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Huge congratulations to ScreenCraft Fellow TA Snyder, whose original pilot DEAD MEN was acquired by Endgame Entertainment!  TA Snyder was one of the winners of the inaugural ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship a few years ago. After developing the script from a feature to a pilot screenplay through ScreenCraft’s development program, the script went on to secure much industry interest and accolades, most recently winning top prize at The Tracking Board’s Launch Pad Pilot Competition this year!

Dead Men is inspired by a true story, and centers on a veteran lawman and a young idealist who struggle to lead the hunt for America’s first serial killers, roughly twenty years after America won the Revolutionary War and declared its independence. The script is a grisly crime thriller set against an authentic and unusual backdrop and packs a political wallop. One of the fantastic things about this project is that it is authentically a period piece, yet it also has relevant contemporary thematic parallels. Dead Men is very much about America’s struggle to carve out a national identity, while maintaining principles and integrity in the face of adversity and terror, and that struggle has arguably never been more relevant than it is right now. Snyder’s script was selected by the Launch Pad’s panel of industry judges, who hail from companies such as CAA, Brillstein Entertainment, Vertigo Entertainment, 3 Arts, Energy Entertainment, Scott Free, among others. Per the Launch Pad release, “the pilot, which has been described as Deadwood meets Seven, was praised for its poetically crafted scenes, layered characters, and brutal and morally complex story.”

Endgame Entertainment is the production company behind films including Looper, and Hotel Rwanda. The company has several films on the horizon including David Lowery’s Old Man and the Gun, starring Robert Redford and Casey Affleck, picked up earlier this year by Fox Searchlight. Endgame is also producing Netflix’s real-life drama Come Sunday, with Martin Sheen.

“Wow. Wide grin on my face while reading these notes! Without a doubt the most intricate, constructive feedback I’ve received thus far. Thanks for taking so much time to detail aspects of concern moving forward.” – TA Snyder (remarking on ScreenCraft’s script development notes)

We look forward to following TA Snyder’s writing career!

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