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by ScreenCraft on November 12, 2015

Listed below are the semifinalists of the 2015 ScreenCraft Pilot Launch competition.  Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far and thanks to all for submitting.  Stay tuned for the winners announcement here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages!


Adult Supervision by Brian McGovern

Bad Company by Jeff Galante

Brick House by Jeremy Dorfman

Chamberlain’s Men by Rose Bochner

Champions by Rowan Wheeler

Cupid’s Arrow by Daniel Lawlor

Damaged Goods by Mishki Vaccaro

Delivered by Scott C. Reynolds

Evie by Tim Schildberger

Fat Ninja by Justin Giddings & Ryan Welsh

Four More Years by Chase Heinrich & Micah Steinberg

Good Guys, Inc. by Troy Collins

Harrow Falls by Ben Bushell

Human Resources by Andrew Wood

I Hate My Job by Deron Sedy

Middle America by Joe Fernandez

Pet Shop Boys by Joshua Fruehling & Mark Montgomery

Plots by Evan Davis

Residuals by Joseph Neibich

Sex Shop by Lindsay Golder

Sidekicks by David Hoffmann (created by Tone Hoeft and David Hoffmann)

Sing-It by Bradford Richardson

Sketch by Dylan Visvikis

Snap Out Of It by Todd Zing

Soaked by Joshua Young

Socio-Pam by Rowan Wheeler

Substitutes by Anthony Giambusso

Such A Drag by Jeremy Padow

Tanked by Eric Leong and Bradford Hodgson

Thanks For Having Us by Sara June, Christina Parrish, Katherine Swope

The Adventures Of Ash And Owen by Arun Narayanan

The B-Side by Noah Pohl

The Julie Maloney Curse by Alex Brodsky

The Leash by Matthew Manson

The Parlor by Chris Newth

The Struggle by Bryan Aran

The Work Husband by Robert P. Matheson

This One Time @ Camp by Gabi Conti & Anna Roisman

Tinfoil Hats by Francis Stokes

Weekly Muse by Landis Aponte

What V Stands For by Nir Shelter and Tai Scrivener

Why Me, God? by Jeff Bower

X, Y, Z by Dave Pullano


Alma Mater by Jenny Deiker

Alt Alex by Danny Baram

American Blood by Neal Tyler & Todd Henderson

Berkeley by Nadia A. Selvaggi

Bloomfield by Jennifer Goldson

Chosen by Sabrina C. Nouadir

Cold Blood by Natasha Alston

Coldwater by Craig Berger

Daybreaker by Phil Singleton

Dead Drop by Nancy Duff

Drive by Hillary Schoelzel

Einstein by Kent Tolbert and Doug Tolbert

Endless by Kevin P. Taft

Eve by Micah Cohen

Evolution by Cara Winter

Extra Ordinary by Shannon C.F. Rogers and Elizabeth Dwyer Sandlin

Frat Lines by Jay Gormley

Halcyon Falls by Jeff Bower

Horseman by Terry Erickson

Hotel California by Carrie Wachob

Janus by Pearse Lehane

Lacie Bidwell by Jameel Khan

Living Metal by C.S. McMullen

Mirrored by Andrew M. Henderson (created by Andrew M. Henderson & Jerome


Mnemosyne by Michael DiBiasio

Mrs. President by Keisha A. King

Nemesis by John Robert Marlow & Jacqueline Sinclair

Omega by Chris Iannacone

One by Bryan Marvis

Porter by Coli B. Sylla

Posterus by Peter Szumlas

Ridge’s Luck by Tim Davis

Rise Of The G-Men by Christopher Lombard

Running Money by David Hoffman

Salt-Boxer by Eleanor Bursey

Shadow War by Luke Sloan

Shanghai’d by Curtis Burdick & Scott Burdick

Sheer by Duane Piedmont

Sherryvale by Alan Horsnail

Snakehead by Sergio Guerra

Stone by Lindsay Golder

Subderms by Nicole Eilers

Sugar Land by R.B. Ripley

Tejas by Julio A. Noboa

Testers by Julie Ann Wight

The Bang by Brian Golden

The Bible Belt by Steven Pipps

The Colony by Craig Berger

The Fallen by Nate Wilcoxen

The Hunter by Angela Berliner

The Line by Ty Leisher

The Lost Boys by David Lawrance

The Many Lives Of David Cramer by David Eyman

The New Adventures Of Uncle Sam by Alan Jenkins

The Relief by Ross Denyer

The Sensualist by Suzanne Griffin

The Shack by Martin Jay Weiss

The Shadow by Christina Barclay

This Land by MW Wilson

Toast by Anastazja Davis

Trainhoppers by Mark Schroeder

Transgressions by Michelle R. Anderson

Unity by Lindsay McRae

Warren by Francesca Butler

Welcome To Storyville by Rickie Castaneda & Megan Hocking

White Noise by Cody Pearce


All Those Women by Tina Cesa Ward

Ashen by Jose Ybarra & Ryan Osborn

Born Stars by Andrew Ryan

Celebration by Lindsay Golder

Churchill by Nadeem Rajwani & Ian Aryeh

Class A by Simon Schneider, Oliver Deacon and Charley Packham

Fat Ninja by Justin Giddings & Ryan Welsh

Hang In There! by David Lawrance

Ice by Estella Gabriel

IntimiDating by Amanda Treat & Stephanie Norton

Strip by Tina Cesa Ward

The Atticats by James M. De Vince

The Grass Is Always Greener by Meredith Post (music & lyrics by Christian Webster)

The Real Steal by Robert Alexrod (created by Natalia Ochoa and Andrew Webster)

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