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TNT and Shyamalan Reviving "Tales from the Crypt"

By April 15, 2016 No Comments

TNT has officially greenlit the reboot of Tales From the Crypt with a ten-episode first season order of the anthology series. This goes along with a block of programming that will be overseen by M. Night Shyamalan.

The classic Crypt Keeper will apparently have a new look. The horror block, which will feature short and longform stories, will launch on the network sometime next year.

TNT also gave a go for a seasonal anthology pilot Time of Death. The season-long horror tale unfolds in real time, with each episode taking viewers hour-by-hour through a single 'long night of hell' as a murderous psychopath returns to his Midwestern hometown during the annual county fair to exact revenge.

Guy Busick and R. Christopher Murphy will write the script while Shyamalan, Mark Stern, and Stuart Ford will executive produce.

Each season will be inspired by the tradition of horror subgenres with the first obviously being 1980s slashers.

TNT is also developing Sue Naegle's sophisticated psychological thriller Creatures. Set in a small town in Alaska, the story follows two young women freshly released after years in a psychiatric institute. The pair had previously tried to cut out their classmate's heart as a sacrifice to an internet bogeyman they invented fifteen years earlier.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter