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2016 ScreenCraft Short Screenplay Contest Quarter-Finalists Announced

by Cameron Cubbison on October 3, 2016

Listed below are the quarter-finalists of the second annual ScreenCraft Short Screenplay Contest, representing roughly the top 25% of entries received. Congratulations to all who have made it this far, and thanks to everyone who submitted.  Stay tuned for the upcoming announcements of the semifinalists and grand prize winners here and on our Twitter and  Facebook pages!

#BlackLivesMatter by Lawrence V. Dunbar Jr.

A Beautiful Day by Fredrik Colting

A Better Beta by Evan Kubena and Dan Erickson

A Big Day For Cicily Brown by Michael Gibney

A Bloody Reunion by Maza White

Ace Of Alice by Nick Wheelehon

A Friend In Need by John G. Snyder

A Helping Hand by Sam Gill

All In A Night’s Work by Christopher Cabral

A Month by Zgjim Terziqi

An Act Of… by Mitch Forrester

Apart by Christopher Dodge

A Protest In Time by Nicole Faucher

Askin’ For It by Kerry Gamberg

A Solitary Sickness by Casey Cardinal

A Sonata For J by Kevin Park

A Sonnet by Sonya Gritskevich

A Special Night by Diana Kaluza

A Trumpeter’s Tale: My Encounter With Remington by David A. Roth

At The End Of The Rope by D.J. Williamson

Auntie Ava by Toddy Burton

Balls Out by Tim Westland

Basic Principles by Leonardo Pereira de Oliveira

Bingo Man by Chris Beadnell

Blackland Salvage by Cullen Metcalf-Kelly

Blood Money by Mya B

Blue Skies, (Smiling At Me) by Peter Emina

Boxhead’s Window by Cassidy Burher

Carlton’s Trumpet by Robert Frankel

Celestus by Carl Huebner

Click by Rory McQueen

Closer by Matthew A. Wright

Coasters by Terry W. Marsh

Continuum by Tom Warwick

Crash Land by Victoria de Mey

Cypress Creek by Michael Henderson and James Smith, Jr

Damned If You Don’t by Paul E. Clinco

Darkstar by Ryan Welford

Dead Man’s Game by Max Marlow

Dead Ned by Keith Shepro

Death From Above by Annie Julia Wyman

Death’s Lady Love by Stephen M. Hunt

Defy by Zach Bell

Del Rio, Texas by Abhiraj Trivedi

Don’t Be Afraid by Ryan Folmsbee

Don’t Go To Heaven Alone by Antony Buonomo

Don’t Sweat It by Andrew Eckhoff

Double Crossed by Eric P. Granger

Dougie Dog by Montgomery Burt

Do You Also Feel A Tingle? by Lucía Valverde

Draft Pick by Elliott “EL” Porter

Dr. Baker by A.U.B.I.E.

Dream Land by Tom Canning

Dr. Neurotic by Jason Skorski & Matt McHugh & Aran Singh

Duet by Kerry Douglas Dye

Earworm by Mike Finnegan

Echo by Drew Rogers

Echoes by Matt Sconce

Ex-Bestfriend by Conrad Haynes

El Bestia by Jeremy B. Storey

Everybody Has A Thing by Allan George

Family Time by Adam Roper

Fetch by Sam Gill

Ginger by Sippanan Wimolkasem

Godsend: A Small Fable by Hank Isaac

Goodbye Nancy by T. David Rutherford

Habana Boxing Club by Danniel Rodriguez

Hallowalien by Geoffrey Uhl

Hands Down by Amy Russo

Hello I Must Be Going by Sara Pratter

Help Me by Leo Manning

Henry Porter by Lee M. Krempel

Hide It From The Light by Patrick Akers

Himiko by Ilaria Fravolini

Home Fires Burning by Anders Vacklin

Infinite Surrender by Scott James

Inked In Blood by Paul Corricelli

Insomnia by Troy Stainthorp

Interview Requested by Leah Curney

Interview Room #1 by Chris Liliedahl

It’s On Us by Tim Oliveri

Jar by Jason Noxon

Jessie by Christopher L. Robinson, Mike Boss and Ethan McDowell

Jonah by Chase Kinney

Judas by Karl Larsson

Kinker’s Lament by Kevin Kimball

Kirchturm by Karl Livingstone

Last Stop by Donna Bellorado

Lavender By The Sea by Giuseppe LiMandri

Layers by Gabriel Mota

Leap by Jacob de la Rosa

Let’s Talk by Katherine Jacobs

Letting Go by George Schwimmer

Letting Gone by Cheryl Isaacson

Liberty Gal by Saviana Stanescu

Life After by Gino Tarabotto

Lights In A Forest by James S. Richards

Like A Thief In The Night by Liana Vazquez

Listen by L. Skye Miller

Listen To Me by Matthew Onorato

Little Fires by Brendan Handlen

Little Heaven by Boris Hartl

Locked In by Holly Hargreaves

Lola by Nicole Bogdanovic

Love’s Baby Soft by Vicki Speegle

Lovin’ It by Stuart Creque

Mama Who Bore Me by Bec Heim

Man Eater by Mary E. Sekela

Man Of The House by Andy Chapman

Minyan by Adam Ansell

Mixtape by Steve McMahon

Mosquito by Darcy Conlan

Mourning Sir Fluff by Victor Hollingsworth

Music Of The Sea by Amy Falkofske

My One In A Million by Michael Gibney

Naxos by Abigail Bean

Newsworthy by Rachel Troche

Night Of The Year by Jennifer S. Deayton

On the Day I Love You More Than My Phobias by Sam Gill

P.A. by Rob Myatt

Painful Beautiful Sex by Jeff Aron Lable

Paranoid by Brock Barker

Petey 2.0 by Zan Gillies

Pink Colton by Sebastian Hayes

Points by Inês Reis

Porcupine Protagonist by Kari Barlas

Poster Boy by Dean W. Law

Purged by Philip Dorr

Quietus by Joshua Bartolome

Radish by Mel DuPont

Rank by Nynne Riis Jensen

Rascals by Tomasz Cichoń, Katarzyna Śliwińska-Kłosowicz

Reginald Ross Matters by Taz Goldstein

Sacrament by Daisygreen Stenhouse & Jane Hollon

Saint Rehab by Malachi E. Broadus

Salvation Cinema by Alan de la Rosa and Travis Schweiger

Sapient by Rory Gamble

Scales by Robert Porter

Scarecrows by Daniel Ramirez

Scrimmage by Ajani Jackson

Season Of Sacrifice by Nick Jones

See Something Scream Something by Justin Michael Terry

Service by Travis L. Sharp

Silent Sentinel by Joe Dzikiewicz

Snakes In The Grass by Sandra Bekvalac

Speak Easy by Erin Ruthe

Spurs by Simon Tatum

Steel Harvest by Christiaan Alexander Kutlik

Steeping Tea by Eli Mead

Suited Reality by Aki Parhamaa & Anders Vacklin

Suki And The Moon by Rani DeMuth

Sunshine by Christina B. Catucci

Surfing The User by Ash Lazer

Tag by Stuart Creque

Thank You For Syncing by Ash Lazer

Thank You For Watching by Dillon D. Slack

The Acolyte by Sammy James, Jr

The Auteur by Jason Skorski & Matt McHugh & Aran Singh

The Balance by Blair Downey

The Best Little Neighborhood In Chickasaw County by Thomas Kennedy Pope

The Cell by Christian Vincent

The Chocolate Kandinsky by Suzanne Griffin

The Clock Tower by Max V. Carp

The Closet by Zach Griffin

The Crime. The Punishment by Antony Zaki

The Curse Of Valor by Kris Thompson

The Dark by Cullen Kelly

The Depths by Kai Towns

The Dock by Liz McBee

The End Walks by Bo Liebman

The Facts of Life by Chris Beadnell

The Farm by Laurel Vail

The Final Approach by H.M. Ostrove

The Flower Thief by Dani Bailes

The Good Life by Michael A. Lenz

The Greater Good by Ryan Folmsbee

The Imaginist by E.M. Spairow

The Interview by Ande Case

The Joans’ Killer by Jimmy Kelly

The Jumper by Alexander Ansimov

The Key To A Man’s Heart by James Schlesinger

The Lightkeeper by Zach Bandler

The Many Faces Of Truth by Tess Hogue

The Missing Piece by Joshua Cordova

The Mustard Seed by Gina Roche’

The Nerve To Say by Justin Stoeckel

The Party by Dan Jobson

The Party by Rebecca C. Scott

The People At The End Of The World by Chris Slevin

The Pickaxe by Arno Hazebroek

The P.O.W. by Neil Graves

The Reconciled by Karen Bayly

There’s Something About Jimmy by Peter Devonald

The Ride or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Travel In Time by Brent Godfrey

The Rose by Tavyn Gentry

The Sacrifice by Shane Weisfeld

The Screenplay by Patrick Assouad

These Broken Wings by James Schlesinger

The Search For Buffalo City by Raymond Wallace & Todd Densmore

The Sound Of Flowers by Amie S. Williams

The Street Photographer by Jim Norman

The Sun Welcomes You Home by Jason Asnes

The Tickle Killer by Megan Dineen & Danny Ferry

The Toymakers by Joshua R. Cordova

The Unicorn by Brad Johnson

The Wait by Jamie Luke Milligan

The Witching Hour by Gregory Veeser

They Eat The Bad Things by Dana Brawer & Sean Lee

They Fall Fast by Ed McCarthy

This Man Must Cry by Alan Loubeau

This New West by Ryan Evans

Tied by Megan Porter

Ties by Joanne Brouard

‘Til You Make It by Anatasia Rudakova-Aquil

Time After Time by John Woodard

Time Piece by Michael Meyers

Tomorrow Ever After by Joe Madley

Tomorrow We’ll Tango by Tony Greengrass

Totality by Tia Salisbury

Tower Of Strength by J.B. Storey

Trampoline by Tylie Cox

Trick-Or-Treat by Carlos Perez

Twirling by Karen Loseff

Two-Point-O by Miguel Flores Gamez

T’zva Adom: The Color Red by Michael Horwitz and C. Ashleigh Caldwell

Ugly by Laura Villandre

Unclean by Shannon Emigh & Hanaa Saleh Alfassi

Under Streetlights by Jonathan Hopson

Under The Willow Tree by Caroline Bucholz

Unfinished Manuscript by Geoff Ely

Unreliable Narrators by Sara Alize Cross

Unrequited – “Betrayel” by Marvin Kaye

Unsung Hero by Michael J. Leider

Untitled Zombie Movie by Scout Durwood

US Navy Cine-Kodak by Stephen M. Hunt

Variably Kari by Dan Nicholls

Wait For It… by David J. Stieve

We’re Not Broken by Jessy Leigh

Wheelies by Bob Canning

When Mountains Crumble by Cíntia Taylor da Silva

White Death by Shaun Grimsley and Michael James Hall

Who Is This? By Sammy James, Jr

Wildflower by Cameron Chapman

William Wishes by Michael P. Vidler

Wisdom by Ben Abrass

With Aplomb by Anna Alaimo

With Every Breath by Victoria Rosendahl

Wounds By Saltwater by Tzu (Vivian) Lin

Writer Blocked by Alexandra Williams

Yardage by Kenny Condon

Yusef’s Medal by Steve Brehm

Zip by William F. Castonzo

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