halloween: The Hunt for the Forever Kingdom Amulet Greg Gilman & Frank Wood
The Lost Treasure of the Mayans Julius Galacki
The Mystery of the Hornet Ghost Lights Craig Proudley & Kelly Chen
The Night Coach from Sonora Hilary Van Hoose
The Odyssey Part 1: The Man of Twists and Turns August Xiayi Palmer
The Only Shot Lynn Amato
The Orphan Darien Harte
The Patriotic Hitman Alex Beattie
The Peggy C John Winn Miller
The Sauce Was Worth It Luke Guidici
The Shetlander Martina Muhoberac
The Traveling Wilburys Alexander Miarli
The Unquiet Grave Andrew Wankier
The Weather Upsets Her Daniel Gallant
The White Company Eugene La Haye & Buster La Haye
The World That Time Forgot Mike Rogers
There Are No Heroes Jeremy Engel
There Were 11 Kyle Scimone
Tiger in Home, Jackal in Woods Jacob Brown
Treasure Hunt Eugene La Haye & Buster La Haye
Two Dog Night Cameron Webb
Unforgivable Sinner Rick Omi
Vampire Strippers Must Die! Keith Hartman
Vanna Viking Michael Hahn & Elisabeth Meurer
Venus Harlow Tweedy
Warrior in the Confines Patrick Mulderrig
White Rabbit Bob Cousins
Whiteout Bryan Holm
Without Wings Jacob Crotinger

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