2019 ScreenCraft Animation Competition Quarterfinalists

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Listed below are the Quarterfinalists of the 2019 ScreenCraft Animation Competition. These exceptional screenplays were selected from almost 800 submissions. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far and thanks to all for submitting!

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Here are the Quarterfinalists:

A Doggone Christmas Michael Toay
A Hand of Brutality Keith Offutt
A Hippo Named Harold John Helms
A Tale of Stars and Shadows Veselin Radanov
Achilles The Kid VS The Gods – Pilot Jillian Todesca
Adelitas Octavio Llano
Age of Arcana Vincent Brown
Alex and the Stars Anita Meyer Bunten
Alex Finn Vs The Nightmanre Marauders Paul Zeidman
All About U Briana Bougard
Amasai and The Meaning of Evil Austin Curreri
An American Tragedy Jackson DeLoach
Anansi and the Chest of Stories Ayinde Ricco
Androo Kangaroo Daniel Allen
Anomaly Isaiah Fitzhugh
Anti-Gravity Filip Momirovski
Avery Bryan Kelsey
Badhorn USA Justin Best
Bard Jacob Greco
Barkley D. Eric Paster
Beneath Storm Mountain Kara Jacobson
Beverly Hills Roach Tim Byron Owen
Big Ed’s Christmas Cafe Bernard Santora
Billy’s Time Machine Robert Cuen
Bloodlines Meg Blasingame
Brain Food Mike Heller
Buckin’ Hell Erick Ziegler
Buddy Aaron Murray
Cats in the Hood Robert Drusetta
Changing Novella Jonathan Medici
Chinook’s Christmas Chris Staviski
Christian Bale vs the Zombies of Hollywood Liam McEneaney
Christmas Crab Island Arrash Pirasteh
Christmas Versus Silicon Valley Matthew Conlin
City of Clouds Litza Bixler
Civil Warlords Joe Kourieh
Claus Barry Ambrose & Juan Castro
Clerical Error Nicole Favale & Max Dashevsky
Coconut Confidential Lindiwe Mueller-Westernhagen
Conundrum Integrated Micah Paisner
Copper Ridge Rebecca Ghusn
Cradle Jeffrey Ullman
Cranes Matt Lewis
Cuauhtemoc in the Sky with Jade Beads Juan Gutierrez
Cyber Joe Dzikiewicz
Dandelion Manor Alice Shindelar
Dave of Dystopia Ryan Bremond
Decked Out Kristen Rockmaker
Definitely Cursed Brennan Gilpatrick & Erin Walsh
Destruction, Inc. Stephen Chen
Different: The Awful Adventures of An Alien Anthropologist Jen Finelli
Doll Parts Steven Foster
Don’t Be a Clown John Dickson
Dream Boy Amy Reedy Asbjørnsen
Dreamweaver John Winkler & Michael Farruggia
Duck of the Month (Pilot for “Ducking Awesome”) Star Williams
Earth Memorial Mary Burton
Emblems Danny Van
Emina’s Vision Michael Bussey
Emma and the Seven Jonathan Medici
Esa Joe Kourieh
Exsawn Andrea Sanderson
Fangirl Shari Ellis
Flatliners Tim Hitpas
Flittermouse Adrian Ferrara
Fowl Road Matthew Flynn
Foxed James Stewart
Fruitful Valley Alyssa Boyle
Galacticamp Andrew Grant
Ghost Club Klara Woldenga
Ghost Riot Greg Fortier
Ghostlight Society Jonathan Wymer
God of Wine Joey Capuana
Golden Showers: The Search for the Presidential Pee Tape Joe Ayella
Grim Joseph Servodio
Grim’s Reapers “Pilot” Graham Reinbold
Grizzly π Joshua Messarge
Gulls Jeff Stern & Jay Farrell
Gun Star Nicholas Fortunato & Andrew Fortunato
Hard in the Paint Amy Wieseneck
Henry’s Undead Life Jeremy Patrick Hamilton
Homing School Andrew Hopps
In the Footsteps of Thaddeus Thackeray Adam McDaniel
Inkala Judith G. Leifer
Into the Aether Brian Howrey
J.P. Kimble, Wish Lawyer Patrick Allan Laffoon
Jade Girl Catherine Wang
Jeff & The Devil Go to College Paul Kleinman
JINN-9 Patrick Wolf
Jolissa – An Anti-Princess Tale Tara Tyler Robinson
Jolly’s Christmas Ken Robb
Kaiju-Corps Patrick Morphy
Kalahari Camac Johnson
Kooky, The Post-Apocalyptic Cockroach Dax de la Monta
Kung Fu: You Can (Not) Defeat My Technique Alex Anico
Kyrie, Thunder Rider Robert Morgan
Lame Ducks Jordan Traylor & Grayson Howe
Lancelot: The Walberswick Wheelbarrow Stephanie Palacino
Land of Unknowns Eric Warczinsky
Last of the Dodos Anthony Khaseria
Lemmings Chris Bolton
Lily and Lola Carlos Vega & Lily Streiff
Little Green Mend Linda Whitmore & Brian Menz
Losers David Zee
Lost Laundry Devyne Johnson
Love Pugs in a Dark Time Joe Cabello
Lucid Dreams Fernando Rendon
Lucy Number 4,003 Morgan Smalley
Madam Caraveil’s Caravan of Curiosities Amanda Keener
Mardy the Square Marble David O’Brien
Match Pointe Erick Pausz
Me, My Shadow and Iris Jeannette Lara
Might and Magic Branden Scruggs
Mission: Destroy Earth Nick Logsdon
Monster Town Garrett Vander Leun
Monsters 101 Dustin Rhoads
Monstoria Eric Preston Ross
Moon beam Celia González Blázquez
Mouse House Sokol Guri
Muse Lorena Carbajal Van Ness & Michael Van Ness
My Best Friend Satan Zak Bezdeka
My Hamster Has A Sword! Tom Mason & Shaun McLaughlin
My Mob Margot Tasca
Mythika Katherine Botts & Mischa Marcus
N-Danger Rangers Jordan Sandfer
Newcomer Pilot; Knight School Sydne Gernaat
No Quarter, “Welcome to Arcadia” Travis Kehoe
Noma Frey and the Broken World Thomas Robinson
Oak O’Hana and the Raygun Brigade Jay Richardson
Olympic Ave Matt McManus
Omegas Joseph Frazier
Oscar Joshua Cartwright
Paradise – Pilot – The Fall Douglas Levinson & Jared Bartemeyer
Pearly Gates Frank Cappello
Penelope & The Professor Joe Patrick Winters
Pixylations Joe Laudati
Pizza Co. Michael Bruno
PizzaDome Jordan Doll
Pokey Nose tami Ryder
Pond 108 Teju Prasad
Princess Rogue Kemmer Cope
Quantum Love or How Nick and Valerie Destroyed the World Steve Savitz
Queen Punks Alison Reeger Cook
Rescue E.S. Dolan Dix
Rex After College Jake Horvitz
Rollie the Raindrop, The Adventure Begins Melissa Flores
Rotto! Kylie and the Quokkas of Rottnest Island Jonathan Macpherson
Royally Duped: A Fairytale Gone Askew Winnie Khaw
Rylee-Belle Suzanne Varney
Samantha’s Infinite Summer Vacation Jeffrey Heinen
Samurai Streetballer Lorena Carbajal Van Ness & Michael Van Ness
Sandbar in the Stars Claire Bosnich
Satan Sittin Graham Dunn
Sayyida Thomas DiMassimo
Serena – The Battle of Rainbow Kingdom Smita Mukherjee
Shallows Javid Rezai
Sheltered Margaret Hardy
Sherlee Holmes, Detective, Luna-Base 1 Joyce Walsh
Shift Kimberly A. Botbyl
Shipwrecked Scott Caswell
Shrewdy Paul Fulton
Sia The Giant Rand Hadid
Sidekick Joey Capuana
Sky Squadron Robert Drusetta
Smash Chris Bolton
Snorkel McCorkle  Linda R. Thornburg
Snowlands Morr Meroz
Sonny Dean Serravalle
Sonoran Song Anne Wallace
Space Cases Joshua Sackheim
Space Junk Richard Bailey
Space Racers Darren Lindquist
St. Clair v. Stanton Lucy McKendrick
Star Sailors: Alexis Allen
Starship Renegade Logan Gilbert
SU(b)PAR Chad Ayinde
SuperDread I! Kristina Jordan
Superfluous Daniel Mitchell
Surreal PolitiK: Joshua Harris
Susan the Spy Alva Moore
Sweet Destruction Christian Wolf & Katelyn Colman
Tangled Web Chris Wiltz
Tetrad of Darkness Hamish Plaggemars
That Sister Thang Lindiwe Mueller-Westernhagen & Dale Winton
The Agency Alex Vitter
The Blackroom Peter Rívera & Justise Ortiz
The Candy Cane Soldier Evan Cooper & Brodie Cooper
The Circle of Eyes Katy Mikelle
The Creatures of Camp Fremorf Alex Klein
The Curious Cases of Melanie Jackson Travis Kehoe
The Department of Wayward Souls Cody Mauro
The Dream Machine: “Daydream Believer” Elisa Eliot
The Family Tradition Peter Rivera & Justise Ortiz
The Freshmen Adam Karlson
The Golden Boy Cindy Matta
The John Cena Power Hour Luke Strickler
The Knight Shift Pearson Jenks
The Mystery of the Hornet Ghost Lights Craig Proudley & Kelly Chen
The Ordeals of Sasurgan Erin Candrilli
The Queen’s Ransom Petra Winters
The Readers Corey Swim
The Roots of the Magic Tree Paula Rosa
The Spacer 6 Alexandria Sinclair & Sara Detrik
The Sundarbans Tiger Mateen Kemet
The Sword in the Sprawl Matthew Scarpa
The Things You Keep Leah Anton
The Three Sockateers – Kids’ Animation Series Elaine Chekich
The Town Guard Millie Holten
The Underground Castle Jacqueline Stewart
The Urge Mark Kramer
The Weekly World Weirdos Duke Cullen
The Witch That Got Away Colleen Glennon
The Zipp Code – Knight of the Dragons Fritz Kalteis
There Are Lions in the City Alan Adler
Trashcan Jones Briana Hansen
Trick Jeffrey Ullman
Ultimate Popularity Contest Battle Tournament: Legends Greg Goodness
Valley of the Golem Lucas Bermudez
Very Fine People Jonathan Katz
VFXX Chloe Spencer
Wangland Guillermo Noriega
What’s Left of Us Joseph Hemsani
Wishful Thinking Alex Klein
Works Of Art Benjamin Frohman

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