2016 ScreenCraft Family-Friendly Screenplay Contest Winners Announced

By April 14, 2017Blog, Featured

Monsterkind by Jeff Delaney has been announced as the winner of the 2016 ScreenCraft Family-Friendly Screenplay Contest. It’s an inventive and exceedingly well-executed fantasy adventure that tells the story of the author of a wildly successful series of fantasy books who finds himself trapped in the fictional world he’s created.

We’re also excited to highlight Max The Ax by Patricia K. Meyer as our runner-up. It’s a fun and engaging family comedy with strong emotional stakes that centers on an enterprising eleven-year-old boy who runs a popular service helping kids get rid of their single parents’ unworthy girlfriends and boyfriends before it’s too late and they become official stepparents.

Both of these screenplays have four-quadrant appeal and voice that consistently jumps off the page.

Here are the well-crafted finalists that comprise our top ten submissions:

  • Raining Cats by Deb Havener
  • Rainbow Unicorn Heart Power by Vicki Peterson
  • 10.31 by Laurie Ashbourne
  • Endurance by Rich Orstad
  • Goodbye Galápagos by Derek Asaff
  • Mr. Moon by Mike Langer
  • Mister Wolf by Robert Porter
  • The Abductions Of Dorothy by Paul E. Clinco

In addition to the ScreenCraft team, the judges included: Kyle Benn, development executive at Lionsgate Entertainment, the studio behind The Hunger Games, Alpha & Omega, Ender’s Game, and more beloved family films; Cameron Larson, Director of Programming and Development at Hallmark Movie Channel, the single largest producer of family-friendly movies and TV series in the English language featuring nearly one hundred new titles every year; and Nik Mavinkurve, Development Executive at Warner Bros Pictures, the studio behind such celebrated family films as HARRY POTTER, THE LEGO MOVIE and SPACE JAM.

Congratulations to all of the finalists and thanks to everyone who submitted. Keep writing! View the quarter-finalists and semifinalists here.

The top two winners will receive cash prizes and consultations with literary managers, while the top ten finalists will receive a lifetime copy of the Hart Chart.