2015 ScreenCraft Short Story Contest Quarter-Finalists Announced

by ScreenCraft on January 30, 2016

Listed below are the quarter-finalists of the inaugural ScreenCraft Short Story Contest, selected by our readers from over 1,000 submissions. Congratulations to these writers and thanks to all for submitting.  Stay tuned for the semifinalists announcement here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages!


5000 B.C. by Jamie Sutliff

A Beautiful Nightmare by Julianna Maggrah

A Carpenter, A Pigeon, A Woman, A Sergeant Named Rosy by R. Michael Parker

A Cold Dish by Lonnie Bricker

Acquainted With The Night by Michael Polaski

Acquisition Department by Trista Wilson

A Crystal Snowflake by Holly Barbo

Action Is The Color Yellow by Arlene Cox

A Fine Example by Craig Berger

All Roads Lead Home by Lisa Mecham

Alone by Denise Meyer

An Adventure On A Woolly Bear by Graham Duckere

An Atonement by Michael Polaski

And Spare Them Not by C.W. Spooner

Annie Applestein And The Treasure Tree by Jeannie Waldridge

Appleseed by John L. Shea III

Archie by Mike O’Neill

A Strange Dark Place by Lori Reeves

A Wintering Place by Ted Morrissey

Bar Saver by Jason Azarraga

Bass Of My Heart by Naz Amirsoleymani

Below by Keith Shaw

Birthright by Tony Jones

Black And White by Zach Neuman

Bleeding Edge by Marjory Kaptanoglu

Blood Ink by Elizabeth Main

Burial Plot by Lori Stansal

Burnt by Martine Hazell

Button Up by Sherry G. Thomas

Cabin Pressure by Peter Zizzo

Caroline’s Sense Of Smell by Karma Fitzgerald

Carver Farm by Travis Kennedy

Cateye Gleaming In The Dark by David M. Hoenig
Charity Drive by Romano Palenzona

Chi by Angie Angus-Ha

Children’s Crusade by Alec Lamberton

Chimp Vets In Space, 1961-1967 by Manjula Stokes

Choices by Sandra Bachar

Choose Your Own Adventure by Lorraine Prout

Christiane Amanpour And The Quest For The Jewish Egg by Sayantani Dasgupta

Clown Detective by Jim Ruland

Cowboys And Indians by Sohrab Homi Fracis  

Cúc by Lewis MacLeod

Currency Exchange by Cassie Farrelly

Danielle’s Inferno by Olivia Rivard

Dead Angel by Rachel O’Hara

Dead Places by Irene Turner

Devotion by Christopher Acker

Discoveries At River View by Curtis Burdick

Downloads by John Timm

Economic Relief by Jason P. Preu

Eden by A.A. Balaskovits

Elena by Gary Sanders

Empire Of Lithium by Tim Bellows

End Of The Line, Gordon Fisk by Julie Frayn

Escape by Eileen O’Leary

Family Home by Mark Paul Boutros

Figures In Blue by Ted Morrissey

Fire Driven by Tracy Palmer

First/Then by Sam Heyman

Flt AA 21 by Michael Easton

Fly, Little Birdie by Jennifer Green

Fourth Down by David Prybil

From The Mouths Of Babes by Kat Lewis

Gina’s Revenge by C.J. Scaring

Go Really Far by Nancy Nantais

Grimm Expectations by W.D. County

Halal by Ari Abraham

Haven by Garon Cockrell

Her Mother’s Hands by Elizabeth Black

Homecoming by Madeline Dennis-Yates

Horror In The Plaza by Peter E. Aperlo

Indelible Ink by K.M. Icimsoy

Infection Is The Game by Michael Golvach

Initiation by James Morris

In The Heart Of The Dead Of Winter by Shawn K. Judge

Invaiatura by Joel R. Burcat

Island Time by Stephen Politowicz

I’ve Scene It by Suzanne Scacca

Jackpot by Anne Marie DiNardo

Jane The Hippie Vampire: Dazed And Confused by Leigh M. Lane

Jubilee by Shanna Wells

Judy Newbank by Shanna Wells

Killers by Vacen Taylor

Kragen’s Bounty by Damond Fudge

Lady Winters’ Mirror by S. Mickey Lin

La Folle by Jacqui Greaves

Land Of Origin by Timothy Tau

Last Call by R. James Turley

Letters From The Skeleton Coast by Ken Jones

Little Mite by Joe Barfield

LoDo Junkie by Jake Mynatt

Lo Mato Benjamin Fine

Lost & Found by Sean Zio

Lost Kingdom by Tahir Jon

Majestic Max by Jen Packard

Mayday by David Larson

Maze by Kristin Kirby

Melt Down by Linda Toussaint

Messages by John Biggs

Milk Run by Jonathan D. Stiffy

Miracle In Manhattan by TJ Moran

Monarch by Cindy Steffen

Mortis by Damond Fudge

Mud by James P. Flores

My Canteen by Steve Warren

My Irrational Fear Chokes Me by Desiree Middleton

Necromance by Casey Lee

Never Give You Up by Erica L. Shaw

Nox Nailpower by Randall Berger

On Bringing Mrs. Foot Out Of Coventry by Ed Pell

On The Banks Of The Save by Donna Baier Stein

Opposite Day by Clifford Piel                                                                                            

Orange Crush by Karlyn Coleman

Oranges by Samantha Lamph

Oryx Love by Jane Hammons

Perpetual Junctions Travel Agency by Chris Lewis Carter

Plastic Soldiers by W.D. County

Poe Girl by Kelly Whitten

Poppy’s Wish by Karl O’Neill

Pretty Was Her Face by Eugene Ramos

Primus Nosferatu by Joshua Tywater

Prognosis: Terminal by Beverly Littlejohn

Qadr by Rahul Chak

Quack And Dwight by Travis Richardson

Ragdolls by Kevlin Henney

Rainbow Man by Christine Daigle

Randall’s Clown by Kenneth Gibbons

Rave by Erica Shaw

Reapus by David Cinotti

Rebound Grimly by Hayden Croft

Red Clay Halo by Mylissa Fitzsimmons

Red Envelope by David Sakmyster

Runaway Empire by Andrew Yorke

Safe Hands by Brett Elliott

Send In The Clones by Terri Spesock

Shadow Writer by Neal Wooten

Skyjack by Lucy Hay

Somna by Mark Wilson

Sorceress by Curtis Burdick                                                                                

Still by Angela Ford

Stratum Six by Jason N. Golub

Sufletul Mortii by Tom Sawyer

Sugar Mama by Kelly Whitten

Suit Of Lights by Pamela Jaye Smith

Summer’s End by Sally Hanson

Swan Song by Jack Halliday

Taboo by Roberto Larios Jr.

Tarot Queen, Melan by Stephanie Barr

Tell Me Something by Jeff Etheridge

The Age Of Lightning by Andrew Green

The Bounty Of The Nile by Nadia Ibrashi

The Cajun by Joe Barfield

The Clean Scar by T.C. De Witt

The Commuter by Paul Schofield

The Contents Of One’s Suitcase by D.R. Tibbits

The Dark Arts by Thomas Vohasek

The Disappearance Of Jimmy Pinch by Tom Sawyer

The Dyersville Kid by Evan Worth

The Escape by John A. Brennan

The Evil I Do Not Mean To Do by Charles Kowalski

The Farmer And The Well by John Hunt

The Final Act by Tom Nolan

The Final Girl by Lori Bowen

The Fireman by Christopher Williams

The Gift by G.G. Silverman

The Hook by J.C. Berger

The Indelible by D.L.C. Heslop

The Interview by Ande Case

The Last Refuge by William J. Cook

The Life & Times Of Stephen P. by Kirk Houghton

The Little People by Guy Quigley

The Log Of The Superior Queen by Tom Sawyer

The Love Life Of An Assistant Animator by Katherine Vaz Cerf

The Memory Dealer by Chris Lewis Carter

The Messenger by Arie Van der Ende

The Mirror by Faisal Azam

The Most Beautiful Girl In The Village by Judith Duncan

The Mother Of All Things by Leisl Egan

The Mourning Dove by L.E. Grabowski-Cotton

The Myth Of White Butterflies by Bryan Alaspa

The Nonsense Of Waiting by Cathryn Atkinson

The Noon Executions by Susan M. Gelles

The Numbers Don’t Lie by Eugene Ramos

The Pact by Annie Calhoun

The Princess And The Infidel by Elaine F. Chekich

The Prisoner’s Gambit by Marc Gilson

The Pursuit by Evan Bolick

There Comes A Time… by Maiken P. Rais

The Resurrection Man by Shawn Scuefield

The Secrets Of Snakes by Donna Baier Stein

The Shotgun by Jason Del Guidice

The Story Of The Dead Man by Venero Armanno

The Thesis by Ramona Scarborough

The Threshold by Susan Berardi

The Traveler by Stefan Bolz

The Uninvited Guest by Jane Hammons

The Walls Of Paradise by Pamela Jaye Smith

The Whale Danced by Cara Mumford

‘Til Death Do Us Part by Selaine Henriksen

Time To Pay The Piper by Tom Sawyer

Tongue Tied by Janet Tan

Too Late The Prodigal by Shauna L. Hagan

TransCode by Britt Pitre

Turning Into Ray by Antonia Alberga-Parisi

Turnings by Elizabeth Appell

Turn Off by Ross Denyer

Two Days A Nightmare by Kyle Spence

Two Days In October by John Farrell, Jr.

Two Stiffs In Lovelock by James F Blodget

Two Scorpions by Lex Snowe

Under The Rug by Audrey Hayworth

Untouchable by Christopher C. Slomiak

Vows by Liz Kerr

Walled Gardens by Angela Dorsey

Walter’s Friends by Nick A. Zaino III

Wasp Coffee by Denise Landau

Wednesdays With Mrs. Walston by Taylor Lail

Well, Haruki, Looks Like It’s Just You And Me, Kid by Daniel P. Douglas

What Kind Of Man Are You? By John Zerr

What Lola Wants by Elana Lore

When The Horseman Comes To Town by L.F. Falconer

Where Credit Is Due by Joe Pan

Where The Fault Lies by Greg Mollin

Where Your People Lie Buried by A.P. Greenwood




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