2015 ScreenCraft Short Screenplay Contest Quarter-Finalists Announced

by ScreenCraft on May 1, 2015

Listed below are the quarter-finalists of the inaugural ScreenCraft Short Screenplay Contest, culled from over 2,400 submissions!

Congratulations to all who have made it this far, and thanks to everyone who submitted.  Stay tuned for the upcoming announcements of the semi-finalists and grand prize winners here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages!

13 by Natasja Maria Fourie and Robyn Pete (Based On Dertien by Andre P Brink) 

1942 by Seth Ligatich

22 Miles From Trenton by Michael Field

4 Or More: A Short Film For Horrible People by Alexis Hall

42nd And Bombay by Mansi Nirmal Jain

A Beirut Balcony by Nadia Tabbara

About Alice by A.L. Turcotte

Absolute Powers by Michael Head

A Bullet To The Ledger: Part I by Lee Mc Donald

A Bum Deal by Mary Stone

Accident On 28 by Lisa A. Tignor

A Chance In The Gray by Ellen Simmonds

A Date With Death by Kris Theorin

A Doctor’s Dream by Taylor Morano

A Frayed Knot by Scott Crawley & Joseph Kibler

After Billy by David Widdicombe

Ago by Glenn Mercer

A Good Day’s Work by Jess MacCallum

Air by Jared C. Adamo

Airports Of Light by Michael Zunic

A Little Jig by Sofia Ruiz

All Sorted Out by Thomas Felix Ginn

Alone On The Beach by Simon King

Alphas by Chris Turtle

A Matter Of Prejudice by Sandra Lince (based on the short story by Kate Chopin, 1893)

Amazing Grace by Bonnie Daniels

Americana by Gareth Gerrard

A Moment In Paradise by J. Anthony Connor II

Amy by Tammy-Anne Fortuin

An Art Project by Luna Grimberg

An Exemplary Citizen by Josh Billig & Chris Martin

Anti/Bodies by Rob Grant

Anywhere by Kristi L. Simkins

Apocalogue by Birgit Syran Myaard

Ardenfare by S.A. Sherman

Armaan (Desire) by Summer Pervez

A Sex Toy Story by Alex Eisenhart

Ashes by John Shea

Ash The Fairy by John Gigrich

A Simple Man by Thomas Thanangadan

A Sketchy Life (Brought To You By Soda Cola And The End Of The World) by Clay Fusco

A Slight Malfunction by J. Timothy Hunt

A Tale Of Balloons by Martín Nusynkier

At A Loss by Jon Levenson & Paul Barshon

A Taste Of Love by Jonathan Pezza

Athena by Miles Haughton & Rabindranath Bhose

A Trail Of Violence by Ryan Fassett

A Wolf Amongst Sheep by Ryan Smith

Augmented by Christopher Runyon

Aurora by Shane Nassiri

Away From The Slough by Danielle Bárcena

Away From The Sun by Grant Reid

Awkward Adults by Susanna Dominguez

Backtrack by Sean Hixson

Bad Heir Day by Jeffrey R. Field

Bad Road by Dave Bundtzen

Bagman by Chris Gmiterek

Bait And Tackle by Bryn Scott Hubbard

Bar Saver by Jason Azarraga

Becoming Lana Liu by Alfonso Orsini and David J. Schroeder

Becoming The Wild by Mark Hertzler & Toby Valdes

Before The Bomb by Tannaz Hazemi and James Grimaldi

Behind Blue Eyes by Kelvin Harrison

Believe by Johnny Cho

Belly Kisses by Lisa Gold

Be My Guest by David Jermyn

Benny by Liz Felix

Bete Noire by David D. Martin

Better Than Granite: 214 by James Papa (An Adaptation From The Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters)

Between Shifts by Jaime Saginor

Beware Of Fault Lines by Amanda Lo

Bingo Balls by Dan Southard

Bipolar & Cheese by Melissa “Scarlet” Perez

Black And Blue by Lexia Snowe

Blackfoot (Potato Noir) by Robin Bird

Blood Drive by Myke J. Friscia

Bobo’s Appliances by Suzy Stein and Fernando Perez

Bodiless Bob by Marlan Moore

Body Of Work by Cris Graves

Boomerang Son by Paul W. Sauline (story by Jordan Teutsch and Paul W. Sauline)

Breaking News by Cary Anderson

Breathe by Theo James Krekis

Bring Me A Dream by Zenas Cao

Broken by Aaron Heinrich

Broken Heart by Joel van Vliet

Broken Water “The Immaculate Deception” by Kent Flaagan

Brooke Montana by Joe Taft

Building Rapport Or (The Ancillary Benefits Of Torture) by James Lyons

Bully by Justin Sanchez

Café Mephisto by Adam Doquiatan

Can’t Kill Death by J. Scott Worthington

Celeste by Robert J. Lee

Celestial Bodies by Sebastien Guerrieri and Tim Aspert

Certain Tragedy by Josh Jenkins

Chad And The Alien Toupee by Cary Anderson

Chance’s Future by Jett Wilson

Change Of Plan by S. Mickey Lin

Christmas Guest by Christopher Grant Porozny

Ciudad Juarez by W.M. Willis

Clean by Kimberly James

Cleaners by Hannu Koivuranta

Clean Kill by Michael Vicik

Codename: SSS by R.F. Paddon

Cognition by Kaleb Hauge

Confederate Dispatch by Brendan O’Reilly

Confessions Of A Barbarian Head-Twister by Robert Husted

Confiance by Tony French

Conviction by Anju Andre-Bergmann

Cookie Of Fortune by Matt McHugh

Creeper by Johnny Papan

Crete And Barrel by Mike Revenaugh

Crosby by Vincent Salvano

Crossed Line by Alexander Kucy

Cupcake by Mimi Jeffries

Danny’s Toys by D. Bishop

D.A: Part One by Darnell Brown

Dastaar by Javian Ashton Le

Davood by Tathagata Ghosh

Deadly Thorn by Sergio Kopelev & Jason Lethert

Death And Taxes by Mitchell Denton

Death Doesn’t Like Me by Stephen Daniels

Death Drives An Import by David Eyman

Decision by Amit J. Tolia

Delta Days by Jon Mark Nail

Delusion Dating by David C. Benoit

Desert Blum(E) by Mark Dylan Brown

Desperate Manny by Matt Bosson

Dig by Amanda Richardson

Diluted by Dawntavia Bullard

Discotheque by Amy Monaghan

Dive by Andrew Zeko & Kris Sundberg

Dolcimelo by Ivan Cantu-Villarreal

Don’t Be Afraid by Raynor Arkenbout

Don’t Be Afraid by Ryan Folmsbee

Don’t Hang Up The Fucking Phone Curtis! by John Yost

Double Eagle by Ari Frenkel

Do You Trust Me? by Peter Hoopes and Connor Winiarczyk

Down Dog by Erick Mertz

DOWNe The Not Quite Penguin by Joshua A. Branstetter

Dragonfly Time by Rachel Reaugh

Dr. Dick by Carrie Wachob

Dream by Tyler D. Mendelson

Dreaming In Autistic Colors by Tony F. Marquez

Drive-By by Edward Lyons

Duck And Cover by Michael Thai (story by George Ding & Michael Thai)

Due Out by Randall Greenland (story by Jason Tostevin & Randall Greenland)

Dwarf 8 by Troy Harvey Graham

Ella And The Sun by Dana Cowden

Emit by Ryan Isreal Porter

Evelyn by Rodianne Mc Intrye

Ewe Stew by Dorothy Irwin

Exclusive by Malcolm Pelles

Exposed by Christine Bonner

Fall by Denis Agarkov

Father, Son, Holy Rabbit by Robin Schmidt (adapted from a short story by Stephen Graham Jones)

Feed The Birds by Nathan M. Beauchamp

Feral by Debi Yazbeck

Fetch by Sam Gill

Fields Of Joy by Tylie Cox

Final Draft by Keion L. Jackson

Finding Cid by Nicolo Javier

Fingerless Gloves by Melanie Schiele

Fingers by Nick Burgess

First Communion by Gayla Kraetsch Hartsough

First Date by Matt Dallmann

First Few Winters by David Foulkes

Five Days In Calcutta by Fred Perry

Fizzleworks by Mike Grimm

Flesh by David Sullivan

Flicker by Bruce Scivally

Flight by Amanda Richardson

Francisco y David by Benjamin-Shalom Rodriguez

Fridge Mates by Nicole Kanney

From Within by Jennifer Irons

Gale Makes The Sale by Kristin Slaysman and Josh Crockett

Game Night by Sarah Heinss

Gas by Lee Bailes

Genie Uvthalamp by Melissa Birks

Genius Water by Larry Ridlen

Gerald by Julian Siminski

Girl Trouble by Gerry George

Give My Love To Rose by Michael Sieve

Giverny, Or The Advantage Of Bleeding by Lucinda Tang

Glitch by Jake Bradbury

Glory Hole by Kristen Alario

Godbox by Christopher Wade

Golden Acres by Jason Fox

Gone Fishin’ by Shaelyn Theule-Koops

Good Night, Butterfly by Scott Corbett

Good Tidings by Tripp Allen

Gracias by Taofik Kolade

Grave Whispers by Mico Montes

Gravel Heart by Michael Curtis

Great River Diner by Michael H. Beck (story by Stephen Packer & Adam Camporeale)

Green Eggs And Seuss by William Evans

Grief by Dante Russo

Grilling Beef by Barry Ward

Grocery Day by Kevin Walsh

Gunmetal Rose by Daniel Hart Donoghue

Gwen by Johnny Harkin & Ethan Scott

Hanged Out To Dry by Luke Ramsden

Hannah’s Birthday by Juliet Bergh

Happy Anniversary by Kyle Wayne Martin

Hawaii by Erin Okamoto & Allison Chaney

Head For Heights by Richard Anthony Dunford

Hedeon by Blair Downey

Heroic by Meredith Wharton

Hero’s Welcome by Jeffrey Rubin

Hi-Glow Retro by Alex Morsanutto

His Master’s Call by Jason Young

Hlf pSt nine by Douglas Stark

Home Fires Burning by Anders Vacklin

Home For A Pallbearer by Frankie Hogan

Home For The Holidays by Jarrod A. Vanzo

Honor Among Thieves by Nat & Digs Palazzo

Hopeline by Palmer Rubin

Hop-On Hop-Off by Hannah Leskosky

Hospital Hotel by Tracey Hoyt

How To Snag That Boy You Love by Daniel A. Chomistek

Hughie by Kirsty Rodger

I Am Kyle Lewis And This Is The Local News by Alex Kolanko

I Hate You More Than You Probably Deserve by Jennifer Angulo

I Hear(t) U by Michael Montgomery

iHomeless by Michael R. Brunet

I Lost My Wallet In Aliquippa by Ted E. Haynes

Il Puccisimo by David Alexander Topf

Il Taglialegna (The Woodcutter) by Thomas McSweeney & Ross Hubbard

I’ll Call Him Spike… by Danny Youd

Image First by Nicholas J. Mennona

Infidel by Carey Kight

In Loving Memory by A G Schelts

Instant Replay by Alan Sener

Internment by Ken Kobayashi

In The Eyes Of The Just by Miguel Lozano Fernández

Into The Clearing by Brad Riddell (story by Meredith Veach and Brad Riddell)

In Your Dreams by Jenelle Altinier

Isa & The Frog Prince by Yingxiang Huang & Nic Sridej

It Tastes Like Chicken by James Travis

It’s Not The Selfie, It’s The Smile by Ross Denyer

Ivy by Iulia Roman & Stefan Dinu

Ivy by Ottilie Wilford

Jackson County by Dalton Coffey

Jack’s Room by Samuel Ayling

J’aime La France by LG Taylor

Jamie Miller’s Untitled Screenplay by Jamie Miller

Jermaine by Angela Y. Dugan

Joseph Gordon-Who? By Ross Birks (story by Ross Birks and Guy Walker)

Juniper & The Moon by Jonathan Wymer

Justice Ain’t Law by Chip Taylor

Kame by Matt Dooley

Keep On Suckin’ by John Taylor

Keeping Mum by David Foulkes

Kept by Tom Warwick

Keratin by Jovan Atanackovic

Kill The Extra by Jon Douglas Rainey

Killing Fool by Marjory Kaptanoglu

Killroy by Eric Nduati

King Willy Wins The War by Brian Dyko

Knife Wound by Edward Anthony Lim

Knock Knock by Tobias Canto Jr.

Last Call by Joe Taylor

Last Day by Tom Warwick

Last Dress by Joanne Groshardt & Hal Badt

Last Wishes by D. Parker Widemire, Jr.

Laterally by Alex Backstrom

Left. North. by Lynda Morgan

Left Window by Alex Morsanutto

Let’s Go To Prom by Brendan Maghran

Liam Visits LA by Travis Richardson

Lie With Me by Thomas Winward

Life Drawing by Gregory Earls

Life Is Just A Playground by J.R. Cox

Life Matters by Kirkland Morris

Lifers by Robert Williamson

Life Time by Nir Shelter

Lifted by Sharon Murray

Lights In A Forest by James S Richards

Like A Virgin by Mitchell Ward

Lip Service by David Anderson

Little Girl Found by Julian Renner

Live Plays by Inês Reis

Long by Emre Ozpirincci

Longing by Luis De Vega

Long Haul by Bryan Fugal

Lost And Found by Bruno Catarino

Love At A Funeral by Jenna Laurenzo

Love In The Rinse Cycle by Nayna Agrawal

Love The Ones You’re With by Marty Zitter

Lucas Cain by Cullen Metcalf-Kelly

Luna by Agnieszka Strzepek

Magic Mountain by Ryan Kramer

Make Me Laugh by Daniel Milder

Makeup by Karen Kay

Mama Was A Waitress by Lewayne L. White

Man Dog Whore by Joanna Benecke & Julia Sandberg Hansson

Man In The Park by Joey Christopher

Man Walks Into A Bar by Reilly O’Loughlin

Marauder by Jordan Scott

Markers by Cory Terry

Mastermind by George Covic

Meals From A Vending Machine by Carlos Dorsey

Mediation by Jennifer Irons

Meeting Jenny by Tammy-Anne Fortuin

Melee by Morgan Peter Brown

Merry Robin, Robbin’ by Alex Brodsky

Midlands by Danny Youd

Migration by Elyse Endick

Miles From Nowhere by Allison Buckmelter & Nicolas Buckmelter

Mind Maps by Marcelena Mayhorn

Mind Of A Child by Sam McClure

Mind Over Matter by AL Eales

Mine Eyes, Glory Glory by M.L. Goforth

MirrororriM by Andrew Fawn

Miss Sugar Tit by Shannon Strong

Miss World by Georgia Fu

Mister Misery by Julius Ritter

Mister Sad by Jason Jenkins

Moon Lake - 'Screen' by Eytan Millstone & Jay Wells L’Ecuyer

Moral Coding by Kristen McNaule

Morning Walk by Dan Stewart

Morty & The Nurse by Via Buksbazen

Mother Alligator by Shaida Chaudhury

Mousetrap by Marc Macaluso

Mr. Nice Guy by Sabrina Sattar

Multiverse Monkeyshines by Gregory Georgiou

My Big Brother’s Not At Home by Mikko Makela

My Valentine Has Hollow Eyes by Jason Jenkins

My Viola by Shawn Gerrard

Nails On A Chalkboard by Justin Zipprich

National Service by Dominic Hassall

Negative Loop by Amanda Miha

Neighbors by Samantha Babcock

Nellie by Steph Greegor

Nigel’s Last Day by Will Oyowe

Night by Maggie Colligan

Nocturn by Michael Gravesen

Normal by Joe Betros

Nothing’s Perfect by Hannah Langley

Not Myself by Barry Ward

Not Saved Properly by Emre Ozpirincci

Oaxacan Love by Jonathan Turner

Obsessed by Rob Durham

Odd Jobs by Amy Albani

Of My Influence by William Beatty

Oh Baby by Arun Narayanan

Old Lady by Giles Montgomery

Old Man River by Robert Cordova

Oliver’s Sea Monster by Michael Gibney

Omega by J. Elizabeth Martin

One Day In The Treehouse by Andrea Marie Flader

One Shot by Christian D. Chapra

On The Day I Love You More Than My Phobias by Sam Gill

Out Of Rope by Kaleb Hauge

Overcoming Kryptonite by Christine Hinton

Papa by Sal Chavez

Para Maria by Carlo Lorenzo Garcia

Parental Guidance Suggested by Andrew Hu

Penitence by Heidi Johnson

Philadelphia Bound by David Pisani

Phoenix by Sarah Counsell & Simon James Green

Picking Blueberries by Amanda Glassman

Playtime by James W. Grimes

Pocket Watch by Michael Perl and David S. Lee

Points by Inês Reis

Presto Change-O by John Hoffman

Princess Maggie by Jason Fox

P.R. - Personal Robot by Paul Clement Miller

Psychotic Break by Andrew Serban

Raft by Ken Kobayashi

Railbird by Chaz Beaulieu

Raymond by S.G. Weintraub

Re; by Masaya Kubota

Real American Heroes by Jay Sharron

Recipe by Edmund Fargher

Red by Jennifer Green (Based on the short story “The Masque of the Read Death” by Edgar Allen Poe)

Redda by Barrington Smith

Redemption In The Desert by Amardeep Singh Rehal

Red Leaf by David Lowe-Bianco

Reds by Stuart White

Resistance by Paul Skillen & Aaron Gray

Retained by Dana Whitney

Returning A Camera To Amanda Watts by Andrew Stout & Dennis Budde

Reunion by Donovan Yon

Reverence – Part 1: A Good Meal by Garrett Goldenberg

Ribbon by Dwight Evan Young

Ricochet by Weldon Pless

Rims On The Precipice by Elizabeth Strong

Roaring Twenties by Tristan Strecker

Room 309 by Neil Chase

Rube by Gavin Carlton (adapted from the play by Joel Beers)

Sacred Lands by Kirkland Morris

Sa-I-Gu “429” by Michael Pak

Santa Delle by Jonathan Turner

Sarge by Benjamin Dewhurst (based on the short story “Lollygagger” by Brian Lauziere)

Saving Dad by Donovan Yon

Sedimental by Katherine Chou

Send In The Clowns by Mikki Lee Cronkhite

Seraphina The Chaotic Angel by Vered Lenn & Ben Gillman

Serenity by Mark Golik (based on the short story “Benevolence” by Michael Thomas)

Seven Days by Bruce Rose

Shades Of Gray by Kirkland Morris

Shakespeare’s Pen by Robert M. Snyder

Shakti by Vishnu Sasisekaran

Sharky Takes A Trip by Joseph McMahon

She Said, He Said by Lisa Scott

Shiva by Vishnu Sasisekaran

Shovel by Mark Lyons

Shylock 1935 by Jeffrey Rubin

Signature Move by Fawzia Mirza

Significance by Jack Pirie

Signs by Swapna Haddow

Silvurn Triptych by Andrew Riley

Smoking Gun by Kelsey McConnell

Snip by Jenna Gelenberg

Sol And Harmony by Reilly Smith

Solicit by Daniel Godwin

Son Of A Preacher Man by Benedikt Sebastian

Sparrow by Jessy Leigh

Spectres by Nick Phillips

Spiced Apple by Rebecca Lunn

Starlight by April Rouveyrol

Static by Sean T. Hyde

Statistical Soldier, Moral Man by Michael R. Wilson

Stealing Cars Is Hard by Ben Bushell

Stock by Giorgio Miraflor

Strangers by Hanqin He

Strangers In The Night by Kara Cutruzzula

Street Girl by Pricilla Kumar

Storm Fear by Eli Edelson

Stronghold by Cornelius Murphy

Succubus by Aaron Penney

Summer’s End by Cuong Le

Supernova by Adrián González Paz

Surrogates by Aaron Yeung

Suzie by Jeremy Glee

Switch by Simon Script

Systematization by Jaz Kalkat

Tanama: Queen Of The Block by Tobe A. Roberts IV & Gypsie A. RunningCloud

Tastebuds by Tom Erik Rossavik

The 3 Day Rule by Anne Carmack

The Antidote by M.J. Palo

The Balloon Man by Scott Keiner

The Banjo, The Preacher, And The King Of Crabs by Roane Beard

The Bird by Sterling Cook

The Birthday Greeting by Edward Howarth

The Black Truck by Andrew Moorehead

The Blind by Eric Christensen

The Boiling Pot by Joshua Essenburg

The Boy Who Was Raised By Stars by Amanda Richardson

The Bull by Les Thomas

The Butcher & Alice by Ryan Ben & Eric Braband

The Checker Game by Steve Warren

The Chosen Pup by Tal Almog

The Cop And The Rum Runners by John McGuire

The Courageous Cape by Baruh Benjamins and Dan Dowding

The Croquet Calamity by Dia Grifffiths

The Cult Of The Clip by David Oster

The Curious Fate Of Mortimer Gates by Andrew Bentley & Andrew Melzer

The Dancing Fool by Martin Bartlett

The Dark by Cullen Metcalf-Kelly

The Darkness Of The Moor by James Everett

The Dark Nowhere by Clay Fusco

The Date by Edd Howarth

The Dead Train by Katie Cook

The Deliverance Of Michael by Antanell Jamison

The Deputy by Alan Barkley

The Devil And Robert Johnson by Matthias Sundberg

The Devil’s Bookkeeper by Troy McNamara

The Duallists by Lee Zachariah

The Elixir by Tristan Carrasco

The Final Approach by H.M. Ostrove

The Freemont Expedition by Joshua Briggs

The Garden by Jordan Minter

The Gardeners by Tim Myers

The Gazebo by Richard Willett

The Generation Gap by Savannah Rodgers

The Girl In The Blizzard by Antoine Tardif

The God Game by Matt McHugh and Sahar Nikakhtar

The God Squad by Lew Sherwood

The Good Cop by Eric Yang

The Good Days by Anthony A. Hart

The Greed Of The Twenty Nine by Taylor Albertson

The Heist by Anne Marie DiNardo

The Hunt by Phill Parkinson

The Huntington’s Club by Amy Suto

The Ice Road by Taylor Albertson

The Idea Factory by Carol Phiniotis

The Interview by Ande Case

The Invention Of Mayonnaise by J.R. Cox

The Inventor’s Last Wish by Peyton McDavitt

The Job Interview by Kirk Budhooram

The Kick by Mitchell Denton

The Labyrinth Of Silence by Izabela Borowska

The Last Prometheus by Elmer Santiago

The Last Schnitzel by Kaan Arici, Ismet Kurtulus & Onur Koralp

The Lottery by Monis Rose

The Magic Trick by Tim Hewitt

The Man In The Typewriter by Clifton Wilder Koons II

The Many Deaths of Lazarus Lad by Jeff Bowles

The Mishap of Jonas by Travis Lee Eller

The Misrepresentation Of Erectile Dysfunction by Kyle Graves

The Missing Piece by Joshua Cordova

The New Extremists by Chris Ras

The Nine by Danny Baram

The Old Man And The C Charp by Alexander Gardels

The Ones Who Walk Away by Kale Futterman

The Outside by Ashley Zazzarino

The Perfect Fit by Nick J. Scott

The Plague Doctor by Jon Mennella

The Pocket Watch by Kevin Ray

The Question by Matthew Hirons

The Quota by John Szablewski

The Raft by G.E. Fernandez

The Raven’s Fire by Liz Wallace

The Recliner by Ardis Campbell

The Redundant Clown by Tiana Idoni-Matthews

Three Dog Night by Julius Ritter

The Replacement by Gareth Peevers

Threshold by Crawford Anderson-Dillon

The Ride by April Rouveyrol

The River by J.W.C. Hickey

The Rock by Rúnar Bergmann Gunnlaugsson

The Safe Room by Louis Matta (based on an idea by Nicholas Levanti)

The Salesman by A.L. Earles

The Scars Of Our Lives by Natalie Rodriguez

The Screenplay by Patrick Assouad

The Seat by Chris Dingli

The Seat By The Window by Zac Chia

The Sequel By Levi C.B. Preston

The Service by Michael Kefeyalew

The Sex Life Of The Mantis by Frank P. Tomasulo

The Shop by Hanqin He

The Shower by Randy Whitlock

The Side Effects Of War by Risa Pappas

The Singer by David Roy

The Spider And The Fly by Carlos Perez

The Stag by Jeffrey Rubin

The Suburban Grotesque by Dolan Chorng

The Swordsman by Rich Phelps

The Talk by Joseph F. Alexandre

The Three Bobs by Roxanne Marciniak

The Tinwife by Travis Neufeld

The Trunk by Christina Pamies

The Truth Kills by Matt Hausmann

The Tyler Problem by Marc Sheehan

The Visit by Steve Warren

The Woods Are Burning by Calum Darroch

The VHS Years by Quentin David

This Broken Earth by Tom Bragg

This Modern Man Is Beat by David J. Schroeder (based upon the short story by Fawzy Zablah)

Those Who Look by Ana Ziegler Loes

Thothscribe by Ben Gottlieb

Three Point Dynamics by Keaton R. Smith

Til Death Do Us Part by Becky MacDormand

Tiger Shark Nobody by Jacob Mello

Time Lapse by Brendan Turrill

Time To Eat by Mohamed Hamad

Too Fat To Dance by J.T. Quinn & Danilo DiJulio

To Police by Corey Deshon

To The Quick by Nicholas Horwood

Town Hall Incident by Fred Perry

Train Of Thought by Ben Chittock

Transference by James Schryer

Treadmill by Cavan Campbell

Truth Or Die by James Tuverson

Twilight On Charles Bridge by Sandra Bekvalac

Twirling by Karen Loseff

Two Wrongs by Michael Lee Barlin

Undo by Marcelo de Oliveira

Unhappy by Corey Deshon (story by Royale Watkins)

Uninvited by Helena Ellison

Unsung Hero by Michael J. Leider

Until Death Do Us Part by Frank Fusco

Us Girls by Madeleine Parker

Uto by Ben Caird

Valerie Ann’s Perfect Man by Scott Bourne

Variably Kari by Dan Nicholls

Vendgeance Machine by John G. Shelley IV

Vengeance Is Mine by Brian W. Wright

Veteran’s Day by Don Riemer

Victory by Brendan Maghran

Video by Randy Yang

Vodoun by Stuart Creque

Walcott by Morris Long

Walk With The Devil by Alison C. Hall

Waltz by Richard Flynn

War Games by Wayne Johnson

Wealth Of Hair by Nicholas J. Mennona

We Did Something Bad by Sue Keeton

We Manufacture Peace by Regina Tuzzolino

‘We, The Undersigned” by Matt Excell

What Hath God Wrought by Aaron Boehm

When Good People Dance To Bad Music by Marlene Rhein

When The Guns Come Out by Anthony Velgich

When You Get There by Eric Mithen

When You Wish by Troy Harvey Graham

White Guilt by Rob Gorden

Wifeality by Kylie Garcelon

Willow Weep For Me by Sam Henderson and Ryan Romine

Will Wilson by David C. Herman (based on “William Wilson” by Edgar Allan Poe)

Winter Vengeance by Javier Loverde

Wired by Judy Klass & Ron Reed

With His Own Wings by Charles Dillon Ward

Woman On A Gurney by Amelia Wasserman

Woodchopper by Peter Force

Words by Sandy Tovray Greenberg

Write It Down by Matthew Himlin

Wrung by J. Logan Alexander

Y2K by Scott C. Reynolds

Yo Ho! by Laura Villandre

You Might As Well Live by Caitlin Hall

Zack And Elvis by Patrick L. Nash

Zora, Out On The Town by Cynthia Adarkwa






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