2017 ScreenCraft Short Story Contest Semifinalists Announced

by Cameron Cubbison on February 19, 2018

Listed below are the semifinalists of the 2017 ScreenCraft Short Story Contest, representing the top 12 percent of submissions received. Congratulations to the quarterfinalists and these writers, and thanks to all for entering.  Stay tuned for the March 14th winners announcement here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages!

'Ware the Power Jack Mulcahy
A Bicycle for Madeline Chad Broughman
A Cane Thriller Albert Kerns
A Case of Sympathetic Arthritis Ron Charach
A Christmas Wish Charlie Wetzel
A Seat at The Window Herb Jordan
Absalom Elaine Slater
Action and Reaction Joel Doty
Akishita Thomas O'Rourke
Anastasia Valerie Getsinger
And Then There Were Three: 67 Letters to Sasha Julie Fox
Angel of Death P James Norris
Antithesis Megan Smithurst
Attack From Within Larry Powalisz
Awilda Edward Medina
Before I'm Forgotten Leanna Wilson
Billy Luck DC Diamondopolous
Biography Vinny Lopez
Black Phantom James Wolf
Blackest Crow Karen Wallisky
Blue Abyss Jason Lerner
Bolívars Suzanne Dottino
Breaking the Square Jeff Shearer
C@k3 by the 0c3@n Sydney Freedberg
Chef Nina Smith
Compton's Cafeteria William Polf
Conch Without A Shell Lee Rohe
Corrections Susan Kaye Quinn
Crepuscular Bret McCormick
Crossing Over Steven Cahill
Dear, Never Pickup Hitchhikers Mal King
Deep in the Heart of Texas Mathieu Cailler
Deja Vu Peter Cawdron
Desolate Sea SJ Bryson
Don't Turn Around Samuel Frandino
Drill Cady Vishniac
E113N Jeremy Engelbrecht
Early Sunday Mornng Mary Smth
Echo Cameron Frank
Eleven Days Michael Crump
Elizabethan Arms Robert Baldwin
Etta Mae's Little Theory Lori White
Farewell Old Neighborhood Gerald Shovlin
Fembryo John Wright
Fig Tree D. Femme
Fight of his life Jennifer Kent
Finding Phyllis Jack Halliday
First Boats William Cullen
French for Weakling David Armstrong
Friendly Varmint MK Bagwell
From Up on a Pedestal Catherine Hotaling-Donnelly
Frosthammer Bryan Todd
Gifted (Chronicles of the Imagination Series) Annette Zoheret, D.Z. Adams
Girl at the End of the World JP Sebastian
Glouston Phillip Jones
Go Home Sohrab Homi Fracis
Golem Emi Cohen
Headlines Omri Bezalel
Helena's   Hope Erik Wecks
Highway 111 Mathieu Cailler
Home for the Holidays Randee Dawn Kestenbaum
Honey and Cloves Terrence Bennett
Hot Cockles Rachel O'Hara
I Didn't Send My Regrets Tia Levings
I Wanted Ten Alle C. Hall
In My Mother's Voice Martha Boose
In the Matter of Inca Ingalls Craig Chapman
It's Personal Kat Corbett
Jack Werrett The Flood Man Rebecca Lloyd
Just Heaven Sean McElhiney
Kitsune Josh Bartolome
Knowledge 1975 Margaret Ann Porter
La Sirène Lawrence King
Life Like a Fair Sandra Cropsey
Line in the Sand Mathieu Cailler
Love Deryn Warren
Loveoid JL Morin
Marble Birds Timothy Hendricks
Marching Towards Golgotha Jordan Hill
Me and Bobby Snow Carla Deterding
Missives from the Green Campaign David Armstrong
Mom Samuel Frandino
Mop Jockey Michael Ayoob
Murder at the Playhouse Harold Emanuel
Music City Two Step James Moore
My Happy Years Jann Else, Evlampia Demianeuk
No Bark, All Bite Timothy Hobbs
Nobody Will Ever Love You Anthony Howcroft
On Top of the World Katherine Rooks
One Winter's Day in June Stephen Willis
Oregon Grinder Harold Bernard
Our Red Fish Chris Amato
Out of the Box Alison Juste
Pamela Jenkins Michael Kramer
Panic Terror Zoe Copeman
Parabnormal Sisters DC Sayre
Park-and-Shop Karma Sheila Martin
Petey Immigrates North, Then Moves West Larry Menlove
Planet of Stones David Beshears
Polish Day, Kennywood Park, June 6, 1969 Don Narkevic
Pont de la Mouri David Keffer
Provisions Kira Lerner
Psycho Babbles Alison Reeger Cook
Quick Study Vance Cariaga
Rain of Terror Valentina Reiken
Redemption Sara Noë
Revenge of the Rabid, Killer Were-Possum Mark Keigley
Seeds Daniel Davis-Williams
Sex & Death Thomas Thonson
Shining Like Pink Stars Doug Peake
Shoot and Burn Elisabeth Annacone
Slapstick Blues DC Diamondopolous
Son, Brother, Patriot Mark Sondrini
Spirit Dog Jack Dann
Stalking Mattice Bowman Amanda Lee
Stalled Symphony Liesl Wilke
Syringe-Fed Ferrets Samuel Martin
Tea for Two Bev Bachmann
Terminus Judith Dancoff
Thanksgiving Jennifer S. Deayton
The Angel of Munitions Roy Smythe
The Apple Fest Baking Queen of Marion County Heather Weisberger
The Black Pearl Necklace Ken Jones
The Caravan David Beshears
The Corpse of Madeline Hill Edward Medina
The Crème de la Crème Chris Amato
The Desert Before Jerusalem John Mizelle
The Devil and Charlie Barrow Ronald Herron
The Dybbuk Cady Vishniac
The EF76 Strain Howard Dunkley
The Escape Roshan Kalghatgi
The Ever Increasing Likelihood of Always Martin Kalanda
The Family Unit Laurence Klavan
The Former Things Drew MacDonald
The Golden Arowana Will Pei
The Kite Maker Brenda Peynado
The Knotted Gun Mary Vettel
The Last Wheel of Cheese Igor Reznitsky
The Lightning Bug Wars Gary Shockley
The Magic Circle Terence Waeland
The Man in the Corner ZJ Czupor
The Man with a House on His Back Elaine Dodge
The Master Race Alexander Blake
The Mushroom Hunter Lynne Williams
The Mysterious Murder of Marvin King RC Jerome
The Painter Lara Tupper
The Purification Timothy OLeary
The Rabbi's Story Joe Dowling
The Resurrection Man Shawn Scuefield
The Rose and the Whip Jeanie Hodges
The Russian & Aunt Sophia Rita Moreau
The Shadow in the Wid Lazaros Zigomanis
The Shadow King D.C. Lozar
The Silver Dollar Robert Boeder
The Sixth Man Robert Lamb
The Thirty Third Marsha Rosenzweig Pincus
The Three Books of Shama Benjamin Kwakye
The Truth about the Little Mermaid Makiko Hirata
The Violin Paul Garrety
The Ways We Get By Joe Dornich
They Drove on Streets Paved with Kindness. John Bauer
This Is Not My Life Susan Goldsten
Treasure on Boxaurie Mountain Margaret Cook
Trip Wires Tom Glenn
Trojan Elliot Seidel
Walking with You, Racine Jeanne Watson
Watcher Gareth Mitton
Waves Christina Chiu
Wearing a Dead Man's Bones Bill DeArmond
Winterworld Lyndsie Manusos
With Baby Wynona Cady Vishniac
Women Bathing - A Novella Judith Dancoff
World in Progress Lori White
Yackety-Yak (Don't Talk Back) Chris Vincent


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