2016 ScreenCraft Pilot Launch Contest Quarter-Finalists Announced

by ScreenCraft on September 27, 2016

Listed below are the quarter-finalists of the 2016 ScreenCraft Pilot Launch competition. These exceptional pilots were selected from over 1,700 submissions. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far and thanks to all for submitting.  Stay tuned for the semifinalists announcement soon! Congratulate these writers on Facebook here!

Winners will receive VIP passes to ITV Fest next week (October 5-9) in beautiful Vermont (during peak autumn foliage)! Will you be joining the ScreenCraft team there?


2 Men In A Bunker by Robert G. Casiello & Jonathan Paine

5 Alarm by Adrian L M Konstant

16 & Married by Jennifer Taylor-Whitehorn

80s Cops by Kyle Dodson

101 Ways To Become A Better Person by Megan Bacharach

Adapting by Luke Ward

Adventures of Ronald and Edgar by Ellen Gerstein

All Together Now by David A. Pantano

Aloha Undertakers by Kiran Chitanvis & Gilani Sumida-Moiseff

Always You by Keith Samples

American Sociopath by Dana Ziyasheva

Anne And Jake by Victoria Bullock

Arabian Plights by Natalie Bounassar

Art House by Daniel Yates

A Vegan In Cheeseland by Laurie K. Miller

Baby Boy by Pierce Wortham

Bad Dyke by Allison Moon

Beardface by Andrew Kevin Fawn

Best Ever by Timothy John Sharp

Best (Step) Mom Ever by Tony Gapastione

Big Aqua by Tim Snook

Billy Bergs by Tal Shoemake

Bomb by Laura Mannino

Bombshell by Savannah Rodgers & Riley Oregard

Box People by Daniel Turkewitz

Circle Ten: DC by Laura Entrekin

Classified by Elizabeth Stamp

Clusterfuck by JiJi Lee

Coming Out by Pamela Rios

Compulsive by Beth Curry

Confessions Of A Teenage Desi by Pricilla Kumar

Corey by Jeremy Padow

Department Of Ghouls by Jeremy Dorfman

Derp by Danielle Evenson & Heather Huntington

Divide & Party by Carol Sabik-Jaffe

Dr. Dreamcrusher by Adi Blotman

Engineers by Jason Nave

Erased by Rachel Naples

Extra-Ordinary Life by Tyler Ankenman

Extra Extra by Margaret Kaminski

Family Business by Chris Thomson

Famously by Joe Bergren

Field Day by John E. McCombs and Maayan C. Golbus

Finding Home by Stefanie Levy

F.L.I.P. (Funny Little Island People) by Jerell Rosales

Fun & Games by Ruth Sinanian

Galloping Meadows by Matthew Dressel & Patrick Golamco

Georgie Girl by Ned Kissam

Get Hungry by Danielle Cohen

Getting Out by Ryan Ben & Eric Braband

GILFS by Kristen Bartlett

Gods Girls by Rachel Ament

Grits by Kristen Bartlett

Hailey Dane by Danielle Evenson & Heather Huntington

Halfway House by Alan W. Porter

Hardware by Brandon Bloom

Her Excellency by Jocelyn Sevigny

History/Herstory by Jeff York

Hos Before Bros by Missy Hernandez

Hotel California by Benny Lee Harris Lumpkins Jr.

Intelligents by Scott C. Reynolds

Intern-Ment by Kathy S. Yamamoto

Involuntary Commitment by Rick McDermott

Jack & Ginger by Scott C. Reynolds

James Bhond And The Bhondettes by Pete Haglund and Boomer Byrne

Jury Of Peers by Tim Hitpas

Less by Nathan Lee Fletcher & Nathaniel Fortner Lee

Life At The Bottom by Mike Stivala

Lobby Life by Adam Lieberman

Lolita’s by Jessica Rose Felix

Loser Says What by Elizabeth Quinn

Losing It by Erica Barfield Peterson

Meet Betsy Crown by Brad Griffith

Meow by Juliet McDaniel

Middleman by Hannah Mescon

Millenial Rules by Heidi Putallaz

Minority Club by Robert S. Villalobos

Model Disaster by Elizabeth Adams

Moneylujah! by Andy Jones & Adam Weinstock

Music In The City by Christopher Grissom and Joel Hawkins

My Best Friend Satan by Zak Bezdeka

My Town by David Hill & John Myers

Nesting by Todd Weinger

New City News by Alex Forstenhausler & Eric Lee

Next by Jason Director & Ayla Harrison

No Outlet by Jason Meagher

No Substitutions by Paul Ditty

Not in My Neighborhood by Corinna L. Mendis

Olive and Twist by Tatia Rosenthal & Noelle Romano

Outliers by Robbi D'Allessandro

Pacific North Witch by Christian Leonard

Pink Lava by Sharon Powers

Politics As Usual by Nora Jobling

Poly by Merridith Allen

Portalgate by Zahid Gamieldien & Ella Roby

Preschool Problems by Andy Jones & Adam Weinstock

Private by Alana Branch

Profound Affinity by Mishki Vaccaro

Public Relations by Melinda Maerker

Puritan Place by Peyton McDavitt

Quantum Dreams by Jeffrey Gold

Quarter-Life by Antonello Velez

Rating High by Nir Shelter & Tai Scrivener

Reapers by Ryan Folmsbee

Rivers by Andy Kushnir & Marty Schousboe

Siddhi Life by Anne Robinson

Skin City by Nick Alverson

Society Cons by Melynda Bissmeyer

Son Of A Lasky by Devon Goffman & Wes Hart

St. Ciara’s School For Girls by Sylvia Batey Alcala

Super Bitches by April Shih

Tapped by Jeff Kimball

The Accountants by Alison Mobley

The Band by Roger Michael Turrietta

The Dad Cave by Nelson Downend

The Detective by Thomas Vohasek

The Mother Ducks by Mike Carrier

The Motherload by Manja L. Lyssy

The Other Side by Alexandra Tara

The Paranormalists by Sam Jones

The Quades by Eric Pumphrey & Duffy Dibley & Davan Firinn

The Right To Party by Wendy Pierce


The Slope by Eudie Pak

The Space by Sara Barr & Jessica Rutland

The Texas Chainsaw Midlife Crisis by Erica Barfield Peterson

The Wet Spot by Toby Scales

The Williams Effect by Chase W. Marotz

Third World Royalty by Melanie Maras

Thoroughly Mormon Millie by Paul Ditty

Token Kyle by Melissa Emery

Trading Life by Robert Michaels

Transplant by Joe Brukner

Trucked by Jer Robert Paulin

Trusts & Wills by Christina Pamies

Twin Pines by Ben Fogg & Ben Nicholas

U.N.Lovable by Andrea O’Malley

unLIKEable by Erica Scandariato

Voyage to Space by Sean Richardson & Brian Russo

Wasted Space by Bryan Roy

We Fight Evil! By Shaun Polakow

Welcome To Heiding by RJ Buckley

Welcome To The Future by Taylor Collins

We’re Not Together by Jordan Rane

We’re No Angels by Scott Saccoccio

White Washed by John Mitchell & Bryan Dey

Writers’ Block by Emily Sperling & Timothy Jones

XXXposing Ruth by Elizabeth J. Musgrave

Your New Favorite Band by Joseph Siara


1600 Slauson by Franklin R. Smith

4 David Victor by Mark Sevi

A Consuming Fire by Chris Phillips

A Date With The Night by Jer Robert Paulin

Aeternum by Heidi Nyburg

After Life by Patrick Ade

Aftermath by A.R. McNevin

Alderwood by Stephen Deas

Alt Alex by Danny Baram

American Auto by Melody Cade

America Rise, America Fall by Giovanni Taveras

Arma by Giovanni Porta

Arrival by John Torma

Asylum 2035 by Mark Netter

Bad Priest by Geno Scala and Brent Jones

Ben’s Boys by Allen A. Augustin

Blind Ambition by Hugh Brownstone

Bog Walk by Dominique A. Holmes

Brothers & Best Intentions by Dan Ritter

Caught Between Two Worlds by Carlos Perez

Cluster F*uck by Jill Hoppe

Company Town by Samantha Levenshus

Conquistador by Edgar Castillo

Convergence by Matthew J. Schutt

Copper Queens by Samantha J. Stephenson

Creator Code by Michael Raymond

Creature Comfort by Sergio Guerra

Dark Forest by Kenyon Geiger

Dark Horse by Matt Lagman (created by Matt Lagman and Shian Storm)

Departed Harvest by JoDa Hodge

Desert Blum(e) by Mark Dylan Brown

Design/Build by Marlon Jones

Diamonds by Marcus Thomas

Dirty Pictures by Kevin New

DOE by Marc Rosenberg

Dominion Street by Rachel Grissom and Sara Eliot

Domino Lady Reborn by K.B. Shaw

Duke Tango by Reed Kowit

Echoes of Bonnieville by Simon Schneider

En Tournant by Victoria DeMartin

Ethera by Desiree Middleton

Eyes Only by Billy Hanson

Fabled by A.S Vecellio

Focus by Heidi Nyburg

Forever Flowers by Erin Granat

Fugitives by Keith Samples

Gods And Guns by Nate Wilcoxen

Gods & Monsters by Dan Portnoy

Guardians Of The Damned by Natasha M. Hall

Guerillas By Night by Jefferson Rich

Guernica by Brett A. Scieszka

H-1B by Chris Phillips

Havana by Mike Diaz

Hazed by Steven Esteb

Head Of The Snake by Daphne Lamm

Heaven 2.0 by Craig Soffer

Highgate by J. Elizabeth Martin

H.O.A. by Laura Shamas

I’m F.I.N.E. by Geoffrey Garza (story by Geoffrey Garza & John W. Comerford)

In Justice by Tristen MacDonald

Insurrection by Simon Bowler

Invisible by Richard Stokes

Italian Waltz by Michael Raymond

Jade by Ozzie E. Jacobs

Jessie McDonough by Susie Shannon

Killin’ It by Adeline Colangelo

Knight Hood by Megan Metzger

La Linea by Jared Cardon & Jeff Parkin

Lee Miller by Riley Madincea

Legacy by William Lee

Little Black Dress by Jonathan Pezza

Locals Only by Daniel Hogan

Lords Of The Sea by Andrew Kerr

Los Niños Sicarios by Rob Lambert

Low Life by Peter Forster

LXIV by Elizabeth S. Jensen

Magic Stick by Shane Weisfeld

Master Of Time by Nicholas Erasmus

Master Spy by M. O’Grady

Mystic Crime Scene Unit by Craig Soffer

Mrs. Fix-It by Alex Fletcher

Neon Babylon by Desirée Proctor & Erica Harrell

New Money by Ashley Charbonnet

New York Nation by Judith Lutz

Nightingale by A. J. Bermudez

North Head by Carl J. Smith (Story by Carl J. Smith & Zane Holmes)

Notorious by Barry P. Ambrose & Juan Castro

Nullspace by Sakina B. Fakhri

Nurse Practitioner by J.R. Wicker and Linda McIver

Occupied Lands by Chris Drzewiecki

Once/Future by Caitlin Schneiderhan

Out Of Body by Gabrielle Meyer

Overpowered by Wendy Pierce

Pandorium by Graham Parke

Philosopher Kings by Katerina Grishakova

Phoenix by Natasha M. Hall

Plains Of Chaos by Rory Gamble

Powderhouse by Jennifer Cacicio

Rangers – Progenitors Of Freedom by Timothy Kestrel

Reachers by Daisy Martey

Reality Check by R.J. Bain

Responder by Alan R. Baxter

Rising Tide by Jon Rowe

Roksolana by Oksana Cobb

Rue Pigalle by J.D. Shields

Rx War by Benjamin David Hoffman

Salt And Her Skin by Michael Easton

Savage Blood by Christopher Greenslate

Savage Skulls by Ray Adornetto

Scarlet by Kenny Hillman

Seaside Saints by Meghan Fitzmartin

Second Story by John Phillips

Secret & Confidential by Ben Maraniss

Shattered by Ryan Gavan

Shift by Hew Sandison & Ashley Duck

Shrink Proof by Stephen Potts

Silver Star by Katherine Ruppe

Simple Machines by Matthew R. McDermott

Sleepers by Yasmine Mehio

Social Work by Nancy Nyman & Heather McNama

Son Of The Dragon by Steven Jon Whritner

Soul City by April Wright

Sound Effect by Nick Cammilleri & David Sanner Macfarlane

South Of The 10 by Davina Willett

Southern Rim by Ari Abraham

Spice by David Chester & Kimberly Tierney

Spyhood by Jason Golub

Square One In Dallas by Micah Cohen

Stairway To Mars by Adam Yunt

St. Claire by Jessica A. Sieff

Strange Aeons by Micah Delhauer

Stranger Pilgrim by Jean Lee

Strings by A. Leigh

Studio City by Brett Leigh

Sugar by Jamie Bess Tunkel

Tempus by Lori Stansal

The Associate by Cynthia Paredes

The Blackbirds Of St. Giles by Sylvia-Anne Parker

The Clair by Doug Willen

The Conspirators by Mark Prior

The Counselor by Mindi White

The Devil’s Share by Tavis Chapman

The Divinity Cycle by Nelson Downend

The Draft by Karolyn Carnie

Thee Bronx by Megan Doyle

The Factory by Jon Davis

The Fittest by C.J. Liao

The Imposter by Yellowless Douglas

The Island by Elizabeth Adams

The Medicine Line by T.R. McCauley

The Motley Crew by Barry Leach

The Other Savior by Erick Ziegler 

The People's Republic of Detroit by Michael E. Butler 

The Pilgrim by Thivanka R. Perera

The Ramsey Accounts by Zach Tirone

The Rats Of Gramercy Park by Christine Stevens DeLorenzo

The Recreator Chronicles by Gregory Orr

The Scoundrels Club by Jeff York

The Sensualist by Suzanne Griffin

The Service by Edward Klau

The Soul Collector by Holli Herrle-Castillo & Julio Castillo

The Suicide Club by Dan Southard

The Thief by Demian Sabini

The Tide Line by Eleanor Verner

The White Room by Grant Davis

Tongs Of Chinatown by Nadia Madden

Trace by MW Cartozian Wilson

Truth Be Told by Doug Magee

Undercards by Alexander Ostroff and Erik Hengstrum

Undertow by Christine Autrand Mitchell

Unresolved by Amy Lambert

Wasteland by Nate Wilcoxen

Waterloo by Chuck Griffith

Wheelman by Barry Leach

When The World Was Square by Irwin Greenstein

Whitemarsh Island by Justin Stoeckel

Widowmakers by Kirk Weddell

Wildcat by Sam Cooke & Hussain Pirani

XS by Daniel Hogan

Young Winston by Robert Tetlow

Victory Lane by Carol Sabik-Jaffe (created by Nancy McKeon)

Zero Sum by Matthew O’Connell

Zero Tolerance by Nick Coviello (story by Nick Coviello and Amanda Coviello)


An Act Of God by Nicole Quinn

Andouille And Finn by Andy Silverman

Apple Of Eden by MJ Brewer

Between Us Girls by Courtney Hope Thérond & Emily Claire Utley

Black Girl Magic by Yolanda Brown

Bombay Kitchen by Sharon Wajswol

Conjure: Friend Like Me by Tira Adams

Cyber-Gear by Joseph Michael Sciola

Daminators by Kaitlin N. Larson & Kyle Boynton

Deadman Chronicles by Isaiah Scott

Double Blessed by Laura Fielder

Elsy by Geoffrey D. Calhoun (story by Geoffrey D. Calhoun, Adam LeFLor, Steven Patterson)

Epic Quest by Chelsea Goodman

From Homeless to Ubiquitous by Caryn Ruby

F*cked by Elesha Barnette and Nicole Palermo

Global! By Nathan Alan Bunker

Grey Matters by Joey Lopez

Heaven And Health by Ian Volpi

Herrings by Keith Chamberlain

Homeless Man by David Gregory

How To Write A Pilot by James Snyder

Indie by Nicole Hancock

Infected by Steven O’Grady

Jade Of Death by Erin Good

Jaquan Jones BFD by Ted Nusbaum

Jingle Man by Paul Bissett & Catherine Prosser (Music & Lyrics by Peter J. Casey, Paul Bissett & Catherine Prosser)

Just Four Uncles by Paul Sprangers

Knights Of New Jersey by Mike Hadley

Life Coach, Hot Mess by Sam Garland

Loungers by Johnny Anzollitto (story by Johnny Anzollitto, Zack Scott, and Jessica Rutland)

Ms. LL Cookey by Eadala Creates

My 90-Year-Old Matchmaker by Phyllis Zimbler Miller

Not Just Another Day in Roach City by Monica Cote

O & Joe by Larry James Napolitano Jr.

Oddball Avenue by Reka Ehrentreu

Palmdale by Patricia Jones and Donald Reiker

Playing It Straight by Rebecca Caldwell

Project Sanctuary by Stephen Dias

Raze - The Series by Michael Barlow

Sagittarius by Gabriel Saenz

Start Up by John Flores

Supercriminals by Eric Percival

Supersonica by Wash Phillips

The Beast by John Bias

The Consultant by Dotty Lemieux

The Dad Cave by Nelson Downend

The Dirty Naturals by Derek Willis

The Dog Rescuer by Sarah Cavallaro

The Drome by Hunter Davis

The Godson by Gary M. Koeppel

The Order by Jean Buschmann

The Rescue by Tyler J. Shaw

Twosome by Trent Meunier

Unit 1051 by Anthony Ruiz

Warm Fuzzies by Elizabeth Kindra

Welcome Home by Tiffany Laufer

Wetware by Jesse Ryan Vigil

White (Trash) Magic by Keatyn Lee

Who I Am by Jakob Austin Burgos

Zen O’ Clock by Tim Aucoin


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