2017 ScreenCraft Horror Screenplay Contest Quarter-Finalists Announced

by Cameron Cubbison on August 11, 2017

We’re thrilled to announce these talented emerging screenwriters! Listed below are the quarter-finalists of the 2017 ScreenCraft Horror Screenplay Contest. Congratulations to these writers, and thank you to everyone who submitted.  Stay tuned for the semifinalists announcement on September 6th!

A Living Human Girl Tim Long
Abby Gilbert Cuevas
Amarok Michael Weldon
American Folklore: A Midwife's Tale Erik Miguel Gervais
American Macabre Brett Creane
Autonomous Johnny Gao
Bad Night Colin Johnson
Beast of Virginia Matthew Corley
Beasts of the Earth Jesse J Cook
Bedbugs Jose Prendes
Bird of Prey Thivanka Perera
Bitterroot Myles Hawthorne
Black Mountain Joe Villanti
Blessed are the Dead Kyle Adams
Blood Pardeep Aujla
Blood and Guts Craig Moorhead
Blood of Wolves Michael Montgomery
Blood Stains Blake Vaz
Bluebeard Chelsea Russo
Boy Killers Tannaz Hazemi
Cargo Joe Perruccio
Cemetery Hill Cornelius Broderick
Children of Pan Candela Echenique
Confession House Terry Hayman
Consumed Don Stroud
Consummation Katherine Cox
Creatures of the Night John Kelley
Dark Wood Kevin MacNamara
Day Shift Tyler Tice
Dead Cargo Theodore Soderberg
Dead of Night John Bradley
Dead Strays Neil Chase
Deadboyz Julian Brantley
Death Conventions Peter Lancucki
Denny Aaron Yeung
Devil's Delights Nickolas and Toni Shepherd
Dia De Los Muertos Devin Fearn
Diabolical Tom Putnam
Diabolous Caroline O'Meara
Distant Enemies Anders Nelson
Dogs In The Nighttime Michael Leung
Doll Island Nicholas Pangilinan
Domain J.R. Jarrod
Don't Run Malcolm Badewitz
Down Zach Waggoner
Dream Screen Steven Epp
Echo Valley Scott Dale
Edgewater Matthew Sorvillo
Edgewater Matthew Sorvillo
Empire of the Dead Peter Farmer
Entering the Flesh Hafsteinn Saemundsson
Eternal Thom Newell
Every Way Darker Zachary Johnson
Evil Intentions Lois Terrans Bradbury
Fall Not Into Darkness Philip Hogan
Fat Girls Hunt Werewolves Marva Whitaker
Feast of the Innocents Sanjay Nagar
Fever Dream Megan Cordero
Flatwoods: A UFO Cult Story Jason Goldberg
Full-time Slasher Kyle Gossett
Gemma Kellee Terrell
Ghost Signs Jace Daniel
Ghouls Jeff Meyers
Go to Sleep Diana Djurcinovska
H.P. Lovecraft's The Terrible Old Man Samuel Fisch
Hacked Dylan Dockery
Hag James Harbinson
Hannah's Birthday Juliet Bergh
Haunted Regis Duffy
Hell is for Children - Dead Souls Tom Rico
Hell Or High-Rise Andrew Mescher
Hound's Tooth High Rodney Johnson
Hylophobia Stephen Martin
In the Basement Todd Scott
In The Bodie Mist Curtis Lofgren
Inked In Blood Paul Corricelli
Invunche Joe Gooden
Killing Time Jose Prendes
Kitten Shelley Kaehr
Klifford Khaled Ridgeway
La Santera Adel Morales
Lay Down And Die Joe Farr
Lilith The Vampire jose padilha
Little Flea Sabrina Siebert
Little Pretties Steve Finly
Locked In Garrett Hemmerich
Lost Dog Sean Richardson
Lost Man Guy Harvey
Lovecraft: Into The Abyss Mark Sudano
Lynched Chloe Bellande
Malum: The Other Side Of Exorcism Adrian Colussi
Marvel Rose Margaret Ford-Rogers
Maze Matthew Ries
Metanoia ben browne
Misguided Linda Hullinger
Miss Diagnosis Derek Dubois
Molepeople Nathan Elston
Moribund Donald Grail
Muddy Water Jess Neuhauser
Muse in the Mazeum Clay Fusco
Necropolis Dennis James Clarke
Night of the Lumberjack Vincent P. Kearney
Night of the Witches Alexis Ross
Nightfall Alexander Birrell
No Beast So Fierce James Temple
No Way Out Andrew Mescher
Old Glory Joshua Hull
Parasites: A Love Story David Ullendorff
Party Animals Matt Brothers
Peep Show January Jones
Pentagram Tom Omokaro
Princess Benjamin Dawe
Psychodrive Mitch Ross
Rampant Gods Bryan Yentz
Red Velvet Tom Radovich
Restoration Don Stroud & Winter Mead
Runner's High John Rex
Sacrifice Matthew Riddle
Satan Comes to Town Michael Chase Walker
Serial Dennis Luu
Shipside Stacey Parshall Jensen
Silo Chris Drzewiecki
Snake Oil Sean Plemmons
Solara Andrew Saxsma
Something Not There Marc Rosenberg
Spare the Child Landon McDonald
Sparkle Springs Scott Maucere
Special Little Guy Andrew Ferrell
Splintered Soul Bobby Sacher
Spooked Joie Botkin
STALKS Samantha Gurash
Stump Nicolas Curcio
Suffer The Wicked Kristi Barnett
Surge James Watts
Ten Thousand Demons Joseph Laudati
THE 405 Patrick Byrne
The Au Pair Peyton McDavitt
The Beast Peter Dukes
The Beautiful Ugly Adrian Colussi
The Birthing Field Robert Thorpe
The Black Dog Shoshana Sachi
The Black Eyed Children Andrew Mescher
The Black Eyed Children Dene Stark
The Brine House Chance Muehleck
The Bullshit Boys Nickolas and Toni Shepherd
The Caterpillar Gilbert Masie
The Chef Fredrik Colting
The Cutting Fields Christopher von Grebe
The Dark Joe Villanti
The Delicate Skin Will Keightley
The Demons of Winter Christian Jean
The Disease Khalil Sullins
The Dollmaker Catherine Delaloye
The Door in the Basement Morgan R. Tegtow
The Doppelgänger Suite J.R. Jarrod
The Fairy King Steven Snell
The Gates Tim Reynolds
The Gladstone Experiments Peter Donovan
The Guilty L.M. Harter
The Heebies Andrea McGee
The Hundredth Monkey Justin Michael Terry
The Keening Mark Grassick
The Language of the Outlaw Salahudeen Abdush Shaheed
The Living Stone Jacob Hair
The Man in the Middle of the Desert Greg Sisco
The Miller Boarding House Sara Caldwell
The Mortician Exhibition Keneu Luca
The Other Side John Bradley
The Peak of Fear Kevin Bachar
The Progeny Bryan Holm
The Rakshasa Thorsten Kalteiss
The Reformatory Frazer Lee
The Repass N Rae Shaw
The Righteous Man Andrew Mescher
The Rougarou Christopher Grillot
The Ruin of Souls Alexander Beale
The Sculptor Kris Lippert
The Shadow Folk David Sajadi
The Silence Thomas Thonson
The Sinner's Club Dylan Rosychuk
The Slide Dennis Luu
The Solomon Six Taylor Turner
The Stacks Ed Cound
The Stitcher Tim Westland
The Stray Olga Gorodetskaya
The Surge Yusuf Gad
The Survivors Club Stephen Paine
The Talon and the Undersnake Mike Carruthers
The Temple Christopher Acker
The Third Secret Robert Dorian
The Trail Christopher Grillot
The Trickster and the Demon A.M. Sanchez
The Unseen: Rise of the Highwayman John Miles Jr
The Whipping Father Andrew Mescher
There Was A Little Girl Nick Morris
Turn Back Now Dan Sturman
Twisted Jason Dry
U-666 Jackie Perez
Underneath Tristin Deveau
Undying Evil Margaret Riseley
Unholy Gods William Long
Unsolicited Matt Donahue
Valhalla Daniel Whidden
Vampire Weekend Stephen W. Martin
Viral Video Sean Kearney
Visions Danny Howell
We Need Help Kevin Blake
Wendigo Mike Langer
When the Wilted Bloom Jordan Dyke
Wild Game Robbie Robertson
Witch Ball Russ Zitaruk Brian Lynch
Wylde Danny Baram
Young at Heart: A Transcendent Tale of Vampyres and Adolescence Michael Chase Walker


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