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Listed below are the quarter-finalists of the 2015 ScreenCraft Action/Thriller Script Contest, selected by our readers from more than 800 submissions. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far and thanks to all for submitting.  Stay tuned for the semifinalists announcement here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages!

1001 Bullets by Scott Hamilton & PJ Hamilton

5,000 Feet by Francis Y. Barel

Accelerator by Jason Sandefur

Ace Of Spades by Jesse Gustafson

Adrenaline Heart by Mark Ching

A Forbidden History Of The Black Plague by MaGee Fallon & Jason Palmatier

African Harvest by Marisé Samitier

A Generation Lost by Ben Soto

A Hitch In The Plan by Robert Wooldridge Jr.

Alpha Dogs by John Balazs & Shane Joseph Willis

Amaryllis Bang! Bang! by Arlene Bogna and Nicole Schubert

Angel Valkyria by John Paul Fiol

Another Violent Ending by James E. Gonzo

A Passionate Reminder by Martin Blinder, M.D.

A Reminder by Henri de Serre

As Good A Place As Any by Craig Gusmann

At Your Mother’s Gun by Anthony Velgich

Backstop by Manuel Williams & Brandon I. Williams

Beyond The Gap by Zach Waggoner

Bite Marks by Brent Kenton Jordan

Black Friday by Matthew Sorvillo

Black Hole Mojo by Chris Calzia

Black Ice Below by Peter Fraser

Blackmail by Stacey Osbeck

Blackstone by Jason William Spencer

Black Widow And The Sandman by Curtis Alcutt and Deatri King-Bey

Black Willow Park by Bill Freas

Blind Trust by Veleka Gray

Bottomless by Jonathan Figg

Broken English by Alex Stirling (based on the novel by David Thompson)

Bucket Of Blood by John Arvai

Cargo Unknown by Jeff Debing

Change The Past by David Donarumo

Chasing Shadows by Michael Steinbach & Joshua Brentano

Checkpoint 54 by R.D. McPhillips

Chennai 2040 by Vishnu Sekar

Civil War by Scott Thomas

Cold Barrel Zero by Ronald L. Ecker

Cold Progress by Ewen Glass

Collision by Mark Stouffer

Confessions Of The Mask by David C. Benoit

Contained by Donal Lee & Simon Steuri

Cottontail by Parker Briscoe

Creed by Jonathan Macpherson

Dangerous Curve by Don Elfenbein

Dark Paradise by Jack Davidson

Dead Cell by Dena McKinnon and Janet Clarke

Dead Man’s Party by Michael Raymond

Dead Rabbits by Asabi Lee & Paul Hart-Wilden

Deployable by Alex Greenfield & Ben Powell

Dies Irae by Ramesh Santanam

Dimestore Saints by Joseph Neibich

Dissatisfied by Dave Huston

DNA by Gary Brahl

Do Or Die by John Arvai

Drone Hunters by Shekhar Pandey

D.T. by Ken Comer

Dustlands by Christopher Dane

DVD Murders by Kathy Krantz Stewart (based on the novel Confidential Bounty by Michael Altieri)

Echovault by Drew Macdonald and Jacques Joubert

Eke’Bolos by Stephen C. Settle

Enslaved by William Bab

Escape From El Paso by Brendan T. Turrill

Exchange by Nick Tamburro

Exit Zero by Stefano Casadei

Eye Of The Serpent by Mark Stouffer

Falling by Martin Blinder

False Flag by Chris Howlett

FET (Female Engagement Team) by Sarah Hopkins

Fight On by Evette Betancourt

Five Story Office by Philip C. Sedgwick

Frax by Mark Gunnion

Frigid by Andrew Mescher

Frogman by David Brichetto, Luigi Sperduti, Anthony J. Sperduti

Furious Storm: Curse Of Egypt by Connor Gunnlaugsson

Gods And Guns by Ken Floyd

Go To Hell by John La Chase

Grabbed by Michael Faunce-Brown

Grey Skies by Michael Scott Reese & Adam Oliver Schwartz

Greywolf by Mark Dunn (story by Hadis Handukic And Mark Dunn)

Hard Out by Barry Duffield

Hellcat by J. Alan Hostetter

Hell Zone by Drew Pilgram

Hired Goons by Tom Fallows

Homestead by Viet Huynh

How To Catch A Time Traveler by Graham Parke

Icarus by Michael Easton

In Hindsight… by Reid Taylor

Into Darkness by Johnny Gao

Ironclad by J. Alan Hostetter

Iron Mike by Maximiliano Gaston Longo

Isom Dart – Freeman by Amechi Ngwe

Jack Up by Craig R. Boone

Kate’s War by Gary Wayne Ress

Kill ‘Em Twice by Eduardo Fierro & Lambert Mixson

Killian Season by Mark Donnell

Kyd’s Game by Marc Rosenberg

Last Resort by Amechi Ngwe

Lioness by Eleanor Burgess

Lost Cause by David J. Schroeder

Lost Contract by Ray Snedaker

Love In A Rogue World by Harvey Z. Yazijian

Love’s Remains by Matthew O'Connell

Maria 3.0 by Blake Edward Andrew

Mavericks by Nathan Cox

McCracken by Tim Roberts

M.E.L. – Militarized Energy Life-Form by Daniel Albino

Mercy by Carrie Wachob

Mickey One Hand by David Michán

Miramar by Philip C. Sedgwick & Ruben Ruiz

MoonCurser by Leia Vogelle

Mythos by Darrin Grimwood

No Direction Home by John Damien

One Hill by Richmond Riedel

Operation Sandstorm by Derek Asaff

Overkill by Christian J. Hearn

P.A.L. by Christopher Runyon

Payola by Edward Klau

Persons Unknown by Ben Soper

Phantom In Time by Douglas MacLeod

Pink & Blue by Lou Wollin

Point Terror by D.D. Campbell

Ranger Creed by Travis Opgenorth

Reckoning by Paul Carson & Dennis Yates

Recollection by Devin Marks

Red Pass by Leonard Langford & Collin Watts

Red Star Rising by Patrick Byrne

Revenge Is A Bitch by Trevor Hollen

Revolver by Edward Klau

Ringleaders by Mark Lyons & Joe Wilka

Rocked by Mark Cerulli

Rockets Red Glare by Christopher Arundel & Richard Schultz

Safe Haven by Carol Sabik-Jaffe

Santa Muerte by Parker Briscoe

Sardis The Merciful by Christian Thomas

Self-Drive by Matt Eskandari & Andrew B. Chisholm

Simple Battery by Joey Dizon

Sirius by PJ Hart

Skyburner by David E. Baugnon

Spear Of Destiny by Gene E. Conroy (story by Gene E. Conroy, Arthur C. Killum)

State Secret by Doug Kissock

Stem by Iqbal Ahmed

Street Fever by J.E. Casey and P.L Hartz

SuperHero of the Year Part 1 Balance of Power by James M. De Vince

Take It In Blood by Scott Thomas

Tanya & Claire: Hot Pursuit by Arlene Bogna and Nicole Schubert

Tarantula by Banning K. Lary

Teardrop by Mark J. Blackman

Tectum by Raed Assar

The Abolitionists by Leslie Lyshkov

The Almighty by Dempsey Tillman

The Amulet by Ken Glover

The Bankateers by Larry Simmons

The Black Diamond by Randall Berger

The Burial by Jack Meggers

The Delegation by Shane Andries

The England Game by Nigel Watson

The Facilitator by Randy Bixby

The Fairer Sex by Lori J. Rowton

The Fall Of America by Derick Hopkins

The Fortune by Justin Ballheim

The Four Horsemen by Marcus W. Leighton

The General’s Wife by Charles E. Gibb & Suzanne E. Gillis

The Grand Californian by Zachary Grossman

The Immaculate Deception by Stewart A. Fergus

The Inheritors by Kiril Shmidov

The Interview by Julie Pedersen

The Iron Horse Of Lucy Steele by Paul E. Zeidman

The Island By John Watts and Thomas Woods

The King’s Court by Brandon Montgomery

The Liberal by Lauri Venetpalo

The Loose Ends by Andrew Garrett and Eric Thompson

The Passenger by David Case

The Pet Sitter by Alicia Buck

The Pick-Up Guy by Vandon N. Gibbs

The Pond by Mark Stouffer

The Ranger by Jon James Miller

The Restless Elf by Joel Michael Anderson

The Return by Fredrica Bailey

The Righteous Man by Andrew Mescher

The Sacrifice by Diego Guzman

The Sea Tigers: Dark Island by Alec Lamberton

The Smithfield Collection by Tracy Fobes

The Spare by Kay Landon

The Taking Of North Pole 1-2-3 by Robert Husted

The Tower by David Boito

The Trill Nikkia by Leon Chills

The Untamed by Clayton Emery

The Warrant by Joe Becker

Threshold by Tom Trott

Tomb Of The Unknown Superhero by Thomas Nesti

Totenmaske by Benjamin Stirek

Trial By Fire by Jonathan Berkovits

Turnabout by Mike Scherer

Undercover BFF by Katie Celia

Undeserved Fate by Ahmed Al-Arshi

Urban Archaeologists by Nicholas Izzo & Michael Schmueck

Vengeance by Taylor Albertson

Very Good Men by Quentin David and Mitch Smith

Vigilante by John Cosper, June Carryl Lomena, and Stephanie Morgan (based on a story by Brent Bredhold and Mandi Lyn Toan)

Virgil by Jim Beck

Weather The Storm by Gary Karibyan

What You Know by Henry Tjernlund

World Of Solid Chrome by Parker Briscoe

Wylde by Danny Baram


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