2020 ScreenCraft Sci-Fi & Fantasy Screenwriting Competition Semifinalists

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Listed below are the Semifinalists of the 2020 ScreenCraft Sci-Fi & Fantasy Screenwriting Competition. These exceptional screenplays were selected from almost 1600 submissions. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far and thanks to all for submitting!

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Here are the Semifinalists:

“Remembering Earth” With Frank Royale Ryan Coleman
2032 Manuel Roman
A New Dark Age Joshua Henaman
Abandon Earth Jesse Mineo
Across All Galaxies Andrew Hopps
Adonis Ben Tedesco
Aesthetika Pilot Jack Fuhrmann
Alanna Grimm Kari Mote, Alana Grimaldo
Alienated JD Voyek
Alienboy Francisco Alvarez
Apes to Gods – Pilot: Evolve Bionics Nicolas Pinzon
Aurora Savannah Stoehr
Æthernaut Adrian Innaimo
B.I.T. Logan Rees
Back Jasper Chen
Becca Finn and the Runaway Robot Brad Highland
Bee Song Teresa Konechne
Bleeding Edge Jess Gupta
Bliss Kelli Kuschman
Caldeea Casey Gillespie
Capsule Scott Masterson
Century Row Todd Zing, Irish Rivera
CHANGE-ABLE Cindi Knapton
Chiburi Neil Biondich
CINEMAGIC Jason Fraley
City of Abilene Ashley Farley
Class Warfare Barry Ambrose, Juan Castro
Climate Pirates Eve Gailey
Cold-Rock County Elliot Seidel
Combat Celestial: Ember Crown Safiya Azaunce
Common Descent Andrew Ferguson
Conspiracy of Ravens Teresa Barber
CONTACT m.E17 sandra Bar
Coyote Ben Warner
D.J.J.D. Taylor Hopkins
Dawn Alexandra Ruggieri
Defect Jax Smith
Devil’s Pitch Todd Zing, Irish Rivera
Disaloud Alessio Franko
Disappeared Meredith Garcia-Painter
Distant Cousin Alonzo Wilson, Al Past
DNA Heather Farlinger
Dodecameron and the Witch of Christmas Minos Papas, Nicolas Kouroumtzis
Double FF Karl Mather
Dragon Flowers Brandon Osterman
Dyson: 2120 Heather Laney
Earthman Benjamin Cooper, Paul Barna
Eat of the Fruit Matt Hopper
Elemental Aleksandra Milanova
Elements Dustin Drye
Empty Set Evander Lang
Esa Joe Kourieh
Fallen Prey Mitchell Boyce
FATUM Hannah Rebecca Carlson
Finn’s Landing Emma Peterson
Foreign Bodies Josh Bernhard
Foreigners Kristen Refermat
Frenik Elise Stokes
Future Fix Billy Reid
Gifted Tess Meyer
Girl of a Thousand Shadows Jennifer Coryell
Gods of Old Elizabeth Boston
Ground Omega Dino Sardella
Her Majesty’s Wizards Scott Peterman, Cat Davis
Here Come the Bastards Brian Otting
Heretic Calvin Starnes
Ice Stéphanie Joalland
Igbo Landing Vernon Jordan, III
It Ended When She Said Goodbye David Hailes
JoinWith.Me Mike Meier
Joyless Ryan Manns, Jocelyn Manns
Kill Switch Will Bennett
Kingdom Kyujin Kim
Kingdoms of Men Michael Hahn, Elisabeth Meurer
KITTY Neil Biondich
Kyojin Chris Mul, Michael Mul
Last Orleans Tom Kerevan
Last Womb On Earth Nancy Safavi
Leave No Trace Lexi Lieberman
Legend of the Phoenix Gabriel Gonzalez
Lotus Chris Ruppert
Magenta Jamie DeWolf
Mammoths Pat Cavanaugh
Manifest Destiny Mitch Finn
MAXWELL Luke Domet
Me and My Warlord Edward Gines
Mission to Te Rangi Joseph Ciprut
Muddy T.J. Peters
Mummy Business Angelo Campos
New Eden Alexandra Overy
Nina Stephen Spoth
November 31st James Hunt
Obscuria Amena Kheshtchin-Kamel
OCEAN EFFECT Heather Farlinger
Oli/viA Elizabeth J. Musgrave
Otherworld Dawn Prato
Passing Alex Schor
PHANTOM EFFECT Michael Vaynberg
Please Breathe Aaron Whitrock
Primal Griff Jones
Princess Rogue Kemmer Cope
PROXY Alison Lani
Pseudosamina Ali Imran Zaidi
Punchbag Steven Snell
Reckless Abandon Paige Bowers
Refuge Griffin Johnson
Repression Darin Beckstead
RNWY P.A. Lopez
Sacred Feminine Kathryne Isabelle Easton
Sanctuary Alexandra Overy
Second Skin Thomas Douglas Mann
Sexy Teen Squad: Undercover Monster Hunters Jon Bershad
Sherlee Holmes, Detective – Luna Base 1 Joyce Walsh
Sight Victor Kwansa
SIREN Michael Burnet
Siren Jack Maraghy
SLAYER Alan Loubeau
Solarium Todd Zing, Irish Rivera
Soul Bound Jeannie Stivers
SPARK Tiffany McDonald
Strange, CA Ben Warner
Substrain Alicia Norman
Super Hoax Brian Hogan
Susie the Sorceress Scott Speakman
Terra michael curran
Tess the Inventor Jacqueline Gault, Larry Starke
The Anklebiter Andy Jones
The Art of Science Mark Levesque
The Blade and the Wing Nicholas Leitzke
The Blood Of The Dragons Mark Gee
The Buried Sky Keith Hartman
The Carolinas Richard Stone
The Conscription Jennifer Milne
The Convergence Emily Rose Laochua
The Department of Wayward Souls Cody Mauro
The Devil’s Symphony Scott Hamilton
The Dragon Key Lyn Pinezich
The Fifth Column Laura Mc Leod
The Girl in the Forest Simon Deeley
The Greater Good Stephen MacNeil
The Interdiction Paul Frank
THE KNOLL Josh Renfree
The Light Keeper Marisa Nienberg
The Long Game Janice Manchee
The Loom of Thessaly Kurt Stammberger
The Man In The White Room Edgar Martinez Schulz
The Mayfly Ryan Curtin
The Meek Dusty Noval
The Mystery of the Hornet Ghost Lights Craig Proudley, Kelly Chen
The New Men Steven Snell
The Night Line Esmeralda Seay-Reynolds
THE PARIAH amy carlson
The Portal Ricardo Bravo
The Seed Felipe Silva
The Shadow King D.C. Lozar
The Telling Nora Barry
The Tower Gerald Cole
The Ultimate Game Randy Parker
The Understudy Jenna St. John
Tin Foil Hats Stuart Benson
Tira’allara Tavyn Gentry
Transference Mark Spera
Tribrid Patricia Harris Seeley
Undoing Alex Forstenhausler, Eric Lee
War-Bots Rich Figel
We Are Not Alone Trevor Clarence
Wendigo Sandrene Mathews
What Divides Us Chris Holt
When Wendy Grew Up Jenna St. John
White Eye Kelly Flynn
Without Light Kemba Drakes
You The Terrible raymond smiling

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